Close Encounters with My Cousin


Both of my parents came from large families. I have almost fifty first cousins most of whom are female. They are all nice women ranging from plain to beautiful in appearance. Mary was the only one that ever aroused my erotic interest.

I lived a nomadic life following my college graduation and lost contact with many of my relations. When still in my early twenties I had occasion to attend a family wedding in the area where my grandparents had settled and farmed. Many of their offspring still lived in the local town and on area farms, although few were still farming.

There was a reception and party following the wedding and I roamed the room greeting and chatting with uncles, aunts and cousins. They are all very open and friendly people, conservative in their daily lives but loving social gatherings. I danced with a few aunts and cousins and was having a great time reminiscing about life on the farm.

At some point my cousin Mary came over to my table and pulled me up for a dance. She was and remains a vivacious, direct and outspoken woman who some in the family call ‘brassy’. In fact the gossip in the family at that time was that ‘she could not keep her legs closed’, a very unfair comment. In later life, Mary demonstrated a heart of gold and would go out of her way to help anybody in need.

She was small and slight in stature except for wide shoulders and very big tits. She carried them like a badge of honor and applied them liberally to my chest as we danced. I suspected that most dance partners received the same treatment.

I had often spent the summer working on her father’s farm as a teenager. She was about 3 years younger than I and had always been on my case when I had stayed with them. She was still obviously a tease but now as a young woman she had the body to make her dangerous.

At the end of the dance she pulled me over to meet her fiancé Brian. They were planning to be married within a year.

Later that evening Mary approached me again and asked me if I would drive her home. I looked at her with surprise and glanced around to locate Brian.

She said, “We have had a little scrap and I don’t want to see him any more tonight.”

There was no way that I wanted to get in a brawl at a family party so I went over to confirm that Brian would approve. He thanked me for looking after her and made some comment that she would be all right tomorrow. I gathered this was not an unusual occurrence.

Mary was still living with her parents on a farm a few miles out of the town. It had been a while since I had visited and as it was dark she had to direct me. We turned down a gravel road at one point and within a few minutes we were parked looking out over a small lake. Mary just said, “I don’t want to go home yet. I want to talk for a while.”

I had no particular thought of doing anything but chat. But as we sat there in the car with the moonlight streaming through the windshield, I soon forgot that she was my cousin. I became very aware of those big tits moving around in the seat beside of me.

She moved closer and I felt one rub against my upper arm. She made the first move and her mouth hungrily attacked mine. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and I began to feel her tits.

Mary said, “Let’s get in the back seat, this steering wheel is in my way.” Like I said, she is a very plainspoken person. Mary does not have a filter between her thoughts and the spoken word.

The conversation dried up and we were soon into very heavy necking. It was all lips, fingers and tongues. She turned to lie back against me allowing me full access to her body as she stretched her legs out away from me. Together we unbuttoned her blouse with our mouths still engaged. I looked down as I lifted one breast out of the cup, the nipple was so full and erect it might explode. Mary lifted a bit and unhooked the bra.

“I like to have them kissed, but this is as far as it goes, the rest is for Brian,” she stated in a matter of fact way.

“This is perfect, not to worry,” I choked out as I bent to lick the tip of a nipple before inhaling it deep into my mouth. Despite herself, Mary groaned in loud ecstasy. My mouth moved from her nipples to her neck and lips and back to her nipples continuously for some time. I was certain that I was going to get laid.

Mary was breathing heavily as I continued to kiss and suck, and did not seem to notice as I lowered one hand down to her knee and began to work up under her skirt. She was wearing a ruffled party dress with fluffy petticoats underneath. It took a while for me to work my way up through all of that clothing, but she did nothing to deter me. I finally located her panties with outstretched fingers.

She said, “I told you that you were only going to get what you have right now. My panties are staying on.” Despite her warning her legs spread enough to allow me to edge my hand between her legs to rub along her slit. She relaxed even more and I worked a finger in under the side band of her panties and felt the wet lips. Her legs opened Kağıthane Escort wider and she used her fingers to pull the panties further aside. I was sure that I was home free and began to finger her more aggressively.

