Drunk Sisters Give The Best Bjs Pt. 03


Sisters give the best bj part 3

Wes was sitting at his kitchen table studying for his huge history test. Hearing a soft ding, alerted him to a new text. Seeing it was from Sara brought a smile to his face and a twitch of excitement to his cock.

“Shower and come over ASAP, I want to experiment if you are cool with it.” He read the text twice to make sure he had read it correctly. He laid his phone down and headed to his room, he was down with any kind of experiment Sara wanted to do.

He jumped in the shower and was walking through The Mitchell’s front door 40 minutes later. Sara and Colton were sitting on the couch together laughing and he got the feeling of being left out of a good joke. “Hey what are you two up too now? You look like you are up to something.” Wes asked as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Colton gave Wes a worried look, and Sara slapped him, “Stop, it won’t be that bad. Wes, sit down I would like to talk to you.” Sara said calmly patting the seat next to her.

Wes shot his eyes straight at Colton feeling nervous, Colton just shrugged as if to say, just humor her buddy. He took the seat next to Sara. She smiled at his obedience and started the conversation, “Look I had a lot of fun with you last night. I also had a lot of fun with Colton this morning.” Sara paused, giving Wes enough time to grasp what she had just said. Wes looked at Colton surprised, but seeing Colton’s smile, he knew they had fucked that morning. Lucky bastard, Wes thought.

Regarding Wes’s reaction to the news, she felt it was safe to continue. “I have made a deal with Colton, and I’m going to make the same deal with you if you are interested.” Sara paused. She was very excited at the prospect of sleeping with both men but wasn’t sure if Wes would be interested in having Colton the third participant. They were best friends, but some friends just never crossed those types of lines.

Seeing Sara was a little nervous, Wes asked, “What did you have in mind?”

Sara was chewing on the inside of her cheek, she pondered why she so nervous talking to Wes about her fantasy? She had no problem asking Colton. What was it that made her so nervous about Wes? It wasn’t the fear of rejection; she knew he would still sleep with her, even if he refused to have a threesome.

Watching Sara was struggling, Colton stepped in. “Sara has always wanted to try a threesome with guys. I have always wanted to watch 2 girls have sex. So we agreed that she and a girlfriend of hers from college would let me watch them if I would have sex with her and another guy.” Colton paused for a second to give Wes time to process. He glanced at Sara and saw the relieved look in her eyes and smiled as she mouthed, ‘Thank you’. He looked back at Wes, took a breath, and continued, “I told her that I would be more comfortable with you being that other guy for two reasons. One I know you and I trust you more than any other human being. Two, I believe Sara trusts you just as much and since she is already familiar with you, it would make it less awkward on her.” Colton studied his friend very closely and as he suspected, he saw that Wes had feelings for Sara. He knew the ‘she trusts you’ would get him, so he leaned back on the couch and finished up his pitch line with, “The ball is in your court buddy; want to make Sara’s fantasy come true?” The room grew quiet and both eyes focused on Wes as they waited for his answer.

Wes was stunned. He looked from Colton’s cocky smirk to Sara’s worried frown. Of all the things she wanted to experiment with this was the last thing he imagined. Looking at Sara’s worried face; he realized he would do almost anything to make her smile. He took a deep breath and asked, “I have two questions first do I have to make out with Colton?”

The tension disappeared from the room as Colton joked, “Only if you want to get punched in the face.” They all laughed. “What’s your other question?” Colton asked.

Wes smiled, “Do I get to watch the girls fuck too?”

Sara released the breath she had been holding. “Yes, if you want. I’ll call Emily tonight and see when we can go up to her parent’s cabin for a weekend and I’ll bursa otele gelen escort let you guys know.” Reassured everything would work out she grabbed Colton’s and Wes’s hand and led them to her bedroom.

“Sit on the bed please,” Sara asked the guys. “I’ve never done this before so I’m not sure where to start.”

Sara was wringing her hands and her breathing had become shallow. Colton observed the tale-tell signs of panic setting in. She didn’t want to look like an idiot in front of Wes. ‘What would she do without me’ Colton thought, then suggested, “Why don’t you start with a striptease for us? I know it will put me in the mood.”

Sara smiled; ‘thank you, Colton,’ she thought. Stripping was very much in her element when she turned eighteen; she had accepted a job as a stripper. For the last two years, Sara had danced four nights a week, at Big John’s Dance Hall in the neighboring town where she attended school. Thinking of her time on stage and the skills she had acquired, her confidence came rushing back and she knew she could do this. After one song she would have both boys drooling at her feet. Plugging in her iPod, she selected, Pour some sugar on me by death leopard. She turned her lights low enough to add a sexy atmosphere, but still, bright enough to be clearly seen.

