My heart leapt in my chest hearing my little girl call out to me in the dark. Well, almost dark, I could make her out clearly by the light from the flood light as it streamed in from the side of the house, laying on her bed her covers pulled up around her shoulders.

What was I doing, standing in the dark side of her bedroom with very dirty thoughts in my head, thoughts that really got wild after the accidental discovery I made last week and they’ve been consuming more and more of my energies the more I learned.

My mind racing back, quite innocently I picked up her smart phone to look for the number of a restaurant downtown. On her browser that was left open was a porn site with videos, and the videos were all of older guys fucking young girls. Holy shit! What was my innocent little girl getting into these days?

My curiosity took over and I had a few minutes, I could hear her shower running, so I watched a couple and had to admit, the high quality videos of these young supple bodies being teased pleased and in some videos having the hell fucked out of them had me getting very aroused. Did my little girl really enjoy watching this stuff?

My mind was racing and it wouldn’t be totally truthful if I said I hadn’t noticed my daughter’s maturing body. She still runs around the house in a tee-shirt and panties, her B plus breasts bouncing freely and depending on what shirt she wore I could clearly see her areola and taught little nipples.

The shower turned off so I quickly returned her phone to the pile of clothes on her bed and when leaving her room noticed a pair of her panties on a pile of clothes on the floor. Not willing to admit what actually came over me but I picked them up and took them to my bedroom.

I couldn’t help myself, the discovery of her interest in porn, knowing she was just down the hall fresh from the shower and wondering if she masturbated while watching those older guys fucking görükle escort bayan those horny young girls had my cock rock hard. Slowly lifting her panties to my face I took in her womanly aroma and my cock immediately flexed causing a huge drop of precum to escape my cockhead.

I stepped into my bathroom and pulled the shower curtain open. With the crotch of her panties pressed hard against my face, inhaling her scent deeply I began to stroke my hard cock. My precum acting as an excellent lube it didn’t take long thinking of tasting my little girl’s young cunt, I blew a huge load all over the shower and tub. Damn that was intense!

As guilty as I felt I continued to “borrow” her panties and either repeating the initial incident or placing the crotch of her panties, the material that brushed against her warm pussy all day over the head of my cock and slowly rub it back and forth until I would explode and fill her panties with my warm creamy cum.

I also got more curious and would check her phone more often to see if and where she was exploring. Then things really changed when I happened upon a chat she was having with a friend, a guy friend, and she called him “daddy”! I was both pissed off with jealousy and turned on at the same time!

The arousal won out and I quickly adapted a routine of slipping into my daughter’s room when I heard her turn on the shower. I could always count on her being occupied for 15 or 20 minutes at least. Her panties were always around and the thought of smelling her panties or stroking off in them, sometimes both, with her just on the other side of the door naked and wet was intensely arousing.

This went on for weeks, reading her naughty chats, learning what a little horny girl she was growing into, how much she wanted to feel a real cock and suck a guy off was a huge turn on. Then one day her friend came out and asked her if she ever thought of her real dad that way, altıparmak eskort sexually, he meant. I was almost afraid to read her response but couldn’t resist, so I scrolled down,

Oh my god, she told him yes. My little girl has had sexual thoughts of her dad. As I read this I had her panties wrapped around my cock and I couldn’t hold back and blew my entire load into her panties just as I heard the shower shut off.

Thoughts I had just flirted with previously were now becoming full blown fantasies and the more I read the more my desires increased. Her friend, her make believe daddy was apparently interested in her real thoughts as much as her fantasies and it was driving me crazy to hear my little girl describe how she masturbated while thinking of sucking my cock, on her knees and making her real dad fill her mouth with cum.

Now when she would prance into the kitchen with her breasts bouncing and ass cheeks jiggling I would instantly get hard and have to restrain myself from standing up and pulling my pants down to show her the effect her hot little horny body and secret fantasy was having on her real daddy. I was always half in fear that something would cause me to need to stand up and she would see my hard cock straining to bust out of my slacks and half if not mostly wondering what her reaction would be.

With her mother out of town for a few days on business it became too much to contain, and that is how I wound up here, standing in the dark of my little girl’s room, my cock thick and semi hard thinking of licking her delicious little cunt.

“Daddy? Is that you?”

“Yes sweetness, it’s me.”

“Is everything ok daddy? Do I need to get up?”

“Yes, everything is ok, no, you don’t need to get up. I, ummmm, well.”

“What is it daddy? You can tell me.”

Staring at my little girl as she sat up in bed, the blankets falling to just barely hang on her nightie nilüfer escort covered breasts I wasn’t sure how, or even if I could go further no matter how many orgasms I’ve had thinking of this moment. What she said next floored me.

“Daddy? Did you come in here looking for my phone?”

“Well ummm no dear, why would you think that?” Now completely thrown I didn’t know what to do next.

“I know daddy. I know you’ve been reading my chats, for weeks now I’ve known and its ok daddy. I like it that we seem to enjoy the same thing.”

“What? How do you know, what do you mean share the same things?”

“Weeks ago daddy I noticed odd things. My phone not being exactly where I left it and my bedroom door being completely closed after I got out of the shower when I know I left it slightly open before going in.”

Damn I had tried to be so careful, now I’m busted.

“Sweetness, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean.”

She cut me off and offered her hand to me, inviting me to sit on her bed.

“It’s ok daddy. I figured out it was you since it happened when mom was away so it could only be you. The other day I started the shower and gave you a little time then snuck out the other door to the spare bedroom and peeked inside my room. I saw you come in and find my phone, then you, ummmm, daddy, you pulled your penis from your pants. I had always wondered and now I know, you have a very nice penis daddy, and I watched you stroking as you read. When you picked my panties off the floor and covered your penis then continued to stroke I couldn’t help myself, it turned me on much more than I’d imagined, my fingers felt especially good slipping in and out of my pussy as I watched you stroke your cock with my panties.”

My cock was so hard it hurt, my little girl telling me this and noticing her hand sliding under the covers pulling them the rest of the way off her breasts, nipples showing through the thin material. My hand moved to my crotch and felt my stiff shaft, her hand lightly traced up and down my forearm, her daddy’s forearm, then over my hand, and oh, my, god, her fingers wrapped around my cock through my boxers causing me to flex so hard I thought I would cum right then and there.

“mmmmmmm, Daddy.”

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