Mike’s wish


Author’s note.

Thought I might like to explore a darker side of someone with powers like Caleb’s

Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t. This has not been edited by anyone but me – so apologies for any errors you find.

My thanks to River for their input in keeping my perspective/


The harsh buzzing of my alarm jerked me from my slumber.

I had fallen asleep reading erotic stories on my tablet. Porn was becoming boring to me. It all followed the same pattern, she sucks him, he fucks her, turns her over, maybe does her ass, and then jizzes on her tits.

That and that stupid fucking breathing that they did. Why the fuck anyone thought that someone panting and hissing through their teeth every breath, like an asthmatic steam engine, was sexy, beat the fuck out of me.

Nowadays I had started reading stories, they tended to do it for me. But even then, there were two problems. If it were a stroke story it was usually too short. I couldn’t really get off before the story was over, and if it were a longer story then I often got involved with the plot, and started skimming over the sex, as it just got in the way.

Then there were those stories that were just so badly written I couldn’t understand a fucking word of them.

I’d found a new story the night before, about a guy who had suddenly found himself to have mind control powers. It started a bit weird, but I was intrigued enough to continue to read, and by chapter five, I was hooked.

For now, though, I needed to get my ass up, and get to work. I’d been late once this week already, and my boss, while not too much of an asshole, could only be pushed so far.

I grabbed a quick shower and put my uniform on, such as it was. A set of dark trousers and a top with the company logo on it made up the ensemble. I prepared to set off. I walked to work, since I didn’t have a car. The store I worked at was only about half a mile from my house in any case.

Looking out of the window, and seeing that it was, as always, raining, I put on my heavy coat, and stepped out, closing and locking my flat door behind me. I walked down the flight of concrete steps connecting my, and my neighbours’ front doors to the street, and set off.

Traffic was noisy, as always. I lived on a main road, and cars and trucks thundered past me, less than two or three feet from where I walked on the pavement. There was no fence, or guardrail. The speed limit was supposed to be thirty miles per hour along this stretch of road, but since it was a short stretch between two longer stretches of higher speed roads, nobody obeyed it.

I stopped at the pelican crossing, noticing a little old lady, who judging by the white stick in her hand, was blind. She was waiting at the crossing too. She’d pushed the button, and I could see the lights changing.

The lights changed, and the crossing began to beep, indicating that it was the pedestrians turn to cross. The old lady started to walk out into the street. I, however could see the car approaching at

speed, and it looked to me like it was going far too fast to stop before the crossing. In slow motion I saw the wheels of the car all lock up as the driver panicked and slammed on her brakes, heard the whine of the car sliding on the wet tarmac, and saw, in my mind what would happen to the old lady who was directly in the path of the oncoming vehicle, and had stopped, seemingly aware of danger, but unsure as to where it was coming from.

I reacted.

With a shout, I dived for the old lady, grabbing her and lifting her as I ran directly into and almost out of the cars path. I managed to get her clear, but the door mirror of the car clipped me as the car passed spinning me around. Since my balance had been tenuous in the first place, I had no way of avoiding falling but even then, I tried not to fall on the old lady, landing on my back, with her falling on top of me. The car finally came to rest about five yards past the crossing. The driver took a look in the mirror, saw me and the old lady on the ground, and took off.

Several people came over and helped me and the old lady back to our feet. Apart from a really sore arse where the mirror had hit, I seemed to have gotten away without injury. I was however soaked and filthy having fallen onto a wet and dirty road.

“Are you alright?” the old lady asked, putting her hand out to me.

“I’m fine,” I said pulling myself together.

“Thank you,” she said. “I didn’t see him coming. I can only see shadows. By the time I saw him I thought it was too late. Are you hurt?”

“I’ll live,” I said. “I didn’t hurt you?”

“No,” the old lady said. “You saved me. I wish I had some way to repay you.”

Strangely when she said that, I thought he saw a hazy glow around her head. By the time I recognized it, it was gone.

“I must have banged my head,” I thought.

“Mike?” the voice came from behind me. It was my manager from the store. “Are you alright?”

“Sorry,” I said. “I think I need to go home and get changed. I’m going to be late.”

“Late nothing,” said my boss. “I saw what happened. Take the day. Go to A&E and get checked out.”

I was surprised at that. “Go on,” said the boss. “I’d drive you, but I really need to go open up. I’ll call an ambulance if you want?”

“No,” I said. “I’ll go home and get cleaned up. If I think I need it, I’ll go to casualty later.”

“Okay then,” said my boss. “Let me know how you get on. If you need more time off just call in.”

I looked around for the old lady, but she had obviously decided to carry on to wherever she was going, I didn’t blame her, the rain was still coming down and it wasn’t warm.

I limped back to my flat, my arse throbbing from where the mirror had hit it.

Once inside I stripped off my wet clothes, dropping them on the floor. I would have to wash them all. Even my underpants were soaked. I turned my back to the mirror, trying to see the cheek of my

arse, and if there was any damage. There was a large red mark, but nothing more to see. I thought I might get a bruise though.

