Daddy’s Dirty Daughter


Hi, I’m Joe. In my previous story, Sex With My Wife’s Sister, my wife, Susan, caught her sister, Kate, my sister-in-law, giving me a blowjob and, ever since, our marriage has been on the rocky road headed straight for divorce court. The only thing that has stopped her from going forward with a divorce is that we can’t afford to get one. Like everyone else in this economy being upside down in the valuation of our house versus our mortgage and with too much high interest credit card debt, we have no money to spare to hire divorce lawyers and it’s better if we made the best of a bad situation for the time being. If we divorced now, they’d foreclose on the house and our credit would be ruined.

We’ve been married for eight years and have two children, Jimmy 5 and Amy 2. My wife said that if I’m willing to try and fix what is broken, she’d give me another chance. Some chance, the first thing I must do is to come clean and apologize to her parents, my father-in-law, Bob and my mother-in-law, Ruth, for disrespecting them by cheating on my wife with her sister, their daughter, Kate. It’s an unusual request but based upon all that her parents have done for us and since it was their daughter with whom I was cheating on my wife with, it’s an understandable request.

Besides, they are like that when it comes to telling the truth, clearing the air, and giving their forgiveness, they’re Protestants and I’m a Catholic. Catholics just keep everything to themselves bottled up inside. Loaded with guilt, we finally purge to the priest during confession. My Mom warned me that I should have married my own kind, a nice Catholic girl, but I wouldn’t listen to her. Not that my in-laws are bad people, they are just different when it comes to morality and sexuality. They’re prudes. I don’t think her parents even swear or drink. They act more like Mormons than they do Protestants.

Still, it’s a tough pill to swallow having to tell all to her parents. I like her parents but to confront them with the information that I’ve been having sex with their 27-year-old, baby girl, Kate, behind their backs is nearly as bad as being caught by my wife receiving a blowjob from her sister. I’m beyond being embarrassed. I’m mortified.

The funny thing is when I was having hot sex with Kate, I never thought of the repercussions of my actions should we be caught. I only gave a care if my wife caught us. I didn’t even consider how crushed her parents would be with this information. Next, it wouldn’t surprise me if my wife made me stand outside on the busy street corner wearing a sign that read, I had illicit and adulterous sex with my sister-in-law.

We guys think too much with our penises, but if you saw Kate in person or read my story, Sex With My Wife’s Sister, you’d understand why I did what I did. She has the body and the face to make a gay man turn straight and a priest forsake his vows. She could give an erection to a dying man.

“Do you have any last wishes before you die?”

“Yes, I want to fuck her, that one, Kate.”

Nonetheless, God help me, I agreed to do whatever my wife asked of me to begin traveling the long road of forgiveness that would hopefully lead to rebuilding our marriage and having her trust me again, one day.

Don’t tell my wife, Susan, but to be honest, I’m on the fence about all this, about coming clean and showing remorse for all that I did with her sister. Since our illicit, adulterous affair is now or will be out in the open, once I talk to her parents and tell them all I’ve done with their precious, little daughter, I’m leaning towards leaving Susan and running off with Kate. With my luck it was only about the sex for Kate and she doesn’t love me. With my luck I’ll make my true confession that I’m in love with Kate and when Kate says she doesn’t love me, I’ll lose both sisters and be booted from the family for good.

I haven’t talked to Kate, yet, about my true feelings for her. I haven’t explored the possibility of running off with her. We mentioned it in passing a few times when we were in the throws of making love, but I don’t think either of us was serious, that is, until now. Now, I am serious, and perhaps, in love with her.

Her parents have Kate sequestered somewhere. It wouldn’t surprise me if they sent her off to a nunnery, only I don’t think they have nuns in the Protestant religion. I haven’t seen her or talked with her since she was caught with my cock in her mouth. I miss her terribly. I think I love her, I really do and I’m terribly horny without her.

The only thing that stops me from running off with Kate is my kids, of course. Susan can be quite the vindictive bitch and she’d make sure that I’d never see my kids again, if I left her for her hot sister. That would kill me. I love my kids more than having wild, hot sex with someone who looks as good and is as good in bed as Kate certainly is. Okay, I may think otherwise if Kate was here beside me naked in bed, but my vote now is to be with my kids and not to forsake them for some Avcılar Escort hot, really hot sex with my hot, really hot sister-in-law. Moreover, once I talk to Kate, feel her out and ask her how she really feels about me to see if she wants to run away with me, I may feel otherwise about leaving my kids under Susan’s care.

