S.L.U.T. Corp


Lily stops in front of the large building. She landed her dream out of college. All of her research showed Stern & Lockheed Under Trust Corporation was one of the best companies to learn and grow in. Many of their one-time Employees landed big jobs in ten years.

She was nervous, not knowing what to wear. How do you dress for your first day in a company like this. She went with a classy look. White top, black skirt with a low black pump. The top was a little low cut and the skirt a little tight at her bum, but no longer is the sweatshirt and yoga pants going to work.

Her long legs in her 5’-8” frame carried her through the door out of the summer breeze and into a very cold building. Her nipples harden a bit in the coldest. Lucky for her she had her breast tucked into her padded bra. She still felt self-conscious about it. Her cheeks reddened but not as deep as her hair.

At the security desk two young fit men asked what she was here for as their eyes checked out her body. Her self-conscious kicked in again, thinking she was not dressed appropriately. That she was dressed to slutty for work.

She was asked to sit in the lobby and wait for her boss to come and collect her. She took a seat on the large white sofa and waited. She could still feel the guards eyes in her as she waited. The gaze of more people as they came and went. She wanted to run. All these high class sext people and she thought she could work there with them.

Her mind was racing and she did not see the stunning woman standing in front of her. This raven haired beauty stood 5’-10” and was so fit. “Hello, are you Lily,” the woman said again waving her hand in front of her.

Lily popped up out of her seat. “Sorry, yes I’m Lily,” she fumbled. Even though there height was only two inches difference, Lily felt that this woman towered over her. She was in four inch high heels that really did wonderful showing off her fit legs. Has had on a red leather skirt that went down to mid-thigh and was so tight Lily wondered how she got into it. Her black top was light and loose showing off the tons of cleavage this woman had. She had two large hoop ears that framed her perfectly done makeup. Way too slutty for Lily’s taste. “I’m Ms. Sasha Green. I will be your boss and we work directly for Mr. Michael Stern. He choose you from thousands of applicants, so don’t fuck this up for yourself. Do what he says, how he says, when he says and you should be fine.”

“Yes, Ms. Green. I will do my best,” Lily stumbled out. Feeling more worried to live up to what Mr. Stern wanted.

“Follow me. Let’s get you set up. First you have to do some forms and sign some papers.” Lily quickly fell in behind Ms. Green as she walked out of the lobby and into the office space. They took the elevator to the top floor. Ms. Green talked the whole way about how important this job is, how Lily was the first one not to start in the office pool to make it to the top floor, how making Mr. Stern happy is their biggest part of their jobs.

At the top floor, Ms. Green leaned Lily to the back corner and showed Lily her office. It was not large, but Lily was blown away. Her own office and it had an amazing view. How did she land this job?

“The paperwork is on your desk. Read it if you need to and sign the forms. We have the best medical care and the retirement plan is amazing,” Ms. Green said with a huge smile. “When you are done I will show you around the rest of the floor and all the perks you get for working with Mr. Green.”

Lily scanned the forms, signing her name on some papers and her initials on others. Then she came to the second to last form. The wording was interesting. Pretty much saying everything said or done as an employee of the company can’t be repeated and she could not sue the company for any reason. The last form was a payout form in case she wanted to leave. Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars would be paid if she decided to leave. She signed the last two forms and was done. She twirled in her chair, looking at the city view once again. Taking a breath.

A knock on the door made her jump. Ms. Green was standing there. “I see you are all done with the paperwork. Shall we take you on the tour,” she said with a large smile on her sexy red lips.

“Yes ma’am,” Lily responded.

“Ma’am,” Ms. Green said back almost like a question. “That will do Lily, that will do. Come on, let’s go.” Lily got up out of her chair excited to see the rest of the office and what her duties will be.

