Daddy’s Homecumming


My dad went to jail when I was very young. Growing up without him was hard and became harder after the divorce. His brother Uncle Juan kept in touched with him and that’s why I kept in touch with Uncle Juan. After I turned 18, Uncle Juan took me to visit my dad since my mother wanted nothing to do with my dad. It was the most exciting day of my life. I was going to see my dad.

I spent all day trying to pick out a good outfit to wear but it was hard trying to find one that was perfect. Uncle Juan did not like the shirt and jean I had picked out. Instead he told me to wear the white short shorts and baby blue tank top he always complemented me on when I wore it. As I looked in the mirror, I was unsure about wearing it. It showed off a lot of my body. The shirt made my 34dd look bigger than they were and you could easily see the outline of my tiny bra. Moreover, if I lifted my arms in the air you could see half my bra from under my shirt. Also, the shorts hugged my round Latina bubble ass like a second skin and showed off my thick smooth brown thighs. It was one of my favorite outfits because it made me look sexy and I loved the attention the men gave me when I wore it. But I was unsure of wearing to see my dad.

When I came out of my room, Uncle Juan greeted me with a huge smile. He asked me to give a few turns so he could see how I looked. The only other thing he asked me to do was to let my long dark black hair down. I went to the living room mirror and let me hair down. While I was brushing my hair I caught a glimpse of Uncle Juan. Like many times before I saw him checking out my ass. More importantly, I saw him adjusting the huge bulge he had in his pants and lick his lips.

‘God I have such a pervert for an Uncle. I bet he wants to bend me over right now and fuck me hard. I bet he would bury his big throbbing cock deep in my tiny pussy,’ I thought as I finished brushing my hair. Some images ran through my mind and I found them quite interesting. I think I used the excuse that since my uncle kept in touch with my dad I had to put up with his lustful looks, but now I think it’s because I secretly loved teasing him. Then again I might of just wanted to taste his massive dick. He saw that I caught him looking and turned red when I smiled at him. I made sure I swung my hips more than usual as I headed out the door to his car.

At the prison I saw every eye on me; I should say on my tits and ass. Every man from the guards to the inmate to the visitors where checking me out big time. It was exciting but a little scary which made my long dark brown nipples poke through my shirt like if I was not wearing it. Then I saw my dad. He looked different than what I remembered. He was bigger and thinner and had a very rough look about him. Yet, he opened his arms and gave me a huge long big hug. His body was hard and tight and he smelled like a real man. Being so close to him melted me. After what seemed like an eternity, he sat down on pulled me onto his lap.

When I sat down I was greeted by a huge thick surprise. My dad’s cock was hard as a rock and he sat me right on top of it. He was talking to me but my mind was on the throbbing peace of meat between my cheeks. It felt as big as Uncle Juan’s cock looked. All my attention was focused on my dad’s cock until I felt his hand touch my inner thigh and he began rubbing my leg. I looked up and saw my dad and uncle talking. That’s when I was able to fight through my feelings and barely caught glimpses of their conversation.

They caught up with everything that was happening and throughout the conversation both my dad and uncle kept complementing me on being such a big girl and how much I had grown up (I think they meant grown out). Every time my dad complemented me he would give me a big hug. After the third hug, I noticed his head was right on my tits every time he hugged me. My dad was feeling me up and I was enjoying his attention. Mixed emotions flowed through my body because I wanted daddy to do everything to me but I wanted to act like I was sweet and innocent.

Then I heard and felt Uncle Juan tugging on my arm.

“It’s time to go. Your dad has to get back,” he said as he stood me up.

Saying something incoherently I hugged my dad one last time. Again, I could feel his cock rubbing up on me. I smiled at him as he walked away. He said something to Uncle Juan before he disappeared out the door. Then Uncle Juan grabbed me around the waist and we walked out of the prison. His hand was on the small of my back and by the time we got to his car it was on my ass but I was in stupor I didn’t do anything about it.

On the way home my Uncle was talking to me and I was barely listening; answering him without really listening to the questions. As he dropped me off he told me he would see me on Saturday around 10:00 am. Again I said ok and he drove off. I slept that night dreaming of my dad and being on his lap. Not only did he rub his cock on, daddy made me be dirty and everyone one in prison was watching. It was a dirty wet dream and I enjoyed it every second of it.

