Double Trouble in Annapolis


Double Trouble in Annapolis

Autumn in the Chesapeake Bay area verges on magical. September is warm enough during the day to comfortably wear jeans and a t-shirt but the evenings require a light jacket and red wine comes back into favor replacing the summer whites. The salt air of the Chesapeake gives up its southern lazy humid heat for a lighter, cooler, crisper feel and the air fills with huge flocks of ducks and geese beginning to move south to warmer weather.

Sitting on the deck of the Scottlaur Inn, Bed & Breakfast, looking out over the salt marsh and beyond to the open water and the sailboats against the horizon as the sun sets is one of the most relaxing things Tabatha has ever experienced. There is hardly anyone at the Inn and the owners, Tom and Sarah are such a nice couple. Tom retired from the Navy nearly twenty years ago and Sarah, a bit younger than Tom has successfully raised their children, gotten them through college, one of them through the Naval Academy in nearby Annapolis, and now both are off living their own lives.

That is not to say they as a couple are laid back retired folk. In fact, the pristine Inn is exceptionally well maintained and beautiful due to the constant and hard work of the couple. They’re also a lot of fun and like to get to know and share a glass of wine or two, or three, with their guests.

Over the past three days, Tabatha has gotten to know the Scottlaurs quite well as one of only two guests currently at the Inn. Of course, they have gotten to know her as well and how as a consultant that travels extensively, she prefers to stay at the smaller, more quaint B&B’s instead of the larger hotels in the downtown areas with their traffic noise and never ending line of married businessmen masquerading as lonely bachelors trying to pick her up.

They can’t help it. She is very attractive. At five feet eight inches tall, she stands out with long legs, narrow hips and large breasts. Big brown eyes that sparkle like gems, flawless skin and short brown hair give her the appearance of being much younger than her true age. A personality that lights up a room is the topping on the cake.

Although she is scheduled to leave on Friday, the Scottlaurs have been trying to get her to stay through the weekend and even offered a free night’s stay.

Tom’s nephew, also a Naval Academy graduate, is coming to Annapolis to get married in the academy’s chapel. He is a Navy pilot and has finally decided to settle down after sowing his wild oats all over the globe for the last ten years and wanted a full military wedding. Several of the wedding guests will be staying at the Inn but there is still plenty of room and they want Tabatha to meet some of their friends and relatives that are coming in for the wedding. Since she is going to have to come back next week anyway and with nothing better to do at home, she agrees.

Saturday morning is very quiet. The other guest checked out on Friday and there is no one at the Inn. The Scottlaur’s left a message that breakfast would be at her leisure and by the time she woke, showered and was ready for the day, it was a few minutes after 9:00. Sarah and Tabatha had coffee and eggs together while Tom was busy making runs back and forth to the airport, picking up various relatives and guests.

Back at the Inn it is so quiet and peaceful. The only sounds are ducks quacking somewhere in the distance. The water is as smooth as glass and Tabatha and Sarah talk, read the paper and relax.

It’s not long before Sarah has to get to work in preparation for the other guests. She says they have three additional rooms booked, all wedding guests, and she wants to cut some fresh fall flowers from the garden and make sure the rooms are freshened up before the guests arrive. The sun is starting to warm the day and burn off the misty haze that still lingers over the water. This is going to be a peaceful day. Or so she thinks.

Around 11:00, Tom pulls the big white Suburban into the driveway. A couple and two other men get out of the car. Tabatha can just see the driveway from the side window in her room. The couple looks young, maybe mid to late 20’s, and the two guys look to be in their early to mid-30’s. They kind of look alike but both are wearing hats and sunglasses and she really can’t tell what they look like. Not that it matters.

She often questions why she had chosen this lifestyle where she travels all the time and really has no time for a relationship. It’s not that she couldn’t have a relationship; she’s had several, but time and distance were often too great and nothing serious had developed. It had been quite a while though since she had been with a man and seeing the single guys kind of gives her insides a bit of a stir. Then the thought that they might be together and the fact that they might be gay crosses her mind – she hopes they’re not. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Tabatha goes downstairs and sees Tom. He is getting ready to head back into town and Tabatha asks if he will give her a ride. gorukle escort bayan She will get a taxi later when she is ready to come back to the Inn. They pile into the Suburban and drive the 6 miles into town. The driveway to the Inn is gravel and the tires make a crunching noise until they hit the solid pavement of the road into town.