Ms, Green stood at the door holding it open for her. What she did not realize is that Ms. Green was checking out her ass as she walked by. Lily turned in the hallway to find Ms. Green standing right at her size. Ms. Green took Lily’s hand a bd started walking

The first office was only a door ways down the hallway. The door had a Plaque with Ms. Green’s name. “ This is my office,” she said as she opened the door. Her room was not your normal boring colors. The walls were painted magenta with pink accents. Her desk was clear glass on a black metal frame. Black was also used in the room. The black cabinet in the corner. The black leather sofa along the back wall and the black frame glass top coffee table that matched her desk. The one other piece of furniture, well Lily thought it was more of a piece of art was the large wooden X in the corner.

“Your office is completely amazing Ms. Green. It’s not sterile like I would think an office would be, “ Lily Blurted out before she could stop herself. Her free hand flew to her mouth in shock.

Ms. Green reached for her hand and pulled it down. “You have a reason to hide that pretty face of yours,” she said, smiling at her. “And when you have shown your talents to Mr. Stern he may also allow you to design your own office.”

Lily’s smile got even larger at that point. “Really,” she said with excitement coming from her voice.

“First you have to show us how much of a team player you are and how badly you want to move up the ladder.”

“ I will do anything it takes,” she jumped to try and show Ms. Green how willing she was.

“Anything,” Ms. Green questioned. “You are one to please, huh?”

“Yes,” Ms. Green. “I just want to do the best job I can and have everyone happy with my work. Can I ask you one question.”

“You can ask me anything Lily.”

“Thank you. What is the large X in the corner?”

A wicked grin came across Ms Green’s mouth. “Well Lily, that is a St. Andrew’s Cross. It is a piece that helps me focus when I need it.”

“Oh, it is beautiful”

“Thank you. Let’s move on. Behind this door is Mr. Stern’s office. He is busy right now, so we will come back later.” As they continued down the hallway Lily bursa escort heard strange noises coming from his office. Like a slapping sound, but Ms. Green started showing her the other spaces.

“This is our fully stocked kitchen. Give me a list of what you like and I will have it ordered.” The next door along the hallway had the copier room and the next was the supply closet. Around the next corner was Mr. Lockheed’s office and staff.

A well endowed Latin lady popped out from behind her office door. “Hey Sasha, is this the new meat,” she said with an evil laugh.

“Knock it off Maria,” she said, staring daggers at her. Turning to Lily she continues,”this is Maria Lopez and stay away from her.”

“Come on Sasha, with all the fun we had you telling her to stay away. Not fair.”

“I mean it Maria. You remember last time I had to speak to Mr. Lockheed about you.” Maria’s hand moved from down the door frame to her backside and she rubbed it.

“Oh yes I do remember, Sasha,” this time saying her name with venom dripping from the words.

Ms. Green pulled Lily along to the other rooms. The board rooms. Then she came to the door in the center of the space they just walked around. She opened the door and Lily’s mouth dropped open. The room was filled with clothes. Dresses, skirts, tops, heels, so many heels. She walked in and started looking around. All different types of boots. From calf high to ones that would go up to mid thigh. There was a whole section of costumes. Lily thought they were all ready for Halloween. Nurse, maid, even superhero costumes. She was blown away.

“Ms. Green,”Lily said, turning back to her leaning on the wall. “Ms. Green, what is this?”

“This my dear is our changing room. All these clothes are for us and Maira, that bitch. Sometimes our clothes will get messy, so we have backups.” Lily could feel Ms. Green’s eyes running over her body now. “You do look amazing in your own clothes but that is not going to work here in our office. So let’s figure out what we should put you in.”

Lily was a bit taken back. What was wrong with her outfit? She thought she looked good, but this woman could saying it was not good enough. On the other hand, the clothes in this closet were amazing. So many lovely things to wear or try on at least.

“Let’s see what we can find for you to wear,” Ms. Green says as her hand slowly works its way around her body. Her hand started at her right hip, making Lily jump a little at the contact. Her fingertips sliding along her lower back stopping just at her lower back. Then Lily felt Ms. Green’s large breast on her backside. The zipper to her skirt slowly is unzipped and Ms. Green whispers into Lily’s ear.