The relationship I have with Susan was rocky before with my wife not giving me any sex, since before the birth of our daughter, Amy, and now, it’s worse, much worse. I’m no divorce lawyer, but I’d call what we are experiencing now irreconcilable differences.

My wife hardly even talks to me. She barely looks at me. We are seldom in the same room together. We don’t even watch television together. I watch TV in the den, where I have the big screen TV. She hates the giant TV I bought. She calls it a decorating eyesore. I call it a sports lover’s necessity. When she does talk to me, she says something disrespectful and looks at me with hatred in her eyes. Not that we did anything or went anywhere together before, now we don’t even go food shopping together. She does the food shopping alone or with the kids while I’m at work.

I fend for myself when it comes to food, now. I’m not much of a chef. I never had to cook before and if it wasn’t for the microwave, toaster, and takeout, I’d starve. Susan doesn’t cook for me anymore. She doesn’t do my laundry nor does she pick up after me. If I leave an empty beer bottle in the living room, it’s still there the next day when I pick it up to make room for a new one. It’s understandable. Why should she do anything for me? I hurt her.

Now, I can clearly see how much she did for me and what she did to keep the house clean. Now, I realize more why she was always too tired to have sex. Maybe, had I helped her more around the house to free up more time for her to relax, that may have put her more in the mood to have intimate relations with me. I don’t know. I thought I was helping around the house. I ran a lot of the errands and did the much of the vacuuming and all the chores outside, taking out the garbage, shoveling snow, and mowing the lawn. It’s tough when you work five days a week and half a day Saturday. There’s not much free time to do anything, other than to zone out in front of the TV with a beer or two.

Before she caught me cheating on her with her sister, I always had a hot meal waiting for me when I came home from work. Now, I make myself microwave soup, peanut butter and jelly, or order pizza or Chinese food for one. Susan eats with the kids before I come home and even though there is always food left and even though it’s my money paying for the food, I’m too proud to scrounge the leftovers she made for them. Okay, it’s not just my money, it’s our money. She works too in caring for the kids and the house. I’m slowly learning how to be a better husband.

Last night I had two pieces of buttered toast and a beer. At least I’m losing weight and even though I cut back on my beer consumption, if I can stop drinking all together, maybe I’ll get my body back to where it used to be when I was first married. Now, that I think about it, maybe this is a good time to try those diet meals they send in the mail, Jenny Craig or LA Diet or Weight Watchers, that you keep in the freezer and pop in the microwave. They are a bit pricy, but it must be more nutritious than having toasted buttered bread and a beer for supper.

Seriously, I don’t see much more of a future for us in this marriage. I’m hoping, after I confront her parents with all that has happened that they’ll offer some advice and/or talk some sense into their daughter that will help to expedite the process of healing and fixing our marriage.

Tonight is the night. It’s already been arranged by Susan that I talk to her father first before explaining the whole torrid affair to her mother. God help me, I’m so friggin’ nervous. Explaining what had been happening for the past year, having adulterous sex with their hot daughter is beyond embarrassing. I mean, these people are in their fifties. They go to church together every Sunday. I’m sure they’ll never understand the lust and desire that I felt for their daughter. I’m nervous as all Hell to purge my sorry self at their feet for their mercy, understanding, and forgiveness.

They think that I’m the perfect son-in-law. Now, they’ll find out differently. I’m a loser. I’m a pervert. How can I do this? This is how I repay them after they paid for our wedding and gave us the down payment to buy our house. They were thrilled when Jimmy and then Amy were born and it was then that they really made me feel like part of their extended family. They treated me like the son they never had. Susan made me realize that I not only have hurt her by violating her trust but also that I have hurt them, as well. I’m sick to my stomach just thinking about what I’m going to say to them and how I’m going to say it.

My father-in-law Bob greeted me at the door. He was alone. He volunteered that Avcılar Escort Bayan Kate and his wife, Ruth, were out shopping and wouldn’t be back until later that evening, after I left, no doubt. I was hoping to see Kate. It’s been a week since I’ve seen her or even talked with her. I miss her. I need to talk to her. I need to hear her voice and her laugh. I need to know if she still had feelings for me.

