Dirty Business


” Oh my God. “

Those words gave me away. I should have been able to suppress my reaction and retreat quietly out of the apartment and go some place where I could get a stiff drink to calm my nerves. But is was too late, they saw me. The only thing I could do was run in my room and lock the door.

I tried to busy myself: first by staring at the same page of a book for five minutes, then I turned on the radio as loud as I could to drown out my thoughts. None of these things worked.

Maybe what I saw was a fabrication. I was awfully tired that day, that’s why I came home early. I didn’t expect my roommate to be there, I thought he was still at work. I just came home, opened the door, took off my coat, loosened my tie and walked toward my bedroom. It was out of habit that I looked into his room, it was on the way. And his door was open. Usually if he was busy or, engaged, his door was closed; well, it should have been closed this time. . As I passed my roommates room, I peered in and saw… I saw him on top of a girl, humping her.

Both parties were wearing shirts but no pants. It was all that skin that I noticed first. The girl’s legs were raised in the air, naked hips were locked together in sexual gridlock. And that’s when I noticed: There was my roommate Jude, fucking his own sister.

I tried to busy myself in my room to subdue the thoughts that I had. I flipped through some books and absent mindedly arranged objects on my nightstand. What I had seen was… it was disgusting. I mean I had known them both for a very long time. Jude and I met in grade school and his little sister Diane was always around. We grew up together and were like family. I guess that’s what made it so appalling to me; the fact that it was like I caught my own brother and sister in that way. The whole thing, or at least what I knew of it, shamed me. And the betrayal of those two doing it with me around hurt so much. I had never felt so bad in my life.

I stayed in my room for several hours, trying to wait out Jude and Diane. I thought they might take my confinement as a cue to leave me alone for a while. Eventually I fell asleep but woke up as hunger got the best of me. It was quite late and I heard no sounds coming from the apartment. I opened my door a crack and peered out into the dark hall. I could see a light shining from underneath my roommate’s door and I debated for a moment whether to venture out or not. Finally, I decided to make a quick dash to the kitchen, assemble some provisions and head back to my room. Unfortunately, there was no ready to eat food anywhere in our house and I had to settle upon cooking some soup over the stove.

As I let the pot boil, I heard Jude’s door open and the creaking of the wood floor make their way down the hall towards me. I hunched over the stove and stirred the soup, trying to make myself look busy, hoping whoever it was wouldn’t disturb me.

” Jake, man. ” Jude called out from behind me in a subdued voice.

” What? ” I answered harshly.

” What’s going on, man? ” he asked.

I stared into the pot for a bit before I answered. ” Just making something to eat. “

He sighed and must have moved, because the floor creaked again. ” Look Jake. I know what you saw was pretty… um, pretty weird but… “

Turning around quickly, faced him down. ” But what, huh? There is nothing you can say that will explain the fact that you… you, you were doing that with your… with Diane! I mean, that’s just wrong, I can’t tell you how wrong it is. I mean, there’s laws against it because it’s so fucking wrong! “

Jude swallowed and looked at me with sad eyes. Lowering his head, he used his feet to trace invisible lines in the floor. I turned around again and stared at my meal but I suddenly was hungry anymore.

” Jake… you don’t have to tell me how wrong it is. But, I mean, it just happened. Some things just happen and you try to fight them and you know they’re wrong but there is nothing you can do. You have to understand, we didn’t want this… I mean, I know it sounds awful, looks awful but really it’s not that wrong. “

I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned the stove off, dumped the soup in the sink and went to my bedroom.

The next day, as much as I tried to fight it, I couldn’t stop thinking the previous night. What had earlier been a burning sense of anger in my chest, dropped down into my stomach and turned to an empty feeling of sadness. What they did was wrong. Moreover, for some reason I felt just as guilty as they were. It was a feeling that is still hard to explain but I felt as though what ever punishment they were to receive would not escape me as well.

The three of us had grown up together from way back and had shared in that time a sort of sexual awakening that I always felt was quite normal. I can still remember the day I rushed to Jude’s house with a adult video I had borrowed from a kid at school. We sat in his room and just stared at the tape while we waited for his parents to leave. görükle escort As soon as they were safely down the street, we popped the thing in and were introduced to sex for the first time. It certainly wasn’t the only time either: During more times than I could count we masturbated together and once and only once, we masturbated each other. I had never thought anything of that or any other instances. Rather, they were fond memories of growing up with a best friend.

