Cindy’s White Wedding Ch. 04


This chapter was requested by a Trucker.


After fucking Cindy one more time, they drifted off to sleep. Her Father had to go back on the road tomorrow, he was an independent trucker.

The next morning Cindy woke to the smell of bacon and eggs. She got out of bed and took a shower. When she finished, Cindy noticed her Father had just about finished packing, when she asked,

“Daddy, could I go on the road with you?”

“Cindy I’ll be gone for about two weeks. I’m not staying in any fancy hotel. Most of the time I’ll be parked at a truck stop, staying in the sleeper cab.”

“That’s okay Daddy, I don’t mind. I’d like to get away for a while. Can I go?”

“I guess. Hurry up and start packing, I need to be on the road in a few minutes.”

Cindy ran to her room and threw her travel bags on the bed. She was packing and trying to hurry, when she heard the stacks of the old diesel engine rumble. Just as she zipped it shut, her Father gave a blast on the air horn, signaling it was time to go.

She ran out of the house carrying her bags, dressed in a tight white tank top, blue jean cutoffs and sneakers. Climbing up into the big rig, she shut the door and smiled at her Father.

“Okay Big Daddy, lets roll!” Big Daddy was her Father’s handle on the CB.

Her Father just shook his head as he grabbed the gear shifter. He revved the engine and exhaust smoke blew up through the stacks. They pulled out and headed for the Interstate.

As her Father drove down the ramp, he grabbed the CB and began to talk.

“Hey, this here’s Big Daddy traveling with a little beaver, heading east bound on I-80, just passed yard stick 47. Anybody out there got a bear report?”

A voice comes out of the speaker, as he adjusted a knob on the CB.

“Yeah, you might want to back off the hammer. There’s a bear trap in a plain wrapper about ten miles up ahead.”

“10-4.” her Father replied, as he hung the mic back up.

Another male voice come over the CB.

“Hey Big Daddy, how about letting that little beaver you have there with you, get on the radio?”

Her Father smiled and handed Cindy the mic.

“Daddy, I don’t know what to say, I’m not a trucker.”

He laughed and said,

“I know you’re not, but trust me, they won’t care. Besides, now you’re the Little Beaver.”

Cindy held the mic to her mouth and spoke.

“Um, hi. Hi, this is,… the Little Beaver. How are you?”

“Hey Little Beaver, you have a sexy voice. You could really make the miles go by fast.”

Cindy, not knowing what to say.

“Well, thank you. You sound nice, yourself.”

“Hey Big Daddy, why don’t you bring the Little Beaver to Woody’s Truck Stop tonight for an overnighter?”

“That’s a big 10-4.” Her Father replied.

“Daddy, what does he mean about an overnighter?”

“We’ll be getting off the road a little earlier tonight and going to park the rig, but he and the boys will want to meet you now.”

“Oh, okay. I hope we get along.”


“Oh,… I’m sure you will, baby.”

The day went on, driving mile after mile, stopping only to refuel. Cindy got an idea to pass the time a little, when they were back up inside the truck. Pulling out from diesel station, Cindy took off her tank top.

Her Father looked over at her young tits with hard pink nipples, sun glaring through the window on them.

“Cindy, I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my eyes on the road. The guys at the truck stop are going to be happy seeing you.”

Cindy just Şirinevler Escort smiled, sitting there topless as they drove. Every time he would pull out from a dead stop, the front of the truck would jump, causing her tits to bounce.

After a few miles down the road, Cindy unbuttoned her cutoffs and slid them off, along with her pantys. Sitting there completely naked except fora pair of ankle socks, sneakers and a pair of cheap sunglasses, that she bought at the truck stop. Cindy spread her legs and reached down to her pussy. She moaned out loud, as she fingered herself. Her Father grabbed the mic and handed to her.

“Here baby, moan into this. Let all of those truckers out there get turned on by you. Make Daddy happy.”

Cindy took the mic from her Father and held it to her mouth.

“Mmmm, hey baby. This is the little beaver. Oh, oh,… mmmm. This is the hot Little fucking Beaver, and playing with my pussy as the Big Daddy drives. Would you like to listen to me get off? Mmmm, I’m so fucking horny right now.”

Before you knew it, voice after voice came over the speaker begging her to continue. One trucker said he was pulling over so he could jerk off to her voice.

