Camille’s Dark Secret


This is a taboo fictional story about incest and will contain hardcore BDSM scenes (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism). It is NOT a love story between mother and son but a story about domination and complete control of a son over his mother. If these things offend you or you don’t enjoy please don’t read the story. All characters are over 18 and fictional and this is only fantasy.


Camille St. Croix looked at herself in the full length mirror in her large vanity room in her master bedroom of her historical mansion south of Broad Street in Charleston South Carolina. Anybody who was anybody in Charleston lived South of Broad. She looked at herself in the mirror to give her one final look at her appearance; while not a vain woman she wanted to look nice for her blind date. She started her gaze from her head to her legs and frowned. At 44 Camille was generally happy with her looks until she came to her hips and waist. At 44 she was still a very attractive woman, looked about five to six years younger than her age; her black hair was full and wavy and came down just to the middle of her back, her alabaster complexion, a complexion prized by women of her social class, was smooth and blemish free, her breasts were 32b cup and perfect for her five foot one inch height, Camille’s waist was once seventeen inches in her youth but having two children and age increased it but she was still proud of it being only twenty inches at 44 years old.

The only thing age and children caught up with her body was her hips and butt. Not to say they were fat, her butt was still firm but bigger than it was in her youth and wider. She thought it looked odd on her petite figure but she really never noticed the men who would smile at her ass when she walked by. For whatever reason she only gained weight in her butt and hips and no matter how much she worked out in her gym she could not lose the weight there just make it tighter and not saggy. Camille St. Croix frowned at her reflection, what’s that phrase? Junk in the trunk…well I have that, she thought. Tonight she choose to wear a conservative, sleeveless navy blue, fitted flare dress with a white prim school girl collar with a white bid around the neck. The hem of the dress came to her knees. It was a simple modest yet stylish dress. All of Camille’s dresses were modest yet stylish. She was very conservative did not like to advertise what she had. She did decide on navy blue tinted thigh highs, not due to the sexiness of thigh highs but the fact she hated panty hose. Overall she was pleased with her looks and her outfit she choose for her date.

Camille was going on her first date in five years. It had been that long since her husband died in a boating accident on the Ashley River and she has not dated or even been with another man sexually since then; actually her husband was the only man the 44 year old had ever been with sexually. Camille was a “good girl” and had been her entire life and a virgin on her honeymoon night when she was married at twenty years of age.

Both Camille and her husband belonged to socially prominent families in Charleston who were members of the Old South aristocracy that can still be found in a few cities throughout the southern states; cities like New Orleans, Richmond, Savannah, and of course the most notable (at least according to Charlestonians) the Low Country city of Charleston. Now being a southern aristocrat does not mean being rich by any means. It was not a matter of money that assured access to the charmed region of downtown Charleston; it was a matter of blood. The alloy of wealth and background was ideal, of course, but the past had proven testy and ungenerous in the treatment of some of the oldest, most celebrated families of Charleston. The descendants of planters often found themselves with back accounts of sewing machine salesman. But a modest income alone never denied access to those haughty parlors of the old beautiful historic homes; and wealth alone could never insure it. If you were crass and low born, or socially offensive, it would have made no difference to the proud inhabitants of Charleston High Society that you owned France; they would not invite you into their homes. But Camille and her husband’s families did have money…lots of money.

Camille and her husband grew up together and had known each other since they were toddlers, her now deceased husband William was a year older than her. Both grew up in privileged and where Camille learned to be a prim and proper Southern Lady, William was raised to be a proper young gentleman. Both attended etiquette classes, cotillions, and introduced to “proper” Charleston Society at the all-important St. Cecelia’s Ball. The two got married when she was twenty one and he was twenty two. They had two children, her oldest was her daughter Charlotte and three years later her son Alex was born.

