Don’t Tell Mom


Hanna was a nineteen-year-old college student home on spring break. There was, nothing to do and she was bored out of her mind. Her Mom and Brother were at work and most of her old friends had moved away. After watching the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, Hanna found herself Horny and the need to experiment.

She had wondered what it would be like to be tied up, helpless, and teased to orgasm. She had only had vanilla sex, and that was just a few times.

Hanna was on a mission. She went out to the garage and found some old nylon rope and cut it into equal lengths. She went to her Mother’s bedroom to search for any toys that she may have had. When she was just ten, Hanna remembered finding a small vibrator that her mother kept next to the bed. She felt nervous and guilty for going through her Mother’s things, but she needed this.

Hanna found several toys in her Mother’s night stand along with lube and condoms. She grabbed a seven-inch vibe, and electric wand and a condom.

Quickly, Hanna ran upstairs and got undressed. She tied two of the ropes around the frame at the foot of the bed. The other around the headboard for her left wrist.

Completely wet with anticipation, she climbed into bed and sat and tied her ankles securely. She lay back and wrapped her left wrist tying the knot tightly.

Hanna tested her three bindings as she began to play with her little clit. As she got wetter, Hanna reached for the vibe and the condom. After all, this was her Mother’s personal vibrator.

Before Hanna could put the condom on, she realized the toy that she stole didn’t even work. She looked for the wand next to her head and found that she did not plug that in.

Frustrated, she reached up to her left wrist to undo the nylon rope that was now cutting deeply into her wrist.

The knot the she had tied in the nylon rope had gotten so tight that Hanna was unable to get it to loosen. She began to panic as she lay helpless unable to free the rope that held her. Hannah looked around for anything that could help her break free, but there was nothing within reach. The scissors that she had used to cut the ropes were laying the dresser across the room. The only thing within reach of Hannah’s right arm was her cell phone on her night stand, but, who should she call?

Hanna scrolled through her contacts, but was scared to ask for help. How does one explain to someone how the tied themselves to the bed naked with sex toys laying around? Her Mother would be home in just a few hours and Hannah kept thinking that she can’t find me like this.

Again, she struggled with the knot but it was just too tight. Hanna picked up the phone again and debated whether or not to call 911. Oh, how embarrassing, she thought. There was one other person that had always been there for her, and could keep a secret. That was her brother Rick.

Although gorukle escort Rick and Hanna weren’t really brother and sister, they grew up together since they were just five and six. Rick’s Mother died at childbirth and Hannah’s Father died in a car accident when she was only three. They were a blended family until the recent death of Rick’s Dad.

Hanna called Rick hesitantly. “Hello”.

“Ricky? Can you come over right away? Please?”

Hanna whispered.

“What’s wrong?” “Hanna?”

“Just come over, I need your help. Please?”

“Yeah, sure, be there in ten minutes.”

Hanna hung up the phone and tried to grab the bedspread to cover herself up the best she could. All she could do now is wait. It seemed like an eternity before Hanna heard the front door shut. “Hanna?”

Relieved with the sound of Rick’s voice, Hanna yelled, “Help”.

Rick ran upstairs to Hannah’s bedroom and opened the door. He found Hannah crying as she laid there helpless.

“Help me please,” Hanna said softly.

“What did you do?” Rick asked as he began to laugh. “My little sis is into BDSM.”


“I’m sorry, sis, but you have to admit this is funny. “I have got to get a picture of this.”


“So, what seems to be the problem?”

“I can’t get the knot loose.” Hanna said almost laughing.

Rick’s humor put her at ease and a sense of relief came over her.

Rick untied the rope at the headboard giving him some slack to loosen the knot.

“Please, don’t tell Mom.”

“You really need to learn how to tie knots.” Rick said as he freed her left arm. He massaged her wrist gently as he sat at the edge of the bed. “First of all, you do not use this cheap nylon shit rope. Use cotton or actual descent restraints. Second, double the rope, wrap it around your wrist twice, like this, tuck the rope under, bring it around, and there, you have a knot that will not tighten up on you and you can get out of it in a hurry if you have to.”

“Great,” Hanna said. “Now untie me.”

“Not so fast, what was your plan?” Rick asked as he retied the other end of the rope back to the bedframe.

“Ricky, what are doing?”

Rick tugged on the bedspread as Hanna quickly tried to keep herself covered. “Did you get to cum?”


Rick picked up the leftover rope that was lying on the floor. “I was just curious. Did you get off?”

“No, what are you doing? Untie me, please Rick, I’ll do anything.”

Rick grabbed the bedspread and pulled it off her right side. Hanna tried to hang on, but Rick was too fast and to strong. As she clung to the remaining bedspread, Rick wrapped her right wrist with the rope and tied his special knot. He ripped the remaining bedspread out of her hand and pulled her arm above her head where he fastened the other end to the headboard.

“Ricky, altıparmak eskort bayan NOOOOOO!”

“You said you would do anything, right?

What are you doing?”

Rick reached down and pinched Hanna’s right nipple. “Who knew my little sis had such a hot little body. Such perfect little tits, that cute little shaven pussy. Very nice.”

