Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 13


Dex and the Twins at College


I am usually already awake in the morning before my alarm goes off. Not so, this morning. The low volume music of the radio was enough to ease me out of my deep sleep. Except for the music the house was completely quiet. I sat on the edge of the bed and ran my fingers through my hair, trying to get the motor going. I shut off the radio and went to my bathroom and turned on the shower. I did my bathroom stuff and stepped under the hot water. It was invigorating and when I rinsed off, I was ready to start the day.

I contemplated breakfast and noticed that there was a blinking red light on the house phone on the bar. I played the message. It was from Mom telling me how well things had gone with Sylvia last night. Your dad should be proud of himself. She finished off her message with a promise to tell me the details when we talked next. The line went dead. Neither Mom nor Dad ended phone calls with ‘Bye’ or ‘Talk later’ or anything. The line just went dead when she was finished.

The weather was gorgeous and I normally would have walked to classes but I was still tired from last night, so I drove. My imagination played out about last night between Mom, Dad and Sylvia and I was dealing with an erection by the time I parked at the cafeteria. The single piece of cold pizza hadn’t lasted very long. I was starved. I put my imagination away so I could get my hard-on to subside before I went into the cafeteria.

I stood in the line with my tray. I bypassed several people placing special orders and grabbed a sausage, egg and cheese on a croissant wrapped in foil and a small bottle of milk and got in the line at the cash register. While I waited to pay, I noticed Dori standing there. She looked like she was waiting for me and I thought, ‘Fuck. I don’t want to get involved with her or Alicia. Let her collect her points somewhere else.’

I paid and carried my tray toward a table near the windows. The dining room was pretty busy, as it always is early in the morning. Dori followed me and sat down across the table from me. I ignored her for a moment as I unwrapped my sandwich and unscrewed the cap on the milk. I took a bite and looked at her. She smiled and waited for me to chew and swallow. Then she said, “When you and your ‘house-mates’ were here the other day; you were with that older couple from your party. I saw you in bed with them and Cheerleader Molly’s mother. It looked pretty hot. I wished that I was in the middle of that instead of with that fatso football player. He was hardly a ‘one’.” She hadn’t said anything that prompted me to say anything so I took another bite of my sandwich. Again, she waited for me to chew and swallow. I took a sip off my milk bottle and she grinned and said, “When I saw you all together, you seemed to all be related like one big happy family.”

I said, “We are related in that I rent the house from the older couple, who are the owners. I get a break on the rent, if I provide sexual favors for the Mrs. when they are in town. She really likes my hard cock and he likes to watch. I sublet a room upstairs to the twins so, I actually make money. That’s the extent of our relationship.” I prayed that Dori couldn’t hear my heart pounding at warp speed. I took another bite for no other reason than to appear casual.

Dori smiled at me and stood up as she said, “Okay. I guess it was just my imagination running away with me. Have a great day.” She took several steps away and then turned around and said, “Fantastic party. Everyone is talking about it already.” I smiled at her as she headed out of the cafeteria.

I could certainly understand where Dori was coming from. Even though I didn’t really look much like Dad and even less like Mom, the twins looked so much like her in every way. If Dori had pointed that out, I would have been sunk. I wondered if she realized the similarities and was holding back that smoking gun to use as leverage. I mumbled, “FUCK” to myself. What a mistake we made coming here as a family one day after our Halloween Party had turned into an orgy. I finished my breakfast and walked to the Engineering building for my first class.

If Dori wanted her seven points so bad, I’d have to given them to her. Of all the people to make this connection, why did it have to be her. I calmed down as I got to my class. Maybe she’d be satisfied with my explanation. Fuck, I’m never that lucky.

After classes, I worked hard in the weight room trying to deal with the anxiety that filled the day. I could barely lift a glass at the Juice Bar when I finished. Molly was in a booth with a couple other cheerleaders when I collapsed in a heap on one of the barstools. I ordered an orange-juice from Jerry and waved at Molly. She waved back and scrambled out of the booth and nudged her way between my knees and stretched up for a kiss. I bent down and kissed her pursed lips. She stepped back and pulled me down off the stool and led me to her booth. The escort bayan bursa other two cheerleaders were grinning at me as I sat down after Molly scooted onto the bench seat.

