Coffe House Pick Up Part 04


Please read the first three chapters of this story to understand the characters and their actions and motivations in this story.

Sally and I we met at our favorite restaurant that morning. She was letting herself go, no makeup, sloppy clothes, etc. All my work seemed to be out the window, her break up with her boyfriend hit her hard.

“I am sorry to drag you threw this Diana. I was hoping to copy your style, your presence, and your happiness in a relationship. I guess as far as my ex-boyfriend was concerned you were better at being you then I was.”

I put my hand on Sally’s and gently stroked it. I had to be more than a friend, I had to be her big sister, or mother.

“I am sorry that your idiotic boyfriend was attracted to me. Hell, I am getting so old now I did not dream anyone besides Roger would feel like that. But I want to help your try again Sally, please let me” and I ended my words with a soft smile.

Sally got up from the table and gave me a hug. We paid the bill and walked to our cars when she told me was going out of town from a month visit a friend. She promised to get herself together and we would pick things up when she got back. Sally hinted that she might still be opened to the two of us having a fling and I told her that my position had not changed. I knew she was very confused right now and needed support but I still had to be firm.

I then got in my car and went for my meeting with “the group” which I did not mention to Sally.

I did not feel comfortable telling her about it, this was a new world I was entering it and only Roger and I knew about it.

I went to the address I was e-mailed, a lobby of a hotel. I was told that I should look for a woman wearing a black pantsuit with a white scarf. I looked around and I quickly spotted her and our eyes met and there was a silent nod of acceptance between us. She called me be by screen name I had at “the group” and we shook hands and she suggested we go to the bar. The woman was about 30 or so and had an air of education and class about her. We spent a little under two hours talking, I was very hesitant at first to say much but with time I opened up about my relationship with my son. The woman who called herself Karen informed me that I had passed my interview and I should be accepted by the others. She asked if I could come to a meeting next week at a private residence and assured me that I would be happy with meeting many other women in my situation. I asked if she was a member of “the group” and Karen replied that she was not but a hired assistant to one of the main leaders who did the screening.

I agreed and we got up from our table and shook hands professionally again and I head back to my car. As I was opening the driver’s side door it hit me that I might be making a big mistake following through with this. But I knew I had come this far and I needed to see it through not matter what happened. I thought to myself things had so changed, that night in the coffee house years ago was suppose to be a one night fling, I never dreamt it would go this far.

A week later I left work early and drove across town to the address given me. It was on the eastside of town and was in fact a full blown mansion. Somebody had money within this organization.

A servant greeted me at the door and escorted me to the living room. In there were a group of active middle age woman, dressed in a low key but professional manner. My modest one piece dress and sensible heels fit right in.

“Hi, welcome to my home. I am Alison” a striking beautiful woman with a very expensive blond hair style and cut said to me with a beaming smile. She was a few years old then me I guessed but not by much. Alison had certain warmness about her that I got a feeling that she grew up modest but had married into money but did not lose her roots or background.

“I am Diana; it is a pleasure to meet you.” I thought what the heck, I might as well give my real name, I had come this far.

“Well Diana, please sit down. May I get you some coffee or tea? Is there any special way you like it?” playing the part of the super hostess the elegant blond asked me.

I told her my preferences and she handed me the drink that I wanted. The servant had been asked to do some work in another part of the house and the meeting started. As happens with so many other groups, everyone went one at a time with their introductions, saying their first name only and stating that they were sleeping with their sons and happy about it. They gave a brief history of how it happened and why I should not be ashamed. Alison was definitely in charge as she quietly guided the discussion. She asked me if I was ready to speak and suddenly I spilled my whole story, the original seduction of my son, building him up and the happiness we ended up finding but now the guilt I was beginning to feel. That is why I joined up with “the group” as I called it.