“Stop, Ricky, this is wrong.”

Rick looked around the room, “This will do.” He folded a shirt he found on the floor and put it over Hannah’s eyes as a makeshift blindfold. “You want the whole experience, right?”

Hannah tested her restraints. “Ricky?”

Rick’s fingers lightly touched her breasts, then worked their way down slowly until they reached her clit. He paused briefly to rub it up and down till his fingers parted her awaiting lips. “Hmmmm, look how wet we are.”

Rick untied her right ankle. Pulling it firmly, Rick pulled her legs further apart, then the left leg opening her even wider. Again, with a light almost tickling sensation, Rick explored his sisters body.

Hannah began to moan as Rick’s finger stopped and parted her labia. He slowly inserted it in about an inch before pulling it out. Rick took his finger and wet Hannah’s lips with it. “Suck it.”

Hannah sucked her juices off her brothers’ finger. She didn’t know if it was the helplessness of being tied up or the fact her brother, totally taboo, was teasing her naked body, but she had never been this turned on before.

Rick picked up the wand vibe and plugged it in and turned it on. Hannah’s other senses were heighted with the loss of her sight. Her anticipation of that vibe on her awaiting body was almost too much to bear.

Rick’s first touch of the wand on low speed was Hannah’s left nipple. He encircled each nipple until he made his way to her wetness. With the first touch on her swollen clit, Hannah screamed out. He teased her clit up and down until he pressed firmly and forcibly directly on her clit. Hannah struggled to break free, to close her legs, or anything to get away. The vibration was so intense that within seconds Hannah felt herself starting to cum.

Rick pulled the vibe away. “Not yet.”


Rick repeated the process pushing the vibe firmly against her clit, this time, on high. Every time Hannah got close, Rick stopped.

Hannah moaned and thrust her hips towards the wand needing to finish. “You fucker,…”

Rick set the vibe on low and leaned it against Hannah’s sopping wet pussy. She rubbed up and down on it as Rick got undressed. He knelt next to his sisters head. “I want you to suck my cock.”


She could feel the heat of his cock near her face and Rick’s musty scent.

“I can’t, it’s wrong,… You’re my brother!”

That’s fine,” Rick said. He grabbed Hannah’s nilüfer eskort bayan phone and went through the contacts. Who is Steven? I bet he would love a picture of this.”

“Oh my God, NOOOO, Ricky, Noooo!”

“Hmmm,” Rick grabbed the vibe and turned it back on high. Hannah screamed out as he held it to her clit as she turned, thrusted and fought with her bindings.

“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, Ahhhhhh, Shit, Ahhhhgg, oh,”

Hannah continued to cum and shook violently. Rick could see the sheets were soaking wet as she continued to cum.

Hannah collapsed as the vibrator was shut off. She was exhausted.

Rick knelt again next to his sisters’ head. “Suck my cock.”

“I can’t”

Rick turned the wand on high and pressed it hard against her clit. As Hannah screamed out, Rick stuck his cock in her mouth and began to fuck her face. He grabbed her hair as Hannah began to suck. “Good girl.”

Rick forced his seven-inch cock deep down his sisters throat as the wand rubbed hard against her pussy. Hannah gagged as Rick forced his cock to the back of her throat. He pulled it out slowly as it dripped of saliva and pre-cum.

Rick shut off the wand and set it to the side. Hannah’s inner right thigh was still twitching.

Rick untied both of Hannah’s ankles. She lay there motionless as Rick laid between her thighs. His hot tongue licked at his sisters’ red swollen clit until she moaned with pleasure.

Rick found the condom laying on the bed and put it on. He knelt between her legs pushing her now free legs upwards. He guided his throbbing cock between Hannah’s labia that were fully parted.

“No Rick, we shouldn’t. Stop.”

“Do you really want me to stop? Do you?” Rick asked as he slid his cock in even deeper.

“No Ricky. aaaaaaahhh.”

“Oh God, oh, Rick oooo oooh shit fuck OOOHHH!”

Within seconds, Rick felt Hannah’s flood gates opening. He pulled out and inserted two fingers quickly and in an almost violent motion, Rick moved his fingers up and down.

“Ohh, not again, fuck, fuck, fuck, AAAAaahhhhh!”

Rick pulled his fingers out aggressively, then in again until Hannah came again and again.

Rick plunged his cock all the way back in until he was laying on his sister.


Rick untied both wrist restraints as he continued to fuck his sister. Hannah wrapped her legs around Rick tightly as she came again. Rick was almost there but could barely move with Hannah’s strong legs entwined around him. With one last final assault, Rick managed to thrust five more time before collapsing on top of her. “Uuuuug, oooooooh”

Hannah lay there motionless listening to Rick’s heartbeat. Her legs were so weak and shaking from what she had just endured. She felt her brothers’ cock still throbbing deep inside her. She squeezed her muscles not wanting him to slip out. As they both caught their breath, the looked into each others eyes. Both were without words, they just held each other as Rick kissed Hannah passionately.

Both Hannah and Rick were startled as the downstairs door slammed shut.

“Hannah, Rick, you home?”

Hannah giggled. “Mom’s home.”

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