I chuckled to myself, imagining telling the story in the pub, and people asking to see my ‘war wound.’

I shivered, remembering I was naked, and it was cold. The heating in the flat was off, since I was due to be at work. I walked into the living room and switched it on, and then went back into the bathroom and got in the shower.

After I was warmed up and dry, I went into the kitchen and made a coffee, then took it into the living room and parked myself on the couch. I’d brought my tablet through from the bedroom and figured that, after a couple of painkillers, the best medicine would be rest. I could read some more of the story Id been reading the night before. I’d forgotten where I was upto though, and so started again. I skipped the first part of the first chapter. It wasn’t that I was anti-gay, and to be honest when I read it the first time the imagery did make me stiff, but I remembered that bit well enough and wanted to get to a new part of the story.

I skimmed through the threesome with the room-mate and his girlfriend, and the discovery of powers. It was only after Caleb saved the young guy, who turned out to be a girl, on the roof that he figured out all of his powers.

“So,” I said to myself. “He has Compulsion, TK, Empathy and Telepathy.” I laughed to myself. “I wish,” I said.

I glanced up at the sudden brightness in the room. The day was grey and it had seemed almost for a second that the sun had come out. I looked out of the window. Nope, still grey and miserable. I shrugged and went back to the story.

An hour later, I’d reached the end of the chapters that were available on the free site.

“Damn,” I said. “I checked the writer’s profile to see if there were other chapters posted anywhere else. I saw three other free sites and a Patreon.

“Greedy fucker,” I said, before logging into one of the other free sites delighted to see that there were another two chapters available. I read those.

I checked out the other free sites as well, but found that they too only had the two extra chapters I had just read. I wanted more.

“Let’s go see how much the greedy fucker wants,” I said to myself, and clicked on the link to the patreon site.

“So,” I thought, “for a quid a month I get an extra one chapter for three quid two chapters and for a fiver three.”

“I’ll just go the quid. It’s not much.”

I clicked on the join tab and began filling in the membership form. When it came to bank card details, I looked across at the table by the door, where I had dropped my wallet when I had stripped off my wet clothes. I was comfortable and my arse didn’t hurt. I knew that as soon as I moved, that would change.

“Shame I don’t have Caleb’s power,” I said out loud. “Otherwise, I could…”

I reached out with my hand and imagined my wallet flying across the room and into my outstretched palm.

The slap of the leather hitting my hand, caused me to squeak in shock.

I sat, motionless, my hand still in the air, holding my wallet. That couldn’t have just happened. I must be dreaming. That was it, I’d fallen asleep reading the story and was dreaming.

I went to get up, and jolt of pain ran through my arse cheek. Since I didn’t wake up, I figured that that theory was wrong.

Distracted by my pain for a moment, I once again tried to look at my arse. I could see the edge of a blue-black bruise starting to form and wondered if I had actually done any damage. “Perhaps,” I thought, “I should go and get checked out.”

For an instant, I considered ringing an ambulance, but knew I’d be waiting for hours. I didn’t need a full A&E – probably a minor injuries clinic would be enough.

Sighing at the cost, I called a taxi to take me to the local minor injuries unit.

I pulled on some joggers, and a T-Shirt, picked up my keys and wallet and putting on a jacket that wasn’t really any good in the rain, since my coat was still soaked, hobbled down to meet it.

The taxi pulled up just as I got to the pavement. “Mike?” the driver said, and I nodded getting gingerly into the back seat.

“Where we going?” asked the driver.

“Minor injuries,” I answered

The driver set off.

“Put you fucking seatbelt on dickhead,” The driver said.

“Pardon?” I responded shocked.

“Sorry?” said the driver.

“You said something?” I asked.

“No – didn’t say a thing.” said the driver.

I watched the drivers face in the rear-view.

“What the fuck are you staring at?” asked the driver. But his lips didn’t move.

“This can’t be happening,” I thought. “First my wallet, Now I’m hearing things.”

I remembered the story “TK and Telepathy,” I thought. “I can’t have.”

I sat and listened to a litany of complaints and observations as the driver drove to the minor injuries unit. All the time, surreptitiously watching the driver’s mouth, which never moved.

“That’s twelve quid,” said the Driver. I decided to try my luck and imagined that the driver was actually going to pay ME for the journey.

“Oh right,” said the driver pulling out his wallet. He handed me a ten and a five.

“Keep the change.” The driver said. I thanked him and got out of the taxi. The taxi drove off.

I stared at the money in my hand, then grinned to myself. This was going to be fun.

When I walked into the minor injuries unit, I was hit with a deluge of noise. I winced. People were moaning both mentally and physically. One woman was mentally screaming in pain, some kids were arguing verbally while their parents were mentally screaming at them to shut the fuck up.

It was almost overwhelming. I staggered back outside, wondering what to do. Then I remembered the story, how Caleb had created a shield that not only protected him from other power users, but also cut out all the extraneous noise. I imagined such a shield being in place, and walked back into the unit. The noise was still there, but it was much quieter. I tweaked the shield a little and it was all gone. I grinned again.

