Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 04


Screams in the shadows can be heard surrounding him. He cannot see. He cannot speak. He cannot move. He recognizes nothing. All he hears is screams. Terrible screams. Some are shrieking. All are desperate. Fear is erupting though his entire body. The screams, combined with his lack of sight, lack of ability to move, and not knowing where he is, Mr. Smith enters full panic mode. He can’t breathe. A massive, dark-filled presence seems to be moving in on him. He feels this presence rapidly approaching. It starts to envelope him. This ominous dark presence imposes an incredible terror he has not ever experienced. Oh my God! Help me!

Mr. Smith is suddenly awaken by some kind of undiscernible noise. His heart is beating out of his chest and his breathing rapid, nearly out of control. His head is pounding and his eyes burn at the light as he tries to open them, forcing him to keep them closed. As he tries to survey his surroundings, Mr. Smith begins to realize he cannot move just like in his dream. Not only can he not move, he has no feeling in his limbs. He is paralyzed. As Mr. Smith attempts to gather himself in the midst of this completely disorientating situation, he hears a female voice calling out to him over to his left.

“Mr. Smith? Mr. Smith, can you hear me?”

“Uhma, uhmamauh…” He tries to talk but all he can do is mumble.

“Good. Okay, Mr. Smith let me explain to you what is happening. You must still be in a hazy fog having just come out from your slumber,” says the female voice.

Mr. Smith tries to nod his head in acknowledgement but cannot. All he can do is groan. There is something comforting about the female voice, something familiar about her presence. He cannot place it, but this familiarity helps him stay just this side of complete panic.

“So, you are in our playroom. You were given a slight paralytic to immobilize your body, but allowed your breathing and heart to continue.” The female voice continues, “The effect should wear off in the next thirty minutes or so. Try to remember the conversation we all had when we planned this. You were there. We carried you and placed you on the bed while we continued the preparations. Don’t worry. Your memory and movement will fully return.”

As Mr. Smith continues to try to open his eyes, they are starting to adjust and the burning subsiding. His pupils bring him into focus and he can now see himself in the refection above him in a mirror on the ceiling. He can see his naked body lying in the center of a bed, his limp cock laying over to one side of his upper thigh.

“Good. Good, you’re starting to recover,” says a male voice from the shadows on the other side of the room. “Is your memory starting to come back? Can you move?”

“Uh,” groans Mr. Smith. “What is going on?” he mumbles barely understandably.

“I’ll take that as a no,” says the male voice. Now directing his voice in another direction, Mr. Smith hears the male voice shout forcibly toward the female voice. “Your ass to the shackles! Now, little girl!”

“Yes, Daddy,” she says sheepishly as she immediately scurries across the room. Daddy watches her tits and plump little ass wiggle and jiggle all the way there, as he gently strokes his semi hard cock.

The wheels in his brain start to turn. Daddy? Mr. Smith starts to get in touch with this familiarity. Daddy and little girl. Wait. He knows them. He recognizes those names. His familiarity matches with the voices, but he struggles to recall how he knows them. Then, it starts to come back and he recalls a conversation.

“So, this is what is going to happen,” says Daddy. “When you least expect it, we are going to jump you. You will not know when or where. We are just going to grab you, put a hood over your head, and inject a needle into your neck. You will be injected with a slight paralytic that will immobilize you temporarily, but you will breathe just fine and your heart will continue to beat. You still with me?”

“Wow, okay. Then what?” says Mr. Smith.

“You will wake up, but it will take a little time before you get your movement and memory back. It will be disorientating at first. It’ll freak you out pretty good, but try to remember this conversation. We will also be there and help you remember as well.”

