Beth’s Panties


All characters in the story are over the age of 18.


It’s laundry day. As Beth gathers her clothes she notices several stains on the blue panties she wore yesterday. She runs a finger across them. The stains are still wet and feel slimy. Beth lifts the finger to her nose and sniffs. She knows that smell. It’s what gets on her hands when she jerks off her boyfriend. It’s cum.

There is only one way it could have gotten on her panties. Someone masturbated in them, and only two people could have done that – her father and her brother. Beth is sure that it is not her father. He’s not that kind of person. It has to be her brother. He just returned home from college for the holidays.

“Fucking pervert,” she whispers to herself.

Beth lifts the panties to her nose and takes a deep whiff just to confirm her diagnosis. It’s cum alright. A lot of it. Most of his load was directed against the crotch, the part of her panties that touch her pussy. Beth wants to be disgusted. A part of her is but she also feels a tingling in her loins thinking about what her brother has done. She’s getting turned on. It’s crazy. What she is about to do is even crazier.

Beth takes the cum-stained panties into the bathroom and locks the door. She kicks off her shoes and pulls off her jeans. She peels the panties she is wearing down her legs and steps out of them. Next to go are her tee shirt and bra. Beth stands in front of the mirror looking at her 18 year old body. Her breasts are fully developed and hang from her chest like two ripe pears.

“What the fuck are you doing?” She asks the girl staring back at her.

Beth picks up the cum-stained panties and pulls them up her legs until they are snug against her pussy. An intense throbbing pounds in her loins. She slides a fingertip across her swollen nipples and shudders. Juices are already gathering in her folds. Soon they will be seeping out from her gash and into her cum-soaked panties.

Beth moves a hand between her legs and presses her fingers against the damp material. She rubs back and forth along her gash and over her clit. She knows what she is doing is wrong on so many levels. It doesn’t matter. She can’t stop herself. Her fingers dig harder and move faster. She feels her juices freely mixing with her brother’s cum.

Beth looks in the mirror and sees the lust in her eyes. Her tits sway back and forth on her chest as she continues to rub. The pressure in her loins grows stronger. Her knees become wobbly. Her breathing comes in gasps. Beth concentrates on her clit. She closes her eyes and bites her lip. Moments later her pussy explodes in a series of spasms.

Beth tries to stifle a squeal. Her body trembles and shakes as she gasps for air. The orgasm finally subsides with a final shudder. The crotch of her panties are completely soaked. She opens her eyes and looks at the girl staring back at her. She is breathing hard. Her swollen nipples look like they might burst.

“What is happening to you?” Beth asks the girl in the mirror.

She pulls on her jeans leaving the soaked panties in place and heads downstairs to start the laundry. On the way back she runs into her brother Mike who is coming from the kitchen wearing gym shorts and a tee shirt. Her face turns red knowing that she is wearing the panties with his cum in them – his cum and her pussy juice.

“Hey sis. How was school?”

“Um, okay I guess,” Beth replies averting his eyes. “Only two more days to go before break.”

“Are you okay? You look a little flustered.”

“I’m fine. It’s, uh… just a little warm in here don’t you think?”

“You need to shed some clothes,” Mike tells her. “I’m not hot.”

Beth gets to her room, closes the door and flops down on the bed. Her heart is beating way too fast. It’s because of Mike. It’s like he is a different person. Is he attracted to her? Why else would he jerk off in her panties? Beth knows that her friends think he is sexy, but until now she has never thought about him as anything but her older brother.

Beth wears the cum-soaked panties the rest of the day. At dinner she feels the tingling return. There is something so dirty and nasty and exciting sitting at the table with her parents and brother knowing his cum mixed with her juices is rubbing against her pussy. She even wears them to bed and masturbates to images of her brother jerking off into her panties.

The next morning Beth picks out the sexiest pair of panties she owns. They are made of pink lace and cut high on her butt cheeks and low in front with a little bow above her pussy. She slips them on and masturbates. The crotch of the pink panties quickly become soaked with pussy juice.

Beth takes off the pink panties off and puts them in the laundry bin hoping her brother will find them. She showers and gets dressed for school. During class she has a hard time concentrating. Her mind is on Mike wondering if he is jerking off in her panties again. She can’t wait to get home.