There was a queue at the reception, and I stood, waiting my turn. There was bursa eskort one old man in front of me. I wondered what was wrong with him. I looked at the man, and tried to look inside his head. Nothing happened. I imagined that I could read the old man’s thoughts, and know his secrets.

I wished I hadn’t

Apparently the old man had been masturbating, using one of his, now dead, wife’s dildos up his arse. He’d lost his grip on it, and it had disappeared up inside him. He was here to get it removed. This wasn’t the first time.

I retched at the mental image, and imagined that the dildo, would slide out of the old man, and down his trouser leg.

The old man grunted, and there was a clatter and a buzzing noise as the vibrating dildo did just that.

The old man jumped, scooped up the dildo and, red faced, scuttled for the exit. I grinned. Helping people was so much fun.

I got to the counter.

“Name,” said the receptionist. She didn’t even look at him.

“Michael Hunt,” I said. She looked up at me scepticism written all over her face.

“No,” I said, “Really. My parents were clueless.”

She looked into my eyes for a second.

She tapped keys on her computer.

“Where is your injury?”

I closed my eyes. I would have to be very careful how I worded this, or I might get thrown out.

“My hip,” I said. “I was clipped by a car, I think its door mirror hit me.”

She took some more details and directed me to some hard chairs. I elected to stand. Standing was uncomfortable, sitting on one of those chairs would be agony.

I was tempted to try and use my new-found powers to jump the queue but didn’t quite know how to go about it. Getting the triage nurse to call my name next would be simple enough, but what then. When I got into the room and she had the records for another patient? That seemed complicated. So I waited.

An hour and a half later, the triage nurse came out into the waiting room , and with a look on her face that said she didn’t expect anyone to answer called.

“Michael Hunt.” Several people sniggered.

“Here,” I said limping across to her. She looked surprised, then she smiled at me.

“This way Mr. Hunt.” She said and led me into the triage room.

I watched her as she went. She looked about twenty five years old. Slim with a tight arse. From what I could see under her hat, she had dark hair. When we got inside the room, and she turned to me once again, I saw she had cute cupid bow lips, blue eyes and smallish breasts.

“So,” she said, “What happened to you?”

I explained about the car, the old lady and getting hit by the mirror.

“May I see?” she asked. I blushed a little but stood, and dropped my trousers, turning so she could see the bruise on my arse.

“Nasty,” she said, “but the fact that you walked in here makes me think that it’s just a soft tissue injury. If you had broken anything in there, it’s doubtful that you would be able to walk. I’m going to send you for an x-ray just in case though.”

I turned to face her while she was talking, my trousers still lowered. She was, sitting on a chair, her face just about level with my cock. An image jumped into my mind, unbidden, of her cupid bow lips wrapped around my dick, sucking me for all she was worth, until I unloaded down her throat.

My cock responded to that image, becoming hard almost immediately. She, looked up at me, her blue eyes shining before reaching up, pulling the front of my underpants over my now erect penis, and taking me in her mouth, all the way down to the root.

“Wha…” I began as she bobbed up and down on me, gloved hands working on my shaft and balls, determined to extract my cum. I moaned quietly as she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock.

She continued to bob up and down on my manhood, sucking on the outstroke to give maximum stimulation, before teasing my slit with the tip of her tongue and then taking me deep into her throat again. I hadn’t had sex in a long time. My last girlfriend had been nearly a year ago. I hadn’t cum in nearly a week and was truly backed up. This nurse, was expertly sucking me and tugging gently at my balls. The fact she had rubber gloves on seemed to add a level of kink to the whole process and it took almost no time at all for me to reach my peak.

I groaned loudly as I came. She pushed her face right into my belly, taking me down her throat and swallowing over and over, stimulating the head and drinking down my cum. When I finally finished cumming, my knees were weak. She pulled back, cleaning me with her tongue and kissing the tip lightly.

She tucked me back into my underpants.

“Go out of the door, follow the yellow line to X-Ray, she said, as if nothing had happened. When you’re done there, come back and I’ll have a doctor review the images.

I pulled my trousers up and took the card she offered.

The x-ray took little time, I was in and out in less than fifteen minutes. I waited another half hour, before an older man called me into a cubicle.

“Mr. Hunt.” The man confirmed as he entered.

I nodded.

“It’s as the nurse said,” said the Doctor. “There’s no bony injury, but you have a hematoma in the soft tissue of your bottom. Rest and painkillers are all I can offer you I’m afraid. What do you do for a living?”

“I stack shelves in a supermarket,” I said.

“I’d take a week off,” said the doctor. “You can self-certify for upto seven days. The pain and swelling should be settling by then. If not go and see your GP or come back and see us. Do you have painkillers at home?”

“Brufen and paracetamol,” I affirmed.

“Perfect” said the doctor. “Take them as directed on the packet. For the next two days take them regularly. It’s easier to prevent pain than resolve it. After that take as required. Any problems come back and see us. Okay?”

This was an obvious dismissal.

“Great thanks,” I said standing up, and making my way back to the reception. I called a taxi and waited outside for it to arrive.

