Behind the Scenes with Mom Ch. 02


I was watching TV this afternoon when Mom approached me. She sat on another couch and watched TV with me for a few minutes.

Then she talked.

“Honey, can I talk to you for a second?”

“Yea sure Mom.” I paused the TV.

“John I’ve been thinking about your ‘idea’.” She raised her hands and made air quotes.


“And I have questions. The truth is we need money.” She was completely serious and spoke in a matter of face tone. “We’ll run out of money in the next couple of months if things don’t change and it doesn’t look like they will change. It’s a strange idea to put it lightly, but these are strange times…”

“Like I said Mom, I really think it’s something we should try. What’s there to lose?”

“What’s there to lose?” Her eyes widened. “A lot if you ask me.”

“I don’t see it that way.”

“Well then that’s why I have questions. I mean who’s going to be able to see these ‘pictures’?”

I had thought about it for a long time and I had figured out ways to sugarcoat the truth but at that moment I knew I had to be sincere. Mom looked so serious and I could not lie to her. “Truthfully, anybody. I’m not gonna lie to you Mom. Anybody with internet access can potentially see them but that doesn’t mean everybody will.”

“John I have to think about family and what about my coworkers? If they found out about…”

“Mom there’s no way your sister will ever find this website. She barely even uses her phone. How would she? Other than that who are you worried about we have hardly ever seen anybody else in your family.”

“Your father’s family is what I’m worried about.”

“Fuck them.”


“Mom why do you care what they think. They’re all assholes who sided with Dad and never treated you right. I won’t hear it, you have to stop caring about them. As for your co-workers well what co-workers? You don’t work there anymore.”

“They know me, they know where I live and some of them are my friends.”

“True but even then the chances they’ll see these pictures are very small. Listen the only way everyone that you’re worried about finds out about this, is if you become extremely popular and known to a lot of people. There’s so many people doing this that if we become that extremely popular it will mean that we’re swimming in money. We’d have to be making that much money and at that point who cares what anybody thinks?”

She sat silently and thoughtful.

“Mom bursa bayan eskort we’re not doing this to get rich. We’re doing it to pay the rent. There’s a difference.”

She got up and went to the kitchen. I closed my eyes for a minute and thought I hadn’t convinced her.

I was about to hit play on the remote when…


I turned my head towards the kitchen and she stood there with a new glass of wine in hand.

“Okay.” I responded. She didn’t look at me.


She held a comfortable smile as she spoke. “Hello everyone, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kitty and I’m very new to this stuff. I think it’s going to take me a little while to learn the ropes but I hope y’all can join me on my journey. Buh-bye.” Mom sent kisses towards the camera.

“That was great Mom, now let’s take some pictures.”

After a somewhat awkward dinner we finally got around to starting the new project.

Mom said she wanted to do it right so she showered and dolled up a bit. She asked me into her room where she was only wearing a towel around her body wondering what she should wear.

I was hesitant at first but realized I couldn’t be. “I have to speak honestly and objectively about this stuff Mom, so I hope you don’t take it wrong.”

“That’s totally fair.”

“Okay so how about any blouse and leggings that show your figure.”


She changed into the clothes and we made the introductory video with a plain wall behind her. We would have to get better but as she had said in the video, we’re learning.

She stood passively. Her light copper hair made her pop in the pictures. I wasn’t lying about her beauty. Her sweet smile was lovely.

The pictures captured her whole body. Mom posed in different positions. She moved to show her profile, bent a leg against the wall, and lots of big smiles and laughter. I took pictures after picture.

“I’m still nervous about doing this John, but I have to admit that I like getting pictures taken. It’s somewhat fun”

“Are the laughs real?”

“I think they are!” She continued to pose.

“I’m taking a lot of pictures. I’m not a photographer so I’m hoping I can do you justice.” I dropped down on one knee and took more pictures.

“Okay, that’s great for a first day.” I said.

“Are you posting those right away?”