Beth rushes up to her room and bayan esmer escort bursa checks the laundry. Her heart sinks. Her panties are just as she left them. She lifts them to her nose just to make sure. No cum. It is not fair she thinks. It’s like he is teasing me. Beth picks up the panties and goes to Mike’s room. He is not there. She looks around, hesitates and then drops them on the floor.

Beth is in her room when Mike returns. She cracks open the door and watches from across the hall. He finds the panties on the floor and picks them up. He looks towards Beth’s door. She doesn’t think he can see her through the tiny opening. He lifts the panties to his nose and takes a deep whiff. Without closing the door he pushes down his gym shorts and begins to stroke.

Beth is mesmerized. She stares at Mike’s cock as it grows to full length. Her breathing gets heavier. Her heart beats faster. She moves a hand under her skirt and rubs her pussy. She feels the juices gather in her opening. Two fingers slide under her panties and open her moist folds. She finds her clit and rubs it in circles.

Mike is stroking faster and faster. Beth’s panties are still pressed against his nose. She continues to watch through the tiny crack in the door. Two fingers plunge deep into her juicy cunt. She pumps them in and out as she watches her brother jerk off.

Mike wraps the panties around his cock and continues to stroke. Beth can barely breath she is so excited. She slides her gooey fingers to her clit and flutters them across the tiny nub. Mike aims the tip of his cock at Beth’s panties. His face grimaces. He grunts. Hot cum shoots out in a series of spurts soaking into the crotch of the lacy pink material.

Seconds later Beth’s pussy explodes. Cunt juice soaks into her panties and dribbles down her thighs. She has to bite her lip to stifle a scream. Her legs get wobbly. She drops to her knees still trembling and shaking. A final spasm grips her pussy.

Beth sees Mike wiping his cock with her panties. He shoves it back into his shorts and walks across the hall to Beth’s room. Beth scoots away from the door and quickly sits on the bed. She hears a knock. The door pushes open. Mike is standing there holding Beth’s cum soaked panties with his fingers.

“Did you leave these in my room,” he asks with a grin. “They look like yours.”

“Um, I… I don’t think so,” Beth stutters.

“Well I’m pretty sure they’re yours. Do you want them back?”

He holds them out. A huge load of cum is still soaking into the crotch. A small strand drips off and lands the floor. Beth is in a daze. Her face is red. Her head is spinning. It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. She looks at the cum-soaked panties and back up at Mike. She says the first thing that comes to mind which she realizes sounds really stupid.

“Wha… what did you do to them?”

They both know exactly what he did to her panties. The real question is why he is flaunting it so openly.

“What’s it look like? I jerked off in them. I figured that’s why you left them in my room. I found the pair from yesterday under your bed. It was obvious that you had been wearing them. I was just doing you a favor. Do you want to put them on? Go ahead. I don’t mind.”

Beth knows this is wrong on so many levels. It was wrong yesterday but it was her secret. The problem is that she does want to put them on… badly. She looks helplessly up at Mike then reaches under her skirt and pulls down her panties. Mike holds out his hand. She hands them to him. He lifts them to his nose and sniffs. The smell of pussy is strong.

Beth steps into the pink cum-soaked panties. She pulls them up her legs until they are firm against her pussy and ass. She can feel the slimy wetness of his cum. Her body shudders. Her pussy twitches and releases a small trickle of cunt juice that mixes with her brother’s seed.

“Show me,” he orders more than asks.

Beth lifts her skirt. Mike stares at the panties which are molded tightly to her pubic mound. The crotch is soaked. Traces of cum streak her thighs where the panties rubbed when she was pulling them on. Beth is breathing hard. Her body is tingling all over. Another spasm grips her pussy. More cunt juice mingles with her brother’s cum.

“Rub your pussy,” Mike orders.

Beth is entranced and helpless. She wants to do what he told her to do. Her hand slides under the waistband of the pink lace panties. Her fingers push through the curly pubes speckled with drops of cum and find the gooey mess already sticking to her folds. She gathers some on her fingertips and dips them into her opening. She looks up at her brother as she fingers her pussy.

“Are your fingers in your pussy?” Mike asks.

Beth nods her head.

“Fingers with cum on them?”

She nods her head again.

“Good. Load them up with more and put them back in your pussy.”

Beth does as she’s told. There is something so exciting and dirty and forbidden bursa ucuz eskort about pushing her brother’s cum into her pussy right in front of him. Every nerve ending in her body is firing on high. She doesn’t know how long she will last before her pussy explodes.