When I got home, I took another shower, and after getting something to eat, went and sat in the living room. I wanted to read that story again. Not to read about the sex, but to see how Caleb learned to control his powers. There must be more information in there about how he developed and used those powers.

This was what I was looking for.

I devoured the story once more, and tested what I could do. I started, as Caleb had, by trying my TK. I moved stuff around in the flat, lifted the sofa up, becoming distracted for a while at all the shit that was underneath, including a desiccated slice of pizza. I grimaced and cleared all that up. Then I went back to ‘training’ my TK. After a while I started to feel very hungry which tracked against what I’d read, and I went into the kitchen and made myself something else to eat.

While I ate, I went online and subscribed to the advanced level of patreon that the author – a dude called PastMaster had available. I downloaded the next three chapters and read them avidly. I was actually disappointed to find out that there was so much sex in the chapters I’d downloaded. I was no longer interested in a fap story, I wanted details. Then I noticed the discord server, and clicked on the link to join that.

Once joined I logged in and was annoyed when I found that the author was offline. It was just after four in the afternoon, and I supposed that the guy was at work.

Frustrated, I stood up and decided I go for a walk and see what else I could do. I knew I could move stuff with my mind, and get people to do stuff I wanted them to, but what about the Telepathy and the Empathy. What could I do with those?

Limping slightly from the pain in my arse, I walked toward the front door and then had another thought. There was no de***********ion of how he’d achieved it but hadn’t Caleb been able to block pain signals?

I thought about that for a few minutes. It sounded like it could be easily done, but I didn’t want to use my powers on myself without a lot more research. Then I had a brainwave.

Going back to my computer, I created my own patreon page. I then posted a single post, welcoming all those who wanted to support me, and set up two membership levels one at fifty pounds per month, and one at one hundred pounds per month.

I would have to get some cards made up, but for now, I printed a couple of sheets of paper, with the link to my patreon site. I then spent a few minutes cutting the paper into pieces. When I was finished, I had about a hundred slips of paper, each with my patreon site on.

I grinned to myself. “Great idea Harold,” I said and limped out of the flat.

As I was locking my flat door, my neighbour, a guy aged about fifty was coming out of his front door. I didn’t even know the guy’s name. We had been on nodding terms since I had moved into the flat almost a year ago, but otherwise we didn’t interact.

I wondered about the guy, and decided to take a look.

Within a minute I knew all about my neighbour. His name was Gary Steed, and he was an auto electrician. He made good money, usually installing devices into new cars at the dealerships. He’d fit dashcams or advanced alarm systems or sound systems, whatever was ordered. When he was not doing that he would be doing diagnostic and remedial work in their workshops. It paid well and as far as Gary was concerned, was easy work.

“Gary,” I said, and Gary looked at me in surprise. I had never spoken to this guy and didn’t think he even knew my name.

“Mike,” I said. “I have something for you.”

I handed Gary a slip of paper, which he took. When he looked at it I imagined that he would immediately go and subscribe to my patreon at the hundred pounds per month level. He’d then forget he’d done it but never notice in future, and should anyone ever question why – he’d defend the sub***********ion.

Gary smiled his thanks at me for the paper, and went back into his flat, presumably to sign up.

I spent a few moments loading the patreon app on my phone and logging in. By the time I’d done that, I’d gotten a notification that my first subscriber had just signed up. I grinned.

I limped down the stairs and onto the street, walking toward the supermarket I worked at. I didn’t walk fast, and listened in on people as I passed them. Every so often, I would hand out a paper slip, by the time I’d gotten to my place of work, I’d already given out over twenty slips. Some I’d imagined joining at the fifty pounds level, but when I could see they could afford more, I got them to join at the one hundred pounds level. It would take a few days, but I could imagine that it wouldn’t take much longer to have a few thousand pounds coming in each month. I considered resigning from the supermarket but decided against. I was going to take the rest of the week off sick in any case. I would see how things panned out.

When I got to the supermarket I was greeted by Tania, she waved at me from her post on the checkout.

“Hi Mike,” she said. “Robert said that you got hurt saving an old lady. My Hero!”

She put her hands under her chin and batted her eyelashes at me, as the cartoon character Olive Oyle used to do at Popeye.

I grinned at her. I liked Tania. She was maybe a year or two younger than my 23 years, and had a killer body, tight little arse and the biggest bluest eyes I’d ever seen. I’d tried to pluck up courage to ask her out many times, but had never managed to do it. Now, it seemed, she was going out with one of the guys that worked in the butchers department. That, I decided, was going to change.

I walked the length of the store, heading for the manager’s office. When I got there I knocked and was let in by the store manager Robert.

“How are you doing?” asked Robert, genuine concern on his face.

“I went to the Minor Injuries unit,” I replied. “They said there’s nothing broken but I have a heemathingy in my arse.”

“A haematoma?” asked Robert and I nodded.

“They told me to take a week off,” I told him, “and it should settle.”

Robert sighed. He wasn’t unsympathetic to my plight, but he had a store to run.

“You’ll bursa escort bayan need a self cert sick note,” he said. “You can pick one up from your doctors reception, then just drop it in any time in the next seven days. If it’s going to be longer, you’ll need a doctor’s note.”

