Brotherly Love


How can I begin to describe my big brother? He’s tall and oh, so handsome, but that doesn’t even start to describe how I feel about him. He makes me stop breathing when he looks at me, my heart stops beating, my mouth goes dry and I can’t speak because I’m so in love with him.

Now before you say I’m being a silly girl, I’m not the teenager you might think I am. I won’t see thirty again, but have never had a relationship with a boy, or man for that matter. Most of my friends think I’m gay because I don’t date men. How wrong are they?

Every night I lay in bed thinking about being made passionate love to. Certainly not by that good looking bloke at work, who all the other women think looks like Brad Pitt. No … my fantasy lover is my brother.

Unfortunately, however, that’s only in my head. He’s married to this strange woman who bosses him around like he’s a child. Yes, she’s good looking and sexy in a common sort of way. She wears short skirts and very low tops showing her assets off for all the world to see.

Last year on holiday she went topless on the beach. The photos looked like something out of a porn magazine showing the world her big rather saggy tits, and that bikini which was more like a string than anything else, covering only the very smallest portion of her slightly obese body.

I know I sound bitter and twisted but I just can’t help it. She has taken the most wonderful man away from me. He spent so much time with me before he met her, I should be happy for him; but I know it will end in disaster.

All the above was over a year ago. I was right of course, it ended in disaster. She went off with another man who had more money and, according to rumour, a bigger thingy. But the good news is that Mike came home. He had lost everything. She had taken him to the cleaners. Even his new car had to go as she wanted shares in that as well. She got the house and most of his hard earned cash, leaving him broke and very sad because he really loved her. Poor Mike! He has no idea about women.

But there is an upside to this sad story. I had Mike back where he belonged, in our home, in the next bedroom to mine. Now, I wondered, how could I demolish that wall separating us every night? While I frigged myself with my fingers I knew he would be doing something similar in the next room.

Several ideas came and went. All of them seemed quite plausible at first, but then as the reality hit me each idea faded into obscurity. Nothing seemed to work. All my bright schemes ended up in the waste basket of my mind. What could I do to get him to realise his biggest fan was only a few feet away?

We went out together, me taking so much more pride and care in my appearance. Even my mum noticed how I had, as she put it ‘smartened myself up lately’. I bought a whole new wardrobe to make him proud of his little sister.

As the summer came, we spent as much time as possible at the beach. I had my own car and I shared it with Mike, telling him he could borrow it anytime he liked. So, as he loved driving, he took the wheel most times we went out.

I sat in the passenger seat letting my skirt ride up as much as I dare, trying to get him to notice my trim sexy legs. My tops got lower, giving him glimpses of my swelling bust and more cleavage than ever before.

One sunny Sunday afternoon we ended up at the local beach. It was quiet, not many other people about. We walked down to the sea, taking off our shoes and paddling in the surf as it rolled up on to the sand. We walked for miles until we were the only people in sight.

Now shall I tell the truth or pretend it was an accident? I tripped and fell full length into the water, soaking my clothes. My top was thin white cotton. It became transparent instantly as I had not put a bra on today, because I had planned the whole thing.

Mike helped me to my feet, his eyes glued to my tits. My nipples we poking through the material like little bullets; the cool water hadn’t diminished their state of arousal in the slightest.

“What the hell are you going to do?” he asked. “You are wet from head to toe.” I grinned and said my toes were wet to start with. He smiled at my feeble attempt at humour. I suggested we go into the dunes and dry my clothes off as best we could.

I knew this area like the back of my hand as I had walked these beaches so many times. There was a little cove in the dunes just right for my intentions. I led him like a lamb to slaughter, asking him how I could get my clothes dry while wearing them. I knew the only answer was to take them off.

When we were secluded in the cove, he said “I’ll look away while you get those wet things off,” and he turned to look out to sea. I slipped off my shirt, the sea breeze tingling my naked nipples. Then my skirt, followed by my last item of clothing – a tiny thong I had bought only yesterday with this in mind.

I called to him, asking him to hang my wet things out to dry. He turned, and the look on his face, as I handed him the few items I had been wearing, said it all. He liked what he saw, Gaziosmanpaşa Escort and, from the reaction in his shorts, he liked it a lot.

