Brian’s Mom: An Incest Novella


Important Story Notice: This story is about a mother and son dealing with a sudden shift in their relationship, and someone helping the mom deal with these changes. This is an attempt at a sexy, incest novella for people who like to be titillated with clever twists, turns, and nuances. This is for if you like intimate background info, fun encounters, character arcs, and sexy outfits. If you like getting straight to the sex, then this is not your style. All characters are over 18. Enjoy.


“Jessica felt the weight of her head resting on Rob’s chest while remembering the evening they shared the night before. Both knew it was not built to last, but for this one night they could pretend it was the beginning of an endless adventure.”

Lena Wilson jolted in her rolling chair, thinking she had heard the sound of footsteps in the hall. It was a month ago that the English teacher got the idea for an intense romance novel. She did not assume it would lead to becoming a published author. She actually just wanted something more private she could do for fun.

So, every night for the last month, Lena snuck out of the bed she shared with her husband and walked down the hall to her small home office.

With the final sentence complete, Lena emailed her story to her work friends, hoping she could discuss it with them before the township’s high school was back from Spring Break.

The anticipation of waiting was hard for Lena. She had spent a month of her life writing the short novel and she wanted instant feedback before editing it. The Friday before the teachers were set to return to work, Lena finally got texts from her two colleagues that they could meet for coffee on Sunday.


When it was Sunday and the three friends were in a cafe with their drinks, Lena excitedly asked in a hushed tone, “So, what did you think?”

The facial reactions from her friends were even better than Lena had hoped, but their reasoning was not what she expected. “It was so f’ing hot! The intimate scenes were incredible. I kept reading it over and over. The only part I didn’t like was how the sex scenes didn’t go even further,”

“I know, right?! Lena was holding back on us,” another teacher quipped.

“Well, I’m glad you guys liked that so much,” Lena responded tentatively. “But what did you think of the story as a whole? What is your critique of it?”

Both of Lena’s friends looked at each other and then back at Lena. “To be honest,” one began, “I think all of the more whimsical and loving parts were kind of cliché.” Seeing Lena’s heart starting to break, she quickly added, “But I kid you not, the sex scenes were like nothing I have ever read. You might be the most talented erotica writer I have ever read.”

Lena turned to see her other coworker nodding in agreement. This was not what Lena planned on hearing. “Okay… Is there anything I can do to the novel to make it less cliché?”

“We were talking, and we think you should ditch the romance parts and forget about that genre. You have a gift, and you should go all in. E.L. James has nothing on you.”

“Seriously?” I don’t want to seem pretentious, but I think I’m above writing smut.”

“Why? I wish I could write like this. Just cut out the romance and add some juicy details. Post it on one of those erotica sites under a pen name and see how people react. Let the audience judge.”

Lena considered it and realized she had nothing to lose. Neither husband nor son would ever know it was her if she used a pen name. “I guess I can do that.”

That night, Lena snuck out of her room to enter the small office. She paired down the romantic lines and let her mind go into more explicit details. It was not long before it felt steamy in the closet-sized office. It was enthralling to add naughtier lines and sexy scenes.

Somehow it was the most satisfying night of writing Lena had experienced over the last month. She found a popular erotica site, used the pen name “DirtyBrunette” and uploaded her story under her newly-created account.

“Holy shit,” Lena mouthed dryly as she opened her email after work the following day. Not only were there tons of positive comments under her story, but her inbox also had emails from readers asking if she could write a story for them.


The following day at work in the teacher’s lounge, Lena told her two friends about the praise and offers she received.

“See! We told you. So, are you going to do it?”

“What?” Lena questioned.

“Are you going to write stories for them? You could pick up some extra dough. God knows we need it with our funding cuts.”

“Oh, I don’t think I-”

“Yeah,” her other friend chimed in, “you’d be silly not to do this. Even at $25 a story you could write one in a couple of hours to pick up some pocket money.”