I listened in on Robert’s thoughts and found that although he was annoyed that I was going to be off work, he wasn’t annoyed at me, but more at the situation and the driver of the car that had almost killed both me and the old lady. There was also real concern for my wellbeing. He’d been shocked when he’d seen me apparently run over by a car. I saw a glimpse of Robert’s memory of the incident. I was surprised at the clarity of the memory. Robert had seen the driver, a youngish woman, looking over her shoulder and seeing me and the old lady on the floor. He’d seen the fear in her eyes as she decided to take off, seen the registration number of the car. I grinned to myself.

I thanked Robert for his time and concern. I’d intended to give Robert one of the slips, but decided against, after how well he had treated me. I left the office and walked back out onto the shop floor.

I walked past the butchery department, and spotted the guy that Tania was going out with, Brian.

I took a peek into Brian’s mind and found out that although they had been going out for over three months, he’d never gotten past first base with her. It seemed she was saving herself and Brian was becoming increasingly frustrated with her. He’d been speaking to his buddy who had told him that he’d get him something to slip into her drink, to ‘loosen her up’ and make her available to him. Brian was excited as he’d picked up the little packet of powder, and was planning on using it on her that very night.

A spike of rage rushed through me, and I decided that Brian was going to suffer. He was not going to date rape Tania. Not if I could prevent it, and given my new powers, I could.

The store was starting to get a little busier, and there was a queue at the butcher’s counter. A woman in her fifties went upto the counter and asked for a joint of brisket for her family Sunday dinner. I had an idea, and imagined it into being.

Brian, a polite smile on his face, put a pair of gloves on, so as not to handle the meat with bare hands. The woman looked on approvingly. She had always come here to do her shopping and knew a lot of the store employees. She knew, for instance, that I worked here too, but I was not in uniform. She idly wondered about that as she saw the boy behind the counter pick up the joint of beef that she’d indicated.

He placed it on the scale and told her the weight and the cost. Perfect that would be excellent for her family’s lunch on Sunday. She smiled at him and told him so.

She was surprised then to see him place the joint onto the counter, and reaching into a knife block pull out a long butchers knife, with which he cut a slot right through the centre of the joint.

“What are you…” began the woman, but her jaw dropped in total disbelief when Brian wiped the knife off, replaced it in the block and then proceeded to undo his trousers and pull out his now erect penis. He spat into his hand and rubbed it up and down his cock, lubricating it well before sliding it into the slot he’d cut in the beef joint. He then began to fuck it.

I tried to catch the woman as she swooned to the ground, but given my injury was only partially successful in cushioning her fall. Brian, oblivious to what was going on around him continued to fuck the piece of meat, with great gusto.

One of the other butchers, on seeing what he was doing was flabbergasted and tried to stop him, but Brian was too engrossed in his carnal act and when the other butcher tried to physically restrain him Brian punched him in the stomach, causing him to double over in pain. He then went back to using the organic fleshlight.

Someone had alerted security and the guard arrived on scene at the same time as Robert the manager.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” yelled Robert at Brian who totally ignored him. Tania, on hearing a commotion had also come to investigate and was both horrified and repulsed to see her so called boyfriend hammering away at the foodstuff.

With a final shout Brian shoved his cock all the way through the joint of meat, so its tip poked out from the other side and jetted a stream of spunk against the glass and over several other cuts of meat on display there. Another woman who’d been looking on horrified retched at the sight.

“What are you standing there staring for,” Robert asked the security guard. “Do something.”

The guard went behind the counter and, evading Brians flailing fist, grabbed his arm and put him in an arm lock, dragging him away from the display and into the back of the shop away from the public area. Robert looked at the display, and the other butcher who was still doubled over wheezing.

“Close the butchery department,” he said. “We need to remove all the contaminated meat and do a thorough clean down before we can sell anything from there.”

He looked at me where I was knelt supporting the woman who had fainted’s head.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I think she fainted,” I said. just as she started to come around.

“Madam,” Robert said kneeling down beside her. “Are you allright?”

“All right?” she asked acidly. “Of course I’m not alright. I demand that you sack that pervert immediately. If it weren’t for this nice young man here, I could have been seriously hurt when I fell.”

Robert looked at me gratefully. “Would you like me to call you an ambulance?” he said as we both helped her to her feet. She shook her head.

“I don’t need an ambulance,” she said. “I want that man arrested for indecent exposure.”

Robert nodded. He took out his mobile phone, and called the police.

By the time the police arrived, the woman who’d fainted was seated in the Manager’s office enjoying a nice hot cup of tea. Brian was arrested and put in the back of the police car and the police came to take statements from everyone. It was a good two hours later, that I was finally released.

I also manged to ‘persuade’ one of the police officers to get the name and address of the registered keeper of the car that had clipped me earlier. She was due a visit from me.

Tania had finished her shift and was walking out as I was.

“Hey Tania,” I said limping a little faster to catch up with her. She turned around and waited for me.

“You okay?” I asked. She shrugged.

