Caught Ch. 02


This is the second chapter of “Caught,” but you will understand the story better if you read “Caught Ch.1 edited.”


I awoke the next morning feeling better than I have ever felt as next to me lies Ella. No longer my grandmother but my lover and I was so content of heart to have her lying by me.

I rolled over to be closer to Ella and reached my hand over and cupped her lovely bosom in my hand and she whipered,

“That feels so nice Harold, we can do things later. You moving in today?”

“That’s righ Ella dear.”

“Give me another hour and wake me up then.”

So I knew she was tired and I got up washed, and dressed. Then close to the hour I had some bacon in the oven as it cooks much better and some eggs on the griddle coffee going and toast.

“Oh what a nice breakfast Harold, yes having you live here will be great. Go out on the door step and grab me the paper please?”

So I did and as I am getting breakfast ready she sat at the table reading the paper through those gold half-glasses I came all over yesterday.

“Come here Harold.”

I did so and she takes those sexy gold glasses and brushes them against my pants which were pushed out due to my erection.

“I like that you like messing with my reading glasses or other pairs. You said you had a good time with my gold square glasses?”

“Yeah Ella the ones with the half-moons.”

“And how do you know that is what the reading part of bifocals is called?”

“Well I knew a lady, a neighbor really who I was friendly with. Her husband died and I would help her bring in groceries when I saw her and I asked her about her glasses why they had the half circle on the bottom.”

“And what did she tell you?” Asked Ella.

“She said, “Come on in and I will show you.”

“So I went in and she told me to sit on the sofa. I did so and she came over with a few pair of her glasses which were ovals and squarish with the half-moons and she had a newspaper with her. She told me to put on a pair and look through both parts to see which was better for reading and as I am doing that she drags a pair over my crotch and smiled at me. Next thing I know my pants are on the floor and she has me in her mouth as she looks at me through her glasses and Ella is was so nice.”

“Yes I see, you are even bigger now just from telling me about this. Actually we could do that later if you would like.”

“Oh Ella that would be great.”

“It will be for the both of us Harold.”

We finished breakfast and I told her I wanted to go get my stuff and start moving in and Ella was very happy about that. I knew it as I saw the changes in her face and eyes. There was definitely a newer younger look to Ella then there had been and I was so lucky to be the man who makes her feel that way.

I was back around three that afternoon with boxes my stuff and Ella told me to put them in her large closet.

I am telling you the feeling I had of being settled and having a hot older lady as my lover is the best thing going.

“Harry, I would like you to dress up after supper in my clothes and I like it that you crossdress. But my clothes are a bit big on you and we can start going out and buying you skirts and blouses that will fit you better. I love you and will help you with your other side, your feminine side. I will show you how to do make-up and other things.”

So after a supper of burgers done out Sefaköy Escort on the grille and baked taters and salad I dressed up foe Ella. I wore a black skirt with a white blouse and v necked ruffles. Ella’s heels fit me fine and I was looking good. “Harold you look very nice but you need boobs, and It just so happens I have a pair for you. I forgot to tell you earlier but here they are.”

“I thought of that Ella from time to time.”

“I mean you look like a carpenters dream, “Flat as a board and easy to screw.” You’ll look much more womanly now.”

I could not believe it, real fake bosoms with nipples even. I took the blouse off and stuffed my mamories into the silky lacy bra I had on and what a feeling. Ella came over and touched them up a bit telling me how they should be put in.

I put ther blouse back on and Ella handed me her gold half-glasses with beaded eyeglass chain.

“Put these on Harold.”

“Now you look a lot more womanly.”

“Harrold, you need a feminine name to go with your other side, you do know that right?'”

“I have thought about it but did not know if I was getting too into this by giving myself a woman’s name

Ella looked at me in a funny way.

“Harold, your wearing fake boobs, a skirt;blouse; heels my half-glasses and ear rings and you think having a feminine name would get you in to this too far? That is kind of funny. So why not start thinking of a name you would like?”

I have a few ideas for later but have you been practicing Hanon for finger technique??”

“Not today Ella as I was moving in.”

“Right, well do an hours worth of practice with at least fifteen minutes of Hanon in there. Go over the 1,4 and 5seven chords of all the keys and I like looking at you dressed as a woman with bosoms.”

A while later Ella comes in and asks me to give her a demo of my efforts I did so and she was very pleased.

“Lets go to bed now Harold.”

So I followed her in and she stripped off her clothes and asked,

“Mind if I suck some cock?”

To which I answered whole heartedly, “Hell no.”

So Ella is sitting on the side of the bed and I am standing there in front of her with my skirt and slip pulled up and panties off to the side. She takes all of me in one gulp and her mouth is so soft and warm inside and she is wiggling her tongue on the tip of my dick as she is bobbing her head back and forth with her silver oval glasses part way down her nose. That too is a turn on as she would wear them further up being bifocals.

Ella suprised me by reaching a hand up and touching my bosom. She took her gold half-round glasses that were resting upon them and rubbed them over my blouse covered boobs and it was at that time I came in spades and did it feel wonderfull.

Ella took the whole load, never once letting my cock out. She was experienced in this and that meant she really liked it. I loved it and I was starting to realise there are more places to put a cock than one would imagine.

“So Harry, how was that?” Asked Ella.

“Just great Ella, you took the whole load, and then some!

“I wanted it bad and my idea of touching your tits with my half-glasses worked. You do know that women like to play with each other…right?”

“I heard of that at times and I think it is nice Ella.”

“That is good because women can please each other by use of a dildo and I may introduce Sefaköy Escort Bayan you to a few of my friends, how do you like that, and by the way I like that you have a fetish for my heels.”