He carefully arranged my clothes on the marram grass tufts, to allow the air to get all around them, drying them as quickly as possible. He was almost reverent as he tried to hang those tiny panties on the grass. He seemed fascinated by the silk and the texture of the tiny piece of material – not that I cared if they ever got dry. I wanted him to see me naked to whet his appetite make him want my body as much as I wanted his. At last he finished and said, over his shoulder, “I would like to go for a walk but don’t want to leave you here alone, not undressed as you are. It might be dangerous.”

“Don’t be shy,” I replied, “come and sit on the sand with me.” I stretched out full length, letting my legs open just enough to show him my neatly shaven pussy. If this didn’t work nothing would. I put my hands behind my head, pulling my titties taught, making sure he could see me in my full glory.

He turned towards me and said, “Bloody hell Chrissie, I didn’t know you were so beautiful. You look fantastic.” He stood there, taking in my assets …. and the bulge in his shorts told me how much he wanted me.

I patted the sand beside me, saying, “Come and sit here.” He hesitantly came and sat beside me, almost touching me. How could he resist my wanton nakedness? He tried so hard not to look, but his male instinct took over. He couldn’t drag his eyes off looking at my body.

I deliberately squirmed around a little just to make myself more enticing. This was a one-off thing I did to make it work. There is no way I could ever do this again and make it look accidental, so I had to do everything I could right here and now to make him loose control.

Despite my thirty-something years I had taken very good care of myself, working out and going jogging quite regularly. I also swam at least twice a week. Whilst that first flush of youth had left, the remains were not bad. Do I sound conceited? Sorry I don’t mean to but I thought you should know what I was tempting my big brother with.

I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself. The things you men always want to know are, like, how big my boobs are and how slim the rest is! Well I’m 34 D 24 34. I’m not like the modern slim hipped girls we see now, but still a sexy woman, I have long brown hair. Sorry, it’s not blonde, but it curls around my shoulders, and despite it being wet that day at the beach, it still looked quite attractive.

That’s the only hair on my body. I don’t like pubic hair and hate underarm hair, so I use creams and potions to make sure hairy bits are never on show. I never understood why I took so much pride in my appearance, because until Mike came home there has never been a man in my life.

I think I must be one of the oldest virgins outside a monastery. Not that I didn’t want to be a whole woman. Of course I did, it was just there was only one man I ever wanted and he went off and married a bitch. However, he was beside me now and I was going to do everything in my power to end my virginity this afternoon.

What else could I do to make him take that giant step from being my brother to being my lover? I could feel the wetness in my pussy. I wondered if he could see the shine as it penetrated my pussy lips. I so wanted to touch myself; make him watch as my fingers explored the innermost part of my body. Dare I do it in front of him?

My hands slowly crept from my neck down my body, touching my erect nipples. I don’t think I have ever felt them so hard or so big, straining at the rest of my breast trying to take over the whole of my tits. On, down went my fingers, gently roaming over my flat tummy, feeling my ribs standing out and ever on towards their goal.

My eyes were not quite closed but looked as if they were. My long lashes hid the tiny slit left open to watch the effect my exploration was having on Mike. He was watching my every move, not taking his eyes off my hands for a second. He was hooked!

I was almost there. Would my bravery last until I reached my goal? Would I chicken out before I had the chance to spread that juice around my outer lips showing him how much I wanted him? I hoped I could last that long.

Please don’t think for a second that this was easy for me. Remember this was the first time I had been naked with any man in my entire life. And the only knowledge I had was second hand, from books and listening to my work mates talking about their sexual adventures. Now I was desperate, so desperate for his loving. It was the hardest thing I had ever done.

My mouth was dry. I don’t think I could speak if I tried. My heart was beating like a big bass drum. I couldn’t breathe properly, but this was the only chance I was ever going to have. I had to go for it. I gritted my teeth and let my hand continue its exploration of my naked body.

At last my hands reached that slight mound where my mons met my tummy. The smooth skin was bare to my touch Gaziosmanpaşa Escort Bayan as I had shaved before we left home to make sure I was as alluring as possible to my brother.

