Cause and Effect Ch. 02

Big Tits

Chapter 02: Regina’s Story.

I was only an adolescent when Mom and Dad sat me down, and hesitatingly told me the secret they had kept all these years. I suppose there are some people who would call it a guilty secret, but after hearing the full story, I honestly couldn’t think of a single reason for them to feel guilty about anything.

The truth is, Mom is Mom, and Dad is Dad, and I love them more than life, so it really didn’t matter to me then, and it matters even less now, when they told me that not only is she my mother, she is also Dad’s mother. The only thing that mattered was that they were totally in love with each other. The fact that I was a result of their incestuous coupling was my good fortune, made even better by the knowledge that I was planned and wanted.

After hearing of how my grandfather had got away with murdering my Mom’s parents, and then subjected Mom and Dad to almost two decades of brutal abuse, it seemed natural to me that they had found comfort — and peace – in each other’s arms. Although my body was going through its natural changes — I had recently finished my second period — I had never had more than the normal curiosity, but the thought of my Dad doing ‘it’ with his own mother had a strange fascination for me. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but I guess it started me thinking. That night, after they had broken the news, I lay in bed, absorbing what they had told me. A little while later I heard their bedroom door close, and giving them time to undress, I crept from my room. For the first of many times I stood with my ear pressed against their door, hoping to hear sounds of them making love.

As the years passed I had my share of boyfriends, but nothing really serious. If I liked a boy enough, I would let him fondle my breasts as we kissed, or if he was really nice he could feel my pussy while I jerked him off. I never allowed it to go further, because although it was nice having my clit stimulated, it never really made me want more. A couple of occasions in the back row of a movie theatre, if the boy I was with made me climax, I leaned across and took his cock in my mouth, each time pulling away before he could cum.

By the time my figure had filled out as much as it was likely to, I had finished high school and was waiting to hear if I had been accepted into university, when Mom and Dad bought me a cute little three year old, bright red Toyota, which I promptly called Cherry Bomb. Dad was a bundle of nerves the first time I took Cherry Bomb for my first solo drive, and he was a total wreck when I finally returned after what was intended as a ten minute test run, but which stretched out to more than two hours because I couldn’t resist showing it off to my envious friends.

Now that I had a measure of independence, I suddenly found myself more popular than ever with my old school friends, primarily because I was the only one with transport. After a couple of weeks playing taxi driver, Kelly, one of my three closest friends, suggested a belated end of school camping trip. The idea was enthusiastically supported by Joanne and Freda, and when I commented that I knew nothing about camping, they looked at me almost pityingly.

“There’s nothing to know,” Joanne said. “Just throw up a tent and roll out a sleeping bag and that’s it.”

“Maybe,” I replied dubiously, “but I don’t have a tent or a sleeping bag.”

“That’s easily fixed. I’ll just borrow Tony’s stuff. Me and him used to go camping every summer, so we have our own tents and shit. You provide the wheels, I’ll provide the gear, Kelly and Freda can pay for the eats, and we can all chip in for juice for the car.”

I allowed myself a small grin at the mention of Tony’s name. There was no way I would ever tell her, but Joanne’s brother was one of the boys I had sucked off in the movies. She must have mistaken my grin for agreement, and before I knew it, it was decided that we would leave on the next weekend. It was only when I arrived home and told my parents, that Mom reminded me that Dad’s birthday was in just over a week, and he would be disappointed if I missed it. Glancing at the clock, I realised it was too late to be ringing round, so I left it until morning to call the girls, and tell them if we went it would only be for a week. They didn’t like it much, but since they were relying on me for transport, they agreed.

Having sorted that problem out, I turned my mind to what to give Dad, since I had completely forgotten his birthday in the excitement of the last couple of weeks. Nothing I could think of seemed either suitable or good enough for my Dad, and then I began to get a germ of an idea that must have been sitting unnoticed in my mind for I don’t know how long. I talked it over with Mom, and she not only agreed, but suggested a refinement. She took a few photos, and after picking out the one I liked best, I made a card with a hand written note inside, and asked her to give Topkapı Escort them to Dad on his birthday.

