Christmas Snacks


(All characters depicted in any form of sexual activity are 18 years of age or older)

[Okay before you start I just want to explain this story. The idea was born out of a conversation during Christmas where two of my relatives had a friendly argument over recipes. At one point when asked why the dish she had brought was so good she simply said with a smile that she had a secret ingredient; and several times over the day the other would try to get her to tell her what it is.

Anyway later that night this story popped into my head and I had to write it down, or type it up as the case may be. So this is not some thought out story line in fact it’s not much more than a single short scene. I have no plans to build on this; though if I get enough comments asking me to I might change my mind.

So any of you out there that have seen the early MCU movies and got them on disc think as this story as my version of one of the Marvel one shots; short and sweet, but even when great not necessarily as good as a full story.

Well, now that that is out of the way enjoy the story, Tastycandy.]

Molly sat and just relaxed while talking to her sisters. It had been another long and hectic Christmas family gathering. This year seemed to be even worse than last year now that all of her siblings’ kids are old enough to walk and talk.

She was thankful for the fact that her family didn’t break out in chaos when she showed up to her all white family gathering with her new black boyfriend, James. In fact so far he seemed to be getting along with everyone with the exception of her Dad’s dad, who had grown up in the Kağıthane Escort south; though she had noticed a few of her female relatives may be getting along with him too much.

As Molly was about to get up and remind her married sister who had her arm around James he was taken her Mom comes up with a hand full of the snack she and James had brought, “Molly there you are. I wanted to let you know these chocolate snacks you brought are going over great with everyone.”

“I’m glad,” Molly says trying to repress a laugh, “Mom you are making sure only the adults have some thought right? Remember they have alcohol in them.”

“Yes silly,” her Mom smiles before popping another chocolate treat in her mouth, ” I have them up on the top shelf; even Meagan has to keep asking your brother to get her some because she’s too short.”

“Good, just wanted to make sure.”

“Understandable,” her mom says with a mouth full of the snacks.

Molly laughs, “Mom weren’t you the one who taught me to not speak with my mouth full?”

“I know, I know but these are so good,” she says eating a few more.

At about that time her Dad and oldest brother, Grant, walk up, “Hey what are you two talking about?”

“Nothing Daddy. Mom was just telling me how much she likes the snacks we brought.”

“Oh these are good,” Grant says throwing one in the air to catch in his mouth, “what’s all in them?”

“It’s James’s recipe. I’m not sure if he wants it shared,” Molly laughs.

“Yo James what’s in these things?” Grant yells across the room.

James pulls himself out of their sister’s Kağıthane Escort Bayan grasp and comes over, “What was that Grant?”

“We want to know what’s in these chocolate bits of heaven you made,” her mom giggles eating a few more.

“Well, chocolate of course, stick pretzels, peanuts, lots of wine, caramel and a secret ingredient that only Molly knows about,” James answers winking at Molly.

“Aaaww, come on please,” her mom begs giving him her biggest doe eyes and moves in a way that pulls the neckline of shirt to show more cleavage.

“Sorry no can do,” James laughs before going back to the conversation he was in.

“Molly he said you know so tell your mother,” her dad tells her as he eats a few more himself.

“Sorry Daddy James said no and it’s his secret to keep besides…” Molly thinks back to yesterday when she helped James make his special snacks…

James is mixing everything together in a large bowl in his kitchen, “Okay that’s everything mixed but the secret ingredient. How’s it coming?”

Molly looks up between his legs and stops bobbing her head in his lap and pulls off his cock, “You tell me. Are you getting close?”

“Maybe five more minutes,” James laughs pushing her mouth back on his cock, “and you’ll have that last ingredient ready for our special treat for your family dinner. And I know how much you love eating my special ingredient no sneaking some now it is all needed for the snacks.”

Molly rolls her eyes at him and flips him off before really getting back into sucking his big black cock.

True to his word Escort Kağıthane almost five minutes, on the dot, later James moans out, “Oh shit baby here it comes! Don’t… ah fuck yeah… waste a drop.”

As much as she’d rather continue to keep sucking and swallow every drop she pulls off his cock and as he takes over jerking his pulsing shaft. Molly reaches up and grabs the mixing bowl and holds it against her chest. Less than a minute later he starts blasting rope after rope of thick white cream into their Christmas snack mix.

When he finishes blasting one of the largest loads of cum Molly has ever seen she looks up at him, “Damn baby! That was a huge fucking load.”

“That’s what happens when you make a guy wait two weeks without cumming,” James pants as he makes his way to the nearest chair.

“Well, don’t worry your sacrifice will be well worth it when you see my whole family eating your cum at Christmas dinner,” Molly giggles, “not to mention will be well rewarded when we get home afterwards.”

“Can’t wait,” James laughs as he starts stroking his cock again, “but for now want to see if we can make a second batch?”

“I was just waiting on you to ask,” Molly giggles before putting the bowl back on the counter and crawling back between his legs.

…Molly has to snap herself out of her memories and smiles at her mom, dad and brother as they all munch on her and James’s special snacks, “…besides Daddy if you never know you might not like them as much if you knew.”

“I’d love them no matter what,” her mom laughs.

“I’m sure you would mom,” Molly giggles, “I’m sure you would.”

The End

[Well, there it is. I know it’s kind of dumb but I thought it was a goofy enough idea to share; and yes I know it’s technically not incest but it is taboo. Whether you loved it or hated it I’d like to hear from you. Thank you for reading and Happy New Year! Tastycandy]

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