“If you are going to work here you need to look the part m. Not just look the part, but you need to Embrace it,” she said in a low sexy voice. “You need to be willing to handle anything thrown your way. Are you able to handle that?”

Me. Green’s hands are now around her waist pulling her skirt down around her hips letting it down to the floor. “Yes ma’am,” Lily said in a low voice. Her body feeling itself getting hot and bothered by Ms. Green. She shakes her head trying to clear it, but Ms. Green’s arms are not wrapped around her. Her breasts leaned harder into her. Her hands started to unbutton the buttons on her dress. Ms. Green’s mouth inches from her neck. She could feel the hot breath on her. She can feel her body melting.

The shirt drops to the floor next to the skirt. Lily never felt so Exposed. Ms. Green runs her hand along Lily’s cheek, drawing her face back to her. Ms. Green stares deeply into Lily’s eyes. I start letting Lily know she is prey and already caught. Ms. Green pulls her close, her hands wrapped around Lily’s body. The heat building as these two sexy bodies meet. Ms. Green draws her fingertips along all of her exposed skin. Each pass sends little shocks.

“You are a good girl who does as she is told, huh,” Ms. Green questions as she slides her breast along Lily’s back until she is kneeling. Lily’s body is now quivering. Her long nails make long slow scratches down her side, over her hips and down her side.

They are cheek to cheek now. Lily’s mind racing. What is going on here? She is attracted to Ms. Green, but she is her boss. This must be breaking so many rules. Before she could think anything else Ms. Green was standing again. Her hands lighting quick as they remove her bra. She then spun around grabbing Lily’s hand and having her step out of the ply of clothes at her feet.

“No, let’s find you some sexy clothes to go with that sexy body,” Ms. Green purred. For the next hour Ms. Green pulled outfit after outfit off the shelves or racks. Lily’s mind raced as with each outfit, Ms. Green hand brushing one body part or another. When they were done she looked in the mirror and almost did not notice herself.

Ms. Green’s final choice was a pair of simple black pumps. The four inches were higher than she ever tried before, but she loved the way they made her legs look. And there were a lot of legs since her deep red was short. Short and tight. When she tried to talk Ms. Green out of it, she just got her ass rubbed. Ms. Green told her how wonderful it looked and even felt better.

Her top was a semi loose blouse. She thought Ms. Green would have wanted something tighter, but she understood the moment it was put on. I was seen through. Her black lace bra squeezing her breast tight was out for everyone to see.

The deep red choker that matched her skirt was around her next. The small gold ring on the end adds some Decoration to the simple item. Hanging from her ears were large hoop ears that she would never normally wear. Ms. Green redid her makeup. Smokey eyes and deep red lips set off the drop dead Gorgeous woman now in front of the mirror.

Ms. Green took Lily’s hand. “How do you feel now, Lily,” she questioned as they headed for the door.

“I don’t know,” she responded quietly. “Part of me is a bit overwhelmed, but the other part thinks I look amazing.”

“That is because you are silly. You now look like an employee of S.L.U.T. Corp. Soon you will know what it means to be one and what the peaks are.”

“Really, peaks. What else can there be? An amazing office, all these amazing clothes. Just working here for the experience. What else can there be? I feel so wonderful now. I will do anything for Mr. Stern and you for this opportunity.”

Ms. Green hides her smile. “Well, you will soon get to how much you will do to thank Mr. Stern. It’s time to meet him.”


Ms. Green grabs Lily’s hand and half pulls and half drags her out the door and down the hallway. “Now the rules bursa escort for meeting Mr. Stern. Never make eye contact unless he tells you too. Head down and look at the floor. Follow his instructions to the tee. Do not ask why, just do the task he puts in front of you. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma’am,” Lily says in a low shy voice. The nerves are building in her. At the door Ms. Green knocks and hears “Enter” from the other side.