Molly said, “Dex. You met Emily and Asia at your party, Friday night.” I didn’t recall either of them, but Molly’s Pixies were all wearing masks.

The confused look on my face prompted Emily to say, “Well, we met but we didn’t actually meet.” She had a coquettish smile on her face which I interpreted as, ‘We saw each other but we didn’t have sex.’ I tried to remember who I’d had sex with that night.

All three of them were in their cheerleader uniforms and their tight sweaters revealed that Emily had an athletic body with above average sized ‘C-cup’ boobs. She was blonde with bouncing vertical curls down past her shoulders. Asia was of Asian descent, probably Korean. She was very pretty, cute would be a better description. Her skin was a light coffee color like she still had a great tan. Her dark eyes and bright white teeth caught my eye. She was short and slim and her sweater revealed that she had smallish, pancake boobs. Her hair was raven black and hung straight down to the small of her back without a ripple or a curl. She was just smiling at me. I smiled back.

I shook their offered hands and said, “It’s nice to meet you without the masks.” Asia looked at Emily and just smiled. I looked at Emily and Asia as they grinned at Molly. I turned to Molly. Something was going on. Molly shrugged her shoulders as if to say, ‘What?’

Molly, Emily and I chatted about inane subjects and Asia just sat there smiling at me. It was very disconcerting, but I smiled when we made eye contact. I finished my orange juice and asked if I could get them something. They declined so I didn’t get anything either.

Suddenly, Molly’s eyes went wide. I thought she had seen something unusual, so I looked where she was looking. She said, “I almost forgot. Asia left part of her costume at your house, Friday night. She needs to return the whole costume so she can get her deposit back from the rental company.” I looked at Asia and she kept that same smile but she nodded this time.

I had scoured the house looking for Emma and Eva’s costumes and hadn’t found any parts of other costumes. The cleaning company didn’t turn over any parts of costumes either. Asia finally spoke and said in a high-pitched, squeaky voice in perfect English, “I’m not sure where I lost them. My wings.” She smiled again.

Molly said, “Can we come over and find them? She thinks they came off in the back bedroom where the skeleton was busy typing at the desk. That was pretty amazing, by the way.”

The ball was in my court. There was little chance that everyone missed her wings during the clean-up. I was pretty sure I knew what their motivation was for coming to my house and it wasn’t to search for a pair of costume wings. I smiled at Molly and said, “Sure. no problem. My car or yours?”

Molly said, “We’ll come over in my car. I know the way.” I nodded and we got out of the booth. Emily and Molly were tittering with excitement. Asia just smiled.

I had planned to walk down to watch Mandy and the lacrosse team playing their rivals. Rival games were always fun like the Yankee vs. Red Sox or Jets vs. Patriots. I guess I had decided that I had better prospects when I said, ‘Sure. No problem’ to Molly. I got in my car and drove home. I was inside the house before Molly’s car pulled into the driveway. I’d left the front door open and the three of them just walked in after ringing the doorbell. Molly looked around the downstairs and said, “Wow. You did a nice job cleaning up. This house was pretty well trashed when we left the party.” I didn’t confess that we had hired a cleaning company. I offered them a beer and they accepted. I pulled four cold ones from the refrigerator and restocked.

I came out of the kitchen with two beers in each hand and said, “Do you want to start looking in the spare bedroom? That’s were you thought you lost your wings.” Asia had a brief look of confusion like she had forgotten what she was here for. Then she smiled that same smile and nodded.

Molly said, “Can we just go up and look?” I nodded and motioned for them to go ahead. The three of them went up the stairs. I had noticed the red light on the house phone was blinking again, so I went back to the kitchen to see who left a message. It was Mom again; she had missed me again trying to tell me the details of her tryst with Dad and Sylvia. She didn’t want to tell the story to a machine, so she just left a message to call her. They must have hit it off because Mom was still excited about telling the story. I admit that I had some feelings of jealousy, but I put them aside. I had a hand in getting them together in the first place.