Both hands met as I slowly stroked the flesh spreading my fingers, so they were either side of my pussy, gently parting my lips, showing him the wet soft pink inner flesh.

I watched as his gaze was glued to my fingers and that which they were exposing to him. I let one finger dip into my honey pot, bringing some juice out to smear it across my outer lips, knowing from looking at men’s magazines it was the right thing to do.

Mike groaned and said “What are you doing to me Chrissie? If you don’t stop I will lose control and forget you’re my sister.” I pulled the lips wider and inserted two fingers deep into myself, thinking ‘This is it; he’s got to take me now.’ My finger found my little bud and worked it round and round.

I was wanking myself off, outside, in the open with my brother watching me. He was enjoying it if the huge bulge in his shorts was any indication. I had a moment of panic when I realised how big the bulge was, but I couldn’t stop now. It was so far past the time to call a halt. I needed this for me.

It must have been the sensations caused by my fingers. Because I had closed my eyes, it was a shock when I felt my nipples being stroked. I daren’t open my eyes in case I frightened him away but I wished so much he would push my hands aside and do what ever he wanted with me.

I usually take quite some time to come but I could feel those wonderful sensations creeping up from my toes. Already, I had the forewarning of my impending climax. Was it the situation or the expectancy of being so near to losing my virginity? Whatever it was, my orgasm was close.

I pressed a little harder to make it happen and, as it did, I cried out as the first wave of pure lust washed over me. The second was just as intense, my brother’s fingers were gripping my nipples now making the whole thing so much more exciting. This was the best climax ever.

I could feel my bottom lifting off the warm sand, pushing my body up to meet not just my own fingers, but those of my big brother as well. Oh this was heavenly – the most exciting and fulfilling climax I’d ever had. Was I dreaming?

No. His fingers were still gripping my nipples, pinching and tweaking them in a way I had never known before. It prolonged and intensified my orgasm to the point where I almost fainted.

How could I get him to progress? Dare I touch his huge cock through his shorts; would he push me away? There was only one way to find out; in for a penny in for a pound, as my old gran would say.

I reached out to touch him but it was too difficult to get my arm into the right position. I made myself sit up and reach for his shorts. He leaned back giving me full access to his tented crotch.

Now remember I have never touched a man’s thing. This was my very first attempt – I really didn’t know what to do, but instinct told me to hold it. It was so difficult through his shorts so I pulled the zip down to expose him; he lifted his bottom up to help me as I pulled his shorts and boxers down.

My first sight of a man’s cock was quite a shock. I don’t know what I expected but it was huge and all red and inflamed. I wrapped my little hand around it but it was too big to be able to meet my fingers together. He groaned as I held him, perhaps we have an inbuilt instinct telling us what to do.

It was obviously too big for one hand. I moved around so I was sitting lotus position between his thighs and took hold with both hands, wrapping them around his big shaft. I eased it up a little and then down. This made him groan even louder so I increased my stroke until the big red head poked through the loose flesh.

Was this wanking him? I didn’t know, but he seemed to be enjoying as much as I was. Please don’t expect me to be able to tell you why, but I wanted to kiss his big thing so badly. I leaned forward until my lips were almost touching the tip of his manhood.

I felt his hands on the back of my head pushing me down towards his cock. I opened my mouth instinctively, taking the head of it into my mouth. It tasted all salty and, as stupid as I was, I thought it was because we had been splashing around in the sea.

The pressure on my head increased as he pushed me down harder. It was almost choking me but I didn’t resist, just opened my mouth as wide as I could and let it slip down my throat, breathing through my nose.

It felt strange to have this huge thing in my mouth, but not unpleasant and he seemed to be enjoying so much. His groans were now so loud and his breathing so ragged. He muttered something like “Where the hell did you learn to do that Chrissie?”

I would have liked to reply, right here and now darling brother, but I couldn’t speak, not with my mouth and throat this full. He was getting so excited and was pushing up towards me, literally fucking my face. I had, of course, heard of this Escort Gaziosmanpaşa and seen it on films, but always thought it was faked.

This was no fake, my throat could confirm that. It was sore from the friction and I was getting out of breath. I had to stop soon of I would faint from the lack of oxygen.