“You think you know someone,” she said. “We’ve been going out over two months, I never would have guessed he was on drugs.”

“Drugs?” I asked.

“Come on, you don’t think he would have been porking the beef unless he was on something?” she asked.

I laughed. “Porking the beef?” I chuckled and she smiled too.

“Yes,” she said. Then she sighed.

“Are there any decent guys left in the world Mike?” she asked somewhat wistfully.

“I’d like to think so,” I said. She looked at me.

“I guess,” she said. “Hero’s like you don’t come along often.” She smiled at me.

“Which is why you should grab hold,” I said, “when one does.”

She nodded sagely for a second and then seemed to realise what I’d said.

I listened in on her thoughts.

“He’s quite good looking,” she thought. “And funny too – he always makes me laugh. Why had I never thought about asking him out before?”

I decided to go for it. “I know it’s probably a bit soon,” I began, “but when you’re upto going out again, maybe we can go for a drink?”

She looked at me. “Why not?” she thought. “He can’t be any worse than beefy.”

I only just stopped myself snorting with laughter. “Beefy?” I thought.

“Sure,” she said. “Maybe at the weekend? When are you back at work?”

“I’m off for a week,” I said. “I have a bruise where I daren’t show my mother.”

She smiled at me. “I won’t ask to see it then,” she said. She took out her phone and unlocked it handing it to me.

“Put your number in.” I obliged and she immediately rang my phone. As soon as it started to ring, she hung up.

“There, now we have each other’s numbers,” she said. “Give me a call later on in the week about Saturday?”

I grinned at her. “Perfect,” I said. “I’ll look forward to it.”

We continued out into the carpark, and she walked across to a small bright pink car.

I pretended to shade my eyes from the colour. She gave a half smile. “Don’t you be criticising my baby now.”

“As if I would dare,” I said with a grin. Tania climbed into her car, then opened the window.

“You want a lift somewhere?” she asked.

I shook my head. “My place is a five-minute walk,” I said. “It actually takes longer to walk from where you’d have to park, than it does from here. Thanks though.”

“Okay,” she said. I heard her thought. “I wonder if he’ll call. I hope he does. Not tonight – that would be too needy, but maybe Wednesday or Thursday…”

I smiled at her and waved as she drove off.

I called a taxi. I had an appointment with a hit and run driver.


When the cab dropped me outside the house, I saw the car parked in the drive. The mirror on the drivers’ door was cracked. Had I done that with my arse? It certainly felt like it.

I went and knocked on the door. A woman probably in her mid thirties, whom I recognized from Roberts memories of the incident that morning, stood there looking up at me.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“Remember me?” I asked. She shook her head.

“I’m sorry,” she said uncertainly, “Do I know you?”

“We’ve not been formally introduced,” I said. “But you have ‘run into’ me before.”

Her eyes widened, getting my meaning.

“I didn’t mean to…” she said. “I just couldn’t stop.”

“And you couldn’t stop to make sure we were all right before you did a runner.” I said. “And you were using your phone, which is why you didn’t see the lights change.”

That was an educated guess, but I saw I’d hit the mark.

I looked into her mind, and saw that her name was Jenny Saunders, she was a housewife, her husband was a medical sales rep who was currently overnighting in Southampton and wouldn’t be back tonight. There were no kids. She was alone in the house. Perfect.

I imagined she’d invite me in, which she did. I imagined what would come next.

“I’m so sorry,” she said. “Whatever can I do to make it up to you?”

“Well,” I said. “You have been very naughty”

“Naughty?” I thought to myself. “This is starting to sound like bad porn.”

“You ran me over with your car,” I said. “An gave me a really sore arse. I think it’s only fair that I return the favour.”

She looked up at me, fear in her eyes. But she had no will to do anything other than what I wanted her to.

Slowly she began to remove her clothing. She’d been wearing some dressy type pants and a blouse, under which she wore utilitarian mismatched underwear. She blushed when she saw me noticing that the bra and panties didn’t match.

“I haven’t done laundry yet this week,” she defended herself as she continued to strip naked.

Once she’d taken everything off, she stood for my inspection.

I revised my estimate of her age – she was probably late thirties or early forties. I could have found out exactly but it didn’t matter. She was nice enough, had a trim figure but a little pot belly, but when she turned around her ass was pretty good. There was almost no sag at all.

“Bend over,” I said and she did. Her cheeks parted as she bent, and I could see the lips of her pussy and her little brown star winking at me. The sight had me stiffening in my pants.

“I think I need a little preparation,” I said. She took my meaning and turned around again, and began to undo my trousers, unbuckling my belt and easing them down over my waist along with my underpants. I winced as her hand rubbed across my bruise and she noticed. She peered around at it and saw the huge blue black mess on my arse cheek and she gasped.

“I am so sorry,” she said, and then leaned forward and placed görükle escort a gentle kiss on the bruise. Like that was going to help.

It surprised me though since I’d not imagined her doing that – that was all her.