“Not yet I think we need to bursa evi olan escort collect more so we can start posting regularly.”

“Different clothes and all that stuff right?”

“Yeah. We’ll have to be creative.”



Her cheeks blushed a little and I supposed the bit of wine had taken some effect when she said, “Let’s get it over with, about those naughty pictures. I think I’m ready to take some.”

“You sure? Anything you’re comfortable with Mom.”

“Well I’m not getting undressed, that’s what you promised, but beyond that you should know what we need.”

I kept a serious expression but inside I was joyful. This was going better than I had hoped. “Turn around.” I said with the same solid expression.

She did, slowly. I stepped back and began to snap pictures again.

Her ass on those leggings was succulent.

“Can you push… eh, your butt back?”

She did and those were all the instructions she needed. Mom was a natural.

Her butt was pushed back and she lifted her arms against the wall arching her back.

I kept taking pictures and moved about her.

She wasn’t smiling any more. She was modeling with the way she looked at the camera.

I moved close to her and photographed her arching lower back from the side. The clear way in which her lower back ended and her ass began. It was beautiful to witness.

Her boobs looked big in this position too and she saw me take pictures of them. Useless pictures truthfully because the camera did not do them justice.

She noticed where the camera was pointing and shifted her body again. Now she was facing me directly instead of the wall but she kept her torso leaning forward.

From this new angle I photographed her stack.

She began to laugh. “This is such an awkward position. Did you get a good picture?”

“I sure did.” I replied with uncheck delight in my voice.

“Okay good. We’ll try again tomorrow. I think that was enough for the night.” She made fan motions with her hand. Her temperature had risen. “I need to freshen up!” She turned to walk away.

I kept taking pictures even as she spoke. The cameras should always be rolling for she paused before moving away and grabbed her leggings by the hips raising them.

The fabric pulling up her ass was one of the best pictures I had taken. The boner in my pants would need to be taken care of.

All bursa rus escort around it had been good news. A few minutes later I plugged in my phone to my computer.

I created a new folder and started picking out the best pictures. A lot of the pictures looked the same but I didn’t delete any, I just made a separate folder and soon got to work on dear mother’s new online sexy persona.


Her main profile picture showed her from her hips up. She was smiling.

Mom really was a beautiful woman and you could tell she had big knockers from this simple pictures alone.

Then I created some more of her online persona with a few words…

My name is Kitty and I’m a thirty-seven year old lady who enjoys getting photographed. However I had never shared the pictures until now and I’m just getting started so I hope you’ll join me in testing the waters.

I’ve worked as a secretary for many years but I’m tired of it and needed a new outlet to express myself. I chose this website.

I’m a very quiet and sweet person in the outside world but I’m a bit wilder behind closed doors. Something gets to me when I’m in a more private setting and especially in front of a camera. I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer and I promise in due time I will learn how to please you all.

I have a bubbly personality and I like to please everyone. I don’t get too many compliments in real life but here I am putting myself out there because I believe my body deserves some appreciation. Don’t you think so?

Love, Kitty.”

That would be my first post which would be followed by a second post.

I really enjoy getting photographed. I love how happy I look in these pictures. Do you guys like my outfit?”

The second post included the pictures I had just taken. The pictures came as a collection.

People would click on the collection which would enlarge the image to the size of their screen. Then one would hit the arrow to view the next image. I determined to choose the best only and there were plenty to choose from.

I had worried about the quality of the pictures I could take since I’m not a photographer but I need worry any more. I had a natural model. She smiled and posed as sexy as any woman I had ever seen.

I knew her curves would drive anybody crazy and I was hard again just from looking at her pictures. To think that I was the one taking them. The cherry on top was her ass. I left her ass pics for the end of the collection.

Her arched body made her ass pop out and the camera loved it. My eyes loved it. The size and shape were just magnificent.

And so I saved my progress but I didn’t post it yet. That would come later once I had tomorrow’s pictures. Oh I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.

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