“I’m going to take out my cock now. Keep fingering your pussy.”

Mike pushes down his shorts. His hard cock pops free. He wraps his fingers around it and begins to stroke. Beth continues to dig her fingers into her pussy. Juices are pouring out from her cunt. The pressure in her loins is growing and growing.

“Get down on your knees,” Mike orders.

Beth drops to her knees. Her hand is still buried in her panties, her fingers deep in her pussy. Her eyes are focused on her brother’s hard cock. Mike continues to stroke faster and faster. She sees a small trickle of clear fluid oozing out from the little slit on the tip. She desperately wants to taste it but resists the urge. Beth has never sucked a cock. She knows the basics from watching porn and talking to her girlfriends. She’s just never done it.

“Put it in your mouth,” he tells her.

That is all the encouragement Beth needs. She leans forward and flicks her tongue across his knob tasting the precum leaking out from the tip. Then she wraps her lips around the bulging tip. Her tongue teases the swollen head. Beth takes him deeper. She feels his hard flesh glide across her tongue. Mike puts his hands on her head and slowly thrusts in and out. He looks down at his sister with her lips firmly wrapped around his cock and knows he won’t last long.

Beth finds the rhythm and moves her head back and forth in synch with his thrusts. She knows enough to keep her teeth out of the way and figures out how to use her tongue to stimulate the hard flesh plunging in and out of her mouth. Her cum-drenched fingers continue to dig in her pussy. Beth can feel the pressure building. She’s going to have an orgasm.

It all happens at the same time. Mike’s cock swells between her lips. He thrusts deep and grunts. Beth’s pussy clenches around her fingers. She tries to gasp but it is muffled by the cock in her mouth. A blast of hot cum sprays from the tip and splashes into her throat. She chokes and coughs. Cum shoots out of her nose. More pours over her lips and down her chin.

Another blast sprays into her mouth. Beth’s orgasm reaches its peak. She finally manages to pull away from her brother’s cock and gasps for air. Several smaller spurts land on her face and speckle her hair. She falls forward onto her hands and knees. Her entire body is trembling and shaking. A final spasm grips her pussy.

No words are spoken. Mike puts his wilting dick away and leaves the room. Beth struggles to her feet and staggers into the bathroom. She looks in the mirror. The girl staring back at her has splotches of cum dripping down her face and speckled in her hair. The front of her blouse in soaked with spit and cum.

“Slut,” she says to the girl looking back at her.

Yes. I am a slut. I sucked my brother’s cock. I have cum all over my face and in my mouth. This thought excites her. She feels her nipples swell. Her hand slides back into the pink panties. She stares intently at the girl in the mirror with cum all over her face as she rubs her clit. It doesn’t take long. She feels her knees get weak. Her pussy explodes.

She grasps the sink with her free hand to keep from falling. The girl in the mirror bites her lip and grimaces before closing her eyes. With a final shudder and gasp Beth regains her composure. She pulls the dripping fingers out of her panties and scoops up droplets of cum splattered on her face. She watches the girl in front of her suck them into her mouth.

“Whore,” she says and spits at her new friend before going back to her room.

Mike leaves the house. He doesn’t get home until Beth is in bed and fast asleep. She is glad. She didn’t want to confront him. What would she say or do? And what if he wants to fuck her? Sucking his cock is one thing. Fucking is a whole different matter. He’s her brother and she’s a virgin – technically that is. She did lose her cherry to the back end of an electric toothbrush but she’s never had a cock in her pussy.

Beth awakes when she hears her brother returning to his room. She looks at the clock. It’s almost 2 in the morning. She hears him go into the bathroom. A few minutes later he walks back down the hall but rather going in his room he slowly turns the knob on her door. Beth quickly rolls onto her stomach and pretends to be asleep.

Mike enters the room quietly. He pulls out his cell phone and turns on the flashlight. He sneaks up to the bed and slowly pulls the covers off. Beth is face down with one leg bent at the knee and the other out straight. The night shirt she is wearing barely covers her cheeks. Mike carefully lifts it up until her creamy ass is completely exposed. Her pussy is peeking out from between her thighs like a ripe peach.

Beth bursa anal yapan escort knows she should roll over, pretend to wake up and tell him to leave. She doesn’t. She feels her brother’s hand gently caress her ass cheeks. A finger moves down her crevice and over her asshole to her pussy. Beth tries to control her breathing but it is difficult. Juices are already gathering in her slit. She can barely control her excitement.