She moved back around the front to regard my now stiff cock which was pointing at her, throbbing gently in time with my heart beat. She took it in her hand, and then with very little preamble slipped her lips over the end and then all the way down until I was completely buried in her mouth her face pressed tight against my belly.

With my cock all the way down her throat there was no room for her hands, and so she contented herself with gently stroking and playing with my balls while she slowly moved up and down on my cock with her mouth.

I was in heaven. The blowjob from the nurse earlier had been amazing, but this was on another level. Who’d have thought that a dowdy looking housewife like her would have such oral skills. She

started to speed up, swallowing as I pushed in deep, gulping down a mix of her saliva and my pre-cum. It would be so easy for her to make me blow down her throat, but I’d already decided what I was going to do with her, and I wasn’t about to change my mind. A sore arse for a sore arse.

“That’s enough,” I said, and she immediately slipped her mouth off my cock, leaving it slick and slippery with her spit and my precum.

Without a word she stood, turned around and then bent over the back of the sofa which was behind her. She reached back and parted her arse cheeks revealing all.

I could see her pussy was wet. Obviously sucking me and possibly the thought of getting fucked had got her motor running. I stepped up behind her and swabbed the head of my cock up and down her slit covering it in her juices. I considered fucking her pussy to start with, but she’d gotten me quite close with just her mouth and if I went in there, I was in danger of blowing my load before I got to the main event.

“Eyes on the prize” I said to myself and put the head of my cock up against her arsehole.

She hummed as I began to press forward. Her arsehole unfurled around the head of my cock and I slipped in easily. Obviously I wasn’t the first to knock on this particular back door. I caught a flash of memory from her. Her husband liked to sodomize her at least a couple of times a month. She had hated it at first, but as it had happened more and more, she’d not only gotten used to it. She actively asked him for it. Sometimes preferring it to him fucking her pussy. The sensations of her arse being reamed out being more base and also the taboo of being taken up the arse adding to her pleasure.

“Yeah,” she breathed as I slid the first inch of my cock into her. “Fuck my arse.”

Again I was a little surprised. I hadn’t thought about her talking dirty to me – this was all her.

“Go on,” she said. “Ram it up me. Shove your cock all the way up my arse.”

Never one to disappoint a lady, I slid the remainder of my seven inches all the way to the hilt in a single swift thrust. She squeaked.

“Oh fuck” she said. “You’re bigger than my husband. That feels good. Do it again.”

I pulled back, and once again hilted myself inside her.

“Yes,” she said. “Fuck me. Ram your cock into my dirty shitbox. Fuck my arse. Do it.”

I started to move, taking long strokes in and out of her arse.

My arse started to ache from the bruise as I moved, and it was starting to spoil my experience.

I stopped moving and she moaned. “Don’t stop.”

“This is supposed to be you, apologizing to me,” I said to her. “So get moving.”

I’d stopped with my cock almost all the way out of her arse, and she pushed back until I was once again buried to the hilt inside her. Then she moved forward and repeated the exercise. She started to pick up speed, thrusting her arse back at me impaling herself to my hilt at each stroke. She began to moan as she repeatedly thrust herself back onto my meat. I watched entranced as my cock disappeared into her, seeing her asshole wrapped tight around my girth as it plundered her forbidden fuckhole.

I saw her legs start to shake and realised that she was getting close to cumming. I could feel my own balls starting to rise and I was determined that I was going to empty evey drop of cum I had inside me, inside of her.

As she shoved herself back into me, my balls slapped into her cunt, making a wet squelching sound and getting covered in her juices. Her moan had increased in both pitch and volume and she was thrusting back harder and harder into me, increasing her speed and clenching, wrapping her arsehole tighter around my cock as she fucked me.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she moaned as she rammed herself back onto me and I too started to move. I could no longer just stand there and allow her to fuck me. My own body was taking charge, the pain in my arse no longer enough of a distraction to stop me, as I grabbed her hips and began to pound into her as we both raced toward our climaxes.

“Oh yes,” she yelled. “Fucking do me, Fuck my arse. Dump your load in me. Spunk up me. I wan’t to feel you emptying your balls up my arsehole.”

That was too much. With a moan and a final lurch, I shoved my cock as hard and as deep as I could into her and it began to twitch and pulsate as I dumped a huge load of my cum right up her arse.

“YESSSSSSS!!” she yelled finally reaching her own climax. I felt her arse spasming as she came. Clutching and gripping at my cock, drawing out every last drop of my cum deep into her body.

We stood for a few moments, each of us riding out the remainder of our climaxes. And then my arse reminded me of why I shouldn’t have done that, and I winced, pulling out of her and shuffling back, my trousers still around my ankles.

She, remained where she was, bent over the back of the couch. I leaned down and picked up her panties, using them to wipe my cock off, cleaning all of my cum and her arse juices off, before I bunched them up and shoved a portion of them up her still gaping arsehole. Plugging it so that when she stood my cum wouldng come pouring out.

She stood up and turned around. “Thank you,” she said. “That was amazing.”

“My husband goes away every other week for two days.” She informed me. “You’re welcome to come back and do that again, whenever he’s not here.”