I lifted my mouth off a nipple and said, “I’m going to fuck you Mary.”

It was a bad move. The words were only out of my mouth a second before she stiffened up and pushed my hand away from her pussy.

She said, “That’s it, no more, and I am keeping that for Brian.”

I was ignorant enough to ask her if he had not had any already. She pulled her dress down, sat up and hooked up her bra and buttoned her blouse. She said, “No, not him or anybody else has been there.” But she was smiling.

When we emerged from the back seat she noticed that I was hunched over with the beginnings of a set of lover’s nuts. She put her hand on my cock and said, “I can help with this, I do it all the time for guys. That’s how I have kept my cherry.”

She unzipped me and pulled my cock out through the opening. She moved around behind me as I leaned on the car. She jammed her tits against my back and reaching around me began to jack me off.

“Oh you have a big one, just like Brian’s. He loves me to do this to him. Ah God, you are throbbing already. Just let it fly.”

A woman can do such a better job jerking a man off than he can on his own.

I did not see or hear from Mary for many years. We both married and I continued my nomadic business life even after marriage. I occasionally thought of that night by the lake with a sense of pleasant guilt.

And then Mary contacted me by E-Mail in regards to a family reunion to be held in the old hometown. We began a lively exchange and soon combined the E-Mail and IM with occasional phone calls.

Whatever had been the attraction before was still at work; we liked each other. We mostly discussed family matters having such a large family, and Mary turned out to be one of those who liked to keep tabs on others. But we did have a wide range of common interests and finally those interests included sex. We related stories of sexual encounters that we had never shared with anyone else. The Internet does that to people.

The elephant in the room was our night together in the car many years ago. I know that it had become a recurring memory in my mind and it turned out to be something Mary thought about as well. We were on messaging one time when she broke the ice and asked if I recalled much of that night. I admitted to being able to recall every single minute.

I wrote, “I was very horny that night.”

She replied, “I could tell by the lump under my back.”

“I wanted to get into you.” My heart was pounding as I typed out those words.

“I know that too.”

“What would have happened if I had pushed the issue? Would you have let me take your panties off?”

“I think so, I was close. I was not thinking of anything but you and I. But when you told me that you were going to fuck me, the promise I had made myself to wait until I was married took control.”

“I know that shook me up a little. At the time I was pretty sure that you were not a virgin. You surprised me when you indicated that you were.”

“Why do you say that? Because of the way I acted with you? I had messed around with several guys but none ever got my panties off until Brian. But he did get in them before our wedding night. I let him have it all a few days after my night with you and I blame you for that.” Mary took no prisoners, what she thought is what you got.

We left it at that, but we had taken another step in acknowledging the erotic interest we had in the other.

I travelled on business on one occasion to a town quite close to where Mary and Brian still lived. I managed to free a day to get over to see and meet them. Mary still had the devilish look in her eyes but her body had matured with the years and with motherhood. Her hips and butt were fleshed out and now matched well with her beautiful big globes. And she still poked them out there for anyone to gape at.

Brian had stayed home to meet me but soon returned to work. Mary and I decided to drive out to the old family farm. There were very few people farming or living in the area any longer and all of the buildings were gone. We walked around and looked for the places we had played as kids.

We had to push the tag alders aside to find the beach on a small lake located within the farm property. I pulled Mary tight against me, wanting to feel those breasts and her body again. The only sounds were the waves lapping the beach and the breeze in the trees. We kissed warmly and caressed each other as we stood in the sand.

“I am not sure about this,” she whispered, “but I want you.”

We walked hand in hand to my car. I opened the door to the back seat and smiled, “Shall we continue where we left off?”

We were well hidden from view by trees along the country road. We stood there kissing and rubbing our bodies on the others. It was a warm Kağıthane Escort Bayan day. We stepped back and removed our outer cloths, throwing them on the front seat. Mary was down to her bra and panties and I in my shorts. She slithered in backwards along the seat until her back was propped in the corner with the other door. She fumbled with her bra hooks and loosened the bra. I followed her in and pulled her panties down. God I was hot. I rubbed the panties on my face and tossed them into the front seat.

