Charles Cums


Charles is a 64yr old man who often fantasized about fucking his next door neighbor. She has a very nice tight body with perky breasts. He was sitting at his bedroom window stroking his thick cock and watching his neighbor Jill out in the backyard. Charles was so caught up in watching Jill that he did not hear Marcy coming home. Marcy is his 25yr old daughter who no longer lives at home but often lets herself in the house.

Marcy heard some moaning as she went up the stairs towards her parents’ bedroom. She knew her mom was not home and wondered what was going on. She heard her dad mumbling something so she snuck closer to the open door. She peeked in and was shocked to see her dad sitting there with his pants around his ankles and his hard cock in his hand. Marcy was turned on to see her father like that. She wondered what had him so turned on.

She quietly walked towards him. Charles was so close to cumming he never even noticed her. Marcy looked out the window to see Jill down below in her garden. She smiled, and touched her fathers shoulder and said “Dad what are you doing”? Charles stopped mid stroke, there was no hiding or denying what he had been doing. He turned slightly to look at Marcy. He still held his cock. “I’m sorry you’re seeing me like this, but its harmless masturbation. I would appreciate if you don’t mention this to your mother”.

Marcy smiled. She came around to the other side of her father so she could see his cock better. Yenibosna Escort Marcy reached out to touch his cock and her father looked up at her. He didn’t say anything. Marcy wrapped her small hand around his cock and slowly started to stroke him back and forth. She asked him how much longer before her mother should be home. Charles said she should not be home until later that evening. Marcy stood up and removed her shirt. Her dad looked up at her and asked her what she was doing. She told him that she wanted to be the one that made him cum. She removed her pants. She stood before her father in a very skimpy pair of lacy red panties and a matching bra. Marcy bent down and kissed her father firmly on the lips. He slid his tongue into her mouth and licked her tongue. Marcy sighed. She then helped her dad remove his shirt. Charles stood up and removed his pants completely. He brought Marcy closer to him and kissed her deeply as their bodies meshed together. He couldn’t believe he was getting so intimidate with his daughter.

Marcy could feel her dad’s hard cock poking through her panties. Marcy took a hold of her dads cock and ran the head up and down her pussy slit through the fabric. Charles liked the feel of the lacy fabric on his cock head. He reached up and cupped both of Marcy’s tits. He bent his head down and through her lacy bra started to suck one of her nipples into his mouth. Marcy moaned and arched her back. She loved Yenibosna Escort Bayan to have her tits sucked. Charles then moved his mouth to give the same treatment to her other breasts. As he was suckling the one breast he was pinching her other nipple with his fingers. Marcy moaned “More daddy”.

Charles undid Marcy’s bra and let it drop to the floor. He gave each hard nipple a quick lick and then he removed her panties. Charles looked and Marcy completed nude in front of him and wondered why he never realized how beautiful his daughter was before. He slid his hand down between her legs and could feel the heat of her pussy. He slide one finger between the folds of her pussy lips and Marcy arched against him. “Please” she begged and pushed him back towards the chair. Charles sat down on the chair, his hard cock standing up. Marcy straddled her dad; she took a hold of his hard cock and guided him to her wet pussy.

She slid her soaking pussy down his hard cock. Charles arched his hips up so that he was deep inside of her. Marcy started riding her dads cock up and down, faster and harder. Marcy screamed “Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard”. Charles cupped her bouncing tits and suckled on one. He told her he was so close to cumming. He looked at her. Not sure if she would want her dad to cum in her sweet pussy. “Yes dad fuck me; empty your seed into my hot tight pussy”. Marcy rode her father’s cock harder and faster. She herself Escort Yenibosna was close to climax.

Soon they were both cumming. Marcy leaned against him breathing hard. “That was wonderful Daddy”. Charles kissed her deeply, keeping his cock still buried in her pussy. He smiled at her, “I can’t believe I fucked my own daughter.” Marcy told him she hopped it wouldn’t be the last time they fucked. He promised her they would fuck again. Marcy stayed on his lap for a little longer. Charles was happy to have her there. He played with her tits and soon they both started to get aroused again. He told her that he wanted to eat her pussy out. Marcy kissed her daddy deeply and then climbed off of him.

Marcy crawled on the bed and spread her legs for her father. Marcy slid her hand to her pussy and spread her lips wide for her dad to see. Charles climbed on the bed with her. He placed his head between her legs. He swatted her hand out of the way. The moment his tongue brushed Marcy’s pussy lips, she softly moaned. She leaned back to give dad better access. Charles ate his daughter’s cunt lustfully. He started by sucking gently on Marcy’s pussy lips themselves—only now and again flicking his tongue against her clit. She responded to this, tightening her thighs around his head. Charles began to hammer her clit harder with his tongue. Marcy growled “yes, keep going, Dad. Mm.” She had her fingers in her dad’s hair keeping his head to her pussy. She started to buck her hips wildly. It wasn’t long before Marcy came. Her Dad slid up her body; he positioned his hard cock at the opening of her soaking wet pussy. He slid inside of her. Together they both climaxed and laid together for a bit until it was time to get cleaned up before Charles’s wife arrived home.

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