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Stacy picked up the white laptop, whose screen had moments before been alight. Opening the door to the small flat that she shared with her husband of less than a year and his brother, she stomped into the hall and stood at the top of the stairs. Slowly she raised the small box above her blonde head. Before she could actually throw the offensive object to the landing below, she felt strong hands wrapped about her tiny wrists.

‘Woe, girl. You want to get us both killed?’ The dark brown eyes of her brother-in-law held her gaze.

Although Darren had nothing, as far as she knew, to do with his brother’s betrayal; the fact that he looked almost exactly like his twin brother was enough to send her into over-drive. ‘I’ll kill the cheating bastard myself,’ she spat with vitriol.

Darren just nodded his dark braids as he looked at the trembling form of his very pregnant sister-in-law. He wished he could say he was shocked by his ‘little’ brother’s actions, but in truth he had found out about the affair a couple of months ago. He had warned Darius not to let his pregnant wife find out that he was seeing an old girlfriend; at least not until the baby was born. Stacy was usually a complete sweetie, but he knew her hormones were playing havoc for the past few months.

He had been more than a tad jealous of his brother’s marriage to such a gorgeous, smart and domesticated goddess. He would never forget the first morning he woke up to the smells of a traditional English breakfast filling the run-down flat he shared with his musician brother. He had walked naked into the tiny shared kitchen-reception to find the most beautiful blonde he had ever seen wearing nothing but what he recognised as a shirt his brother had borrowed from him. Since she was so small, it hung almost to her knees. His cock had half hardened when he heard her purr in a rich Scottish brogue, ‘Breakfast will be ready in a minute. We have to keep your energy up…after last night.’

It had been an embarrassing moment, especially when his equally naked twin drug his half-asleep black ass down the hall to join them. His only comment had been, ‘Sorry, lovey, but dat’s me brover, Darren.’ Both of them tended to slip into the thick West Indian accent of their parents when hung-over or sleepy of which his brother was both at that moment. Six months later, he had stood as best man for their small wedding at the registrar’s office.

As he watched those expressive green eyes fill with tears, he could have kicked his brother’s black ass all over the flat at that moment. He had always known that a player like his brother did not deserve such a sweet-heart, but what could he have done? He could not exactly tell the girl about his brother’s proclivities. He had tried to speak with Darius, but his warnings about the responsibilities of marriage had fallen on deaf ears. So when asked, ‘does anyone here know just cause,’ he had simply remained quiet and sent a silent prayer towards heaven.

The first couple of months had been fine too as Stacy moved into the two-bedroom flat the brothers had shared since their parents had retired home to Barbados. But when she became pregnant, the realities of being a husband and soon-to-be father had begun to sink into his brother’s thick skull. Rather than meet the demands of those roles like a man, his brother had returned to old habits of drugs, sex and rock-n-roll as the saying went. His job as DJ at a local club offered him more than ample opportunity at all three.

He had chosen to remain quiet about the whole thing; because he hoped that the arrival of his baby niece would change his brother. And also because he knew that Stacy really had no where else to go. She had dropped out of fashion school when she found out she was pregnant and her family were all hundreds of miles away in northern Scotland. He had hoped that she would never discover the truth, because he for one did not want to lose either her or his unborn niece, who was the only blood relative other than his twin that he had left in England.

So he tried to smooth things over, ‘Stacy, hand me his computer.’ Darren knew that if she destroyed his precious IMac with all his original music tracks on it not even her pregnant belly would sway his hot-headed brother from losing his temper. Darren would make damned sure of course that he did not raise a hand to her physically, but he knew from more than one argument with his twin that words could hurt almost more than fists.

Stacy looked up into the face that was so like her husband’s and wondered for about the millionth time in the past six months since her marriage began to İkitelli Escort crumble why did she have to end up with the ‘bad’ twin. Darren, who was equally as stunning physically as her wayward lover, was everything that his younger brother was not: stable, kind and committed. Since he worked as a freelance writer-blogger and part-time lecturer at the local college, Darren usually spent more time at the flat with her than her own husband, who was always out somewhere with friends.

It was her respect for Darren that convinced her to release the too-expensive equipment into his dark hands. She watched as he smiled broadly as he placed the offensive machine safely behind his back. ‘Let’s go back inside,’ he pleaded before their nosey neighbours overheard the intimate details of his family’s fucked up lives.

Stacy simply nodded her head. Suddenly she was just too tired to fight. The baby was due in two weeks and her marriage was over. She had dropped out of school. She had no job. She had no money to call her own. And her family were so far away, even more so emotionally, than physically. She knew that she could not return to Scotland…ever. She really had no where else to turn than this man, who she believed was as much her friend as her brother-in-law. Reluctantly, she took the hand that he stretched out towards her.

Darren tried to think of some words to say as he drew her back into the confines of their shared-flat. But his usual mastery of the English language came up blank. What words could he say? His brother was an ass, but they both knew that.