I said, “Mary,” and paused for effect, “I am going to fuck you now.”

She was ready for sex and although not her flippant self replied, “I know you are but you will have to take that thing out of your shorts first.” She reached down to grab it as I frantically twisted on my knees to get out of my shorts.

I bent ahead to rub my face between her generous tits, kissing and licking, while she stroked my cock. Things slowed down a little, the tenderness that we had for each other took over, and we lingered over each touch and kiss. I had not made out in a car for many years and doubt that she had either.

“We should be in bed Mary,” I moaned as we struggled to make contact.

“We can do that after,” she whimpered, “but I don’t want to take a chance we can’t make it.” With that, she scrunched to her back with her knees up and legs spread.

I crawled in between her legs on my knees, my head bumping the roof a bit before I managed to work my cock into her. She reached around my neck and pulled me down and I lost no time in getting off in my cousin. It was awkward, very intense and quite satisfying. Over thirty years had passed between first contact and consummation. We were laughing at our frantic activity as we stood outside the car pulling on our clothes.

Mary giggled, “That was a long time coming wasn’t it? You were right though; a bed would have been nice. We’re not twenty any longer.”

What an amazing woman! Within minutes after fucking her cousin she was once more bold and saucy. If she had any regrets she hid them well. As we returned to town she moved closer to me once more, her hand on my thigh, caressing me softly barely brushing my stiffening cock.

I said, “Damn it Mary, what are you trying to do? You’re going to get me off if you are not careful. Shall I pull over? Where can we go? My motel room? We could drive to the next town if you are nervous about being seen.”

“We can go home. Brian won’t be back until late evening. He is at a meeting in Thornton. I just don’t know if I can wait that long. I didn’t get off back there properly. There is an abandoned barn ahead, we can park behind it.”

I was very tempted, she had me hard and even worse, she was fully aroused which is the hottest aspect of sex for me. If a lady desired me, I wanted to please her. While I was not real happy about screwing at her house, another frustrating attempt in a car seat was a worse option. “I’ll take you home,” I said behind gritted teeth.

She relented, “Okay, home it is. If I didn’t want to save it for later, I would blow you right now,” she giggled. But she continued rubbing my cock.

There was no levity at the house. We used a spare bedroom and quietly undressed ourselves beside the bed. God she looked splendid naked. A tiny woman really, barely five feet tall, nice wide hips and round bum, solid shapely legs, and of course those great tits dangling and moving as she stripped. One could tell that she was very comfortable with her body and enjoyed my obvious desire for her. She shook her head when I asked, “Shower first?” We could have used one after our back seat joining.

We came together at the side of the bed as if preparing to dance. I can still feel those soft delicious breasts on my mid-section as we kissed like lovers do. Soft lingering exploration of each other’s mouths tongues and lips. She pulled back a bit and looking me straight in the eye said, “I love the way you kiss me, I remember that most of all from that night in your car.”

My cock surged with her words, pressed up along her belly as my hands drank in the feel of her silky cheeks, alternating between a caress and a crunch. I moved her to the bed, lowering her to her back with her feet dangling over the edge. Her great tits slipped each side of her body as I bent over her, my cock poised to enter her engorged pussy. She was a beautiful buffet ready for me and while my mind raced with possible selections, my cock moved directly to the swollen parted lips and slipped in effortlessly. I stood hunched over as she raised her legs to my hips, stroking her in a slow languorous manner before pushing forward sliding her backwards until our locked bodies were fully on the bed.

Her breasts were crushed against me, her legs hooked around my back; her body arched upwards begging for my thrusts. Our grunts and moans of pleasure increased as we approached orgasm. My hands clutched her ass cheeks, spreading them wider as she dug her fingernails into mine, occasionally teasing my Escort Kağıthane anus with a finger. I exploded as she realized the effect her tease was having on me and eased one finger into me. We both thrashed around at this sudden release of passion before finally settling down breathing like steam engines coming to a stop.