Saturday Esenyurt Escort morning came with a loud banging on my bedroom door. I opened it and there stood Uncle Juan with a camera in hand. Even though I was still half asleep I still saw him looking over my body and noticed the big fat bulge in his pants again. ‘He’s even a pervert this early in the morning. Fuck I bet he could just pick me up and slide between my legs and fuck me silly right now. Fuck his cock looks huge,’ I thought as I made my way back to my bed. When I was standing in front of him I realized that Uncle Juan could see my big dark brown nipples and large areolas right through my tiny see through shirt and he could also see that I keep my pussy shaved nice and bald because my g string thong was thinner than my shirt. As I walked away he could see my bare ass because all that covered my behind was a tiny little string that went between my cheeks. I heard the camera click a few times before I got to my bed.

I flopped down with my back on my bed and my legs spread open ‘accidentally’ giving Uncle Juan a good view of my pussy. Again he snapped some more shots of me. Even though he was trying to be sneaking, Uncle Juan took close up of my tits and pussy while he talked to me.

“What are you doing Tio?” I asked.

“Well I’m here to take your pictures like you promised,” he replied.

“Promised? When? For what?” I asked.

“The ones for your dad. Remember when we visited him he asked me to take some pictures of you and you said yes,” he replied.

“I did?” I said.

“Yes!” he answered.

“But I’m not even dressed,” I moaned.

“It’s ok. You still look lovely,” he said as he put the camera to his face and took another pictures of me (maybe it was my tits).

“Stop it Tio,” I moaned and pouted and rolled over on my stomach.

Acting mad I buried my head in my pillow and push my ass a little more in the air. I let him to take more pictures of my bare ass and almost wished he would do more than take pictures.

“Ok. Ok. Ok. I will take some pictures,” I finally screamed from under the pillow trying to keep up my good girl act.

“That’s a good girl,” he replied.

“Let me shower and I will be right out,” I said as I pushed my body onto my knees showing off my ass in a doggy style position.

More click from Uncle Juan’s camera. I looked over my shoulder and gave him a mock dirty look. He smiled at took a picture of me like that. Finally, I stood up and headed for the shower.

“Well you go shower and I will pick out some outfits for you to wear for your papi,” he answered.

“Fine,” I pouted, stomped my foot and headed for the shower.

The shower was nice and hot and relaxed me. I noticed that my nipples were hard as a rock and my body jumped every time I touched it. ‘Wow, it must run in the family. You’re really hot and bothered,’ I thought as I tried to focus in on taking a shower and not feeling myself up. If Uncle Juan was not here, I would have played with the bald pink little pussy until I came. But I had to hurry and get the pictures over and done with.

I wrapped a towel around myself and left my wet hair down. It was a tiny towel which barely covered my nipples and just barely covered my bald little pussy. Yet my tits looked like there were going to pop out at any second and if I raised my legs too high you could see my pussy lips. Knowing full well that Uncle Juan would love how I looked. As soon as I stepped into my room Uncle Juan took another picture.

“TIO!” I screamed and stopped my foot.

He smiled and took another picture. I pushed him out of my room and closed the door.

“I left the outfits laid out for you,” he yelled through the door.

I looked at the four outfits he had laid out; two micro miniskirts, one pair of short shorts and a pair of jeans. The black micro miniskirt had a white tank top with it and he even placed a white thong and stocking next to the heels he had picked out. He had placed a denim mini skirt and baby blue thong with a black cut off shirt along with some black fishnet stocking and another set of high heels. Looking at the white short shorts and wife beater I wonder what he was thinking. He had put my tiny black thong with sandals with that outfit. Finally, Uncle Juan had put out my low ride jeans with a white button shirt and white sandals.

Looking over the outfits, it looked more like I was doing a photo shoot for my boyfriend not my dad. I felt a little dirty and naughty posing for Uncle Juan in each outfit. Starting with the jeans which showed the least then finished off with the miniskirts which barely covered anything. I let Uncle Juan put me in the positions he thought were best and of course he took lots of pictures of my tits and ass and some with my legs spread. With every outfit he began breathing heavier and sweating more. By the time we were done, he had a wet spot in his pants and was trying to leave with the camera. Of course, I took the camera and told him I would give him the pictures, Esenyurt Escort Bayan I wanted my dad to see. He was going to put up a fight but my mom arrived and he decided it was best to leave it to me.

It was hard picking out pictures that were sexy but not showing off too much because I wanted to tease my dad and whoever else saw the pictures. Most of the pictures showed off too much cleavage or too much ass. In some you could clearly see my pussy through the little thongs I wore. There were lots of shots where you could see my areola and nipples as well. I wondered what would happen if these pictures got around that prison and what the guys would say to me next time I visited my dad. For a split second I almost wished my Uncle had taken the camera.