Camille and William had a very happy marriage and a satisfying sex life which was very conservative. Their sexual positions consisted Merter Escort of missionary, her on top, and on occasion “doggie style”. She gave her husband oral sex on their honeymoon but never did it after that since she really did not care for it that much and she did not let him finish in her mouth thinking that was just not only very disgusting but also very “white trash”; good girls of her social standing did not do those things and she felt the same way about being on the receiving end of oral sex. William did not seem to mind at all since he was just as conservative as she was when it came to sex. Then when Camille was thirty-nine her husband died in a boating accident on the Ashely River.

Naturally Camille was devastated emotionally at the loss of her husband but financially she was left extremely well off. Both her and William’s parents had died years before and both being the only children and no other close family they inherited their family estates and in her husband’s will he had set up trust funds for his children they were to receive when they were twenty one and he had left substantial wealth to his wife. Money was not lacking for Camille but his loss left an emotional void in her. Finally after five years her best friend talked her into going on a blind date and honestly she was not very excited about it.

Camille walked through the back yard garden of her home toward the guest house where her son Alex resided and she frowned. There were two other cars parked in the back driveway and she knew he had his friends over as well as his current girlfriend. Camille neither liked his friends nor the girl he was currently seeing and felt they were way below the standards of their social class. Her son Alex was her problem child. At nineteen she felt he had no direction in his life, attended classes at the local community college when he decided to go to class, his friends were crude and vulgar, and Alex was very disrespectful not only to her but to her friends and peers. The young man did not work and Camille paid for everything and let him live rent free in the guest house. He was the total opposite of her daughter Charlotte. Camille often felt Alex did not like her at all based on his actions and she had to admit to herself she was a little frightened of him. Alex could be very controlling and even a bully.

Camille knocked on the door to the guest house and it was answered by her son’s friend James. James smiled at her but the older woman ignored him and pushed her way past him and walked into the one bedroom guest house. She saw Alex’s other friend Mark sitting in a recliner playing a video game; cursing into the microphone of the headset her wore. She saw her son Alex on the couch with a girl straddling him and they were kissing with lust and passion as her son’s hand ran up the back of her tee shirt. Camille frowned.

“Alex…ALEX!” She said and got her son’s attention.

“What?” He said and pushed Stacy, his girlfriend off of him.

Alex was a very handsome young man who took after his father. He was tall, about six foot two inches, well built with an athletic swimmers type body, piercing blue eyes, naturally tan complexion and sandy blonde hair that he wore in a short hair style. Alex was movie star handsome; the type of good looks girls, women, and even some boys would stop and admire when he walked by or entered a room. Camille had even noticed her married friends “checking out” her son at times. He also was a “player” and changed girlfriends every two months or so and never faithful to the ones he dated.

Camille glanced at Stacy and while pretty with long red hair and a tall willowy figure but she was what the older woman would call white trash. She wore a pink tank top and no bra and had on a pair of very short jean shorts.

She turned her attention back to her son, “I am going out but should be back around ten or eleven at the latest.”

Alex shrugged, “Oh yeah, your date.” He then snickered, “If you are going to be back that early you must not expect a good date.”

“Yeah, Mrs. St. Croix. You have a great body and you should use that scrumptious ass of yours often. I bet the men love it.” Stacy giggled causing Alex and his friends to laugh.

Camille blushed but ignored the crude comment, “I just wanted you to know.”

“Don’t forget protection. I don’t need a little sister or brother.” Alex commented and smiled when his friends and girlfriend laughed. “Oh wait, I forgot you can’t have any more kids so you can bareback.”

“She’s not that old, sweetie.” Stacy commented to Alex.

“Oh it’s not her age but medically she can’t.” Her son replied. They spoke about her as if she was not even in the room.

Camille embarrassed and humiliated by the way her son’s white trash girlfriend and her own son was talking about her, turned to leave the house. She did not even know what “bareback” meant but she figured it had something to do with sex.

“Well, I would sure fuck her.” Merter Escort Bayan She heard James comment as her hand touched the doorknob.

“Me too.” Camille heard Stacy giggle as she opened the door.

“Well she needs it I am sure.” She heard her own son say as she walked from the guest house.

Stacy climbed back onto Alex and wrapped her hands around his neck. “You are so mean to talk about your mother that way.” She smiled.