Mary whispered, “Bingo.” And she was back again to her normal self as if she had never strayed. We lay there clutched as one, my cock slowly being squeezed out of her twitching pussy. “No question now,” she stated, “shower time.”

A few months later Mary and Brian stayed with us for a few days on a trip to our part of the world. She and I managed to keep our little secret and were careful not to display our lust for each other. But it was there; I ached to get her alone one more time.

One early morning Mary was busy at the kitchen counter. She was wearing a robe and from the way her body moved I strongly suspected she was naked underneath. I moved behind her and slipped my arms around and massaged her tits. She turned her head and we kissed.

“That’s all you’re getting today my dear,” she said as her tongue sought mine. I let her know I was hard by rubbing it between her cheeks in a suggestive manner.

We were fairly safe as my wife is a late sleeper and Brian had not yet stirred. He would most likely take a shower before coming downstairs. I pulled her robe open and grabbed her warm hot tits. She pressed her butt back against me and whispered, “You bastard, I told you that you cannot have any. I am saving it.”

One thing that I had learned about Mary, was that ‘no’ did not always really mean ‘no’. I turned her around to face me while pressing her up against the kitchen counter and burying my face between her big tits. I licked and sucked while pushing her legs apart with my knees.

I whispered, “Take my cock out Mary, maybe we can just rub a bit. You know, slide my cock between your legs and enjoy a dry one.”

“No, no,” she moaned as her hand pushed the band of my shorts down and pulled my cock out. She guided it between her legs and I felt the hot wet juicy lips slide along the top of my cock.

“Just a minute,” she said. We could hear the sound of Brian entering the shower and turning on the water. “Do it now.”

I bent my knees low enough to get in under her pussy and drove it up quickly and we held there for a minute. The shower above continued to run. I pulled back from her a bit and opened her robe wider so her bare tits could rub on me as we fucked.

The need for both of us to come and come quickly drove us to a quiet but acute trembling orgasm.

Mary tied up her robe and said, “Can I use the downstairs shower? And that will be it for this trip you buggar.”

The family reunion was held a few months following the above episode. My wife elected to skip it; she found the gossip and stories meant little to her being a city girl. All meetings and dinners were to be held in a local hotel.

Mary and I were very cousinly for the most part. We exchanged knowing glances and touches when left alone for brief moments. We both wanted another encounter, having talked about it online for months. I had no idea how we might carry it off. But I should not have worried. Mary had it all planned out.

A nostalgic bus tour was scheduled for an afternoon to take interested people to visit the old family farms. Mary had the only key to one of the hotel rooms, remote from where the guests were lodged. When I raised my eyes in question, she just said, “It’s my hometown, I know someone, relax.”

The door was open as I slunk into the room, looking over my shoulder to see if I had been spotted. Mary was ready for me. She was wearing a white hotel robe and standing beside a bottle of red wine on a table. She smiled as she poured a glass of wine and handed it to me. Her robe was loosely tied and I could see most of her beautiful tits swaying as she moved.

As I took the wine glass, she loosened my belt and unzipped my fly. “Do you know that you are only the second man that I have been in bed with?” My pants were around my ankles as she unbuttoned my shirt. I switched arms as she removed my shirt. She stood for a minute and caressed my upper body. “You have a nice body, I have dreamed of feeling it for a long time.”

I am normally the aggressor in my love making, but this was very enjoyable and I stood there submissive as she circled and viewed me as if I was a slave at auction. But no slave received the attention she was showering on me. She kissed my shoulders, my chest, my back and thighs. She stood up right in front of me, and ran the palm of her hand up and down on my now rigid cock, still nestled in my shorts. Her eyes were slits of determination as she slid her hands under my shorts at my hips and pushed them down, her body lowering with it. I felt her hair on my stiff cock as it popped out of the shorts. She brushed it with her face, her nose and neck and finally kissed the knob. She held it with one hand as she cupped my balls with the other.

She gazed up at me, reading the pleasure in my face and ran her tongue around the knob that popped out of her fist like a raspberry ice cream cone. Was this the blowjob she had threatened me with in the past? But no, after bringing my cock to the edge of agony she stood once more.

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