Doing Laundry

Big Tits

Recalling this experience has already gotten me incredibly turned on, expect this to be sloppily written. This took place during the summer quite a few years ago while the rest of my family went out for the day. I stayed home because I had to work my part time high school job later. Since I was home I was tasked to do some wash before I had to leave, I had just woken up when I decided I wasn’t going to waste my precious time alone and already was getting a little excited deciding what to do with myself. After playing a bit in bed I decided to get the wash started and out of the way.

I had just taken a load of shirts out of the washer and put them into the drier. Mine and my mother and sisters clothes were all organized into bins ready to put into the washing machine. I started loading the underwear in next and felt my heart skip a beat when a nasty thought came across my mind. I’ll admit I’d thought about my sister sexually before, but could never fantasize about my mother in the same way even though I’d tried. I quickly separated underwear I knew were my sisters into a separate pile, what I wanted to find was something I could taste. After fishing through the pile I found a few that had some messy spots in the crotch. One in particular, a black pair, had a big round dried spot that had soaked through to the other side. There were a few stringy bits that worked their way out of the main big stain, and I felt my heart pound in my chest thinking about how nasty this was. For awhile I just played with myself standing there in my pjs to work myself up.

Eventually I decided to put in another load and take her underwear up to my bedroom where there wasn’t a cold concrete floor. I put them in a pile on my bed and sat down running escort bayan my fingers over the spots of my sisters dried pussy juice. Much to my delight as I pressed my finger into the black pair I felt a slight cold dampness, my heart raced. I brought my finger up and caught the scent of it. Musty, sweaty, a hint of salty sweetness, it smelled like stale pussy. I couldn’t say I liked the smell but it drove me wild all the same. While I brought my fingers to my own clit I brought her panties up to my face. With the crotch placed over my mouth and nose I laid back and began fingering myself. As I became even more turned on I imagined my sister sitting on my face, my tongue licked her and I sucked her taste into my mouth. I could feel my heart bumping inside my chest and the lightheaded feeling of sexual excitement at doing something so dirty. When I built up enough saliva to get them decently soaked I stuffed the entire crotch of her panties into my mouth. After chewing on the soaked fabric I sucked the wetness out of them. The strong flavor that came out of them made me gag, I didn’t expect it to be so sharp but I swallowed it all the same just like I would if it was really her. I kept sucking them knowing her cunt would be on my breath, my pussy clenched tight with arousal.

The grey pair weren’t as messy, just a dried slit shaped spot. I had put on the black ones and the damp feeling on my pussy kept me on edge. With my mouth open this time I rubbed the spot directly on my tongue in time with my fingers against my clit through her panties. Even though I couldn’t taste it directly anymore it still got me worked up cleaning up her mess, and I jammed them to the back of my tongue so I would gag again. When I could no altıparmak escort bayan longer see the mess on them I decided these ones belonged in my ass. I poked the wet part into my asshole just enough to keep it in and tucked the rest under the others to hold them in place.

At this point I had resisted the urge to orgasm a number of times, I still had so much time to myself. I put my pj bottoms back on over her panties and made myself some tea, thinking about what I could do now that I was so worked up with less inhibition. I sat at my computer looking at some porn, continuing to work myself up for whatever I decided to do with the last pair. When I remembered I still had to shower, and noticed that I now had to pee, I felt the surge of excitement return and felt like I could orgasm right then. This would be the nastiest thing I’d ever done…

I stepped into the shower before turning the water on and placed the white underwear in the middle of the tub. For a few minutes I stood there playing with myself still feeling like I needed to be more worked up to do this, I was second guessing myself and thought it might just be better to lay in her bed and get myself off there. I got down on my knees and readied myself, pulling her black panties to the side so I could rub myself. I needed to pee now. When I let it go my heart rushed and I felt every bit of pleasure and excitement returning and radiating from between my legs, but I still wasn’t peeing… I was still hesitant. I pushed trying to force it out, it made me feel even more dirty and I muttered nasty thoughts to myself. Finally a leak trickled out, I pushed hard and then a full stream emptying out and flowing down into the nilüfer eskort tub soaking her white panties. I didn’t expect it to run down my thighs as well but the warm feeling mixed with everything else I was doing gave me a feeling of ecstasy. I lay back and felt it on my back and in my hair, I was shaking too hard to stay on my knees.

With both hands I began working myself up to orgasm, I wasn’t stopping this time. One finger in my pussy and the others running hard frantic circles over my clit drove me right to the edge. In the last moments before orgasm I grabbed her soaked white panties. My hand was shaking so hard I barely got them to my mouth before I felt myself erupt in orgasm. The shock of my pussy clenching had me yelping between gagging and choking on her piss soaked panties. I closed my eyes and gave up control, squirming around in my mess with each contraction.

Oh God what had I just done… I sat up and spit my piss out choking on the horrible taste, gasping for breath just made me gag over the smell. I lay on the floor of the tub regretting having done this. With my pussy still contracting softly I peeled the black panties off and slid them down my legs, I tugged the grey ones from my ass and wrung them dry, I hope she wouldn’t be able to tell what I had done with them.

After finishing my shower the underwear load went into the washing machine. I felt guilty and promised I would never do anything like this again, but I knew at the time I would do it again, and I knew I would eventually go even further into my perversions. Already I was getting pleasure out of thinking about what I had done, the regret was part of what made it exciting. I sat down in front of the washing machine and got myself off again, the orgasm came quick.

For the rest of the day I could still taste her stale cunt juice from her underwear. The gagging had forced the taste into my nose and I had to drink fruit juice all night at work in order to not taste it, I hoped to God nobody could smell it on my breath.

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