Breast Obsessed Ch. 03


It’s that time again, Josie fans. And please enjoy the next installment of the Breast Obsessed series. How long will it run? I have a definite ending(s) in mind, now it’s just a question of getting there. Enjoy.

Breast Obsessed Chapter Three

Life is funny sometimes thought Tanner Macallister.

If someone had ever come up to me and told me that someday I would fuck my daughter, they would have probably gotten their dick knocked in the dirt.

And yet here I am. My crotch is sticky with cum, mine and my daughter’s. I just got done shoving my cock as deep inside her as I could and unloading my nuts into her womb until I thought I would pass out. And now, her “friend” has just arrived, and speaking of which…..

Veronica Summers kneels before Tanner. She reaches out with both hands, hooking him behind his knees. Then she gave a sharp tug, hauling his groin closer to her. He tenses up slightly and she quickly raises her hands and places them on his knees.

“Relaaaax.” She soothes. “You’ve just gotten a little messy. Well, actually a LOT messy.”

She giggles. Much differently than Josie’s sweet girlish giggle.

“And we’ve got to get you cleaned up before you can go anywhere.”

Tanner watches as she raises her right hand and extends her index finger. Slowly she lowers it until she dabs it delicately into the sticky, drying froth of semen coating his shaft. She rubs slightly to coat her fingertip, then just as slowly raises it to her mouth.


Tanner groans out loud as she sucks her fingertip into her mouth, tasting him, never breaking eye contact. Tanner is almost hypnotized by her beauty. The sharp contrast of her black hair and dark purple makeup with her alabaster complexion gives her an incredibly striking appearance.

“Mmmmm.” She says, tongue flicking out over her lips. “Josie was right. You ARE yummy.”

“I told you.” Josie chimes in from her position next to Tanner. She has leaned in and snuggled up next to him, watching the proceedings like a hawk.

“Time for seconds.” Veronica breathes, as she takes off her glasses and hands them to Josie, who sets them on the endtable. She lowers her head towards his crotch, and at the same time raises both hands up to his pecs. As her soft lips mash into his sticky cock shaft, she slowly drags her fingernails down his chest, not hard enough to mark, but hard enough to send shivers of electricity up his spine.

Veronica breathes in the heady scent of semen and swirls her tongue around the base of Tanner Macallister’s saturated member. She begins greedily lapping at the sticky spunk with her tongue, sucking and licking as much of it as she can. She works her way around his balls and inner thighs, suctioning up every sweet sticky morsel she can find. Her cheeks, chin and lips soon glisten with cum, but she pays it no heed.

She slowly slides her fingers around the shaft, feeling the telltale signs of engorgement through her palm. Indeed, despite so recent an orgasm (and his second of the morning, unbeknownst to Veronica) Tanner’s pole is indeed thickening and lengthening yet again.

“Bravo.” She says. “I’m impressed.”

And then she leans over, and engulfs the six inches of rapidly growing cock into her mouth and throat.

“Nnnnngh!” She grunts, feeling his cock start to slide back into her throat, even as it continues to grow.

Tanner feels his daughter’s lips brush his ear.

“Guess who taught me to deep-throat, Daddy?” She whispers dreamily, tongue flicking his lobe. “Go on, guess.”

“T-taugh-hnnnfuck -taught you?” He stammers, feeling his cock becoming fuller and harder still from the skillful ministrations of the vixen in his lap.

“Mmmhmm.” Josie says, sucking gently on the lobe. “All you need is a quick trip to the adult store for a nice, big dildo. Voila! Instant deep-throat practice.”

“Oh fuck. Oh shit!” Tanner moans as Veronica begins noisily slurping and sucking her way around his shaft. Tendrils of saliva connect her mouth to his cock, dribble from her lips onto his lap. She stops, spits on his shaft, and begins stroking, while gently kneading his balls with the palm of her other hand. Her eyes go wide when she sees it in its full erect glory.

“Wow.” She breathes. “I’ve never taken one this big…..”

She trails off, and eyes Tanner with a thoughtful look on her face.

“Want to see a magic trick?” She says, grinning mischeviously.

“What?” He says.

“Lady and gentleman,” She says, pausing for effect. “Watch me make this cock disappear!”

And she leans forward, not even pausing to adjust as the tight wet sleeve of her throat is fitted over the entire length of Tanner’s cock. His hips buck against her face as she swallows him to the root.