The room is huge!!! Lily sees the door leading from Ms. Green’s room as they enter. There is a good twelve feet until the lounge area. In the middle of this space is a large Sculpture of a naked woman. The lounge area consists of a large brown leather sofa with two large leather chairs facing it. In between is a white leather ottoman. A bar area sat to the left along the floor to ceiling windows. In the back corner behind them is a wooden St. Andrew Cross like in Ms. Green’s room , but large and nicer. Next to it is a large carved wooden cabinet.

Across from all of this was Mr. Stern sitting behind his desk. It was a large black desk with white pearl inlays. Two slick chairs face him. He gets up and moves from behind the desk.

“Ladies, good morning,” he says in a jovial voice. “Come sit as we talk.” He motions to them to sit on the sofa. “Ms. Lily, I was very impressed with your resume. I think if you are half as good as them you will do amazing things here. If you are as good, I better watch out for my job,” he chuckled. The ladies followed suit, but Lily’s cheeks got some color in them now. “Ms. Green told you what we needed. Do you think you can handle the responsibility?”

“Yes Sir, I believe I’m up for the tasks. Whatever I can do for you and the company.”

A smile grew on his face and Lily, seeing out of the corner of her eye did not know why. He stood up and walked behind the sofa staring down at these two lovely ladies.

“So Ms. Green, do you think our new hire here is ready to be shown the in’s and out’s of office life.”

“Sir, I believe she is. She has been following instructions so well all morning,” Ms. Green almost purrs.

“Then let’s show this little flower what I expect of my workers. Position one,” he commanded. Ms. Green moved off the sofa and knelt on the ottoman. Her feet touched but her knees spread far apart. Her ass sat perfectly in the triangle her legs made. Her upper body was straight up and her head held high. “Good girl,” Mr. Stern said as he walked around the sofa sitting next to Lily. Her eyes looked on in amazement. “This is position one. This is the simplest and most used position in the office. If you are to be one of my staff you will need to be able to do this. Now get up and show me you can be a team player,” he commended as he pushed her up by the lower back.

She got to her feet slowly, mind racing. What is going on here? This is not normal office stuff is it. This seems to be well over the line, but her body is feeling those good tingles. She knows deep down that she will not be able to control them if they take over.

She climbs on the ottoman next to Ms. Green. Trying so hard to mimic her pose. Mr. Stern comes behind her and fixes her feet and pushes her lower back to be straighter. Then walks around her and opens her legs wider. “There you go ladies. You look wonderful. How do you feel?”

They both responded “Wonderful Sir” at the same type like they had planned it. This brought a smile to his face. At that moment his cell phone rang and he walked away for the two posing ladies. The call was only a few minutes but the woman could feel their bodies tingle more and more. They heard him say that he was breaking in the new girl into the office and had to go. A pause and then,”Yeah, if she is any good I let you have some time with her,” and then a laugh. This made Lily excited and could feel her pussy get a little wet.

Mr. Stern hung up the phone and headed back to the ladies. “So, where we’re we,” he questioned, clapping his hands. “Oh yes,” He exclaimed excitedly as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

Lily saw one glimpse at his semi hard cock and knew it would be huge. The big round mushroom head was sticking out and it was already five inches and not even half grown.

He walked over to Ms. Green, stepped up on the ottoman and brought his dick to her lips. Me. Green opens her mouth and he slides his dick into it like this is practiced everyday. Her lips wrapped around his shaft just as he started pulling his dick back. Fucking her mouth perfectly.

Lily, kneeling next to this, was shocked, appalled, nervous and all sexed up. She was half hoping she did not have to suck his cock and half really wanting to suck his monster. She knew if push came to shove her sluttier side would give in.