Because Diane was roughly 2 years younger than me, I felt she was of more a bratty little sister than a peer or sexual creature. She was always trying to tag along with Jude and I and we both spent a great deal of our time trying to shake her off of our tails. As we got older, Diane found her own friends in high school and we ran with different crowds. Still, she was like family and we regarded each other very well. There was one time I caught her undressing though: She was doing laundry and when I walked in on her, her shirt was above her head and her breasts were exposed. Diane never knew I was there because I quietly backed away. I remember feeling a little ashamed at the moment; I never thought of her in a sexual manner.

Jude I had lived together for several years and were so comfortable with each other that living apart never really entered our minds. Well, I suppose I must speak for myself on that account. Diane, by coincidence, moved into the same neighborhood when she went to college and the three of hung out on a regular basis.

I decided to walk home that day both to clear my head and kill time until Jude was at work. I no longer was quite as disgusted and alarmed as I had been but I still didn’t want to confront either of them, knowing this situation wouldn’t pass without an eventual conversation on the matter. But, I had no such luck.

As I walked up my street I could see Diane sitting on our stoop. For a second I thought about turning around and going somewhere else. But, I sucked in my chest and headed home.

As I approached my building, Diane made no effort to get up. Instead, she reached into her pocket, pulled out a pack of cigarettes and placed one in her mouth.

” Do you have a light? ” she asked.

Reaching into my own pocket, I retrieved my lighter and held it up to her face. She leaned into the flame and brought her hands up to shield it from the wind. There was a brief brush of skin on my hand and I flinched.

Diane looked up at me with an expression that said she was quite hurt by my reaction. I fumbled for my keys and opened the door.

” Jake, can I come in for a minute? “

I wanted to tell her no, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it. She seemed just as pained as I was over this situation. I shrugged my shoulders and walked into the building, leaving the door open so she could follow. I marched up the steps with Diane trailing a short distance behind. Inside my apartment, we didn’t say anything to each other for a long time.. As Diane sat on the couch, smoking another cigarette I put a pot of tea on. I poured two glasses and placed Diane’s cup on the coffee table. I didn’t sit down next her. Rather I just stood there and looked down at her. Her eyes were on the steam rising from the hot tea.

” Jake, I don’t know if you talked to Jude or what he said. ” She paused for a moment then it all came out in one long sentence. ” But, it just happened, I don’t really know how or remember when. We knew it was wrong. We… well, I feel dirty all the time but honestly… “

But honestly what? I wanted to know. That you like it? That you love to fuck your brother?

Diane looked up at me, tears were forming in her eyes. I think she knew what I was thinking. ” It was both of us. I mean, we both, mutually, did it. Rather, have been doing it. For about a year now. It’s just physical, that’s all it is. I mean, there’s nothing really to a purely physical relationships. It’s just sex. “

I slammed the cup down hard on the table and started to pace the room. ” Oh god Diane! Do you hear yourself? This is not some guy… it’s you brother. Your brother! This is not something you are supposed to do with him. I mean, you guys are like family to me… it’s so upsetting. I just, I just can’t believe you would… with him…”

Diane got up and came over to me. She wrapped her arms around me and sobbed into my back. I felt bad: bad for her, bad for her brother, bad for me. I turned around and took her into my arms.

” Diane… Diane? Why are you crying? ”

She wiped some tears away from her face. ” I don’t know Jake. I guess I’m just scared because we’ve been caught. I never really thought it would be you. Mom and Dad really… if they ever found out it would be all over. They would just drop dead!”

” If you know it’s wrong then why do you do it? ” I asked. ” I just don’t see how it could ever happen. “

” Jude and I… when you where away in Maryland last year. We were hanging out a lot. We’ve always been close, you know that. eskort bayan I didn’t feel like going home that night and you know how sometimes we sleep in the same bed. We’ve done that since we were kids. I slept with you a lot of times too. ” She looked up at me to see if I wanted to hear anymore. The thing is I did, out some curiosity I had. Hearing it was, well, turning me on a bit; enough to send the blood flowing into my dick.