“Mmmmmggggmph!” She moans, and begins to fuck her own throat with his cock, deep long strokes, faster and faster, gurgling noises coming from her mouth as gooey spit trickles from the corners to pool around the base of his shaft.

Tanner Fulya Escort watches as she bobs her head feverishly over his rigid cock, then he gasps amazed as she goes to the root again, tongue wiggling across the base of his shaft, straining head halfway down her throat.

“Ggggrrrlllrg!” She gurgles, raising one hand and patting herself on the back of the head.

“I don’t-……haaahhgGOD. I don’t understand.” He replies, trying to force words past the moans.

Veronica disgorges his thick veiny python from her throat, gasping for air or with pleasure he wasn’t sure which. She holds his fat cock in her hands while she presses her lips to the underside of the head. Her makeup is beginning to run from the tears being forced out of her eyes.

“When I swallow this dick, put your fucking hand on the back of my head and push down.” She says, eyes blazing with lust.

“But I might hurt you.” He says.

“Nope.” She says “No cock can hurt my throat. But you might make me cum.”

“Okay.” He says.

“Remember, do it hard.” She says, “I might struggle a bit. Just hold me there.”

“Until when?” He asks.

She gives his cockhead a quick swirling lick and smiles at him.

“You’ll know.”

And she goes back to sucking him. Not taking him all the way again yet, just steady suction and stroking with her mouth. After getting his entire length gooey and wet she catches his eye as she dives towards the head again.

Now. Her eyes say.

As Veronica engulfs nine inches of thick cock meat into her throat, Tanner Macallister’s right hand fastens on the back of her head and shoves her as deep as he can.

“Huummmmmmmmm!” She whines out, nostrils flaring as she is pinned to his dick.

Tanner is getting quite a view. He looks straight into Veronica’s eyes, streaked with runny purple makeup. Her vivid purple lips securely locked around his girth, tongue gently massaging the underside.

Her chest hitches, once, twice, and twice more. He feels her pushing against his hand, a tiny sliver of desperation in her eyes, but he follows her instructions and holds firm. Her body begins to quake, and with a puff of her cheeks air is forcibly blown past his shaft and out of her aching lungs.

Tanner eases up on the pressure slightly, but when he does he notices her head move slowly, left then right.

Not yet. Not yet.

Veronica convulses further on his shaft, tears running from her eyes. Suddenly as Tanner watches her eyes begin to slowly roll back in her head.


Tanner puts his left hand under her chin and grips her by the back of the neck. With a strong heave he lifts her mouth up off of his cock, a spider’s web of clingy spit connecting them to each other. Veronica sucks a great inhalation of air, and giggle-moans on the exhale.

“Oh wow.” She says, fanning the air in front of her face. “That was intense! And perfect. Keep doing that every time I go deep.”

“Okay.” He replies. His cock stabs the air between them, her request bringing a strange feeling of extreme arousal to him.

And they continue on. Veronica sucking his cock and periodically going deep on him, while he holds her head until she almost blacks out, then releases her. She gets more and more riled up the longer it goes on. Josie gives encouragement from Tanner’s side, but at one point when Veronica backs off of Tanner’s rigid shaft Josie begins to slide down towards it, moistening her lips with her tongue. Veronica see her coming and cuts her off, shaking her head emphatically no and pointing back to Tanner’s side. Josie retreats back into the crook of her father’s arm and pouts.

Tanner himself just enjoys the best deep throating he’s ever received. His cock is trembling with the need to release when she pauses again.

“Okay,” Veronica gasps. “One more I think should do it.”

She pins Tanner with her gaze.

“Don’t let go until I pop.” She orders. “No matter what.”

He nods, fingers flexing as he imagines the gentle curve of the back of her neck gripped in them.

Veronica takes a deep breath, and opens her mouth wide, like an anaconda about to envelop its next meal. She lunges forward, Tanner’s bulbous crown surging past her lips and down into her throat, cutting off her air.

“Uuuughhlkkk!” She chokes out, tears streaming down her cheeks, leaving violet trails to mark their passage.

Tanner’s right hand clamps on her neck like a vice, holding her face against his abdominal muscles, watching her eyes. She stares right back, pinning him with her gaze like he has pinned her to his manhood.

Veronica makes a fist with her left hand and pounds the couch cushion next to her, a shudder goes throughout her body and small whines come from deep within. Suddenly her back arches, her eyes roll back, and she comes.

Tanner is spellbound. Veronica moans past the fat cylinder of flesh lodged in her throat as her trembling hips hump the air for a few moments before slowly Fulya Escort Bayan easing downward towards the floor. He quickly hauls her off of his cock for the last time.