She let the music, that filled her room, take over and she instantly lost herself. The way Sara moved with the music, it was as if it were the only way her body truly knew how to speak. When performing on stage her sensuality burst through entrapping the attention of those watching, and she could transform that moment in time, into the most vibrant picture of sexuality. Her hips swayed to the rhythm, and her hands pulled her clothing off to the beat of the music. To dance was freedom; it was taking a new breath for her body and nourishment for her soul. When she was completely naked she danced for them for a few bars before pulling them up and started to undress them in perfect timing with the song.

Watching his sister dance, Colton observed how her eyes shone with a new celestial light, that he had never noticed before. Slowly he witnessed the mask she always wore slipping away to reveal a new version of Sara underneath. Surprise filled him as he recognized the emotions that had started to consume him were possessiveness and desire. He had always been curious about what it would be like to be with her, but now, he wanted her, wanted all of her.

Sara was dancing from one guy to the other removing articles of clothing and she almost had Colton completely naked when he grabbed her and pulled her into him saying, “You are really good at this Sara.” His voice was low and huskier than Sara had ever heard it. Just the sound of it sent a shiver down her spine, causing her to release more juices. Colton watched as surprise filled her eyes before he took her lips in an ardent kiss that lasted for several moments. Her mouth yielded to his advances opening enough for him to slip his tongue inside and tease her. Her kiss was sweet, fierce, and held promises of hot passion. It sent waves of adrenaline through his system, making him crave her more. When he pulled back from her lips, he whispered in her ear loud enough for only her to hear, “So good in fact, that I think you have been keeping secrets from me.” Before she could process that he was on to her secret job, he spun her oven to Wes, where here lips were again captured in a deep and passionate kiss.

She loved the way he tasted of mint and she deepened the kiss. The warmth from his lips spread through her body and she was absorbed by the promise of realness, of the primal desire it held. Still kissing Wes she felt Colton come up behind her, sandwiching her between the two boys. He started placing soft kisses on her shoulders and grabbed her hips and pulled them back to meet his cock which was now hard and pressing into her ass cheeks. A moan escaped her mouth as Colton reached around and cupped a breast in his hand, rolling a nipple between his thumb and two fingers. She sighed and leaned back against Colton’s firm chest and used her ass to gently rub up against his cock.

Wes was now kissing her neck and teasing bursa eve gelen eskort her other breast, his lips, firm and warm, sent shock waves along her skin. They were making her dizzy with desire and sexual want. She turned sideways placing one shoulder on each man’s chest, and she reached down, grabbing both dicks in her hands, she started jerking them off. Moans escaped both of them as she lowered herself to the ground and began to play with both of her guys. Sucking on one cock and she jerked off the other, then she would swap. The guy’s moans filled her bedroom encouraging her to suck harder and faster. A few times, one or both of them would be pulling on her hair or shoving their cock deeper into her throat. She was ready to have both of these cocks in her.

As if reading her mind, Colton picked her up and carried her to the bed; he laid down to her right and Wes on her left. Colton rolled her over on her side to face Wes, and slide into her from behind while Wes’s cock claimed her mouth. She moaned as Colton slammed into her from behind. “Play with Wes’s balls as you suck him down your throat,” Colton commanded her. Being ordered around in her room, playing out her fantasy gave birth to a desire to be dominated that she never knew she had and it thrilled her.

She reached up and rolled Wes’s balls in her hand, Wes grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Sara’s head back enough to let him go deeper into her mouth. Wes loved the way his cock disappeared in Sara’s mouth. Add that vision to the power of Sara’s suction; it was almost hot enough to cum right then. “Colton, play with Sara’s clit.” Wes breathed out in heights of passion.

“Gladly” Colton answered smiling. He kissed her shoulder as he moved a hand from her thigh to her clit and began to rub in a circular motion.

The vibrations from Sara’s moans were driving the guys crazy and Wes came in her mouth. Pulse after pulse sprayed into the back of Sara’s throat leaving her to swallow the salty liquid and like the remaining droplets from her lips. Wes pulled out of her mouth and instantly assaulted her nipples. He rolled his tongue over the nub, causing Sara to through her head back on Colton’s shoulder and release a whimper. Wes smiled at the reaction he had on Sara’s body and desperately wanted to continue pleasing her. He sucked her tit into his mouth, holding it in place with his teeth as the flicked his tongue back and forth. He felt her run her hands through his hair pulling him closer each time he teasingly flicked his tongue over her swollen bud.

Colton felt the build of his orgasm and pulled his hands away from Sara’s clit, took her face in his hands, and trapped her lips in a kiss. Getting closer he gripped her hips and began to pound into her a harder few more times before he erupted deep into her pussy. His body jolted several times before he was able to relax, “You’re next Sara.” Colton whispered, as he laid her on her back and knelt between her legs.