He ushered me in the den and handed me a beer. I needed a drink and could have used something more than just a beer. I was on edge. I didn’t know if he knew why I was here or if all of this would be a total surprise to him.

“It’s always nice to see my favorite son-in-law. How’ve you been Joe?”

“I’m your only son-in-law,” I said with a smile. “And I’ve been better.”

“What’s wrong? Is there something that I can help you with?”

In the way he sincerely asked the questions, I knew he didn’t have a clue what I was about to tell him. Well, Bob, I wanted to say, I’m married to your daughter Susan but have been having illicit, adulterous sex with your other daughter, Kate. Now, I’d like to run off with Kate, if that’s okay with you.

“I’ve been having an affair,” I said flat out while watching for his reaction.

“Oh, I see,” he said leaning forward in his chair, clasping his hands, and tensing his body.

“I don’t know how it happened, it just did,” I said not making eye contact but instead staring at my beer bottle.

“Listen, Joe. We all make mistakes. We’re all human,” he said. I could feel him looking at me. The silence was more than uncomfortable. “Was it just a one time thing?”

One time? Gees, I don’t think there was a position that we did only one time.

“No, it’s been going on for a year.”

“A year? I see,” he seemed shocked. “That sounds serious,” he said composing himself before speaking again. “Do you love this woman?”

Oh, boy, here we go. I didn’t know how to answer that question, damn if I do and damn if I don’t.

“I think I do love her.”

“You think? Either you do or you don’t. There’s no gray area when it comes to love.”

“Yes, then, I love her.”

“Does Susan know?”

“She caught me, which is why I’m here telling you. This is the first step in her giving me a second chance. She wanted me to tell you and then Ruth.”

“Well, I can appreciate Susan wanting us to know that she’s having trouble in her marriage but some things should be kept between a husband and a wife. There are some things that just shouldn’t be shared, even when those who you are sharing them with are your—”

“Yeah, well, I certainly appreciate discretion, especially when I’m the one who wishes I could sweep this under the rug and make everything go away; including my sorry self, but the reason why she wanted me to tell you is because you know the person I’ve been having sex with.”

“I do? Who is it?” A flash of realization stole the color from his face and the way he looked at me frightened me. “Is it Ruth? You haven’t been having sex with my wife have you?”

“God no. Sorry, I didn’t mean it the way that it sounded. You’re wife is beautiful, but she’s too much like my Mom.”

I couldn’t believe he accused me of having sex with his wife, my mother-in-law. That was a bit unnerving. Why would he even go there? It was weird how he immediately asked me that question. Then, when I more closely observed his reaction, I could see a bit of excitement in his face with the thought that his wife would be having sex with me and I wished I had some sordid details to give him to satisfy his expectation, but I didn’t.

He made me suddenly wonder if there wasn’t something going on behind their closed doors for him to ask me a question, such as that. The way he reacted to the news of me having an affair with someone he knew, he made me suspect that he might appreciate hearing about his wife having sex with me. My mother-in-law is still a very attractive woman and it is obvious that she is the one from whom Kate received her good looks. Suddenly, I had thoughts of seeing Ruth naked and I imagined Kate’s body with Ruth’s head. Suddenly, I imagined Ruth on her knees and between my legs while sucking my cock. I imagined her topless with me feeling her big tits, but I erased those pornographic images from my mind as soon as I thought of them. I’m incorrigible.

“I’m sorry to have interrupted you. Please continue,” he said sitting back in his chair, crossing his legs, and putting his thumb under his chin with his index finger resting along his cheek.

“It’s Kate. I’ve been having sex with Kate,” I blurted while looking up at him briefly to see if he was getting up to go to the library for his gun.

“Kate? My daughter? You’ve been having sex with my baby girl?”

If his eyes could fire laser beams, I’d be dead.

“Yes sir.”

“Well, in hindsight and in this instance, I think Susan is right. Your marriage cannot continue to survive this unless you come Escort Avcılar clean and tell me everything before presenting yourself to Ruth and telling her everything, too. You need to ask for her forgiveness for your despicable behavior and for the disrespect you have dumped on a family who has treated you more like a son than a son-in-law.”