It’s another beautiful day and Tabatha plans to do some shopping in the little shops along Barrett street and pick up some wine at the new little wine shop she saw on Thursday. Maybe she will pick up a new book to read.

After lunch and a stroll through the wine shop, Tabatha finds a taxi and heads back to the Inn. By the time she gets back it is almost 3:00 and the place is empty. It seems funny to her that the place is literally empty and the Scottlaur’s left the door unlocked and a put a note on her door saying they were all at the wedding.

Their plan is to go to the wedding at 3:00 and then to the reception and would most likely be home by 6:00 or 7:00pm. That leaves Tabatha time for a nap, a nice leisurely shower, a glass of the Cakebread Chardonnay she had picked up at the wine shop and an extremely quiet, early evening by herself.

At about 6:30 Tabatha hears the Suburban pull into the driveway. It sounds like a lot of voices and she gets up to see what’s going on. The Suburban had been followed by three or four other cars and it seems like 20 to 25 people have suddenly arrived. They are all dressed in wedding attire and all seem to have had a few drinks. Sarah spies Tabatha watching the parade of guests through her upstairs window and goes to Tabatha’s room to explain. She tells Tabatha that the wedding was beautiful but the reception had been held next to the chapel and the rule was two drinks per person so as soon as the bride and groom were gone, everybody headed back to the Inn.

Sarah is apologetic and concerned that Tabatha will be put out by all the people and noise and partying but that isn’t the case at all. Tabatha tells Sarah she wants to change into something a little more in line with the other attendees and will be right down to join the party.

Tabatha goes back to her room and sifts through the clothes that she has in her closet. She finds a red dress that isn’t exactly formal wedding material, in fact it’s a little more night-club material but this is a party and who doesn’t like a red dress at a party? She fixes her makeup and hair and heads down to see just exactly what is going on.

It isn’t really all that many people. There are probably only 20 or so scattered around the Inn’s great room and onto the back deck. Bottles of wine are everywhere and people are talking in small groups. Some are huddled around the sound system where she catches a glimpse of Tom kneeling, shuffling through his iPod to put some music on. A second later the music comes on and Tom turns it up just enough so that people can dance if they want but not so loud that you couldn’t carry on a conversation.

The crowd is pretty diverse. There are several couples with the men in dress white navy uniforms. She laughs to herself at how their wives all seemed to have a similar look. They have the same basic hair length, same conservative dresses and the same catty demeanor. She imagines they would all soon be huddled together talking about the other women at the wedding and how the bride’s dress was beautiful except for that hideous vale, and such. For that matter, after they get a look at Tabatha, they will probably wonder who the party crasher is and why she is wearing a red dress at a wedding.

Tabatha turns to go in search of wine and nearly bumps into Sarah. Sarah seems startled but gets a big smile on her face, steps back and tells Tabatha she looks awesome. She notices right away that Tabatha doesn’t have a drink and in Sarah’s world that is just not appropriate. She starts to turn to get Tabatha a glass but wheels back around and says, “I’m going to get you a glass of wine but there is someone that I want you to meet”, and without any further explanation, she grabs Tabatha’s hand and pulls her through the French doors leading to the back deck.

She drags Tabatha in front of a man wearing a Navy dress white uniform, with short cropped dark hair and a gleaming white smile. Sarah says to Tabatha, “This is Derek.” Then she turns to Derek and says “This is Tabatha, keep her company until I can get her a glass of wine. I’ll be right back”.

Derek stretches out his hand to shake but instead gently holds Tabatha’s hand and lifts it to his lips, kisses it lightly and then flashes another devastating smile. Tabatha is a little taken aback and blushes. Derek says, “I’m sorry, I hope I didn’t offend you. I always wanted to do that and you are just stunning; I hope you don’t mind.”

Thinking quickly, Tabatha uses her best southern belle accent and says “Why sir, had I not just been introduced by my good friend Sarah, I would have thought you to be a cad”, and then she cracks up laughing. Tabatha’s southern belle accent nilüfer escort bayan sounds more like southern Long Island than Georgia peach but the come-back was perfect. They both laugh and Derek and Tabatha start chatting and properly introduce themselves.