Lena did not even consider doing it the night before when she had gotten the emails. Though her friends were making sense. Not that she told them, Eyüp Escort but Lena loved writing erotica the night before. Also, with her husband, Rick, bringing home a lot of money from his sales career, Lena always craved more financial independence.

“I guess I can tell Rick that it’s a performance-based bonus if he even asks. I don’t think he pays enough attention to know how I get paid.”

There was a lot of energy in Lena’s step when she got home from work. Brian, her son, noticed her bouncing around while making dinner. Lena was excited to start her new side venture that night.


When night finally fell and her husband was asleep, Lena snuck back into the office. She answered the story request emails from her fans (nearly all men). She told them if they sent her $25 over PayPal, she would write them a story based on their idea and send it to them within a week.

Apparently, nighttime was the most active time on erotica sites, because she got two payments within half an hour. Lena sent the men a confirmation email and said she would get started on their stories right away.

Lena began writing around midnight and did not stop until 4:30 AM. When she finished and had sent both stories, it was like coming out of the twilight zone. She could not believe she had stayed up that late to write. The time flew by, and she had to be up in two hours.

The only moment when time stood still was when she had heard a creek in the hallway that could have been a footstep. Admittedly, it made it even hotter to know that she was doing something naughty at night in between her husband and son’s bedrooms. It made her feel like a bad wife and mother.

The only true causes for concern were the giant wet spot she left on the chair and the fact that when she had her moment of panic, she did not have a planned alibi for Rick. Lena made a mental note to start sitting on towels and to simply tell Rick she was answering work emails. With how engrossed Rick was with his demanding job, he would probably understand needing to answer an email this early.

“Wow, I’m going to have to show a movie in class tomorrow,” yawned a tired Lena.


The next morning, Brian asked his mom why she looked so tired.

“I didn’t sleep well. I think I’m going to show my classes a video that I am not supposed to show until next week,” Lena joked.

Brian laughed and said, “At least now I know that Mrs. Howell will show us a video next week. I know from the other teachers that they’re cutting funding and that you’re not getting paid fairly, so I don’t blame you for not following their dumb curriculum rules.”

Lena was touched that her son was interested in her problems and on her side.


Right after getting home from work, Lena checked her erotica email and saw that a lot more guys were asking her to write stories for them. Both of the men she had written for early in the morning had posted already her work. Since her work was signed with her email and pen name at the bottom, a lot of other men wanted the same service done for them.

There were plenty of disgusting and weird requests to filter out, but the silver lining was that Lena had so much traction that she could be picky. The new erotica writer picked out a few interesting emails and told them the rules of her service. Lena soon had four more stories to write.

It was only $50 for working four hours of the night shift, but it was enchantingly fun, and the money would add up. She would just have to nap during her off periods and before dinner to make it work. She could write for a week and then take off a week.

With her future as a writer starting to come together, Lena tasked herself with writing two more stories before going back to bed.

Once again, Lena had herself gripped and aroused with her own words. Her chair towel was even more needed than it was the night before. This time she was smart enough to pull up her nightdress as to not soak the back.

By the time Lena had finished, she was too horny to go to sleep. She was close to finishing and needed to be pushed over the edge. She breathily scanned her email hoping to find an idea from one of her fans that would stimulate her. Some ideas were hot, but they needed a lot of creative effort that she was not in the mood for.

Then, an email from a younger man caught her eye.

“Hello DirtyBrunette,

My name is Brian and I am 18 years old. I live in a smaller town in Michigan and I have a massive crush on the head of my high school’s English Department. Actually, it is more than a crush. I think I have deep feelings for her. Every day when I see her, I can’t help but think of her in a sexual way. She is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. She is intelligent, funny, and I look at her as a goddess.

Now, she is married, but I think she wants more. At the very least, she deserves more. She has wavy brunette hair, hazel eyes, fair skin, is 5’5″, and has 34D breasts Eyüp Escort Bayan with an hourglass figure. Every night when I go to sleep, I imagine her walking up to me in lingerie and us having dripping hot sex until we both cum together. I don’t care about the scenario and I don’t need you to say she feels as deeply for me as I do for her- I just want to have one story where I can be with my dream woman, even if it is just one night. That is all I want.