So instead of empty words, he tossed the computer onto the futon and opened his strong arms. It was a gesture that he had done more than once in the past few months when tears seemed to come so freely from his otherwise optimistic sister-in-law.

Stacy collapsed into what had become her rock. The tears of disappointment and despair poured from her eyes until her rounded figure shook with their force. Her tiny nose smattered with light brown freckles ran in great gobs of snot. Her normally spell-binding green eyes were swollen and red to the point of almost closing. And still she cried. Darren simply held her through it all…and cursed his twin for every kind of bastard.

Neither knew exactly how long they remained like that locked in a comforting embrace just behind the closed doors of their flat. Slowly the all-consuming sobs abated; replaced with the occasional hiccup. But still neither moved.

At last, Stacy made a tiny move to break the embrace. Wiping at her puffy eyes with the tail of her t-shirt, she sighed. ‘I suppose it really is all my fault. I’m the one that got all fat and ugly,’ she shrugged looking at her huge tummy that had hidden her toes for the past three months.

Darren stood back and used his large dark fingers to lift her swollen face to stare into his. ‘Don’t even think it. My brother is a stupid ass and we both know that. None of this is your fault.’ Brushing a strand of her blonde hair back from her eyes, he continued, ‘Stacy, you are way too good for Darius. You are beautiful, intelligent and the best damn cook and housekeeper since our Momma. Any guy would be lucky as hell to have you…never forget that.’

Stacy tried a weak laugh in response to his high praise, ‘You forgot a damn good fuck.’ She quipped; trying to lighten the mood.

Darren laughed for a moment hopeful that they might be able to get beyond the tragedy of the past hour. One thing he knew for sure; he could not lose his friend or this baby. ‘I wouldn’t know about that one. Sorry.’

In the rawness of her hurt, Stacy blurted out the honest answer that she had hidden even from herself for so long. ‘That’s too bad too.’

It was a natural reaction that Darren was powerless to stop; his black, uncut cock stirred in his track bottoms. He had fought for over a year to deny the truth; the painful truth that could destroy them all. He was in love with his brother’s wife. ‘Stacy…’ he pleaded; uncertain what exactly he was pleading for.

Stacy was not thinking clearly at that moment. She needed comfort. She needed human touch. She needed reassurance that her world had not just come to an end. And the man that she needed it form most was not there. He was once again ‘out with his friends’ or for all she knew THAT woman. But the man before her had all of his best qualities and none of the bad.

If she had been thinking clearer. If her body and mind had not been clouded by the surge of hormones. If a thousand other if’s that simply could not be, then she might never have done what she İkitelli Escort Bayan did next. But they were not.

So Stacy slowly moved once more back into his embrace. Her smile was weak as she lifted her face up to meet his gaze. For a single moment neither of them were denying the truth; the feelings they had for one another. Later, neither one could say for certain who made the first move. In all likelihood, it was mutual. Darren bending low towards the soft lips he had been wanting to taste for so long. Stacy rising to stand on her tip toes as she must with her husband.

When they finally met somewhere in the middle, the taste and touch was all that either had ever dared imagine it might be. Their lips and tongues danced and explored with a hunger borne of long-denied need unleashed like flood waters overcoming the banks of the River Thames.

Hands too were busy pushing at offending material, which barred the wild mating they both knew they were rushing heedlessly towards. In seconds, Stacy had pushed his track bottoms down to reveal a matching black cock practically identical to the one she had worshipped for the past year and a half. Darren was barely able to wrestle the extra-large t-shirt over her head before she dropped to her knees.

Her small hands wrapped about the turgid shaft as she took up a rhythm she had learned brought Darius the greatest pleasure. She tugged gently until the soft head emerged from beneath the safety of its hood. With the broad smile of a born temptress, she ran the damp head back and forth across her face before gobbling it down like a woman starved. Her hands and mouth worked in unison to drive him to the brink of need.

Darren’s dark fingers had laced through her soft blonde hair. He was guiding her head and mouth with gentle tugs on her tresses. He felt the tightness building in his balls. He knew that he would soon erupt in huge torrents into her mouth. And he honestly did not give a damn that she was his brother’s wife. At that moment, she was all woman…his woman.

‘Fuck…’ was the only warning he had time to give as the power of his orgasm shocked even him. He was very glad to feel the firmness of the futon at the back of his legs. Not that he could have stopped himself from collapsing to the floor at that moment. So he was very glad for the relative softness of his fall as he fell back onto the futon with his hands stilled tangled in her hair and her mouth never leaving his cock as she drank each drop of his liquid offering.

Stacy smiled around her mouth full of cock. She had discovered another difference between the twins. Darren tasted distinctly different from her husband. She was not certain how to describe the difference, but she knew it. She held that secret knowledge to herself as she swallowed the last of his seed.

Darren’s dark braids rested against the cool blue cotton of the futon. He was not sure it was possible, but his mind was completely blank and at the same time racing with the enormity of what had just happened. His brother’s wife had just sucked him off and it was the best damned blow job of his life. He did not for a moment regret it either.

