Come Over Here, Son . . .


“Come over here, Lloyd, I need my cock sucked,” Gene motioned to his oldest son, as he unbuckled his suit pants and drew his zipper down. “Pull your pants down, son, so I can watch that prick of yours bounce.”

Gene looked at the other men sitting around the conference table and smirked. “If you train them young, you’ll get a lifetime of the most-talented cum-guzzling out there . . . isn’t that right, son?”

Lloyd had already pulled his shoes and pants off, and his stiff and straining prick did indeed bounce as he walked toward his father’s outstretched hand. Gene had pulled away from the conference table, sitting comfortably in his leather chair, stroking his cock with one hand, and drawing his son’s head down as Lloyd dropped to his knees before his father.

The men were very similar in looks, both tall and slim, with high, chiseled cheekbones and full, sensual lips. The way they differed was in coloring: Gene was tanned, with thick, short, silver hair, while his son’s jet-black hair starkly Şişli Escort contrasted with his pale skin and deep, blue eyes. Both looked younger than their respective ages of 60 and 25.

“That’s it, boy, lick that lollipop.” Gene smiled affectionately as his son lapped up the pre-cum glistening on the head of his thick, vein-engorged prick.

“Yes, Daddy,” Lloyd whispered between long, appreciative licks up and down the shaft of his father’s impressive cock. He began punctuating each lick by wrapping his lips around Gene’s purpling mushroom head and audibly suckling.

“Hmmm, son, you are the best cock-sucker I have ever had,” Gene moaned as his son slurped and sucked more and more of his daddy’s prick into his mouth and swirled his tongue around his sensitive head.

As Lloyd’s head began slowly bobbing up and down in his father’s lap, Gene strained to look at his son’s now dripping cock and heavy balls.

“Fuck, son, you look like you are going to shoot your load Şişli Escort Bayan without anything coming near you . . . he has always been such a willing and excitable prick-licker—from the first time he started polishing his Daddy’s pole, haven’t you, boy?” he intoned as his son wrapped his hand around his father’s cock and gently jerked him from base to rim in a steady wet-sounding rhythm.

“Don’t think I haven’t fucked that sweet ass either, men.” Gene stated proudly as he noticed the other men watching as Lloyd’s hips involuntarily pumped in and out as he began to enthusiastically jerk-off his Dad’s cock while sucking and licking the full, juicy end. Lloyd’s ass was a thing of beauty—muscular, cut, with gorgeous, winking dimples as he worked in and out, in and out.

“God, Lloyd,” Gene panted as he held the back of his son’s head, “I am going to fill you up . . . feels so good, son . . . are you ready to swallow Daddy’s cum?”

Any reply was muffled as Gene forced his Escort Şişli fat cock down his son’s throat, again and again.

“Here it comes, boy . . . swallow Daddy’s juice . . . swallow it all . . . that’s a good boy . . .” Gene said as he throat-fucked his son, pumping spurts of hot, thick cum into his eagerly swallowing progeny.

“Ahhhh . . .” Gene sighed, as Lloyd continued to suck and swallow every drop of his Father’s seed. “Now that’s the way to clear your head.”

“Stand up, son,” Gene said softly, as he drew Lloyd up to a standing position in front of him. “Let Daddy see that nice, thick rod.”

Lloyd visibly shook as his father grasped his throbbing cock in one hand, while protectively cupping his hard, tight balls in the other.

“You always were ready to shoot your load the second I was done shooting mine,” He looked up into his son’s eyes as he wetly took Lloyd’s cock into his mouth, “Feed Daddy.”

Lloyd responded by instantaneously exploding into his dad’s mouth, jerking in and out as his Father milked him dry.

“Better every day, son,” his Father smiled, before licking his lips, zipping his pants up, and turning to the quiet boardroom.

“What’s next on the agenda?” he asked, looking from each man’s face to the next.

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