Bereavement and After

Big Dick

Now that Joyce, Marge and I were a threesome we could more completely enjoyed our new relationship. Marge and Joyce abandoned their competitiveness and we all devoted ourselves to the task of pleasing each other completely. This became less complicated because we were no longer restricted by the need to work around George’s golf dates, and we regularly convened in our home. Unfortunately our pleasures were rudely interrupted when George suddenly died of a massive heart attack. His death resulted in many complicated estate problems in addition to our personal reactions with which we all had to deal. Joyce of course lost her father and Marge mourned George, who she loved even though she had to seek release from her sexual frustration elsewhere. I too liked and missed him and in addition had to devote considerable time to settling all the estate details.

Joyce’ older sister Helen came from New York to comfort her Mother and Joyce for funeral and for a few days after. Helen was not too well known to me because I had spent time with her only for a few short times before my wedding, and after. She lived and worked in New York where she owned and managed a very profitable nurse registry. She had been married, divorced and had no children. Helen closely resembled Joyce and Marge in that she too was a very attractive tall woman and like them had long, shapely legs of which she was proud. In the past Joyce had intimated to me that Helen was a “Player”. On more than occasion she also suggested that Helen might enjoy participating in our activities, but of course the opportunity never presented itself. At any rate the family re-union was restrained, and this was not an opportune time to explore this option.

We did however go out for dinner a couple of times. On these occasions Helen wore a simple black chic and form fitting dress, which enhanced her elegance and also her sexuality. She drew many admiring glances from other male diners, and I too noticed how attractive she looked. My eyes were drawn to her long shapely legs in black nylons and high heels. She must have noticed my attention because she and Joyce traded amused looks when I helped her into her chair at the restaurant and later as they got into the car. At home and in bed Joyce and I discussed the events of the day. She teased me for my obvious interest in Helen’s legs, but I reminded her (if she didn’t know already) of my particular appreciation of those attributes. That night Joyce wore black Nylons and garter belt to bed, which was our signal that we wanted to make love. We did, and it was most enjoyable, although I couldn’t get the picture of Helen’s long black nylon clad legs out of my mind as Çapa Escort Joyce brought me to my orgasm. Afterward we relaxed and talked about Helen, and we agreed that it was a pity that she didn’t live closer so that she could participate in our fun and games.

Shortly thereafter I planned a trip to New York to attend a meeting. Now that everything was sorted out after the funeral and the estate had been settled Marge was doing quite well. For this reason Joyce looked forward to accompanying me on the trip, and also because Marge offered to house and baby sit our children. A few days before we were scheduled to leave however, Marge became ill and Joyce canceled her trip to stay behind to help care for her. Joyce insisted that I continue with my own plans, and so I reluctantly left on my own. I spent a couple of days in Boston visiting old school friends. My calls home told me that Marge was getting better, and after a few days I proceeded to New York. I arrived there in the early evening and proceeded to my Hotel. As I was about to check in the receptionist told me not to bother because my wife had arrived earlier and was in our room already! Of course I immediately thought that Marge had improved so much that Joyce had flown in to be with me. Happily I went to our room prepared for a joyful re-union. I opened the door to find the room in darkness, but a light was shining from the partially opened bathroom door.

“Honey, I’m here,” I called as I placed my case on the floor. I was about to enter the bathroom when the door opened. I was dazzled by the light of the bathroom and silhouetted against it I saw the figure of a tall woman. She had on a semi transparent gown and I could also see that she was wearing only a garter belt and black stockings underneath. “I’m so happy that you were able to come after all, and that Marge is so much better.” I said as I went to embrace her. To my astonishment I saw that it was not Joyce who stood in front of me, but Helen. She advanced to meet me, and before I could say anything more she kissed me passionately. We stood locked together in an embrace, and for the moment I couldn’t say anything.

I finally asked Helen why she was here, and why not Joyce. She answered that although Marge was doing better, she was still too weak to be left alone. She and Joyce had talked and Joyce asked Helen to make up for what she felt would be my obvious disappointment at being alone. Helen also told me that both she and Joyce were most grateful to me for having been able to relieve Marge’s frustration and unhappiness. She knew all about our threesome and looking at me directly told me that she also would have liked to Çapa Escort Bayan participate. However the occasion was not at all propitious at our last meeting. When this opportunity presented itself Joyce suggested that she take her place in New York. I was astounded at my good fortune. The close proximity of Helen’s body against my own already caused me to develop a full erection. Helen who pressed herself against me could not have failed to note my arousal, which she only added too by grinding her pelvis against me. We continued like this for a few minutes while I ran my hands over her ample breasts and down her sides and between her legs. She fondled my erect penis which we could see straining against, and tenting my trousers.