She did not have to wait long to find out. He stepped over to her. “Open,” he said simply and she did. He moved his mushroom head cock slowly to her mouth. As he was entering it her tongue flashed forward, licking the tip and then quickly pulled back. His massive member pushed deeper and deeper. His cock being covered in Ms. Green’s salvia making it slide in easy. To her gag point and then passed it. She choked a bit, but wanting to impress her new boss she held it back. Feeding her all ten inches down to the end of his shaft. He held it there for a moment as he looked down at her. Lily kept her eyes looking out.

He pulled his cock free from her mouth and she coughed a bit but that was to be expected. His hand came gently up to Lily’s face as he turned to Ms. Green. “I think we got ourselves a good one here Ms. Green. I think our little flower will fit in nicely.” Ms. Green nodded in agreement and his hand moved from her cheek to the bang of her head. Then he pulled her hard into his cock.

Lily was a bit surprised by this but let it happen. He pulled and pushed her face into his cock as he pumped it into her mouth.

“Yes, that is it baby, suck my big fat cock,” Mr. Stern moaned as her warm wet mouth sucked him. “Come on, give it to me. You take that big cock so nicely. You like me deep down your throat. Yes, my little flower. Take it!!”

He pulled his thick hard cock from her mouth and wiped the drool from her lips and chin. “You are a good girl,” he stated as his hand tranced along her body as he walked behind her. “And good girls get rewarded here.” He sat behind them and commanded “position two.”

Ms. Green dropped her upper body to her hands and her ass came up. Lily seeing this, tried to follow her, but not doing it the way Mr. Stern wishes. He corrected her, pushing her ass a little higher and her head a little lower.

Then Mr. Stern started rubbing the two ladies. bursa eskort “Ms. Green I knew you would be wet, but who would have thought our little flower here would be wet too,” he said with a chuckle. His hands rubbing on their mounds, turning them on further.

Lily was the first to let out a moan. Her young body gives into the pleasure. Not being experienced in controlling herself she let the pleasure take over.

Mr. Stern stopped rubbing her at that point. She let out a whimper. She was so close. Mr. Stern stood back and smiled. He knew that he had her now.

“Ms. Green, what do we do with horny, needy little sluts?”

“Sir, we either use them hard or make them beg until they can’t stand anymore,” she answered in a flat tone.

“Use them or make them beg. Lily, I think since you are new you need to be made to beg before you get used. I think that is only fair. Don’t you agree Ms. Green,” he questioned as he walked to the large wooden cabinet. His shoes made a soft click on the tile floor.

“Sir, that would not be fair at all. She should not be allowed to be used just yet.”

“That is why I keep you around Ms. Green,” his voice getting closer. “Now let’s get this little flower begging,” he said as he made his way back behind her. The ladies heard a humming sound as he turned on the magic wand. Lily was hoping beyond hope that it would be used on her, but when she heard Ms. Green moan she knew it was not to be. “Ms. Green, you may need to hold this as I teach our little Lily here.”

The soft moan from this strong woman next to her was getting her turned on. That is when Mr. Stern spoke, breaking her out of daydreaming. Mr. Stern cleared his throat and repeated his command. “Lily pull up your skirt.” She still hesitated. “Don’t worry about my little flower. I’m not going to fuck you. Now pull up your skirt.”

She slowly reached back and pulled it up around her hips. She bit her lip still hoping for his big cock stretching her out. “That is a good girl,” he said as his hand came strongly down on her ass. “I’m not going to fuck you,” he stated again grabbing her by the hair and pulling her head back. They met her eyes and could see the lust.

“Pull down your panties now Lily,” he commanded. This time she did not hesitate. Her panties were pulled down to her kneeling knees. “I’m not going to fuck you,” he said again as he stared at perfect round naked ass.

His thick fingers sliding against her wet pussy lips and then and finger into her needy hole. “I’m not going to fuck you.”