The reality is, there is no scenario where she would ever have sex with me, so I need this to feel real. I don’t know if this will make you uncomfortable or make you think I am a freak, but this goddess is my mom, Lena. I hope you consider writing my story.


Lena’s face was frozen in the blue light shining from the computer in the dark room. There was no doubt. Every single detail matched. “Has he been examining my bras?” The email was from Brian, her Brian. And to her horror, Lena was somehow wetter and more aroused than she had ever been.

The shocked mother opened the door to the office and looked at her son’s bedroom door. She had no idea what to do. All she had to go on was the feeling inside her created by hours of pent-up arousal. She did not want to cum. She did not want this feeling to go away.

Before putting the computer to sleep, Lena responded carefully so nothing would seem out of the ordinary. “Hello Brian, I am intrigued by your situation. I have never written a story like this before, but I am willing to do this for you. Please send me my $25 fee and I will write the story after I finish any prior commitments.”

There was no way Lena was going to prioritize earlier commitments.


The next night, Lena could only think about one story. After a day of avoiding her son, Lena could not sneak out of bed and get in front of the computer fast enough.

Lena finally started writing, only to find she did not know how to approach the story. She knew enough details to make it incredibly realistic, but she could not risk exposing her identity.

Lena began to write a story about a mother, a fictional English teacher that succumbed to her son’s wishes as part of a plan to get his grades up. The problem was that the fictional teacher stopped being fictional after the first couple of paragraphs.

There was no way Lena could write about herself in a fictionalized way. And with how hot Lena was already, all inhibitions and concerns were rationalized away. He paid for the story to feel real, and I will give him that. Lena described her real self, her functional yet unsatisfying marriage, her struggles at work, and even her new arousal from the idea of her son wanting to fuck her.

When she finally got to the lingerie scene, Lena no longer needed the story to feel real just to appease her son’s desires, she also needed it to feel real to appease hers.

Lena left her steaming office and crept into her bedroom. She made sure not to wake her husband as she walked into her closet and removed a sheer black teddy. She took it back to the office and examined it by the computer light. She began to describe herself in the exact lingerie she held. Lena envisioned what her son’s reaction would be. It was a rush.

From that point on, the only thing that caused her a hiccup was when it came time to describe her son’s penis. She was afraid of putting too generous of a length and making Brian feel inferior. In fact, she realized Brian did not describe himself in the email, and yet she had been describing Brian in perfect detail. She scolded herself for her recklessness.

Lena went back and made Brian’s looks more generic without being inaccurate. She figured “brown hair and athletic body” was generic enough. She then described heavy balls and a long, fleshy rod with tight, youthful skin. The crafty writer explained the length and width as being, “long and thick enough where Lena knew it would be even easier to forget about her husband for the night.”

After finishing her masterpiece, Lena’s fingers, soaked in her pussy juice, operated the computer mouse to send the email. Lena was glad she clicked the “Send” button when she did. It was only moments later that she had to ball her teddy in her mouth so that nobody in the house could hear her orgasmic screams in the dark.


The following morning, Lena skipped breakfast and headed straight toward her friend Amy Howell’s house, hoping it would take her mind off the story. Her mind had other ideas. It was impossible not to think of the story. Lena had so many regrets about what she had done. There were so many intimate details that would ring true for Brian that he might suspect her.

In another sense though, Lena was glad she aired everything out. She was proud that she wrote nothing less than the filthiest and most accurate mother/son incest story she could. All day, Lena had to fight the urge to go back and read her story in the privacy of the small home office.


Lena Escort Eyüp intentionally came back home after dinner, having told her husband to heat up leftovers for him and Brian. When it was finally 11:30, Lena snuck out of bed again to get off to her story once more.

The lines were even more electric the second time. She knew how it ended, but it did not stop her from rising and falling with the flow of the story. It seemed torturous how long the story was until the sex-filled climax.