I started up the stairs with my beer in my hand. I noticed that the beers I had given to Molly and her cheerleaders were on the dining room table. When I got to the top step, I heard bursa sinirsiz eskort a single moan followed by a squeaky voice saying, “Oh God, Yes. Right there.” I smiled to myself as I quietly walked down the hall and into the spare bedroom. When I peaked around the corner of the closet, Asia and Emily were naked, laying at the bottom of the bed. They both had spread-eagled legs, splayed out at ninety-degree angles in splits that every cheerleader is known for. Molly was naked to the waist and had only her pleated cheerleader skirt on. She was kneeling with her face in Asia’s sex. Asia was holding back her labia as Molly tongue-fucked her. Emily was right beside Asia with their legs crossing, holding back her labia, but fingering her pussy as if she were getting ready for Molly’s tongue.

My cock went hard in my pants and I unzipped them and pulled my cock out and started jerking myself off. Molly pulled her face from Asia’s sex and moved in closer and began rubbing her big tits on Asia’s pussy. Molly found Asia’s clitoris with one of her long hard nipples and Molly moaned as Asia wheezed out a hand-muffled scream.

I stepped forward into Molly’s peripheral vision and she turned to me and smiled before she said, “I’m just getting her ready for you. She’s pretty wet.” Molly backed away from Asia and moved over in front of Emily. Emily moaned loudly when Molly dipped her tongue into her pussy. The height of the bed made for a good position for Molly to eat out Asia’s pussy but it was an awkward height for my cock to take Molly’s place. I came forward with my cock pointing the way and folded Asia’s splayed legs together so they pointed straight up at the ceiling. I pushed her into the middle of the bed. She seemed weightless. I held her legs together until she was in position and then I pushed her knees to her chest, she couldn’t see what I was going to do. She definitely wasn’t frightened about it. She turned her head to look past her right leg. She gave me a lusty smile as I moved up under her. With her legs held forward like that, her sloppy wet pussy was rolled up to a perfect angle to push my cock in. Her anus was also available and enticing but I wasn’t going to go there today.

I leaned forward and touched my glans to her clitoris and her entire body tensed. In her squeaky voice, she said, “It’s awfully big. Be gentle with me?” I dragged my knob through her wet sex and then eased it into her. She was anticipating a lot of pain and she tensed again. When I got my fat knob inside, I stopped and let Asia adjust. Molly was slurping and sucking on Emily’s clitoris and pussy. Emily had turned her face to me and she could see my cock and Asia’s pussy. She grinned up at me and then flinched and moaned again as Molly was working on her clitoris again. Emily moaned from Molly’s attack but never said a word as I eased centimeter by centimeter into Asia’s vagina.

I was half way in when Asia flinched hard. I had already pushed up to her cervix. I pulled back slightly and gripped my cock at her sex to mark her depth. She was tiny in every way. I pulled back and Asia groaned. I pushed in faster to my hand and from there we were in full-fuck mode. Asia rolled her hips up and back to continually change the angle. She was tight and the fact that I had her legs closed contributed to that. She was handling my fatty without difficulty. Molly pulled her face back from Emily’s pussy to watch Asia getting fucked.

Asia was gasping for air. I was sucking air too. She muttered through her gasps, “Please don’t cum in me.” Her tightness had stirred my balls and I was pretty sure that I’d be able to cum when she did, if I pulled it a bit closer. I was pushing and pulling on one thigh as leverage. I kept my hand in place on my cock to make sure I didn’t hurt her. She had the shallowest pussy I had ever encountered.

I closed my eyes to concentrate on my climax. Asia was showing signs of her orgasm. Through repetition, I had her depth down pat, so I pulled my hand out and gripped her other thigh and picked up my pace. Asia’s mouth fell open in a silent scream. Her eyes were wild. I felt her pussy clench hard on my cock and then begin pulsing spastically. The silent scream became a loud scream at a very high pitch. I increased my pace again. I was feverishly throwing my cock into her as I felt my balls churning on a load of cum. Her pussy was pulling it right out of me.

My hips loaded along with the first cum-shot and I was about to launch in her pussy when I remembered that she didn’t want me too. I pulled out quickly and grabbed my cock and started jacking on it. Her legs separated and fell perpendicular to her body in that split again. With my eyes closed, I hadn’t noticed that Emily and Molly had moved to the second bed and were now in a side-by-side sixty-nine.