Clanking and clattering of chains and shackles echo in the room bringing his attention back to the present. The female voice, he now knows is little girl, is working the chains. Mr. Smith moves his eyes to his right, relieved he can move something. He can see her in the ceiling mirror over to his right and watches her secure herself to some contraption. Her beautiful dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, and she is facing toward him. He notices her luscious perky tits jiggling and swaying as she moves her arms and shifts her weight. As she works the chains, little girl appears to be well versed in what she is doing. Her ankles are already secure. Mr. Smith can see the shackles secured to a bar. She is standing barefoot on a two inch diameter steel bar, Ataköy Escort about four feet long, raised slightly off the floor. The contraption is anchored to the floor with large bolts driven into the concrete. That will soon be very painful, he imagines. Each leg is spread wide with each shackle secured to a vertical bar welded to each end of the horizontal bar she is standing on. At her waist, she is leaning slightly forward against another two inch horizontal bar. She is chained around the waist secured to the steel bar in front of her, and also with a chain that runs from behind her ass and between her legs, anchored to the steel bar on which she is standing. He can see redness at her waist begin to show on her milky white skin as her weight rubs against the bar as she moves. The contraption’s shape reminds him of how he used to kneel in the Church Pugh as he prayed in church as a child. Only instead of kneeling, she is standing and it is made of steel bars. Hanging above her, and an additional few inches past the bar at her waist, are two chains hanging from the ceiling with iron shackles at the end.

“Hurry up!” yells Daddy. “You better hurry and finish or you will pay!”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Little girl is working as fast as she can fastening her left wrist inside one of the iron shackles, as the other anxiously awaits its captive. As he scans the contraption, he notices there is a corresponding steel bar on the opposite side, exactly the same as the other directly across from her toes. There are iron shackles attached to each end as if awaiting another victim. This contraption can accommodate two captives.

With a click, little girl has finished attaching herself, all except her right hand which temporarily grips the bar to relieve pressure on her waist. There is no slack at all. She is bound by both ankles to the steel bar on which she stands, her waist to the bar in front of her and down between her feet, and her left arm stretched high. He perfect little left tit is stretched a little higher than her right tit which hangs just a bit lower and fuller. Both of her nipples are rock hard and protruding straight out. Her areolas surrounding them are puckering slightly as the nipples force their extension outward. Mr. Smith begins to feel a tingle in his balls as he drinks in this exciting scene with this naked helpless beauty, exposed and trapped, ready for the taking. The tingling in his balls brings his attention to the fact he is regaining some feeling in his body. He can move his hands and feet slightly, but he feels like he is glued to the bed still. His memory is beginning to return, as he recalls the preceding moments leading up to his participation in this situation. He remembers coming to the house. He remembers little girl tempting him toward the dark hallway and disappearing. He recalls a conversation the three of them had weeks ago when they discussed this very moment. Mr. Smith had given his consent eagerly and with much excitement. He had never done anything like this before, but he trusted them both and wanted to continue to explore his limits, just as he had when he took Daddy’s cock in his mouth for the first time. He remembers being told he would not see it coming and would not ever know when it would occur. He knew force and drugs would be involved in the process. They assured him they were experienced and he would be relatively safe. The more he remembered, the more his cock came to life.

As he came out of his memories to the here and now, he looked back to little girl. She appeared to be sobbing through a ball gag, her eyes bulging and red with tears, makeup running down her cheeks. What happened? This must be part of the scene, he hoped. Daddy was now standing just to the side of her with his back to him. He seemed to be messing with something. He had already secured her right arm and she was now completely secured with both arms stretched toward the ceiling. Her gorgeous little tits were stretched so much, all that was left was a couple of small mounds, not any bigger than a tennis ball. Her stretched form accentuated the curves of her generous hips. The passion inside of him was wild. He had not expected to be so turned on by all he was seeing.

For whatever reason, little girls seems to now be fighting against the chains. “Muhmmm! Nawhooo! Weh we gah!” she screams against her gag as she thrashes and struggles. There is no slack in the chains, so she can hardly move as she struggles. He could see her naked sex just below the bar, as well as the wetness that coated her inner thighs. Little girl was so hotly turned on that her sweet wetness trailed down past her knees, soon to pool on the floor beneath her. Her breathing was deep and rapid with anticipation, or was it fear and terror, of what was to come? Mr. Smith’s cock, now painfully raging as it pulsates with each heartbeat, is leaking fluid down his shaft, his own breathing also heavy with passion. Daddy, clearly in total control, calmly and methodically turns to little girl and places Ataköy Escort Bayan a blindfold over her eyes as he stands behind her. Little girl grinds her hips, extending her ass as far back into him as the chains will allow, which is not much. She leans her head back and lets out a loud moan of pleasure, contradicting her resistance just moments ago. Mr. Smith moves his eyes downward and sees Daddy’s hands holding little girl by the hips as he seems to be entering her from behind. Before long, the sounds of wetness and sloshing sounds confirmed this observation.