I was able to pick out eight from the stack of pictures that teased enough to send a man’s imagination going wild but not showing off too much. Actually, looking at them they did show off my tits and ass a lot but at least nothing was overtly showing. The poses looked more like they were meant for an adult magazine than to be seen by your dad. But I sent them to my dad with a nice long letter telling him how much I missed him and wished him home.

Over the next few months Uncle Juan begged me to give him copies of the pictures and pose for him some more. Even my dad wrote me asking me for more pictures and telling me what to wear and how to pose for him. Daddy wanted pictures of me in bikinis and wearing lingerie posing with my legs spread or on my hands and knees. Reading his letter, I could tell that daddy was very frustrated and was probably jerking off to the pictures I sent him. It was exciting thinking of my dad alone in his cell looking at my pictures as his hand pumped his hard throbbing cock. Many nights I fell asleep playing with my pussy thinking of my dad jerking off to my pictures.

The day finally came when he was released from prison. All day long I cooked and cleaning making the house ready for my dad’s home coming. Then I put on the white short shorts and wife beater that he loved so much in the pictures. I waited at Uncle Juan’s house while he picked up my dad and brought him home. My heart almost popped out of my chest when I heard Uncle Juan’s car pull up into the drive way. Still I waited for my dad to walk in through the front door.

As soon as I saw him I ran to him and jumped in his big strong arms. He squeezed me and hugged me and spun me around the room. We stopped for a few seconds as we stood back and looked at each other. Then he lifted my hand so I could twirl for him giving him a good look at my outfit. As soon as I was done, we went back to hugging. When he lifted me up in the air I wrapped my legs around him squeezing him with all my might. I could feel my dad’s throbbing cock between my legs which made me squeeze him all the more. His hands immediately grabbed my ass and we continued to hug until Uncle Juan broke us up.

Giving daddy my back, I grabbed both his hands and wrapped them around my tummy and walked him into the kitchen. When we got to the stove I bent over and looked back over my shoulder at him.

“Look papi. I made this just for you. Come on try some,” I told him.

He pushed his cock into my ass and leaned forward smelling the food I had prepared. His hard throbbing fat cock felt so good I wanted to fall on my knees and suck him dry.

“Sit down daddy. Let me serve you,” I told him.

Sitting both of them down, I began serving my hot home cooked meal. Every time I brought something to the table I made sure I put my cleavage or my ass in daddy’s face. Daddy was enjoying the service and the view. When I was done servicing, I sat on his lap and helped feed him. We laughed and giggled as they ate and drank.

When they were done eating, I stood up and my daddy spanked my ass in a playful manner. I giggled and cleaned up. Uncle Juan and daddy went to the living room and as I finished cleaning the kitchen I heard them turn on the television then I heard them laughing. As soon as I was done I went to the living room with three cold beers. After giving Uncle Juan his beer, daddy grabbed my hips and pulled me onto his lap.

“Since when do you drink?” daddy asked me.

“I’m a big girl now daddy,” I replied.

“But who gave you permission?” he continued.

“Oh daddy,” was all I said as I hugged him.

“So tell us. How was prison? What did you miss the most? What did you do all day?” I asked.

“Prison sucked. And I missed you the most; especially after your last visit and those great pictures you sent me,” he answered with a sly smile.

“Aw. You’re the nicest daddy ever. So what did you miss the most?” I asked again wiggling my ass on his hard cock.

“Honey, I can’t tell you that. You’re my daughter,” he answered teasingly as he pulled me harder onto his thickness.

“Oh daddy, it’s not like I haven’t heard it before. Cum on daddy you can tell us. Huh Uncle Juan. He can tell us,” I said as I gave Uncle Juan a teasing look of my own.

“Go Escort Esenyurt ahead Pancho, give your daughter what she wants,” replied Uncle Juan with a wicked smile.

“Cum on daddy please,” I said as I put my tits in his face still acting innocent.

Daddy grabbed my firm thick smooth thigh and ran his hands up and down while he looked at both of us.

“Fine, I’ll tell you. I missed being with a woman,” daddy finally answered.

“You did? What did you miss the most,” I continued.

“What do you mean,” he questioned me.

“Well did you miss fucking or sucking the most,” I asked as bravely as I could be.

“Who said you could talk like that? You sound like a little slut,” he told me.