But his big strong hands were still holding me tight to his crotch. I must have had the entire thing in my mouth, or rather down my throat. I could feel the coarse hairs round his cock tickling my nose. He was groaning and gasping as he pounded his cock into my mouth. Then he suddenly stopped!

He still held me tight to him. I was about to try to pull away when his cock gave a little jerk and I felt this hot sticky stuff filling my throat. It was well past my larynx so I didn’t need to swallow, but it filled my throat as he pumped squirt after squirt into me.

At last he released me, letting me sit back up. The sight of his huge cock was a reminder of what I had just done. It protruded from his nest of pubic hair. Had he forced me to do this, or was I as willing as I as I wanted to be?

It didn’t matter who had done what or to whom, it was wonderful – even if I had a sort throat, a very sore throat. Now that he had pulled out I could taste his stuff on my tongue. It was just as salty as his cock perhaps that’s the way men taste.

Mike looked at me. There was deep regret in his eyes. He said “I’m so sorry Chrissie, I shouldn’t have done that, but you were so sexy and alluring I just lost control.”

I smiled at him and said “I have wanted you to do that, and more, for as long as I can remember, darling big brother.”

Where the hell I got the nerve from I still don’t know, but I said “I want you to make me a woman as well. Will you please fuck me right now?”

His face was a picture of wondrous disbelief. He said “Are you telling me you haven’t been with a man at all?”

Looking down to hide my shame, I said “I’m still a virgin. The only man I have ever wanted is you.” Then I burst into tears with the relief of saying it out loud. Mike took me in his arms and held me tight, not saying a word, just letting me cry into his tee shirt.

When I eventually pulled myself together I looked up into the face. I have loved all my life. Will you make me whole, please Mike.

He held me close and said, “Not today. I haven’t anything with me, and we don’t want you to get pregnant do we?”

At first it sounded like a rejection, but then the words ‘not today’ became a reality in my mind. That meant, perhaps, another day. I asked in a very quiet voice, “Please promise me you will take my virginity. Please Mike,” “I promise,” came the gruff reply.

We lay cuddled side by side for ages. Neither of us wanted to break this spell. I felt as if I had arrived at a crossroads in my life, the one I had been longing for, for as long as I can remember. I knew my wait had been worthwhile. This was exactly where I wanted to be, in my brother’s arms, naked.

At last the sun slipped behind the dunes, bringing a chill to the air as the wind was blew in from the sea. I shivered as the heat was drawn from my naked flesh, Mike sat up, telling me to get dressed as it was time to go. We walked hand in hand back to my car.

My heart was singing the most wonderful song, all happiness and thrills. I was going to be Mike’s lover and the dream I’d had, for more years than I dare admit, was going to come true.

Driving back home we thought of a plan. We both loved the Lake District and had often gone there with our parents as children, camping in a farmer’s field. We would get that old tent out and go to the lakes together, to consummate our love for each other.

Arriving home was difficult. I wanted to creep into Mike’s room when our parents were asleep, but Mike forbade it, saying it was not the right thing to do. If we were caught, it would break mum’s heart. She was very strict about sexual things.

The following week seemed to take forever to pass. I was so excited, looking forward to a weekend of lust with my big brother. Monday evening, after work, we rummaged through the store shed and found the tent still in good condition, and the kit that went with it.

Mum and dad thought it was a grand idea to take ourselves off for a weekend, never guessing for one moment what we had in mind. They seemed to be thrilled that I was going to take Mike away for a long weekend, ‘Get him out of his depression’, my mother said.

Friday came at last. This week seemed to be at least a month long. My car was packed to the roof with all the things we needed for the weekend. Mike had hardly got through the door before I was champing at the bit to be on our way.

I had booked the farmers site by telephone, so were assured of a welcome. I told the farmer that we would be driving up this evening and could be late arriving, as it would be a five hour journey. He was quite happy to leave the gate unlocked for us.

To try to describe my emotions as we travelled along the motorway would be beyond my ability. My heart kept stopping when I looked across at Mike sitting behind the wheel of my car. His eyes kept sneaking little glances at me every now and then, and my pussy was throbbing like never before. I knew what we were going to do would be wrong, but it didn’t feel wrong to me – it felt so right and perfect.

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