“Aren’t you hungry? Its dinner time and I’ve not eaten yet.” I asked Helen. “‘Shall we order up room service?” Helen, smiling looked up at me and didn’t answer. Instead she dropped to her knees and opened my trousers. My penis jutted out erect and it’s tip already moist with pre cum. Helen took it in her warm hands and bent her head , She brought her lips to it’s end and slowly licked down the length of my penis to my scrotum. There she sucked on my testicles while she stroked my penis with her hand. This almost brought me to the point of coming, but since I wanted to prolong this pleasure I asked her to go slow. Helen obviously understood because she released my penis from her hand and continued to lick its shaft. Once again my arousal heightened and by stopping and restarting this and other attentions Helen was easily able to stimulate me repeatedly. Finally neither one wanted to stop and she took in the entire length of my penis into her mouth, and began to suck vigorously. I grasped her head and began to move my penis in and out of her mouth furiously. All the time she was playing with my scrotum and testicles. The result was a magnificent discharge, all of which she swallowed without difficulty.

“How did you like that for an appetizer?” She asked me. In answer I pulled her to her feet and licked the remnants of my come from her mouth with my tongue. We moved to the bed where I removed her gown. This left her wearing only her garter belt which held up the black, lace topped nylons which covered her long and shapely legs. She in turn undressed me, all the time touching and teasing me.

When I complimented Helen on her lovely stockinged legs she told me that Marge and Joyce both had shared with her of my fascination and enjoyment of their own. That’s why she chose this particular outfit knowing that it would give me pleasure. She ran her black nylon stockinged toes up and down my legs until they came Escort Çapa to rest at my groin. There she used them to fondle my scrotum and testicles which of course produced the desired effect and my penis resumed it’s full vigor and erection. I kissed my way from her mouth along her neck to her chest. There my lips, tongue, and teeth found her firm erect nipples which I sucked to Helen’s evident enjoyment. My fingers easily penetrated her warm and moist vagina and there they played until I found her “spot.” The combination of my attention to her breasts and the action of my fingers soon brought Helen to the first of the several orgasms that she experienced. After this we rested, for the moment sated, but the main course was to follow soon.

Helen nestled against me and once again this produced the hoped for effect and my penis sprang to attention. I reached for Helen to pull her down under me, but she resisted gently. Helen instead sat up and pushed me down on my back indicating that this time she would be in charge. I lay back on the head of the bed with my legs stretched out on the bed. Helen spread her legs over mine and sat on her knees. She leaned forward towards me so that her large, firm breasts brushed against my lips. Taking the hint I took one after the other into my willing mouth. I kissed and sucked her nipples which she obviously enjoyed because she encouraged me to continue doing this. Helen lowered her body onto me until the tip of my penis just brushed her vaginal entrance and then withdrew just enough to prevent further penetration by my penis. She continued this by allowing the tip of my penis to enter her vagina only momentarily and then she withdrew. She adjusted her position frequently to allow my penis to brush against her clitoris, and continued this until I was close to coming. When this occurred she desisted just long enough to lessen my urgency, and so we continued for a long time bringing each other just to the point of orgasm. Finally neither one wanted to delay our final pleasure any longer. Helen plunged herself downward on me so that her vagina swallowed up my penis. Entry was easy and complete because both were very much lubricated by our secretions. I matched her movements by my own, but she stopped this and told me that she was in charge and that I should lay back and enjoy it.

Not at all reluctantly I let her control the action. I felt the walls of her vagina alternately squeezing and relaxing my penis. Finally the inevitable happened, and I came explosively until her vaginal contractions had milked the last drop from my penis.

We stayed connected like this for several minutes until we came apart and lay quietly.”What about dessert? ” Helen mischievously asked me. I replied that I was on a diet, and would not (Really could not!) eat anything else. “OK, then lets make a date for breakfast in bed.” she said. I agreed happily and we both went to sleep in each others arms.

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