I stood there stunned. Just what had actually happened. I’d kind of started things off with my Compulsion, but she’d taken it and run with it. Now I wasn’t using any power – she was making all the running.

Still with her panties half shoved up her arse, she pulled on her trousers and blouse. Then she reached for her purse. She pulled her phone.

“Take my number,” she said. “And call me anytime you want to do that again.”

Mechanically I did just that. I saved it in my phone. I decided not to call her though, not yet. I doubted that I’d return for a second go around, but you never knew.

I also gave her one of my patreon slips. She could afford the hundred quid sub***********ion. She’d sign up just as soon as I’d left.

She walked me to the door, and smiled at me.

“Goodbye,” she said. “Don’t forget to call.” Then she closed the door behind me, as if I’d just visited for a cup of tea.

“Well,” I said aloud. “That was unexpected.”

I walked down her driveway and out onto the road. I’d gone ten yards when my arse really started to hurt and I began limping badly.

I saw a middle aged man across the road just getting out of his car. He looked across at me. My imagination set the scene and he played it out.

He dropped me off about two minutes from my house, stopping illegally on the zigzags for the pelican crossing I’d been nearly killed on earlier. He drove off, heading home to go and sign up for my patreon sub***********ion. Well why not? He could afford it.

I limped heavily up the stairs to my flat, letting myself in and heading straight for the shower. I took both sets of painkillers before I stood for an age under the hot water, allowing it to soothe some of the pain away.

After the shower I went into the kitchen to make myself something to eat. I looked in my cupboards. I didn’t have a whole lot available, I’d have to do some shopping. I decided to do an online shop and have it delivered. It cost, but it would be far easier than trying to lug it all back from the store while I could barely walk.

Before I did that though, I couldn’t resist logging onto my patreon account, and checking my balance. So far I had twenty six subscribers. Ten in the hundred pound range, and sixteen in the fifty pound. That gave me a total of one thousand eight hundred pounds in my account. And I’d only just started.

I transferred it to my bank, it would take a few days to come through and they would take a percentage but magnanimously I didn’t care.

I did my shopping and then logged into the discord server. PastMaster was online. I PM’d him.

“Hi”, I sent.

“Hi,” he returned. “Thanks for your support, it’s much appreciated.”

“No problem,” I sent back. “It’s a great story. I’m a bit of a geek so like to know things a little bit deeper. You mind if I ask you some questions?”

“Sure,” he said. “Fire away.”

“How does Caleb manage to block pain?” I asked.

I waited for a long time for the answer. I could see that he was typing but that might not have been to me. I was sure I wasn’t the only person asking questions.

Eventually it came up.

“As you have read,” he said. “A healer needs to have multiple powers to be a healer. Caleb has TK Empathy, Telepathy and Compulsion. The two most important powers for healing are Empathy and Compulsion. Empathy tells him where the problem is, and Compulsion allows him to direct cells to do things, in this case nerve cells NOT to transmit the pain signals. His TK allows him to move stuff

around if he needs to although there are Healers without TK. Telepathy doesn’t really play a huge part in healing the body, although it does make a big difference to his hypnotherapy practice.”

“So you’re saying that by using Empathy,” I clarified, “he can feel where the problem is, and then Compel the cells to not send their messages? That sounds complicated.”

“Don’t forget,” he came back, “Caleb is a dreamer – he doesn’t need to direct each individual process, only imagine an outcome. The rest happens organically.”

That made sense and made things a lot easier.

“Cool” I said. “I see you’re in the UK. Whereabouts?”

“South wales,” he replied. “Not far from Cardiff.”

I determined I needed to go and see this guy. I wanted to know everything he knew about Caleb. I had to be cautious though. I doubted that if I said I wanted to meet him now, he’d be up for it.

“Lovely part of the world,” I said. “Anyway, thanks for your time. Keep up the story, its really good. Also, you should put in a higher-level sub***********ion for those who want to support you more.”

“I have nothing more to offer “he said. “Other than even earlier access, it seems too much.”

“Think about it,” I said. “I’d willingly pay more to keep you writing.”

I signed off and then turned my awareness inward. I soon became aware of a lot of noise coming from my arse cheek. It was like listening to a crowd all shouting. It sounded discordant and very much like people who were in pain.

I imagined that the noise went quiet, they all settled down, and everything was fine.

Suddenly my arse no longer hurt. I could move freely without pain.

I was going to start jumping up and down to test the theory but then common sense prevailed. I’d not healed myself, only blocked the pain. I didn’t want to do more damage simply because I couldn’t feel it.

It would let me sleep at least, and I was definitely tired.

I slipped into bed, not bothering to set an alarm. I had nothing I needed to get up for, save my shopping delivery, which wasn’t due until the afternoon in any case.

I rested back on my pillow, a little scared of going to sleep.

What if, whatever this was, was a twenty four hour thing. What if I woke up tomorrow, to find that the powers I had suddenly gained today, had disappeared as suddenly as they had arrived.

“Well, there’s fuck all you could do about it,” I told myself. A turned onto my preferred side for sleep and closed my eyes.

In a surprisingly short time, I fell asleep.

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