“She’s a snob.” Alex responded and ran his hands up his girlfriend’s bare legs. “She does need to get laid. Maybe then she would not be so bitchy about people who don’t meet her so called social standings.”

“Maybe she needs a good spanking.” Mark spoke for the first time as he removed the headset.

“Uhhh…I would so spank her.” Stacy giggled again.

“Well you are a slut.” Alec told the girl.

Stacy mock pouted, “What can I say, your mom as a scrumptious ass.”

Stacy smiled and kissed Alex on the lips and reached behind her and guided his hands to her butt cheeks. She broke the kiss, “Can you fuck me now? I am so horny.”

Alex smiled back at her, “Fuck Mark first. He needs it more than I do I think.”

Stacy gave another fake pout as she looked at the other boy and sighed, “Ok but text Lori to come over. I can’t handle all three of you by myself.”

Alex laughed, “Yes you can. You have before, but I’ll text her.” He looked at Stacy, “You just want to go down on her again.”

Stacy shrugged, “Well she has a great tasting pussy and her tongue is like magic.”

Stacy stood up and walked over to Mark and held out her hand, “Come on, darling, let’s go have some fun.”

Mark, grinning like a kid on Christmas morning, took Stacy’s hand and they walked to the bedroom as Alex sent a text to the girl Lori. Alex’s phone toned with the reply and he smiled at James.

“Lori said she will be over in about an hour. She wants to shower first.”

James grinned back and then looked at the closed bedroom door. “Well I might as well go watch for now.”

Alex laughed and nodded. He liked his two best friends and Stacy amused him and like everyone he met they all did what he told them. Alex had a certain charisma and he was a natural leader. People had always done what he wanted for as long as he could remember. He decided to let Stacy and Mark and James have their fun while he waited for Lori. Alex liked Lori, she was a very pretty girl with long brown hair and a tight little body; but she was also into some kinks sexually that Alex enjoyed a great deal. Lori was very submissive to him, much more so than Stacy. Alex enjoyed submissive lovers and Lori enjoyed things most girls did not. She enjoyed being tied up, nipple clamps used on her, and other variety of bondage and sexual toys used on her and she enjoyed being hurt to a degree sexually; her hair pulled, her nipples and small breasts hurt, spanked until her little ass cheeks were red and welted, clamps and or clothes pins used on her pussy, and verbally and physically humiliated.

Alex walked to his bedroom in the guest house, to his walk in closet, and picked up a nylon duffle bag. He placed the duffel bag on the bed and unzipped it and smiled at the contents. He then neatly laid out some of the contents on his bed. Alex liked order and neatness almost to a compulsive manner. He placed handcuffs, other restraints that would bind both a person’s ankles and wrist together, a paddle, a riding crop, nipple clamps, an assortment of sex toys, and other “toys” that would cause both pain and pleasure on the bed. He would let James and Mark enjoy Stacy for a bit while he enjoyed Lori alone and then later he would have his friends and Stacy join him. Stacy enjoyed using their friend Lori almost as much as he did, which was one of the reasons he kept the pretty redhead around.

Camille got into her car and almost felt like she was going to cry. She was embarrassed and humiliated by the way her son’s friends talked about her and worse the way her OWN son talked about her and did not defend her honor. Alex was always disrespectful to her but lately it was getting worse. The comment about her not being having to have any more children really cut deep. After Alex was born there was a medical problem and Camille could not have any more children and that hurt her years ago when she wanted to have more children with her husband. “Maybe it’s best I could not,” she thought, “If they had turned out like Alex then maybe it was for the best.” She started her car and then activated the built in blue tooth.

“Call Charlotte.” She said aloud.

Talking to her daughter would make her feel better. Charlotte was her rock. Now twenty four her eldest child had always been her favorite and they were very close. She knew she should not have favorites between her children but it was so easy to with the way Alex was. Charlotte was so much like her where Alex was, well if she believed in old fairy tale myths she would have sworn Escort Merter Alex was swapped one night in his crib when he was baby with a devilish imp.