I felt like shit. I wanted to crawl inside my beer bottle. I put the nearly full beer down on the coaster. My stomach was too upset to drink any more of it. I felt like vomiting.

“Everything? You want to hear all the details of what happened between Kate and me?”

“Every single, sordid thing, no matter how disturbing it is for you to tell me and for me to hear it. Purging yourself of your wicked ways will go a long way with this family forgiving you. I need to know what you did to my little girl before I can even begin to forgive you.”

Oh, my God. How can I possibly tell my father-in-law, Kate’s father, every detail of what we did? I’m embarrassed just thinking about how insatiable she was and how many times she blew me. I tried to think how I could paraphrase some of it and sugar coat the rest. I tried to think what I could say and how I could say it to make it sound as if it was my fault, while still leaving some wiggle room for him to forgive me.

“Well, Sir, it all started when Susan had Amy. We hadn’t been having intimate relations since Susan got pregnant. It was as if Susan was only interested in having sex to get pregnant and once she did, that was it and she was done with me.”

“So, you’re saying that you having sex with Katie is all Susan’s fault.”

“No, Sir, there is some blame that Susan could take for not doing her wifely duties, but I’m the one responsible for going outside my marriage to satisfy my sexual urges and I’m especially wrong to have had sex with my sister-in-law.”

“Please continue,” he said obvious satisfied with my groveling.

“Kate was a big help to her sister around the house. While Susan napped Kate and I got in the routine of watching television together. With all the baby stuff around the family room, the only place left to sit was the couch and we both sat side by side on the couch watching TV,” I said taking a small sip of beer before looking at his reaction. “Then, Kate said she was cold and normally, I have a blanket there on the couch but the cat had taken ownership of the blanket and it was loaded with cat hair. So, without even thinking, I threw my arm around her shoulders. I used to always do that with Susan and I guess I missed doing that.”

“So, it was you who started this sexual affair with my innocent daughter.”

Innocent daughter? Gees, he should see her riding that bull in the bar while wearing her short skirt and flashing all those cowboys her bikini panties.

“Yes, Sir, definitely, without a doubt, I’m the one who started the affair. It was my fault.”

“Continue, please.”

God, I was so uncomfortable. I mean, it’s one thing telling your buddies the details of your extra marital affair over a couple of beers, but it’s another thing telling the father of the woman who you were sleeping with all the sleazy sexual things you did with her. I’m glad I didn’t fuck her up the ass. I couldn’t help but imagine having to tell him about that, too. And then, I bent her over the sink, lifted up her skirt, and pulled down her panty before inserting the length of my cock up her ass.

“It all started when Kate caught me looking down her blouse.”

As soon as I said that Bob appeared uncomfortable and he uncrossed and crossed his legs again so as to get more comfortable. He made me feel like such a sleaze.

“So, you were peeping on my daughter and taking advantage of her innocence by violating her trust. Is this how you appreciate and repay her help around your house in your wife’s time of need by staring at her tits? What kind of man are you?”

“A weak man, Sir,” I said. “Her blouse was wide open and her tits, I mean, breasts were right there. I couldn’t help myself. Her breasts are beautiful and so much better than—sorry.”

“Continue please.”

I felt like I was being interrogated by the police. Without doubt, he made me feel like the pervert that I am.

“Well, that was when Kate caught me looking and she said if you’re going to look, you may as well have a good look. She opened her blouse to show me more of her bra and cleavage. I figured she was mad at me for looking down her blouse but—”

“You’re damn right, Kate was mad,” he said leaning forward, raising his voice, and pointing an indignant finger of accusation in my face. “We brought her up with sound morals. You’re lucky my little girl didn’t give you a swift kick in the balls.”

Sound morals? What a crock of shit. His daughter is a cum slut. She’d probably suck him off if she was horny enough.

“Then she said, what’s fair is fair. Since I saw her tits, she asked me to show her my, uhm, you know.”

“Spit it out, Joe. What was it that she asked to see?”

“My cock. She asked to see my cock.”

“That sounds like my Katie. She was obviously trying to humiliate you, as you had just humiliated her. Well, I hope that taught you a lesson, you won’t soon forget. She was bluffing, of course, right?”

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