Craving more stimulation, Lena found herself editing lines and adding details to make the story even dirtier and more intimate. It was not long before involuntary moans were escaping her mouth.


Lena was so lost in her world that she did not hear the footsteps approaching the door.

The door swung open.

Lena let out a shriek and was startled to the point where she nearly fell out of her chair. She was caught with her hand in her pussy. She was a statue, gazing up at her son Brian, who was standing in the musky air that was filled with the scent of her gushing vagina.

Adding to Lena’s surprise and confusion was that Brian was not alarmed. His eyes were wide, but he was holding his finger to his pursed lips, reminding her to be quiet. In his other muscular arm, he held his iPad, and he fanned it in a way that told his mom to calm down and not panic.

“Oh my God, this isn’t happening,” Lena whispered. She stood up to leave, but Brian took a step towards her, and she instinctively backed up from him.

“What are you doing in here?” She whisper-screamed.

Brian closed the door behind him. His iPad screen caused his boxer-covered erection to cast a shadow on his thigh. “Did you mean what you said?”

“What?” Lena replied, confused and panting.

Her son held his tablet under his eyes to read it. “Did you mean it when you said, ‘Lena realized she wanted nothing more than for Brian to slip his raging cock into her warm pussy and tell her how much he wanted to please her like the goddess she was.’?”

Lena’s pupils got even bigger. She stammered for a while. “How did you know?” She conceded.

“I knew before you wrote it. I heard you leave the computer room one morning and you were still signed into Google as DirtyBrunette. I checked your email.”

Lena was speechless. What could she say? She followed the path of her son’s eyes to see that her hand was still under her nightdress. She then looked back at her son’s face without removing her hand.

Before she knew it, Brian took another step towards her and pressed his fingers into her warm cunt. Lena moaned, finally removing her own hand to cover her mouth, but allowing his to remain.

Brian continued to work his fingers in. Lena sank back in the chair and tried to keep her composure. It was an incredible experience for both of them. Brian could not wait any longer. He whispered in his mom’s ear, “I want you right here in this chair.”

Lena profusely shook her head no. “The chair’s noisy. Take me on the carpet.” Lena frantically shed her clothes and her son did the same. When they were both naked, Lena laid on her back to accept her son as her lover. Brian got on top of her and they began making out. As the tip of his cock touched her pussy lips and –

___________________________*********** Ch.2

Lena Wilson’s vision dissipated. Her head spinning like a top. Soon after, she felt she was finally regaining her bearings on reality. She looked at the rooster clock on her kitchen wall to see it was 2:27 PM.

She glanced down at the tall stack of white papers on her kitchen table. Finally, she sat back in her eating nook. Uncomfortably peering between her legs, she could see the massive wet spot she had left on the off-white bench cushions.

In the three years it had been since Mrs. Wilson had taken over as the head of the English department, it was safe to say that none of the senior’s Final Creative Writing Assignments had ever given her a reaction quite like this one. It was the most disturbing piece of writing Lena had ever read.

Never in a million years did she expect to read a sexual fantasy story like this from her own son. It was creepy. It was traumatizing. It turned her entire world upside-down.

What the hell was he thinking?! What’s wrong with him? And how the hell does he know my bra size? And that black teddy I used to- how does he- oh god! This has to be a joke. This is a joke, and he has a screwed-up sense of humor. Maybe his classmate wrote this and put his name there. How does he know the shit with Rick? How the hell did he pick up on that? Ewww, god, does he check me out? Does he tell people he wants me? Fuck. Why me?!

Having too many thoughts to process, Lena got up to go for a long walk. First, she had to do some urgent housekeeping. Still laboring to breathe, Lena turned the soaked cushion over and placed her son’s powerful story under another cushion like she was storing radioactive material.

“He made up a world where I moonlight as an erotic author and made a scenario where we would- ughh,” Lena shuddered as she briskly stormed out of her house. It seemed like it would be impossible to ever look at her son again. “How did he come up with that?”

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