” It was just fooling around at first. We were wrestling or whatever and then he kissed me. ” Her eyes got really wide to convey the astonishment she must have had when it happened. ” But I didn’t stop him at all. It wasn’t until he was actually in me that we both realized that it was wrong. Then, we didn’t talk to each other for a long time. ” I did remember that when I came back, Diane was mysteriously absent from the apartment for a while.

She continued. ” When we did finally talk, we both needed someone to comfort us. But we couldn’t go to you or… anyone. ” I knew ” anyone ” was Mom and Dad. ” I guess our comforting led to it again. After a couple times, it became natural… like we were sleeping with anyone else. “

Diane took a sip of her tea and that seemed to be the end of her story. I wasn’t quite sure what she wanted exactly, but it seemed the whole point of this confession was that she ultimately wanted my approval.

I played with the circumstances in my mind: Yes, I knew this while thing was wrong. But, if they weren’t hurting anyone than who was I to deny them anything. And Diane’s argument, most likely shared by her brother, that it was just casual sex made a little bit of sense.

I took a deep breath, and fiddled with an unlit cigarette. ” Well, it seems like you both know the consequences of your actions so I can’t let you two plead temporary insanity. I suppose I can grow comfortable with this idea but it’s really not up to me to decide what you two do. However, I don’t want to be party to this lie, as so far as your parents go at least. And you have to at least acknowledge that this thing could turn really bad at any time… pregnancy for instance. “

” Well, I’m on the pill. ” She said, her face relaxing a bit.

” Yes, well, that’s good. I just need to be more comfortable with this idea. ” My erection was just not going away. ” And I guess I could see how it could be a turn on, in ‘ dangerous sex ‘ sort of way. “

A broad smile appeared on her face. I could see that she was thinking Oh, a brother and sister fucking turns you on, eh?

” But perhaps we should treat this like any other relationship that Jude or I brings in to this apartment. Behind closed doors… Jude and I are close, but not close enough to flaunt our sex lives all over the apartment. Even if this is… a special circumstance. ” The more permissive I allowed myself to be, the more turned on I was getting. The pre-cum filling my pants made me shift in my seat and I didn’t want Diane to see the huge bulge in my crotch.

” Oh Jake, thank you! This is great. I mean, I don’t know if Jude and I are going to continue but your support is such a relief… for me anyway. Jude and I haven’t really talked in a while. ” Diane came over and gave me a big hug. By accident, she shifted all her weight to one knee that happened to be in my crouch.

” Ow, Ow, Ow, Ow! ” I let out. Diane drew back and I sort of raised my hips to shake of the pain. I smiled and mouthed ” I’m alright ” but Diane patted me on the crouch apologetically. Or rather, patted me right on my erection. I looked up and gave her a cheesy, embarrassed grin because I knew there was no way she couldn’t have felt my bulge.

” Well, well, ” She said. ” Looks you are accepting this situation pretty easily. ” Diane was always known for her dry sense of humor.

I crossed my legs and tried my best to play my little problem off by putting my arm over the back of the sofa and looking cool. But it just wasn’t working.

Diane knelt on the couch next to me and leaned forward a bit, trying to get a better look at my crouch. Once again, I shifted trying to avoid my the curious onlooker. Finally I blurted out. ” Well, these things have a way of, uh, appearing at the most in opportune times. “

She leaned back and placed her hands on her lap. ” Jake, you are doing us a favor by supporting us. I could do you a little favor too. If you want, it wouldn’t be a big deal. What’s a little help between friends when… “

” There is help between siblings. ” I finished. She seemed to take this as consent and reached over my crossed leg and placed her hand in my crotch. I really wanted to stop this but I didn’t. Yes, I knew this was going to complicate matters but I was never one to keep things simple.

I spread my legs and Diane reached under me, gave my balls a gentle squeeze and ran her hand up the length of my shaft. I leaned forward to kiss her but she drew away and got up from the couch. I made an attempt to follow but only sleep altıparmak escort of the edge on my seat and sat on the floor, reclining on the sofa.