There might be hell to pay later. It would not be the first time the brothers had come to blows over a ‘toy.’ They had been doing it since before they could talk or walk. Their mother swore they even fought in her womb. But this toy was a tad more important that the miniature cars or guitars they had fought over in their youth. This was a woman. A special woman. And she was his brother’s wife and the mother of his child.

Darren was suddenly overcome with the regret he had moments before denied. Holy fuck, what had he done; he thought as he tugged gently to lift Stacy’s head from where her lips and tongue were softly caressing and bathing his tender balls. Once more, he began, ‘Stacy…’

She could see it all in the depths of those dark eyes, but it was not his sin alone. She would not allow him to take either the blame or the decisions they must now face together. ‘No, Darren, not now,’ she explained as she placed her fingers against his thick lips. Sliding slowing up his reclining body so that his still hard cock was pressed between the twin globes of her full breasts, she said, ‘I am not ready to face that music yet, lover.’

With a wicked smile, of which he would not have imagined his angelic sister-in-law capable, she continued. Rising up to lean over him, she pressed another powerful kiss on those amazing lips as she moved to straddle the cock she cupped in her hand. ‘You may have gotten yours, lover, but Escort İkitelli I haven’t,’ she purred as she guided him into her and began to ride his cock.

If the warmth of her mouth had been heaven, then the feel of her wet, pregnant pussy wrapped around his cock was damnation itself. He doubted anything would ever feel so perfect. It was a memory he knew would haunt him even in death.

The fact that she was trembling in one powerful orgasm after another almost from the moment his thick head had split the soft folds of her womanhood only drove him crazier. He was lifting his hips upwards to meet each downward thrust of her widened hips.

But it was not enough. He wanted to pound into her. He needed to drive them both to brink of insanity before he pushed them over. He wanted to brand her in this moment so that like him she would never be able to forget the touch, taste or feel of him.

With a great deal more care than he felt at the moment, Darren rolled them so that Stacy was bent on the edge of the low futon. Her blonde head rested against the dark blue cotton with that amazing round bum sticking high into the air. He simply could not resist the temptation as he brought his large hand down to slap it at the exact moment as he surged forward to fill the waiting cavern of her open cunt.

The tightness of it told him one more time; his brother was a fucking fool. No way would she still be this tight if she was his wife, he thought as he buried himself deeper inside of her. He would be on that nice pale, white ass that fit so nicely in his hands day and night; he reasoned as he rushed forward towards another powerful release. His hips were slamming now against the soft roundness of her ass. The tiny flat was filled with the loud noise of their lovemaking. Each thrust resounded against the walls and brought forth matching moans and groans from both of them.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck…’ he spat as he sped up his deep thrusting inside of her. But still it was not enough. With one hand on her hip, he wrapped his other dark one back through her long golden tresses. He tugged firmly so that her head jerked to the side. His thick tongue assaulted the sweet recesses of her mouth even as his cock continued its assault on her cunt.

They both moaned into the kiss as her pussy clenched tightly around the head of his battering cock. The sensation sent them both over the edge as he erupted once more into an even more powerful orgasm inside her welcoming cunt. Spurt after hot spurt of his seed flooded her womb.

Darren was the first to recover. His large body draped over hers protectively. He playfully slapped her upturned bum. ‘Good thing you’re already knocked up, little sis, or you would be for sure now.’

His use of the term that they had shared in the past to denote their familial relationship only served to remind them both of the untenable situation in which they found themselves. But rather than dwell upon that fact, the lovers chose for this one brief space of time to pretend none of it mattered. They spent the rest of the afternoon laughing and loving as if it were not some forbidden taboo.

By the time Darius stumbled in for his dinner that evening, they had reached an understanding. It had been Stacy, who had first come upon the unlikely solution to a problem that held the potential to destroy so many lives.

It was simple really. They would not say anything. Stacy would not confront her cheating husband about his lies or deceit. Darren would not call his brother the names he so richly deserved for his shabby treatment of this special lady and his own child. They would simply go on as if nothing happened. At least around Darius.

Of course, when he left to join his good-for-nothing friends or that woman, it was another story. Then they were free for a while at least to pretend that the world was not screwed up. That their forbidden love, which could destroy their family, was the most perfect thing in the world.

When Stacy went into labour three weeks later, it was Darren that was with her at the hospital. Darius had probably turned off his mobile. When they came home from the hospital, it was Darren, who spent more time with his baby niece than her own father.

And nine months later when Stacy announced to them both that she was pregnant again, Darren and Stacy knew that in all likelihood they would never know who fathered the son that grew in her womb. Yes, it was most likely Darren’s since it was he and not Darius, who spent the most time with Stacy. But Darius was still her husband and for some strange reason, without his even knowing the truth, the more his brother coveted his wife, the more his own desire for her returned.

Of course, Stacy still had one secret fantasy that she had not yet dared to share with Darren. But she was quick to drop repeated hints to her husband. She wanted one night with both her lovers.

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