“Huuuuh Aaaaaaah!” She breathes, gasping as she collapses against his thigh. She manages to raise her head, and to his utter amazement, winks at him.

“Good……ugh………job.” She gasps. “Not a very big one, but I did get off. Thanks.”

“Don’t mention it.” Tanner remarks, amazed. “How the hell did you do it?”

She smiles tiredly.

“I just…..really love sucking dick.”

Veronica hauls herself up onto her knees. She offers his cock a cursory inspection and smiles.

“There. All clean. And don’t cum. You’re gonna need to save it. I know leaving you like this is rude, but trust me. I’ll make it up to you tenfold.”

She turns to Josie, smiling and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Your turn, pussycat.” She breathes.

“Mmmmm finally.” Josie coos, sliding down on the couch and spreading her damp thighs, giving Veronica a bird’s eye view of her swollen stretched cunt and the bubbly white froth that is slowly drying there. She relaxes her muscles, allowing a mini waterfall of pearlescent white spunk to cascade out of her freshly fucked pussy, down the crack of her ass, and onto the couch cushion.

Veronica licks her lips, closing in. Her eyes look the way a cat’s eyes might look to a mouse. Josie giggles and crooks her index finger at her in a “come hither” gesture.

“C’mon baby.” She teases. “You’ve had your snack. Now for the main course.”

Tanner turns slightly on the couch to watch the proceedings. His cock throbs, aching for relief, but he refrains from touching himself. The thought of watching his daughter be orally pleased by another girl is tremendously exciting to him. He waits with baited breath for the show to begin.

He doesn’t have to wait long. Veronica lowers herself to her hands and knees, tucking her head between Josie’s soft curvy thighs. She plants a passionate kiss on her clit, drawing a moan from Josie. Her tongue snakes out and begins mopping cum from her labial mound, drawing her tongue back into her mouth occasionally to swallow the sticky coating. Josie’s hands reach down and fasten onto the sides of her head, holding her in place. Her hips buck against Ronnie’s face, smearing it with shining silky cream.

Ronnie presses her face against Josie’s cunt lips and begins sucking and slurping with a vengeance. She siphons as much dripping cum from the depths of her pussy as she can before lapping sticky jizz from her inner thighs and labial folds. She groans and grunts enthusiastically, the combined scent of her sexy friend and her friend’s virile, manly father driving her wild with lust. She raises Josie’s ass slightly and shamelessly rims her asshole, letting not a single drip escape her probing tongue even as two fingers are effortlessly inserted into her friend’s hot honey pot.

“Ooooooh FUUUUUUUUCK!” Josie moans, “Lick my ass baby! Lick it!”

Tanner recognizes Josie’s approaching climax. He leans over and captures her erect left nipple in his mouth, feeling the firm flesh between his lips, suckling gently while his left hand comes up to squeeze her right breast, fingertips trailing over the erect nipple there as well.

“Mmmm Daddy.” She keens “Yesssss.”

Tanner isn’t done. He releases her breast and brings his fingers to his lips, quickly moistening them. Then he lowers his hand down and begins rubbing her clit firmly in circles.

Josie begins breathing hard and wiggling on the couch. Her friend has her tongue on her asshole and two fingers in her sopping snatch. Her father is stroking her clit and now gently biting her nipple. Her climax begins to mount quickly. The familiar tingling sensation starting at her sex and spreading throughout her body, feeling like every cell is slowly vibrating against each other.

“Huuuhn huuuhn huhn huhn huhn huuuuuuhnffffFUUUUCK I’M COMIIIIIING!!”

Josie bucks against her lovers as her back violently contorts. Her shuddering tits point skyward, erect nipples stabbing the air. She grabs her father’s arm with her left hand, squeezing tight, giving her something to bear down on as she comes. Her hips buck furiously against Ronnie’s face, who grabs a double fistful of ass to hold her somewhat steady. Then she smiles as Josie’s right hand clamps on the back of her head and mashes her face firmly into her pussy and asshole, grinding her juicy labia up and down her friend’s countenance as she spasms and squirts juices.

Suddenly she collapses back, body overcome by mini-convulsions. Her eyelids flutter and she gasp-whines each breath. Her legs stay drunkenly askew as she goes practically boneless with pleasure. Her eyes swivel about in their sockets, seeing everything and nothing all at once. Then her eyes settle on her father, and stay there.