A warm smile developed on her face. She leaned in and with her free hand she palmed my face and leaned in to kiss me. I obliged and we passionately made out on the floor of the apartment. It was a heated exchang and getting hotter by the moment. We were exploring each other’s bodies’ underneath our clothes; I traced her spine down her back and slipped my hand into her pants, slowly caressing her ass. Diane cocked her head to the side, exposing her neck to my lips. I traced a line with my tongue from the back of her mouth. Again she pulled away and a string of saliva connected our lips.

Crossing her arms, she pulled off her shirt. She was wearing a white bra made of nylon or some other smooth material. I could make out the dark circle of her aureoles. Reaching behind her, she undid her bra. Delicately, I slid my finger underneath one of the straps and slowly pulled it down over her shoulder. Her breasts were beautiful: Round and full and covered with smooth almond colored skin, slightly lighter than the rest of her body. I took one in the palm of my hand and rubbed my thumb over her nipple. She responded by arching her back toward me. I kissed her neck and then ran my tongue down until it was over her breast. Kissing her bosom, I felt no shame in what I was doing with her.

She got up and undid her pants, pushing them down to her ankles and kicking them off. Diane stood before me naked and beautiful. She was good looking girl: she was full figured and round, with wide hips and meaty thighs. But she wasn’t fat… No, she was a perfect woman. From the angle I was looking at her, with the light at her back, her silhouette was like staring up at an beautiful plump angel. Although she was twenty years old, there was a sensual pubescent quality to her form. This sight alone justified her brothers actions.

I pulled my shirt off and without getting up, I removed my pants. Sitting there naked, with my back leaning against the chair and full, hard erection in my crouch, I reached out and caressed Diane’s smooth leg. I let a finger slide against her silky skin along her inner thigh until I felt the soft hair where her legs met. Gently, I brushed my finger along her sex being careful not to press on her too hard.

She moved forward and crouched a little bit so that thighs straddled my face. I smelled the scent of her most intimate of places. Softly gripping her by the butt, I raised my head just enough to line up my mouth with her fleshy mound. My tongue left my mouth and licked along the crevice of her sex. Diane responded with a soft moan. Pressing my mouth closer and closer to her, I kissed her pussy passionately. I used my tongue to probe her and moist lips to suck her clit. She started to bounce a little… up and down and up and down on my face as she stroked the back of my head. Finally, I needed air and with a gasp I pulled my head back.

Diane got down on the floor in front me and took my excited dick in her soft hand. Leaning forward, so that I could feel her hair on my thigh, she kissed the base of my cock. Then slowly, she kissed up its length until finally, she had its head in her mouth. She took it into her slowly and almost got the whole thing into her. But it wasn’t blowjob she was interested in giving me; she merely meant to get my member wet and slippery.

Squatting over me, with one hand on my shoulder and one hand holding my cock straight up, she positioned my dick at the entrance of her snatch. Then gently, she lowered herself on me. She was a little bit tight so it took awhile until I was all the way in her but eventually, her pussy firmly gripped my cock.

At first she didn’t do anything except look at me with a loving smile on her face. With me inside her, we kissed each other. Then slowly, she began to rock back and forth so that my cock wasn’t so much going in and out but rather, rubbing around inside her. It felt so damn good to feel her warmth.

We fucked but it wasn’t fast and hard. No, it was slow and gentle as if we were both savoring each little sensation that we had. I could feel my dick swell and I knew an orgasm wasn’t too far off. Diane must have been close as well because she was no longer kissing me: her fingernails dug into my back and head was cocked back, her eyes closed. Then she began to ride up and down a little bit, so that her breasts bounced. Her fucking was becoming hard and her nails felt like they puncturing my back. No matter… I was approaching an orgasm rapidly and could care less if she was breaking my skin.

Diane started to moan but never got too loud. But I knew, the walls of her vagina were gently contracting around my cock. That was it for me as well: my cock started to spasm and an orgasm radiated out from my crotch and ran through my whole body. I shook with pleasure.

We remained locked together until my dick became soft and both are bodies relazed. Diane slid off of me onto the floor and lay on her back. Regaining my composure, I realized the implications of our act. Diane must have also came to the same thought; she used her hands to cover her face but I couldn’t tell if she was crying or what.

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