When the weekend came around, I packed a few clothes into Cherry Bomb, and went to pick up the girls. We drove until late afternoon, before finding a fairly cheap and somewhat Spartan camp site with little more than a shower block and a barbecue area. After unloading the car, the girls suggested I go into the nearby town to pick up half a dozen bottles of wine, and by the time I returned they had set up a couple of small tents, and were cooking some steaks. We cracked open a bottle, and as we ate we discussed sleeping arrangements, although it seemed to me it had been settled in my absence. Since we were all good friends, I was quite happy to share a tent with Freda, a statuesque blonde of Scandinavian extraction. As the evening wore on, we finished first one bottle, and then a second, and were well into the third.

The temperature didn’t drop much as we sat under the stars, and as would be expected, the conversation soon turned to boys. As the level in the third bottle fell, our talk became more bawdy, and quickly degenerated into a girly confession session. The seemingly demure Kelly provided the biggest shock, by admitting that she was a secret exhibitionist. She didn’t like to wear panties, and although she had never allowed any to actually touch her, it turned her on to let boys look up her skirt and see her pussy. Things went downhill from there, with Freda stating openly that that at least half a dozen guys had fucked her, whilst Joanne said that although only one boy had ever put his cock in her, she had licked more than her share of pussies. Eventually, after convincing me to confess my own ‘sins’, we decided enough was enough, and we paired up and headed giggling for the tents.

A small solar powered lamp provided just enough light to see by, and as soon as the tent flap was closed, Freda unrolled a sleeping bag and started to undress. Although we had seen each other naked countless times in the showers after sport or gym, there were always others around, but now that we were alone, no more than a couple of feet apart, I felt a little awkward. I sat on my still rolled sleeping bag, trying hard not to look at her, but she seemed to sense my unease, because she stripped off her bra and panties and squatted in front of me with her forearms resting on her knees.

“It’s OK to look at me you know,” she said quietly. “I don’t have anything you don’t.”

I raised my eyes shyly and studied her firm breasts, tipped with hard points only a little darker than the surrounding flesh. She parted her knees slightly, her eyes gleaming in the dim light. “Down there too if you want.” I don’t know if it was the effect of the wine, or the conversation we all had earlier, or even a combination of both, but I raised my arms to allow her to slip my light sweater over my head as I looked down to the shadowy area between her thighs. Her voice suddenly husky, she looked at my bra covered boobs and whispered. “I envy Joanne. I’ve never done anything with another girl, and she has.”

I looked at her uncertainly, knowing she wanted to touch my breasts, but unsure if I wanted her to, and equally unsure if I wanted her not to. I tried to keep the tremor out of my voice as I replied. “Me neither.” My mind was made up for me when she took my hand and pressed it to her boob. Her resilient flesh and hard nipple felt so warm and inviting that all hesitation vanished, and I wanted to feel her hands squeezing my tits the way I wanted to squeeze hers. As my fingers tightened, I reached behind me with my free hand and unclasped my bra.

The instant my boobs were freed her mouth was busy, sucking my nipples into stiff buds as she fumbled with the fastening of my tight mini shorts. I pulled in my stomach to give her fingers room to work, then knelt upright so she could pull my shorts and panties down together. There wasn’t enough room in the small tent to stand, so I crawled across to Freda’s sleeping bag, taking her hand and drawing her close. We crouched face to face, knees apart, exploring each other’s breasts and nipples, then Freda brought the lamp closer, and for the first time I was able to see her pussy up close. Despite her being a good six inches taller than my own five foot six, her slit, with its light fringe of silky blonde hairs, somehow didn’t seem big enough to have taken the half dozen cocks she claimed, and I knew I had to taste it, and her.

With a nervous giggle, I touched a fingertip to her clit and she flinched as if she had been stung. “Oh wow!” she breathed, laying back and spreading her legs wide. “That’s so different from a guy touching me.” Putting a hand on my knee, she urged me closer and touched my own wetness. How right she was. Although no less insistent, her exploring fingers were softer and gentler than any boy who had ever felt me, and even though it was a first time for each of Topkapı Escort Bayan us, she seemed to know exactly how, when and where to touch me.