With plenty of spit now dripping from around the ball gag, she loudly cries, “Nahw, dop!” as she loudly and continually cries, sobs, and protests.

With most of his strength and coordination returning, Mr. Smith was able to sit at the edge of the bed. With his cock aching so much at the scene he is watching, he starts stroking his hardness while watching Daddy slow-fuck little girl’s sopping wet pussy.

“That’s right pet. Take it. Cum on this cock right now, you nasty little bitch,” Daddy says with controlled volume and yet forceful.

She is now writhing and pulling against the chains, moaning and grunting as loudly as the gag would allow, her face wet with tears and spittle flying from her mouth around the ball gag. Daddy just kept his slow, agonizing pace as he methodically drove his hardness through her constricting flesh. Little girl’s moans and cries intensify when, suddenly, she lets out one long scream through her gag as her entire body stiffens and quakes. The wet sloshing sounds got more pronounced as Daddy continued fucking her as she orgasmed. Little girl’s cunt gushed and gushed wetness out of her hole, puddling on the floor below. Mr. Smith could smell her sex from half way across the room where he sits. Such a sweet pussy, he said to himself as he recalls tasting her previously many times. Her body weight then collapsed against the chains, as she whimpered a seemingly genuine and tearful cry. Her head hung down, shoulders pulled back, with her back slightly arched. Her body slightly sways forward and back with the thrusts Daddy is applying.

“Ah, fuck! Oohhh…uh, uh, uhhhh…” Daddy now groaning and grunting his pleasure, as he fucked his pet’s limp, exhausted body.

Unable to sit by any longer, Mr. Smith tests his strength and stands to his feet. He is a little wobbly at first, but soon regains his bearings. He and his aching cock walk over to the others, approaching little girl from the front. They make and hold eye contact for several seconds before she closes them. She looks so vulnerable and helpless. It’s counter-intuitive to believe she actually wants this, but she does. It really looks like she is an unwilling captive. It makes you feel like you want to save her. She’s getting off on the feeling of needing/wanting to be saved. Now standing directly in front of her, Mr. Smith is exactly mouth level to her erect nipples as he gazes at her exposed chest. Though her body sways from the fucking she is taking from Daddy, he manages to take one gently in his mouth and hold it. Little girl exhales a sweet sounding, gentle moan of pleasure. It’s like she is welcoming his touch, while struggling to escape Daddy’s. Mr. Smith, now feeling encouraged to add to her pleasure, rubs his hands gently up and down her sides from her hips to her elbows and back down while he gently licks and sucks her nipples. Little girl continues to exhale quiet moans of pleasure while he does.

“Ah fuck, ah fuck, yes, yes, yes! Oh fuck!” shouts Daddy.

With that, and with Mr. Smith now looking on, Daddy pulls out his raging cock as it swells and spasms, shooting long streams of pearly white cum onto little girl’s back. Spurt, after spurt, after spurt splashed all over her back. Now coating the entire width of her back, Daddy’s cum runs down over her plump little ass cheeks, down her ass crack coating her asshole, and also around the side of both hips to the front of her thighs. Mr. Smith could not stand it any longer. He reaches down to his own raging cock, stroking vigorously. It only took three strokes before he began blasting his load all over the front of little girl’s body.

“Ah, ah, ah fuck! Ahhh….”

He hit her in the stomach, hit the bar, and hit her square in the pussy with his load. Little girl was now covered back and front with cum dripping down from her mid torso, front and back, all the way down to just above her knees. Combine that with the coating of her own massive gushing orgasms, she was literally covered in juices all the way to her toes. Both men breathe heavily as little girl lays motionless with gravity pulling her against the restraints, sex juices glistening in the light. The smell of sex fills the air to the delight of all three.

“Holy shit,” Mr. Smith says. “That was unbelievable. What the fuck,” he says now out of breath. “I need to lay down, I am feeling a little dizzy.”

With that Daddy approaches him saying, “Here let me help you.”

In Escort Ataköy all their nakedness, Mr. Smith puts his left arm around Daddy’s neck as Daddy puts his right arm around Mr. Smith just below the rib cage to assist him safely to the bed.

“Whoa, I think I overdid it,” Mr. Smith explains.

“That’s okay. You’re all right. Here, sit.”