“Oh my god daddy, I’m a good girl. How can you call me that?” I asked in mock surprise.

“Listen to you. I should bend you over my knees and spank you,’ I replied.

“No daddy I’m a big girl. You can’t spank me,” I said pouting.

“Is that right? You’re never told old for a spanking from your Papi,” he answered.

“You wouldn’t not in front of Uncle Juan,” I continued to pout.

Daddy pulled my arm and forced me over his knees with my ass in the air. He pulled my short shorts up more revealing more of my ass. I took turns looking at him and Uncle Juan over my shoulders with my ass in the air.

“Daddy, I’m a big girl,” I said one more time.

“Oh yes you are honey. I see what a nice big thick round girl you’ve become,” he said as he spanked me then began rubbing my ass.

“Ouch daddy,” I pouted.

“Look at you acting like a spoil little brat. You like talking like that? You like talking like a slut?” he asked as he continued to rub my ass.

“I’m a big girl,” I pouted.

“You are? Well come on whisper some more big girl words in daddy’s ear,” he said.

I gave daddy a pouting little girl look. Then I looked over at Uncle Juan and gave him a lusty wicked smile. Before I moved, I looked at my dad’s throbbing cock then at Uncle Juan more one time and smiled; letting Uncle Juan know that I was enjoying making my dad stiff. Shifting my body, I climbed on top of my dad straddling his legs. Again, I looked back at Uncle Juan over my shoulder then I bend over sticking my ass in the air putting my tits in my daddy’s face with my mouth on his ear.

“What do you want me to say daddy?” I asked.

“Say fuck baby,” he answered.

“FUCK,” I whispered in his ear loud enough so Uncle Juan could hear emphasizing every sound.

Daddy moaned as he placed his hands on my hips and began rubbing.

“Say suck baby,” he told me.

“SUCK,” I whispered.

“Say cock baby,” he said me.

“COCK,” I whispered.

“Say pussy baby,” he continued me.

“PUSSY,” I whispered.

“Say dick baby,” he ordered me.

“DICK,” I whispered.

“Say tits baby,” he went on.

“TITS,” I whispered.

“Say big tits baby,” he insisted me.

“BIG TITS,” I whispered.

“Say fuck me baby,” he told me.

“FUCK ME BABY,” I whispered.

“UUUhhh baby, that sounds so dirty. Say it again, but this time say fuck me daddy,” he said breathing hard.

“Daddy that’s too dirty. I’m your daughter you can’t . . . FUCK ME DADDY,” I said.

“OOOhhh baby, one more time,” he moaned as his hands began to maul my ass.

“Daddy you can’t . . . FUCK ME DADDY,” I repeated as I began to move my ass on rub my tits on him.

“Now say daddy I want to suck your cock,” he stammered.

“Oh my god daddy, I’m your baby girl. Do you think . . . I WANT TO SUCK YOUR COCK DADDY?” I purred into his ear.

“Say it again,” he said as took his hands off my ass and began to fumble with his pants.

“Daddy I’M not a COCKSUCKER. Do you really think . . . I WANT TO SUCK YOUR BIG THICK FAT COCK DADDY,” I continued to purr.

He didn’t answer. Daddy put his hands on my head and gave me a big kiss on the lips. Then he began to push my head down onto his cock. Putting my feet on the ground I bent over as my daddy forced my head lower. His cock slid between my tits then hit me on my chin. Looking up at him with the head of his cock inches from my face I was about to speak when he shoved my mouth onto his throbbing cock.

“Oh that’s my little cocksucker. That’s daddy’s favorite girl. You do that so good mijita (baby girl). That’s it baby suck daddy’s cock,” he said as he forced more and more dick into my mouth.

I stopped pretending to be good and began sucking and gobbling my dad’s cock like a hungry little whore. My head began bobbing up and down as I slurped and sucked his cock. Without being asked I took off both my shirt and bra then got on my knees. With his cock in my mouth I looked up at my dad and slowly put his cock between my big tits and began sucking and tity fucking his dick.

“Oh yes baby. Daddy knew you were hungry for cock. That’s it baby, suck my fat dick. Put them between those huge tits of your baby girl,” he said as he shoved my head down his dick some more.

Playing with his hairy balls, I began sucking his cock faster and longer and using the other hand began to stroke it good. Within seconds, daddy began shooting gallons of cum down my throat. He made me gag and chock as he filled my hungry hot mouth with his gooey white cum. When he was done, I sucked and licked his cock clean.

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