“Go to my closet and get my dress heels any pair in patent black is fine.”

I brought over a nice pair of sweetwalkers with bows and she starts rubbing them all over down there and it felt nice, really. That cool black smooth heel all over my balls and cock, done by my lover, does it get any better than this? I rather doubted it. It was as though she read my mind. She got up and went to her dresser and from it took out a few pair of glasses. gold square glasses with half-moons as were the blue square pair. She starts rubbing them along my cock and under my balls and I loved it but not expecting to get off again so you can imagaine how I felt when I blew a few gobs of liquid love all over her granny glasses and she licked the cum up as if she hadn’t had any for a while. Well hell it was all of twenty minutes or so since she had my cock in her lovely head, must have seemed like years to her.

“Well Harold let’s hit the sack, I’m bushed.”

“Sure thing Ella, I am too. So I climbed in we snuggled a bit and Ella says,

“That cock of yours is getting bigger all the time, I think the more I do things with it the bigger it gets. And Harold put those two pair of glasses in your drawer, that way they are there when you want to do things. I saw how hard you got when I touched you with them.”

“Oh thanks Ella.”

“And Harry, same goes for my heels too, you know where they are. If you have to do things at times I understand but, save me some too huh?”

“Sure thing Ella.

Next morning I decided to do some waffles and fried eggs with sausage. Ella loved a good breakfast.

So I am standing at the counter making up waffle batter and she tip toed in and with her gold half-rounds down her sexy nose, she plants a kiss on me that was quite impressive, then she went for my mouth and our tongues danced.

“Look at this, eggs, waffles and sausage. My studmuffin is really something in the kitchen.”

I had plans to make her an angel cake later as I knew she liked that a lot.

“Harold, I will be out for a bit later, so why don’t you get in some real practice while the house is quiet.”

“Sure Ella, it is the other way to get to Carnegie hall as opposed to two rights and a left off the freeway.”

So later when she was out I whipped up an angel cake and it came out just fine. I practiced some more as it was cooling off then I split it so as to have two cakes dug out the middle a bit and filled with bluebery pie filling, put the top back on and gave the cake a light sprinkle of confectioners sugar. I gave thought to doing myself but I figured it would be nicer to cum all over my lover.

Ella came back around four and had a few things for me like panties slips and brassieres as well as a few skirts and blouses. I was so totally surprised and very pleased that my lover encouraged my softer side to come into full bloom. Ella was quite pleased I loved what she had gotten me but was even more pleased when she saw the cake.

“Where’d this come from? like did someone drop it off?”

“No Ella I made it for you.”

“You made me a cake on my birthday?, that is so sweet and loving.”

She grabbed me with her bosoms pressing hard against me and gave Escort Sefaköy me some real tongue. I had no idea it was her birthday, I just made it because I love her.

“Ella, I made the cake for you because I have so much feeling for you, I had no idea it is your birthday, otherwise I would have gotten you a card too.”

“The fact you made me a cake is wonderfull as it is, very loving and later we will do some new things in the bedroom. You know anything about bonding?”

“It is part of article 250 in the national electrical code concerening grounds, equipment grounding.”

“Oh maybe I should have said bondage.”

“I know nothing about bondage but have no trouble learning.”

“Good attitude, always strive to learn more.”Said Ella.

Later that evening I learned about bondage. Ella did not have chains and ropes, she had a number of long belts from where ever with two rows of holes. She had my hands tied behind me then to the headboard, same with my feet to the footboard. Ella then starts to touch me allover with her various pairs of glasses and high heels.

Ella kept stroking my cock and balls with her glasses and heels and there I was in bed donning a bra with falsies and my manhood standing up stiff as a flagpole.

Ella decided it was time so she got her self up and on me and it felt so great. She is looking at me through a pair of gold square glasses with the half-moons and is licking my newly aquired boobs. I did not really feel this but seeing her lick them was a turn-on and I am bucking at the hips, thrusting my meat up into my lover.

It is a turn on when your lover is on top and you see her lovely bush going up and down your rod as well as seeing her pussy juices make your cock glisten with love sauce.

“Faster, harder.”Spoke Ella in a voice of seriousness.

I slammed the throttle of this love machine forward another few notches increasing not only the number of strokes but the strength behind them as well. Ella looking at me through her sexy half-moons and licking my tits, ya, I blew my load so far up into Ella her eyes had blue sparks in them.

Now that is the way to love your lover. She thrashed and bucked and I could tell she was having as good a time as I was. I had cum and pussy juices all over me but that was fine as after Ella was satisfied she licked the stuff off me.

“Well, even tied up you gave Ella something to really be happy about, that was great. I might just leave you tied up for the night.”

“I don’t think so Ella for one thing I have to do a few things and two, if you want as good a time as this I will need some sleep.”

“Yes of course, you can’t tell when I am kidding?”

“Apparently not Ella, it was very nice, that’s for sure. I liked being tied up frankly speaking.

“That is good because the man will be here Monday to put up the mirror and hooks on the ceiing. “


“The one for the ceiling you silly Billy.”

“Sheeesh I had no idea you were so into this Ella.”

“Oh fa Gods sakes Harry I am kidding. You really thought I was into that sort of thing?”

“I have to say yes and though I did like being tied until you brought it up I had no idea you thought of such things.”

“Harry, I read books, some are quite funky and a lot of things get spoken of. It is just that I thought you would like being tied up and having me drag my black sexy heels over your cock and balls as well as my half-glasses and my other glasses with the half-moons you so much like.

“Oh yes I loved it Ella, but you are kidding about the mirror and hooks right?”

“Oh I don’t know. . . I am not doing anything in the near future if that makes you feel better.”

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