Camille sighed when her daughter did not answer her cell phone and decided not to leave a message. Alex was her problem, but still her daughter could be of help when it came to her brother since the two siblings had always been close growing up. Charlotte was often the buffer between mother and son when they clashed. Camille decided to get her date over with and was regretting to agreeing to go on it. Camille was home by nine that evening, her date being a bust. The man was not very interesting but the date being bad was more her fault than his. She was just not interested in him and after dinner she made an excuse to go home and decided she was just not ready to date.

When she got home Camille noticed Alex still had his friends over by the cars in the back driveway and she decided not to go into the guest house again knowing her son would be mean to her once more and allow his friends to make their crude comments about her. She drew a warm bath and masturbated quickly thinking about her late husband and felt ashamed by her pleasing with herself. Camille did not masturbate much and when she finished she always felt ashamed of herself for doing so. A good Catholic woman should not be doing such things. After her bath she went to bed early.

It was several days after her disastrous date, Camille avoided her son, talked to her daughter who promised she would talk to Alex and that made her feel better. Talking to Charlotte always made her feel better. One afternoon and in a good mood after beating her friend at tennis at the country club, Camille came home, got the mail, and was going to make herself some lunch before she took a shower. Going over the mail she noticed a letter from the community college Alex attended. She knew it was his semester grades and she knew she should not open it but feeling that since she paid for his school, heck she paid for everything her son did by putting money into his bank account monthly, she opened the letter. Her good mood vanished. Her son had failed every class and another enclosed letter said he had failed out of college since he rarely attended classes. Furious, Camille walked to the guest house to confront her son. She was at her wits end with the boy and determined to make some changes.

Without knocking she entered the guest house and saw the back of her son’s bare upper body as he was sitting on the couch with his back to her watching television. She gave a little gasp and blushed when she noticed he was watching porn. Before she could say a word she heard her son talking.

“Damn, bitch, you suck a good cock.” Alex said.

Camille noticed her son’s right shoulder was moving and assumed he was masturbating to the porn on the television. The scene was of a younger man having sex with an older woman. Camille cleared her throat, embarrassed she caught her son in such an act but determined to confront him. She even felt a little guilty pleasure that he knowing he was caught masturbating by his mother would shame him like he had shamed and humiliated her days before.

“Alex. Stop that and we need to talk.” Camille said harshly. “Now.”

Alex looked over his shoulder and to his mother’s surprise and slight disappointment the look on his face was not one of embarrassment but amusement.

“Fuck, mom, you could have at least let me finish.” He chuckled and turned his head and looked down, “Ok that’s enough. It seems my mother is going to ruin my day once again.”

Camille was shocked to see a woman stand up. She could not see the woman who was apparently between her son’s legs giving him oral sex. What shocked her the most is that it was not her son’s girlfriend or any girl his age he “dated”. It was Janice Monroe, a woman her own age who lived a few houses down.

To say Camille and Janice did not like one another was an understatement. Janice thought the other woman was a stuck up, snobby bitch and Camille thought Janice was a white trash gold digger. Janice had married a man of wealth and more importantly in the social aspect of Charleston she married into a family whose ancestors had founded the city. The man she married was almost twice her age. Janice was not even from the Low Country, Camille used to say to her peers as she talked behind the other woman’s back, the white trash woman was from Columbia of all places. Janice was attractive true, but in a trashy way. Her body was more voluptuous and a little chubby but she had a pretty face and her blonde hair came from a bottle and she had large breasts she liked to show off by wearing low cut tops and push up bras. Camille thought she wore too much makeup.

Janice stood up and adjusted her blouse, wiped her mouth of her saliva and smiled at Camille. Both her and the young man had no shame in what they had been caught doing.

“Get out!” Camille screamed. “Get out of my house, you white trash slut!”

Janice laughed as Alex pulled up his trousers and buckled his belt. The woman walked past Camille and chuckled. “You know, dear, if you would find yourself a young stud with a big cock you wouldn’t be such an uptight bitch.” She said as she walked by.

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