Colton spread her legs and began to kiss the inside of her thighs. In anticipation of Colton’s tongue licking her pussy, Sara arched her back, which gave Wes better access to her tits. She was being swept away from her sexual high and was begging the guys for her own release. They paid her no attention and just continued playing with her, making her body experience things she had never anticipated.

Colton’s tongue attacked her clit with vigor and his fingers played with her juices, moving them from her pussy to her anus. He needed to make sure that her ass was ready for him when the time came, he wanted to do this right, and hurt her as little as possible. So he teased her clit and fingered her ass.

Sara’s sensations were all over the place, Wes had his mouth and hands all over her tits and Colton was licking her clit while rotating fingering her pussy and her ass. OH, she was on the verge of cumming, and cumming very hard. She grabbed Wes’s face and brought it up to her lips and kissed him hard as her orgasm ripped through her body. Wes and Colton both had to hold her down as she convulsed violently on the bed. After a moment her body began to calm down, Wes and Colton looked at each other and smiled, it was bayan escort bursa time.

She was in the process of catching her breath when Wes lay down next to her. Wes pulled Sara on top of him and entered her pussy in one quick movement. “Ahh” Sara moaned at the pleasure that swarmed her body as Wes entered her. She felt Colton put his hands on her back and gently push Sara’s body down to lay on top of Wes. “Relax Sara,” Colton instructed as he placed himself at the entrance to her ass. Wes took her lips in a very loving and passionate kiss to help her relax as Colton slowly entered her. Both men waited for Sara’s body to grow accustomed to stretching by both being in her at once.

“It was too much,” she thought. She believed she could have handle two guys at once, but she was wrong. It was painful, she felt so full and so stretched she thought she might rip in two. Colton could tell by how tight she was that this was her first time. He started gently kissing her shoulder his lips leaving behind warm tingles. “Sara, you need to breathe and relax; you will be ok in just a moment,” Colton whispered in her ear soothingly.

She closed her eyes and tried to relax. After a moment, Wes began kissing her again and Colton massaged her back; once her hips began to move, Colton started to slowly exist her and then push back in. After a few stroked the pain started to subside and pleasure started to build. She released a soft moan that encouraged Wes to start moving too.

They kept their pace slow at first and the more they felt her body open up, the faster they began to move. They guys built a steady rhythm, one pushed in as one pulled out, and these new sensations beginning to drive Sara crazy. She leaned back and kissed Colton as he massaged her tits. He even smacked her ass a few times. She would then lean forward and kiss Wes. She loved the way both of the guys kissed even though they were two different styles. Colton’s kisses were rough, punishing, and possessive. They made her feel sexy, desired, and excited. Wes’s kisses were always sweeter, more tender, and romantic. they soothed her, filled her love, and made her feel cherished. Everything a girl could ever want could be found on their lips.

Sara could tell by Colton’s breathing that he was getting close to cumming again. She leaned back and loud enough for only him to hear she whispered, “Little brother, I want you to come in my ass.” Colton smiled, wrapped his hand around her throat, and captured her mouth in a punishing kiss. He had hated it when she called him little brother. Although for some reason when she said teased him with that nickname during sex, it set him off and he just wanted to dominate her in every way possible. Right now, that meant claiming her ass Colton thought as his moans were swallowed by Sara’s mouth. He plunged into her tight ass three more times before he shot his seed into her ass. ‘Holy hell that orgasm was amazing,’ he thought as he pulled out and collapsed on the bed.

“All mine now” Wes smiled, as he flipped Sara over onto her back and started hammering into her as hard as he could. All she could do was wrap her legs around his waist and hold on for dear life. Wes’s mouth was everywhere, her ears, her neck, her shoulders, her tits, her mouth; nothing seemed off-limits. This was a new side to Wes that Sara hadn’t known he was capable of, and she liked it.

Sara felt the tingling in her lower stomach signaling that an orgasm was on the horizon. Making and holding eye contact with Wes, she moaned, “I’m going to cum baby.”

Wes growled and snatched another deep kiss from Sara as they rode out their orgasm together. When the last pulse of pleasure was sent through his body, Wes pulled out of Sara and lay down beside her to catch his breath.

All three lay there holding hands and reminiscing over their shared experience. A few minutes passed before Sara broke the silence. “Thank you guys, that was amazing. If you both think you wouldn’t mind doing that again, I’m so game.”

“You know what? That was more exciting than I expected it to be. If Colton is ok with it, I will happily play with you guys again.” Wes admitted in a sleepy voice.

“Shit, you know I’m always down for a good fucking. Just hit me up.” Colton laughed.

“Great guys, thanks. Now I just need to mark a threesome with a girl off my bucket list” Sara sighed.

“Dibbs.” Both guys yelled at the same time causing laughter to fill the room

“I think I can make that happen for you guys.” Sara smiled as she curled up between her two favorite men and passed out.

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