We lay side by side, caressing, fondling, kissing, sucking, exploring without penetration, slowly bringing each other to needed climax. As our secretions thickened from being mere lubrication, I switched ends and moved over her, lowering my pussy to her mouth, hoping she would lick me but not really minding if she didn’t. Slowly and purposefully I parted her lower lips, opening her pink inner folds to my questing tongue. The taste of her cum was sharp and tangy, and I was gratified to feel her tongue probing my clit as mine was probing hers.

There was nothing frantic about our lovemaking. Unlike a boy trying desperately to get as far as he could before the girl changed her mind, Freda and I each sensed exactly what the other wanted, and more importantly, how to provide it. Mindful that I was a virgin, she pressed her tongue against my hymen, but made no attempt to penetrate. Instead she was quite content to stroke and lick up and down my slit, sucking hard on my clitoris as her other hand teased my nipples. Happily for us both, I felt no such restrictions, and she moaned with pleasure when I pushed two fingers deep into her slippery hole. Her moans became loud growls of unadulterated lust, the faster I worked my fingers in and out, and I pressed down hard, grinding my pussy against her tongue. She raised her hips, quivering as her orgasm started again, and I withdrew my fingers, covering her snatch with my mouth to catch the stream of thick creamy love juice. I thrust my tongue into the flow, prompting her to lick furiously until my own dam burst, pouring my cum over her face and into her greedy mouth. We didn’t need the second sleeping bag, because we fell into an exhausted sleep, arms and legs entwined.

We woke to the smell of frying bacon, and pulling on our robes we came out of the tent, to see Kelly crouched beside a small camp stove. Freda glanced towards the other tent. “Jo still asleep?”

Kelly shook her head. “No, she’s in the shower.”

Freda grimaced. “Good idea, I could do with one myself.” Ducking back into our tent, she emerged with a towel.

As the tall blonde made her way to the shower, I dropped to the grass facing Kelly. Her robe

Came to just above her knees, and the way she was crouched I had an unimpeded view up between her thighs. If not for her confession the previous evening, I would have been surprised, but now I was merely interested to see that she was completely smooth.

She looked up from shuffling the bacon around the small frypan and grinned. “From the racket you two made last night, me and Joanne weren’t the only ones who had fun.” Noticing where my eyes were focussed, her grin widened, as did her knees. “You can have a taste if you want. Before last night I never dreamed having my pussy licked would be so much fun. I know Jo wants to try it with Freda, so maybe we can swap?”

The suggestion was so unexpected that I didn’t know what to say. After my initiation into girl-to-girl sex last night, the idea definitely had its appeal, but things were moving too fast and I needed time to think. “Do you mind if I have breakfast and a shower first?” I quipped, aware that by not actually turning her down, I was leaving options open. She opened her mouth to say something, but just then Joanne returned with her hair swathed in a towel.

“Yumm, smells good. Did anyone bring eggs?”

Kelly nodded. “I think there are some in the car, but I didn’t get them out. I was going to make bacon sandwiches. Less washing up that way.”

Having made a mountain of sandwiches, she set the coffee on the stove, and by the time it was ready Freda had returned. We sat around eating and chatting, and now that the barriers were down my friends began to talk openly about what had happened. Kelly was leaning back on her elbows, making no attempt to cover her pussy, as she described her nervousness when Joanne had made a move on her. “I always wanted the first one to touch me to be a girl” she admitted, “but I was too scared to do anything about it in case anyone thought I was a freak. Then when I felt Jo’s fingers there it was like someone set off a firework in my cunt.” She parted her legs slightly, clearly enjoying the attention as three pairs of eyes zeroed in on her slit.

I was too preoccupied admiring the smooth symmetry to pay much attention to what the others were saying, and I became a little self conscious about my own bush. As Joanne and Freda concluded their versions of events, all eyes turned to me in expectation. I was suddenly lost for words, and although I knew what I wanted to say, my tongue just wouldn’t let the words come out. Instead, I stood up abruptly and headed for the tent. “I need a shower.” Ducking under the flap, I grabbed a towel and fled towards the shower block.

I was shaking Escort Topkapı like a leaf when I pushed open the door of the cubicle, and hanging my robe and towel on the wall hooks, I turned the shower on and lowered the temperature. With a sigh of relief, I leaned back against the cold tiles, letting the marginally warmer spray play over the front of my body. My trembling subsided, and I had just started to soap myself down when Kelly pushed her way in.