As they reach the bed, Mr. Smith kind of flops over sideways. Daddy, with caring assistance, lifts his legs and helps swing them over so Mr. Smith can straighten out. He notices a significant felling of vulnerability toward Daddy, almost child-like. It makes him feel warn inside. Safe.

“Ah,” Mr. Smith exhales. “Thank you Daddy. I’m okay. I just need to rest a moment.” “You’ll be all right, man. Just take a breather.”

Daddy then turns and retreats back to little girl and the contraption. Mr. Smith watches Daddy’s naked ass, as he walks over. He feels aroused at the sight on this naked man. Still getting used to the strange feelings of sexual desire for a man only when sexually aroused, Mr. Smith still experiences a bit of shame and self-doubt. Even so, he chooses to watch Daddy’s naked body and take it all in; everything he sees in front of him, and the entire experience. Daddy returns to the same area from which he retrieved the blindfold and is messing with something else. As he turns slightly to approach little girl, Mr. Smith can see he has a bottle of water. He reaches it up to little girl’s mouth and allows her to take a couple sips. Still exhausted, she just hangs her head back down without a word. Daddy then turns and heads his way. Mr. Smith watches with excitement as his eyes fix on Daddy’s semi hard cock swinging side to side.

“You thirsty, Smith?”

“Uh, yeah. I sure am. Thank you.”

“Here you go.”

Mr. Smith takes a healthy drink of water from the bottle. Still not satisfied, he continues to drink. Daddy turns and walks back toward the place from where he is retrieving items. Mr. Smith, watching Daddy’s ass walk away, continues to drink the water until he finishes the bottle. It doesn’t take long before Mr. Smith is again fast asleep.

Sometime later, Mr. Smith begins to wake up unaware of how much time has passed. As he tries to move his arm to rub his eyes, it’s met with immediate resistance. Mr. Smith looks at his reflection in the ceiling mirror, and to his surprise, he is chained to the bed. Each of his limbs, both wrists and ankles, are secured in iron shackles at the end of chains coming out from somewhere over the sides of the bed toward the floor. Fear initially overwhelms him, but it soon wanes as he reorients to his situation. He is safely with Daddy and little girl, and this is just a part of the continuing scene. He looks over to where little girl was chained to find that she is gone, as is the contraption. He looks around the room and sees no one. Mr. Smith’s memory again takes him back to the planning conversation they had about this scene weeks ago.

…Daddy continues, “Then, you will wake up and be secured to the bed with shackles and chains. They will be the same kind you will have seen little girl secured with just a little while previously. Unlike when you awoke the first time, you will be able to immediately have all movement and memory recall.”

“Hello? Daddy? Little girl? Where you all go?”

Still not seeing anybody, a voice comes over a speaker. “We’ll be right there.” It’s Daddy’s voice.

A few seconds later, Daddy and little girl enter the room. Both are wearing robes and generous smiles.

“Hey Mr. Smith,” says little girl very flirtatiously as she approaches to his left. “I see you are ready for the next step. I hope you rested well.”

“Yeah, hey. Um, I did yes.”

Mr. Smith notices Daddy over at the place he previously retrieved the blindfold for little girl and the bottle of water they both shared.

“Good,” she says.

Mr. Smith watches as little girl removes her robe as she approaches closer to his bedside. As he examines her beautifully naked body, he feels his cock starting to stir. Visible are red and bruising marks around her wrists, ankles, and waist where the shackles and chains had been attached. This unpredictably excites him further. He can see the dried cum stains all over her body where he and Daddy had ejaculated, and inside her thighs where she had exploded her juices down her legs to the floor. She is so close he can smell her sweet sex. He can almost taste it. His cock now rising, the passion in his stomach returning. Her perfect little tits jiggle around with each step. He pony tail swings from side to side, appearing over each shoulder as it does. She is so stunning. His cock now raging hard and pulsating once again.

Looking down at his crotch, little girl casually and coyly says, “Oh, Mr. Smith. I see you are ready to go.”

“Oh god, yes. You are so beautiful and sexy. Fuck, I want you so bad!”

His attention is drawn toward Daddy’s direction as he hears some clanging around. A few seconds later, Daddy turns and head back in his direction. Mr. Smith sees he is carrying some things. In his left hand, Daddy is carrying what looks like a spur that would normally attach to a boot. In his right hand, he is carrying a section of dried bamboo about two feet long.

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