“Thank you Diana, I know that was hard to let out Beylikdüzü Escort but you are among friends here. First off we call ourselves the” Hidden Doves”, a clandestine low key name. It was found twenty years ago by a woman who has since passed away. She knew there needed to be an outlet for woman with our kind of lifestyle and I took over when she left us. I have the money and connections to guide it on a path of success. My husband fully supports what I am doing and no he is not the father of my son but does know what is going on in my bedroom. So tell me Diana, do you feel that you want to be a “Hidden Dove”?

I nodded my head yes and there was round of applause by all the others.

“Diana, you will find there is a good cross section here. Many of us can provide different services to you; it is a form of networking. I hope you have a good time with us” and with Alison’s words everyone got up and started talking in smaller groups.

My new friend came over to me and gently put her arm across my shoulder. Alison asked that I accompany her into the next room and we walked together while I phrased the beauty of her home.

“Your story about the coffee house was interesting Diana. I cannot help but feel a connection to your seduction of your son while wearing white boots. Ironically my story is somewhat similar”.

And Alison told me how she became a professional cheerleader for our local arena football team at the age of 43. Her son became obsessed with seeing her in the cheerleader outfit, wearing white go-go boots with tight short-shorts and black hose. I told her I sort of remember hearing about her story on the local TV at the time, though her hair was longer then. I did not know her at that time but I felt a certain pride for middle age woman when she did it.

Alison gave me a sisterly hug and thanked me for the kind words. She told me about her cover marriage to a gay million and that while she was now a business woman she still dressed up for her son off and on in her cheerleader outfit, But Alison did admit to me that now she was passed 50 years of age it was getting harder to do.

“Tell me about it, I am worrying about how I looked in sexy clothes these days” and Alison and I both laughed out loud. Then she dropped the bombshell on me.

“By the way Diana, do you and your son have children together”? Alison asked while stroking her blond hair.

I was taken aback by her question. “No, no I have always been careful; I always use birth control or alternate practices like oral sex”.

“It is no big thing Diana; I have two great children from my son. About a third of the women in the group have done it. Sure it takes away from your chance to be the kindly grandmother with grey hair who spoils her grandchildren. But I have to remember, I am their mother first and foremost. But they are the light of my life and maybe deep down the depression you are feeling might be a desire to be a mom again with your current lover. Have you and your son ever talked about it”?

I was in a state of disbelief. It just hit me, maybe it was the emptiness I was feeling, not able to be a full couple. I still had the ability to become pregnant but I made the effort to always be careful.

Alison gently put her hand on my shoulder and spoke.

“I did not mean to hit you with this; just think about it bit Diana. If you ever have questions about it feel free to contact me anytime” Alison said with a soft smile.

The rest of the afternoon went well and I was very happy with my new group of friends. Alison and I talked about many different things including our love of boots. I felt such a connection to her as the day progress.

That night at dinner I told Roger about the meeting and how it gave me a sense of tranquility and purpose. Just being around others in my situation was a very calming effect.

“Mom I know the pressure you have been feeling as of late. Yea, it can be hard at times; I wish we could be more open. But we will get by; I just want you to happy, though I admit this group sounds like something from the early James Bond movies. I hope there is not a bald man with a white cat somewhere.”

I smiled and told my darling son that there was no bald with a white cat that I knew of. I then asked what he wanted me to wear for him this night and he said my choices were always perfect.

“Then let me go upstairs and change. I will leave you to do the dishes” and I got out my chair and went up to our bedroom. I took a quick shower as my son cleaned up the kitchen, he did not mind helping around the house if he knew he would be getting sex or me dressed up for it. How I had him trained.

A bit latter I went back downstairs dressed in my black bodystocking that my son liked me to wear so much. I put on black knee high boots with stiletto heels which I had not worn in some time. My whole body was in case tight black clothing and judging by Roger’s reaction one that worked.

“Damn Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan mom, you have never looked so good. I am in heaven.”