Derek had been in the wedding and was one of the men she had seen come to the Inn earlier. The other man was his brother. They had both gone to flight school with the groom and were all three, still on active duty although driving a desk more so than flying these days.

The shoulder-boards on his uniform indicated that he was a Lieutenant Commander and the wings on his chest above a flock of medals indicated that he was a pilot and had some experience although she can’t tell what exactly the medals are for. They just look impressive.

They make polite conversation until Sarah returns with a big glass of wine for Tabatha and one for herself. Derek is nursing a bottle of beer. It’s obvious that this was not Sarah’s first glass of wine and she starts talking to Derek about how wonderful Tabatha is and how beautiful Tabatha is and how smart Tabatha is and how sexy Tabatha is and at that point, Derek says “Stop selling! She had me at hello!”

They all laugh at that. It doesn’t keep Sarah from matchmaking though and she quickly turns to Tabatha and starts telling her how wonderful Derek is and Tabatha just holds up her hand and says, “I can see for myself, he’s a hunk now let us talk and get to know each other.” They all laughed again and Sarah takes a step back, curtseys and is off to presumably make another match elsewhere.

For the next hour they chat, getting to know each other. Derek has been married once and had gone on a six month deployment and when he returned, she was gone. Fortunately they had put off having children. Since then, he has thrown himself into his career and had several relationships but nothing special and nothing at the moment. Pretty much like Tabatha.

They are having a great time and there is a lot of flirting between the two of them. Actually there is quite a bit of drinking as well. They even do several shots at Sarah’s insistence. After 4 or 5 glasses of wine and several shots of who knows what, Tabatha is feeling very happy.

At one point, Tabatha excuses herself to go back to her room and use the restroom. When she comes back, she sees Derek standing at the bottom of the stairs and comes up behind him, covers his eyes with her hands and says “Guess who!”.

The man that answered says, “I have no earthly idea but I would certainly like to get to know whoever this is.”

Tabatha is a little puzzled. Her voice is fairly distinct and she had been talking to Derek for a few hours. Then Derek walks up with a fresh glass of wine for Tabatha in his hand and says, “Ah, I see you’ve met my brother, Wingnut”.

The man turns to face Tabatha and says, “Thanks bro, but my real name is Drake”.

Tabatha is stunned. Drake is a carbon copy of Derek. They are twins; identical twins. Tabatha doesn’t know what to say. Derek speaks up and says, “I know, I should have told you Wingnut and I are twins but most people can easily tell us apart because I’m obviously better looking.”

That certainly broke the ice. After that, it is Tabatha and the twins laughing, flirting and having a great time. As the night wears on, Tabatha finds herself getting pretty tipsy and she slows down her drinking enough to just maintain that perfect level of euphoria.

Drake had volunteered to drive some people to another hotel earlier in the day, explaining his earlier absence but is doing his best to catch up as quickly as possible.

Throughout the evening, both men at different times touch her arm or put their hand on her leg as they laugh and talked. Now, as the guests start to disperse and the group is dwindling to only a couple or two that are not spending the night at the Inn, the touching is becoming more frequent and Tabatha is getting a little confused and a little concerned. She isn’t concerned about the touching, she is concerned that at some point, she might have to choose one over the other and honestly, they looked so much alike that she is having trouble keeping track of who is who. The only difference seemed to be the medals on their chests.

Tabatha corners Sarah and tells her about her potential dilemma. Sarah is feeling no pain and has no inhibitions at all in telling Tabatha that if it were up to her, she would “do” them both.

Tabatha isn’t quite sure she is going to “do” either of them but it certainly sounded interesting. So, she decides to take their conversation to a new level. The topic of sex has come up more than once throughout the evening and when she brings up the topic again, the two men are all ears.

“So,” Tabatha begins, “Have you two ever traded places with your girlfriends without telling them?”

The men laughed and tell her a story of how that very scenario got them into big trouble in High School and they bursa otele gelen escort bayan hadn’t tried it since. Drake volunteers that far more frequently, woman want to sleep with both of them at the same time. He says they like fulfilling a double fantasy of two men at the same time and some sort of twin fantasy.