Tanner watches his daughter cum, then when her eyes find his they hold him Escort Fulya there, their surroundings shrinking down into insignificance as their eyes bore into each other…….

“And that’s two!” Ronnie says. She sits up on her knees and damn near fist-pumps in excitement.

Tanner shakes his head, snapping back to the moment, the rest of the room coming back into focus. He reaches out with his hands and tenderly strokes his daughter’s heaving torso, soothing her with the strength of his palms. Her hitching breaths slow to a more even rhythm, and her hand reaches up to close over top of his own, her fingers squeezing slightly.

Veronica stands up and fishes in her left rear pocket. Her face is an absolute wreck, smeared makeup and slimy juices everywhere. She draws out a cell phone and tosses it to tanner.

“Here.” She says “You’d better call your job and tell them you’re not coming in today.”

“Oh my god, my job!” Tanner had completely forgotten. He is incredibly late at this point, his presence surely missed.

“Relax.” She says. “Just tell them that you’ve been puking your guts up, and would have called earlier. Then, you’d better get some rest while Josie and I are out. You’re going to need it.”

“How did you know I had to be at work?” Tanner asks.

A sly smirk from Veronica.

“Do you always wear a tie around the house?”

Tanner looks down and realizes he is still wearing his tie and dress shirt, though the dress shirt is unbuttoned almost all the way to his neck. He loosens the knot on his tie and pulls it off, then unbuttons the shirt and pulls it off as well.

Veronica’s eyes widen as the shirt falls away and Tanner Macallister’s chiseled musculature is exposed to her view. He rises from the couch, a modern day Adonis, bronzed skin stretched over the layers of muscles densely packed on his frame. She feels butterflies in her stomach as she watches him stretch his arms over his head and casually walk towards the foyer, his still-half-erect cock swaying gently from side to side with every step.

Veronica turns and watches him go, drinking in the picture of virile masculinity he paints. Her senses are primed, her lust boiling. As he turns to climb the stairs a single certain thought grips her mind.

I’m going to fuck that man.


Veronica shakes her head and glances back at Josie, who sits demurely on the edge of the couch, an appearance jarred by her shredded clothes and exposed nakedness.

“What now?” She asks.

And suddenly, Ronnie is all business again.

“C’mon pussycat. Let’s make ourselves presentable. We’ve got some shopping to do today.”


Tanner Macallister stands under the hot knifing spray of water in his shower, allowing it to pummel fatigue from his muscles. He looks down into the water swirling around the drain, lost in thought.



Josie and Veronica are side-by-side at the mirror in Josie’s bathroom. They talk and laugh back and forth as they apply makeup and primp themselves. When satisfied, they head back downstairs.

Tanner is in the kitchen in a long robe. He is casually pouring the cold contents of his coffee cup into the sink. He hears someone clear their voice behind him. He turns, and gasps involuntarily.

Veronica has not changed other than a scrubbing of her face and a reapplication of her makeup. She looks as dazzlingly striking as she did the moment she walked in.

Josie Macallister is what takes his breath away. Her hair is pulled back in a loose ponytail, a few loose strands hanging down by each ear. Her breasts are barely shoved into a tight, tight yellow tank top. She is not wearing a bra, as the enticing jiggle of her breasts would suggest, as well as the twin nipples threatening to gouge straight through the fabric. A pair of black bicycle shorts cling firmly to her hips, the legs so short that they appear nonexistent. He follows the long lines of her tanned legs down to her sneakers, wanting nothing more than to run his hands down them, to feel them under his fingertips.

She notices her father’s stare and does a long slow pirouette, hands at her sides, palms down. Tanner swallows as he notices that the bottoms of her round young ass cheeks are sticking out in plain view, offering silent promise of the hidden charms within.

“What do you think?” Josie asks.

“Wow.” Tanner breathes. “Just…….wow.”

She visibly pinks from his praise, head lowering slightly, dimples showing as she smiles. She looks up at him through her lashes, the look on her face one of commingled lust and…..something more.

“Okay, Tanner.” Veronica interjects. “We are going shopping. While we’re gone, please make us reservations at the nicest restaurant you know of. And try to get some rest. You’re going to have your hands full tonight.”

Her eyes bore into him. His blood stirs.

“Okay.” He says. “I’ll see you later on then.”

Josie bounces out the door, her breasts rolling alluringly on her torso, buttocks popping in the skintight confines of her shorts. Tanner watches them go.

“Tanner?” Veronica says, pinning him with her gaze as she slowly reaches up to adjust her glasses.

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