I sat in his lap and threw my arms around my son’s neck and we began to kiss hard and passionately. His hands were all over my body, caressing my thighs through the black nylon. I was so lucky to have him I thought. We kissed again for a long time; my hand rubbing his dick threw his shorts, his hands all over my body. Finally I broke the kiss and ran my finger across his face.

“Honey, I think we should take a trip out of town and get away from all the pressures we have been under. One of my new friends in the group married into money and they have a place on the lake she said I could have for a weekend. Maybe we could do it at the end of month?”

“It would be great mom, just pack a lot of your sexy stuff, including what you are wearing now” my son said with excitement.

“I will bring all your favorites and maybe some new items as well.” I then got off his lap and got Roger to stand up as well. He put his hands on my ass firmly and I put my arms around his neck and we kiss hard on the mouth again. Once the kiss was broken I led my son by the hand into our bedroom.

Roger striped down to just a pair of boxer shorts that I had bought for him. My son sat on the edge of the bed and he asked me to dance for him. I told him I was told old for that but he pleaded so I turned our clock radio on to a smooth jazz station and started to move sexually for him to the low key jazz beat. I was starting to enjoy this.

“You move well in heels mom. You know how to dance in boots.”

I kept twisting and turning my nylon covered body to the beat of the music and told my son that I had been dancing in boots since before he was born. I told him I had a good time in my college days but did not tell him how wild I was since I was his mom, even though I was fucking him.

I could see that my grating was having an effect as his dick was growing through his shorts. I kept dancing in front of him, moving my hips and then ass in his face. I was getting to this seduction; I just let myself go as I grinded my body in front of my son getting oh so close and pulling back at the last second. Then I walked across the room still grating and then lean against the dresser, moving my body in a seductive manner to the beat of the music. Roger was being driven into a sexual frenzy as his mom kept thrust her body back and forth. I walked back across the room to him as he continued to sit on the bed and place my right foot on his right thigh. I began rubbing my boot covered foot across it as my son was in bliss from what I was doing and then while still moving body to the beat of the music I began to press down on his thigh with my heel. My son was getting turned on by action when for some insane reason I started to press down hard and finally he yelled and I quickly withdraw my foot and gain my balance.

“Baby, I am so sorry. I just got carried away with music and dancing” and I dropped to my knees and start kissing the red mark on his thigh from the heel of my boot.

“It is okay mom, it is okay” he tried to reassure me. I as I kept kissing my son’s thigh I knew what had happened. I have a split second flash back to that day years ago with Steven in his college dorm when Sally and I taught him in a lesson. I dug my boot heel into Steven to punish him but this was my baby boy and my lover. How could I have done this? Then it hit me, it was the same pair of boots I wore that afternoon with Steven and Sally and that is why I had been keeping them in the closet for so long. And now the guilt of never coming clean with my son about Steven was hitting me and I lost my sense of place.

Soon my son slip on the floor with me and gently pushed on my back. He kissed me then stroke my face and told me he realize that I had just got carried away and he was alright. He pulled his shorts off and got on top of me. He enter then small crotch opening in my bodystocking and place his hard dick inside of me and we made love while I still had my boots on. Roger quickly began hard thrusts inside my pussy while rubbing my nylon covered legs.

“On mom, on mom” he cried and I pulled him into me. I felt his hard dick pound into me again and again.

“Yes baby, give it to your bad mother. I am out of control, please do it harder” I screamed back at him.

As I began to orgasm I felt his hot goo running through my pussy and on to the front of my bodystocking. I pulled him into me even more as I desperately needed every inch of his hard dick inside me. I wanted to make him feel good after what had just happened but I had my needs as well. I kept moaning and twitching until my son screamed for the final blast and he collapse on top of me. We kissed on the mouth hard again and then Roger got off of me and I stood up as well. I removed my boots but left the bodystocking on and we climbed Escort Beylikdüzü into bed naked and slept the night away in each other’s arms.