Cum launched up my shaft and down to Asia’s stomach and splattered across her chest and face on contact. I adjusted my aim up her body. By the time I had finished, escort bayan Asia was covered from stomach to hair-line. She had her hand out to block anymore, but it had to go somewhere. When my last shot dribbled out on her black pubic hair, she started giggling as she ran her fingers over her flat, jiggly breasts and pushed her fingers to her lips. One eye was completely covered but she looked up at me with the other. She said, “Fuck, Dex. That’s a lot of cum.”

Asia sat up and cum drooled down toward her pussy. She sucked my softening cock into her mouth. She took three-quarters of me and gagged as she tried for that last quarter. She backed off to clear her throat and inch-wormed her way down again. She gagged harder and pulled back. She lashed her tongue around my shaft to clean me off and then laid back down and collected cum that had drooled down to her sex. She curled up in a fetal position, working on the cum on her face.

I looked over at Molly and Emily going at each other. They were both building into an orgasm, so I wasn’t about to disturb them. I collected my pants and pulled them on and zipped up. I left the three of them like that and went downstairs. The reason they had come over was to find Asia’s wings and I chuckled as I thought, ‘I think she found them.’

Other than the proclamations of, “I’m cumming and Oh ggawwdd,” from upstairs, the house was quiet. I still had some time before the twins got home. I decided to go to the hot tub and savor the transcendental sensations of hot water swirling around me.

I stripped down to the buff at the hot tub and pushed back the cover. The hiss of the rising bubbles in the crystal-clear water was inviting. I climbed in and sat down in my usual seat, which is deeper than the others, which allowed me to get my entire body under the water. I stretched out and put my feet up on the control console so I could lay my head back in the water. I must have hit the jet pump button with my heel and white water surged up from the bottom and splashed across my face. I was caught by surprise and I sat up coughing and spitting water.

Jets of water and air drilled into my back and that felt incredible on my sore muscles. I maneuvered around to find the best combination of jets and stayed there until the skin was numb before changing positions.

I started to drift off and because of the power jets surging the water up around me, I didn’t notice the water level rise around me. I was reliving the encounter with Asia only a few minutes ago but that drifted away and was replaced by last night. I could envision most of the crowd of twenty or so horny women all around me. I never got most of their names and it didn’t matter anyway. I hoped that they didn’t know mine. I knew Rachel and Hannah and the twins. I never even got the names of Rachel’s mother and sister and didn’t want to know them. I had my chin at the top of the roiling surge of hot water and I smiled to myself as I felt my groin responding to my recollection of last night’s events.

I surged out of my reverie when I felt a pressure on my hardening cock, that had flopped up in an arc from my balls, under the water, to my stomach, which was slightly above the water. I sat up out of the water with a start to see Grace sitting naked in the water beside me. She giggled at the startled look on my face. She was already jerking me off. She said, “I hope you don’t mind, but my girls and I snuck through your hedge to use your hot tub last night. The house was dark. I guess you and your house-mates were out. I love the sensation of sitting naked in the hot water. I think the fact that it’s out in public enhances the whole experience.” I knew exactly what she meant.

She leaned over and kissed me gently at first and then with more urgency. My heart was returning to normal and I kissed her back. Her nipples were hard as nails and I read the sultry look on her face to mean that she wasn’t here for the hot water and sitting naked in public. She released my cock and stood up to throw one leg across my lap and sat down. She dragged her nipples across my chest and kissed me with tongue this time.

We played tonsil hockey for a few moments as she pushed her hands down between our bodies and pulled my cock to my stomach and then pushed her body closer to trap my hardness between our bodies. Her sex was sitting on my balls. She pulled back from my lips and giggled at the sensation of my cock pulsing against her clitoris. I flexed my cock hard and she let out a groan as her body folded in on itself. She grinned at me and said, “You are a bad boy.” I grinned and flexed my cock again, eliciting the same reaction.

She threw her arms around my neck and dropped her forehead to my shoulder as she started grinding her pussy along my shaft. She rolled her hips forward to maximize the pressure she was applying. I gripped her ass-cheeks to help her. She did this for a couple minutes and then used her knees at my hips to push herself up out of the water as she pushed her tits to my face. I palmed them and suckled on each nipple sticking out from between my fingers. Grace let her head roll back on her neck in a long series of moans. Her breasts were similar in shape and size to her daughter’s. Gravity had taken its toll and they sagged; but only slightly.

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