“Mmmm, yeah,… that’s my big boys. The Little Beaver is going to make all of your cocks feel so good. Now sit back and get comfy, as I stroke my pretty pink, smooth,… eighteen year old pussy,… for all my Daddies out there.”

“Oh, oh, oh,… Daddy, do you want to be my Daddy? Mmmm, yes,… I’m sitting here naked, in this big rig with my legs spread wide. My finger is inside my pussy for you Daddy. Do you like that? Oh Daddy, my fucking cunt is so hot and wet just thinking about you fucking me. Oh, oh, oh Daddy, as I finger myself, my other hand is playing with my tit. Do you like my firm young tits, Daddy? Would you like to suck on my pink nipple? Oooh Daddies, if you would like this to continue, meet me at Woody’s Truck Stop tonight.”

Her Father forcefully grabbed the mic from her.

“Cindy, are you fucking nuts? Every fucking trucker in the area will be there now! What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“Look at me Daddy! I’m sitting in your truck, in front of my own Father completely naked, finger fucking myself! What the fuck do you think is wrong with me? I told you, I’m a fucking slut! I fucking love cock, that’s just the way it is. And if you still want some of my fucking pussy, that’s how it has to be. I love you Daddy, but I also love to have as much cock as I can get!”

“Okay baby. That’s fine, you’re a big girl now. If that’s the way you want it, that’s the way it will be.”

“Thank you Daddy, but you’re wrong. I’ll always be your little girl,… or your Little Beaver.” She laughed.

They continued driving and making stops to pick up loads and drop them off. While parked at the loading docks, Cindy would give her Father a blowjob till it was time to be back on the road. At one factory her father was dropping off a load, and went to the men’s room. On his way back to the truck, he could see Cindy sucking off one of the guys that work on the loading dock.

As they pulled out from the lot, her Father looked over at her.

“I see that I wasn’t the only one dropping a load here today.”

“Sorry Daddy, guess I had a craving for a snack.” Sometimes Cindy could be a smartass.

It was getting late. Her Father drove about a hundred miles and seen the off ramp for Woody’s. They drove up the road to the entrance, and as they turned to pull in, they noticed that the lot was filled with rigs. Truckers Şirinevler Escort Bayan were everywhere. He finally found a spot to park.

“Stay here Cindy. I’ll go in to get us a couple of coffees.”

As he walked to the building, a couple of truckers approached him.

“Hey buddy, are you here for the Little Beaver also? Hell, we’re all here for that little honey.”

“Ah, yeah. Yeah I’m here for her alright.”

They followed him inside for coffee. While at the counter one of the waitresses recognized him. He has been driving that stretch for quite some time now.

“Hey Big Daddy, what brings you here? I haven’t seen you by this way for about two or three months.”

A couple of guys overheard that and turned toward him.

“Hey, is that right? You’re the Big Daddy? The Big Daddy with Little Beaver?”

They started walking out to the parking lot to his rig. Cindy’s Father was forced by the owner to wait in line and pay for his things. When he finished paying, he walked out the door in time to see eight truckers carrying Cindy across the lot, still naked except for ankle socks and sneakers.

Her Father just walked back to his rig and climbed up inside. He sat there thinking about Cindy, while drinking both coffees. He figured that this is what she wanted, so there’s no reason to be upset. He finished the coffees and climbed back into the sleeper cab, and dozed.

Cindy was up inside an empty trailer, lieing on a pile of cardboard. She was spread eagle getting fucked by one guy, while a group of truckers waited their turn just outside. You could hear her moans echoing from inside the empty trailer.

“Oh yes! Yes, fuck me! Fuck my hot pussy. Slam your big hard cock into me. Do it! Do it! Oh, oh, oh, fuck me harder!”

Cindy was getting her eighteen year old pussy fucked hard, when she felt his cock start to spasm.

“Yes, yes, cum inside me. Shoot your hot load inside of me. Oh, please fill me with your cum?”

When the guy finished cuming, he stood up and climbed down out of the trailer.

“Next!” he yelled, as the others laughed.

One after another, trucker after trucker took his turn on Cindy. She was such a good little whore. She layed there moaning and begging each one to fuck her harder then the last.

Cindy finally got down to the last five truckers, when she motioned for all of them to climb up inside the trailer.

“Come one, come all, baby. This little beaver wants to have a gangbang convoy.”