The next week Alison and I talked about her retreat on the lake just before the meeting started. She said that she would have no problem with Roger and me using it and there would be no charge; just clean the place up before we left. I gave her a sisterly hug and she asked what I planned to take and I gave her the rundown of my sexy outfits. She asked if I wanted to borrow her cheerleader uniform from her days as we were about similar size and height. I thanked her but said I already had enough to keep my son happy.

When the meeting started there were seven of us and we all talked about issues relating to our romantic relationships with our adult sons. Everything from fear of being dumped for a younger woman, to the pain of not being able to be opened in public came up. Some complained that their sons wanted them to dress up all the time and they were uncomfortable with it while other said they loved wearing sexy clothes for them. It was an interesting cross section of feelings and ideas. Then the topic came up about children with their sons came up and I felt my body tense up. When I was asked about it I quietly told them I did not see it in the future for my son and me and the others feeling my discomfort let it drop.

Later all of us went to the dining area and Alison’s servants served all of us a great lunch. It must be great to rich like her, but I kept my jealousy in check. She was such a good friend. Before I left Alison handed me a small box.

“This for you Diana, we usually wait until someone has been a member for a few months but I decided to give it you now” and as Alison finished speaking I opened the box and there was a small pin of a dove sitting on a blue crest.

“Wear when you feel the time is right, it will bond you to us even more. Also it is a code, a secret handshake if you like and when you see another woman wearing one you know you have a sister in common Diana. Remember, we are more than a support group, we can do things to help each other.”

I put the pin back in the box and put it in my purse. I thanked Alison and hugged her good-bye.

I attended two more meetings and felt so good about the sense of belonging I had. In his college days I was full of confidence with Roger, feeling like the wise older woman but now I needed not to feel like I was alone in the world. Finally it was time for my son and I to take our extended weekend. Roger and I drove out to house by the lake; the security guard for the compound of elite condos had been alerted that we were coming. Alison said that he was well paid and told not to be involved with the tenants or their guests and what went on between them.

The house itself was fantastic, with a great view of the water. I had been on the other end of lake some years ago by I had always heard there was a cove with fancy town homes that was guard by a private security force and now I was here. Each condo had its own yard and wooded fence around it with a small driveway. I could see there were some hiking trails in the forest next to the lake and it had sense of tranquility making me wish I could live here all the time. Alison told us most of the people who live just say hi and tend to themselves but that Roger and I should remember to use our first names while we were here and just pretend to a May/December romance and nothing else.

Roger and I walked in our temporary residence holding hands after I opened the front door with the guest key given to me. My son and I kissed briefly and then we went back out to the car and got all of over belongs and brought them in the house. Roger then asked me to go back outside which I did. I was not dress up yet for him and was wearing lose fitting clothes and flat shoes with my hair in a ponytail.

“Mom or maybe I should Diana you are the love of life. We have had such a great relationship but we never had anything like a honeymoon. I want to now carry you over the threshold” with his final words my son picked me up in his arms like a new bride and headed to the front door. Before we enter though he made a request,

“Mom, the hair” looking at my ponytail. I knew what he wanted so I under my hair and shook my head back and forth a few times in a slow and seductive manner for him. With my hair down he carried me inside, I felt like a princess. No other man I had ever been involved with treated me like this.

“Honey, let us unpack and then I came make myself up for” and I gave me my son a fast and hard kiss on the mouth. He obliged me and after we settled in I changed into a tight red spandex one piece swimsuit I had bought for this trip. It hugged the cures on my body more like a leotard and I liked how it accented my dark hair. Looking at myself in the mirror I thought I had really done well in keeping my figure for someone just shy of 50.

“What do you think, should I wear this when I go sunbathing”?

My son ran to me and pulled me into a full hug, his hands groping my spandex covered ass.

“I love it mom, you never fail to amaze me. I am just worried about the other men in the area who might see you. Promise you will only go out in it when I am with you.”

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