“I thought I’d join you,” she grinned, hanging her robe and towel over mine. Taking the soap from my nerveless fingers, she stepped under the spray. “Let me do that,” she whispered. I stood frozen as her soapy hands roamed over my breasts, and slowly made their way lower. She pushed the soap at me. “Here, you do me,” she ordered, taking my left nipple gently between her teeth. Stung out of my lethargy, I soaped my hands and reached for her boobs, but she grabbed my wrist and placed my palm on her mound. Releasing my nipple, she straightened and pressed herself against me, rubbing her slippery tits against mine. “Rub my clit,” she breathed as our lips met. I had never known anything could feel as exotic as her smooth silky pussy, enhanced as it was by the slickness of the soap on my fingers.

Her smallish boobs rubbed insistently against mine, our hard nipples fencing in an erotic combat as my finger slipped between her lower lips. My legs parted for her exploring fingers, and for long moments we remained still, the only movement being that of fingers on clits. The feel of her smooth pussy turned me on even more than what she was doing to me, and my legs went weak as my orgasm sent my cum cascading down my legs. Kelly’s climax followed within seconds, and we clung to each other for support as we fought for breath. When we had recovered our composure, we carefully washed each other and returned to the tents.

Freda and Joanne had already dressed, and were piling the sleeping bags and gear beside the car, pointing out that if we were to be away from the site for any length of time, it would be unwise to tempt thieves. After Kelly and I had made ourselves presentable, I in my usual shorts, and Kelly unsurprisingly in a short summer dress, we pulled down the tents, and loading Cherry Bomb we set off to explore the region. We spent the morning browsing the usual tourist traps, and around midday we sat on the grass in a small park eating sandwiches, and drinking bottled water.

It soon became clear that Kelly was determined to make the most of every opportunity, because whenever anything in pants came close, she hitched her skirt a little and bent her knee on the pretext of adjusting the buckle on her sandal. Although on the surface revealing her pussy appeared accidental, in light of her confession I had to wonder. I didn’t know it at the time, but over the next few days my suspicions were to prove correct, because there were too many similar ‘accidents’. The first time I saw her flash though, I felt a twinge of envy that she wasn’t doing it for me. For the remainder of the day, as I drove around with her in the passenger seat beside me, showing a generous expanse of thigh, I couldn’t shake the memory of how good she had felt in the shower. The more the afternoon wore on, the more I wanted to take her up on her offer to taste what I had felt.

By the time we returned to the campsite, I was wound up tighter than a clock spring. My overworked imagination already had me squirming, and with some five or six hours to go before I would have a chance to get Kelly alone, I knew I had to do something to ease the tension. Leaving the other girls to set up the tents, I made a dash for the rest room, where I tugged down my shorts and attacked my clit to images of that bald slit mashed against my mouth. A short but badly needed orgasm drained the tension, and after taking a pee, I returned to the others, feeling a little foolish but much more able to function normally. I had taken the edge off my immediate need, but fortunately not my appetite, and I was looking forward to nightfall.

As I approached the tents, Joanne was sorting out the evening barbecue menu, and I stood beside her watching. “We’ve been trying to decide on sleeping arrangements for tonight.” Her voice was a little too casual, as she continued. “Do you want to keep things as they are, or do you want to switch?” As she looked me over out of the corner of her eye, it seemed to me that she had already made up her mind. Unwittingly she was putting me in an awkward situation. The lure of Kelly’s shaven mound had been on my mind all day, since she made the offer, but I had known Jo the longest. We had pretty much developed and filled out together, so although she was obviously attractive to guys, it had never occurred to me to think of her in that way.

Now however, in such close proximity, the jiggle of her full breasts and the flare of her hips, gave her a sensuality that was impossible to ignore. I didn’t want to turn her down, but I didn’t want to turn Kelly down either, so to give myself time to think, I shrugged. “I don’t mind either way. Whatever the rest of you decide is fine with me.” Picking up the steaks and sausages, I went over to the barbecue area and started cooking dinner.

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