He slides another finger in her wet wanting hole. She lets out a moan as he fingered her. He could see from her body that she was so needy. “I’m not going to fuck you,” he said again.

Ms. Green moaning next to her was getting to be too much. Hearing her getting closer and closer to cuming. As Mr. Stern fingered her with his thick digits. Saying over and over that he was not going to fuck her. Her body is on fire and she so just wanted to fuck him. But something happened. She knew she had to be a good girl like Ms. Green and do what Mr. Stern commanded.

Her back arched. She was so close now, but like he could read her he pulled his fingers out. “I’m not going to fuck you,” he whispered in her ear. Those words almost made her cum.

Then a hard hand spank in her ass. And another. Then another. Each time she made a sound of surprise but also of enjoyment. “Are you liking this,” Mr. Stern questioned. Another spank and another surprise enjoyment whimper. “You do like this,” he said as he spanked her again. Over and over he sparked her sexy ass red and each time she whimpered like she was liking it. Not liking it, loving it.

“Sir, may I cum,” Ms. Green questioned. Mr. Stern and Lily missed the question, being in their own game. “Sir, I need to cum,” Ms. Green moaned in pleasure. The begging is coming through.

“You may cum Ms. Green,” he said in a cool voice. She gave in and her body felt the rush of pleasure. Her back arched and she let out a loud moan. Both Mr. Stern and Lily watched the sight of Ms. Green’s orgasm. Her body was shaking in pleasure.

As Ms. Green collapsed on the ottaman, Mr. Stern was not done with Lily yet. With his free hand he opened Lily’s ass cheek. His thick wet finger was rimming her tight pretty hole. As her slowly pushed past her rim he said,” I’m not going to fuck you.” Both his finger and his words where a turn on and she moaned. She could not tell which one she liked more.

His finger made long slow circles waiting for her to relax and open up. As he did this Ms. Green got back to her knees. Fingering Lily, Mr. Stern looked and Ms. Green and ordered her to take off her panties. She complied without hesitation.

“Lily open your mouth,” he ordered. “Ms. Green, stick your wet panties into her mouth.” She reached over and pushed them into Lily’s mouth. “Now, come hear Ms. Green and suck my cock.” She turned on the ottoman and crawled to be in front of him. She took his hard cock into her warm mouth and sucked in him.

“Mmm,” he moaned. “Ms. Green, you can really suck a good cock.” His hand went to the top of her head. Another finger goes into Lily’s ass. Making it wider. Opening her up.

He took his fingers from her open hole and reached to the sofa behind him. He pulled Ms. Green, the greedy cock sucker, off his cock. “Here suck this,” he said, giving her a metal butt plug. She greedily sucked on the plug, keeping eye contact with him. When it was dripping with her saliva he motioned her to put it in Lily.

Ms. Green opened up Lily’s ass cheeks and pressed the tip to her tight ass. Slowly pushing it in. Letting the hole open more and more to shallow the plug. The whole time Lily is moaning through the used panties in her mouth.

As soon as the plug was in Lily felt something slide into her needy pussy. She never has had both holes filled. “Now Lily, I want you to go back to your office and start on the paperwork on your desk,”Mr. Stern said. “These two items will stay in until tomorrow. You will come to see me first thing and we will see how you did,” he said as he sat and pulled Ms. Green’s mouth back on his cock. She now knelt between his knees.

Lily stood up, pulled her panties up. Which became soaked the moment they met her pussy. Then pulled down her skirt. Not sure if the panties should stay in her mouth or not. She walked for the door, her heels clicking on the floor. She needed to find a place and cum, but like he could read her mind. Mr. Stern called out,”You are not allowed to orgasm.”

She stopped at this. The clicks of the heels a dead give away she has. One step, two steps and a third and then he hit the button on his phone and the toy in Lily’s pussy started to vibrate. She could barely make it to the door. Once through it the hum stopped. Her body on complete fire, but she smiled to herself. She knows she is going to love her new job.

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