“So you’ve done that?” asks Tabatha.

The men look at each other and then Derek says, “Maybe once or twice. Does that bother you?”

“Heck no, I was thinking that myself!” Tabatha blurts out a little too quickly. That gets them all laughing again.

Sarah sticks her head into the conversation and interjects, “I’d like some of that myself if I wasn’t married to that old fart over there” and she points at poor Tom who has passed out in one of the big recliners.

Sarah then enlists the help of both Derek and Drake to get Tom back to their room which fortunately is on the first floor but unfortunately is at the other end of the inn.

While they were gone, Tabatha takes the opportunity to freshen up and fix her hair and makeup. As she looks in the mirror she contemplates the rest of her evening. She knows that at some point, she is going to make a choice; Derek or Drake, or both. They are both awesome looking; duh, they’re identical, have great personalities and are openly competing for her affections. What would Sarah say if she actually did sleep with both of them? She thinks Sarah would probably give her a high five and a free week’s stay if she told her the details!

Tabatha hears Derek and Drake return to the great room and goes out to meet them. Derek tells her that he was afraid she had left the party. Some party, it was just the three of them now.

Sarah stayed with Tom but Drake and Derek told Tabatha that Sarah had given them each a very, very nice hug and had told both to be extra nice to Tabatha and gave them a naughty wink. Very quickly, the party had gotten to the part of the evening where it was going to get uncomfortable.

As she stands there awkwardly, a cool breeze blows through the open French doors leading to the deck causing Tabatha to shiver. She looks at both men standing in front of her and realizes that both are staring at her chest. This isn’t the first time she caught them looking at her ample cleavage in the low cut dress. This time, evidently the thin lace of her bra wasn’t enough to keep her nipples from reacting to the cool air and they are standing prominently at attention through the silky red material of her low cut dress.

She holds out her hands in front of her, palms up, under each man’s chin and lifts her fingers, motioning that ‘she is up here’.

They both look embarrassed but all three laugh and then quickly quiet their laugh so as not to wake any of the other guests. Drake suggests that they should go somewhere else so they don’t wake anybody. He looks at his watch. It is almost 2:00am.

Drake suggests they go to his room but Derek suggests they go to Tabatha’s instead. Their rooms are upstairs like Tabatha’s but Tabatha’s room is at the other end of the inn and furthest away from most of the other guests. Tabatha agrees and they grab an unopened bottle of wine and three glasses before tiptoeing up the stairs toward her room.

Once there it starts to get a little awkward. There are two chairs and the bed to sit on. Derek and Drake don’t seem bothered at all by the lack of seating and Derek grabs the bottle of wine and opens it while Drake stands by giving unwanted advice.

Meanwhile, Tabatha avoids sitting and tells the two Navy men to get comfortable and unhook the tight collar of their dress white uniforms. She also thinks it is funny that both men had picked up their hats and brought them with them. She plops one of the hats on her head and goes to help Derek who seems to be struggling with the small hooks that fastened the high collar.

Derek reaches his arms around her and pulls her close while she opens his collar. She can feel her breasts pulled tight against him and is self- conscious that he might feel her hard nipples poking at his muscular chest. This time it’s not the cold air that’s making them hard.

Tabatha feels Derek’s hands slip lower onto her ass just before Drake pulls her away and into his chest. “Now it’s my turn”, he says and he too wraps his arms around her pulling her close. He doesn’t waste any time and firmly plants his hands on the firm cheeks of her ass. Her arms are trapped between them with her elbows tucked under his arms, her forearms against his chest and her hands at his neck.

She no sooner unlatches the collar than he pulls her closer and kisses her firmly on the lips. She feels herself go limp in his arms and her soft lips part, allowing his tongue to explore the depths of her willing mouth.

He slowly lets up after a long, hot kiss when she feels herself torn away once again by Derek who kisses her long and hard as well. My god, they even kiss alike. For the next several minutes she is passed back and forth between the two men as they kiss her passionately. She barely notices at first that both their hands were exploring her body; running over her hips, along her arms, her back and even the sides of her breasts. She is completely in their control and she has no thoughts of stopping them. She doesn’t have the willpower or the desire.

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