All five truckers undressed and grabbed her at the same time. Both arms and legs were being pulled in different directions, as she was turned over. One trucker shoved his cock so far into her mouth, poor Cindy gagged on it. Another worked his cock into her tight young ass.

Cindy was literally being used as fuck toy. She had cocks in her mouth, two at a time. One was inside her pussy while one was up her ass. Her beautiful tits were also being mauled by another trucker, as he sucked each nipple.

They decided that Cindy’s cunt had enough cum inside of it. Now they were going to form a line behind her, and fuck Cindy’s ass doggie style. They would fuck her some, then pull out and get back in line, circulating until each one had enough before cuming.

Cindy’s asshole was a bright red, from all of the truckers fucking her so hard.

“Oh, oh please? It hurts. My asshole hurts so bad. Please,… don’t stop? It’s so fucking painful in my ass, but I love it. Oh, oh, fuck me, fuck my hot ass.” Cindy cried out.

She sobbed Escort Şirinevler a little as each one fucked her, but she loved it. Cindy’s body lowered till she was flat on her stomach., while still getting fucked. It wasn’t long after, each trucker took his turn filling her ass with cum. Cindy continued to lay there while the five truckers got dressed and left.

About an hour had gone by, when Cindy climbed down out of the trailer. She was still naked with only her sneakers on, as she headed toward her Father’s semi., Cindy walked very slowly because her ass and pussy were burning, from getting fucked by so many guys.

When Cindy got to her Father’s truck, she opened the door and slowly climbed up inside. She made her way back to the sleeper cab where her Father was.

“Hi, Daddy. I’m back.”

“Hi baby. Did you have fun? Did you enjoy being a whore for all of those truckers?”

“Yes,… Daddy, I did. There where so many that I lost count. I had no idea there was going to be so many. I think every trucker here had a turn on me.” Cindy said, as she was on her hands and knees fluffing the pillow.

“No, baby. Not yet you didn’t have every trucker here, but you’re about to.”

Her Father said, as he kneeled behind her looking at her bright red asshole. He took the head of his hard cock and placed it against the entrance of her ass. Cindy jumped when she felt it.

“Oh no Daddy, not my ass! Please Daddy, my asshole hurts so bad? I’ll suck you cock instead. Ow Daddy! Daddy, Daddy,… Oh!”

He ignored her and slid his cock into her ass. She was well lubed, from all of the cum that was shot inside of her. Cindy’s asshole felt like a silk ring wrapped around his cock, milking him as he fucked her.

“Oh Daddy, my ass hurts so bad, but I love it. Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck your baby girl! Mmmm, yes Daddy,… fuck your Little Beaver in the ass. Oh Daddy. Oh, my asshole. It hurts so fucking bad. Please Daddy, cum soon?”

Cindy was on her hands and knees, as tears ran down her cheeks, from the pain of her asshole being fucked so much. Despite the pain that she was in, she loved getting fucked. She actually got turned on by feeling a little pain.

“Oh, Daddy! Fuck me hard! Grab a handful of my hair and pull it back. I’m such a whore for you, Daddy. I’m a whore! Does that make you hot, Daddy? Do you like when I talk like that? Mmmm, I know it does. Come on Daddy, I’m your eighteen year old daughter and I’m a fucking whore. Now fuck me! Fuck your whore of a daughter up the ass! Cum inside me. Please Daddy, cum inside my tight little ass?”

Hearing Cindy talk like that sent him over the edge, and he came inside of her. She was also happy that it was over. Cindy knew if she talked like that, her Father would cum soon, and her asshole would have a rest.

They collapsed and fell asleep. Poor Cindy, her asshole and pussy were so red and sensitive. The slightest touch made her whimper.

The next morning, her Father thought it would be best to leave and find a different truck stop to shower and have breakfast. He considered what might happen all over again if anyone got another look at Cindy.

As he started up the diesel engine, Cindy came up front. They were driving through the lot, when Cindy rolled the window down. She sat up high, leaning out the window with her young tits exposed for everyone to see. The CB mic in one hand up by her mouth, and waving with the other.

“Hey, this is the Little Beaver, I just want to say, thank you! Bye!”

There was a long blast from the air horns on every rig in the parking lot, to show their appreciation. Her Father just shook his head and gave a chuckle as he shifter gears, heading for the Interstate.

“Hey Daddy, I have an idea. Maybe I could go on the road with you more often, what do you think?”

“I guess that’ll be alright,… Little Beaver.”

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