Mike parts her folds and slides his finger along her gash. He feels his sister’s wetness and assumes that her body is reacting even though she’s asleep. Being cautious he presses his fingertip against her opening. It easily pushes into her body. Mike can feel the heat of her pussy pulsing against his finger.

Beth moans and shifts on the bed spreading her thighs further apart. She pretends to still be asleep. Mike hesitates for a moment and then continues. His finger slowly moves in and out of her pussy. He carefully inserts a second finger. Her pussy is tight but easily able to accommodate both.

Beth finds it difficult to remain still. The excruciating pleasure from his fingers pumping in and out of her pussy have every nerve ending in her body tingling. She tilts her ass and squirms against his hand pretending that it is her body involuntarily responding to his stimulation while she is asleep.

Mike pulls out his fingers before she cums. Beth knows there is no way she could fake being asleep if that were to happen but it is beyond frustrating. Mikes slides his hands under her and slowly rolls Beth onto her back. Beth pretends to stir when this happens but settles back into what seems like a deep sleep.

Mike gently pulls Beth’s nightshirt up and exposes her naked tits. He softly rubs a fingertip across each nipple. Beth feels them swell and throb from his touch. He leans over and flicks a tongue across her erect nipple. Beth bites back a gasp when he sucks it into his mouth. He moves to her other nipple and does the same thing.

Her pussy is still throbbing from his fingers. The pressure becomes more intense from the way he is playing with her nipples. Juices seep out from her opening and trickle down the crack of her ass. Mike slides a hand to her pussy. His fingertip slowly rubs her clit. Beth lets out a quiet gasp. She doesn’t know how much longer she can hold back. Her thighs begin to shake. Just before the orgasm Mike pulls his finger away.

Beth tries to control her breathing but it is difficult. She rolls over on her side pretending to still be asleep. Part of her hopes Mike will leave so she can finish with her fingers. Part of her wants more. Mike pushes down his boxers. His hard cock wavers in the air inches from Beth’s face. The swollen knob brushes across her lips. He rubs it back and forth smearing precum oozing out from the tip.

Beth opens her mouth a little wider. Mike pushes the tip of his cock through her lips. It slides across her tongue. He slowly moves it in and out going a little deeper each time. Beth gently rolls her tongue around his hard flesh. She moans but keeps her eyes shut hoping Mike will assume it’s just her natural reaction to having a cock in her mouth, a learned behavior that she does automatically in her sleep.

Mike continues to fuck her mouth slowly and methodically. Beth keeps her lips wrapped tightly around him. Her tongue moves against him more aggressively. She loves having his cock in her mouth. It is driving her crazy with pleasure. Her pussy is dying to be touched. Her nipples feel like they are going to burst. She wonders if he is going to cum and what she is going to do if he does.

Before that happens Mike pulls his cock from her mouth. Beth feels a trickle of spit slide out from the corner and dribble down her cheek. She hears him move away and thinks he is about to leave. Instead Mike goes around to the other side of the bed. He very carefully climbs onto it and slides up behind Beth. She feels his hard cock brush against her ass cheeks.

He presses his body closer. His cock wedges into the crack of her ass. Mike slides a hand around her body and cups a breast. His cock moves up and down between her cheeks. He shifts slightly. She can feel the knob of his cock against her pussy and tilts her ass backwards. He slides it along her gash and over her clit.

Beth wonders if he is going to try to fuck her. Does he know she’s a virgin? It doesn’t matter. Her pussy is throbbing, almost begging to be filled. His cock continues to slide back and forth between the open folds and over her swollen clit. She gently rocks her hips and moves with him. His hand squeezes her breast. His fingertip brushes her nipple.

Beth squeezes her thighs together putting more pressure on his cock. He pumps it across her pussy faster and faster. She can feel the swollen tip brush over her hard clit again and again. The pressure in her belly continues to build. She fights the impending explosion. His thrusts become more desperate. Mike pinches her nipple between his forefinger and thumb.

Beth shifts slightly and tilts her ass back even further. It changes the angle that his cock is pointed. On the next thrust Mike’s knob pushes into her opening and penetrates her tight pussy. He thrusts again driving it deeper. Her virgin cunt stretches around his hard flesh as it plunges further and further into the depths of her womanhood.

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