Daddy’s Surprise Ch. 01


It was well after midnight when the Wife woke me from a dead sleep. “Honey, what is that? Do you hear that?”

Cloudy, and barely coherent I replied, “I don’t hear anything.” It had been a long week, and I finally got the opportunity to catch up on some sleep only to be abruptly woken up by my wife with supersonic hearing. If the wind blows ever so slightly she immediately thinks there’s a prowler.

“Get up. Go check it out!” she yelled in a whisper.

Reluctantly I drew back the covers and sat up in bed, taking a moment to listen for anything out of the ordinary. I don’t hear a thing. I desperately wanted to lay back down and resume my sleep.

“I won’t be able to sleep until I know that you are making sure we are all safe in this house,” she pleaded, holding the top sheet up to her neck covering the thin, skimpy material she was wearing for pajamas. We’ve been married just over thirty years now, but Sharon hasn’t changed much in that time. Sure, she’s matured. But she has overall kept her figure, and her breasts are as ripe and perky as the day we met. She’s just as much of a scaredy cat as she’s ever been. And I know if I don’t get up and investigate she will keep me awake all night.

Groggy, and sluggishly I arose from the bed, scratching and tugging at my groin as I slowly moved across the bedroom floor, pausing at the door. Sharon was right, there was a strange noise. Faint and indiscernible. With my ear leading me I proceeded to investigate. Down the hall, stopping at the top of the stairs. The noise seemed to be coming from downstairs. I quietly crept down the half-flight of stairs to the front door, stopping only long enough to double check that the locks were set. Then down the rest of the stairs and into the kitchen. The noise was more pronounced now – a low buzzing sound. I put my ear next to İstanbul Escort each appliance trying to find out which one was on the fritz. None of them were producing any noise. I stood there for a moment confused, scratching my head. And then, out of the corner of my eye I notice a sliver of light coming from the door of my den. Curiously, but with caution, I stealthily walk over and investigate.

As I got closer, the buzzing sound increased ever so slightly in volume. The door, slightly cracked open was dimly lit from the modest lamp on my desk. I changed positions, jockeying my frame of view as I scanned the room through the small opening of the door for anything out of the ordinary. I could see the back of the big, brown leather office chair that used to belong to my Grandfather before he passed away. Nothing appeared out of place. And then the chair began to swivel around, and there in it’s seat was my darling Ashley. She was clothed with only a swath of material for a bra, legs spread wide open with one bare foot up on an armrest, and a pastel purple vibrator in hand massaging her clitoris with only the tip. I was in shock and in awe. My beautiful little girl had blossomed.

Ashley had recently turned twenty one while at school, and with the term ending she had decided to come home for a short visit. We weren’t expecting her home until sometime in the afternoon the next day. Why she was here early was unbeknownst to me. Yet here I am, peeking through the crack of my office door while witnessing my babygirl, in all her glory, pleasuring herself in the comfort of my desk chair.

“I shouldn’t be watching this,” I think to myself.

But I can’t find the strength to look away. I feel myself getting excited. So much so that I realize I have my hand over my boxers slowly massaging my cock. She İstanbul Escort Bayan reminds me so much of her Mother, and my mind immediately takes me back to my twenties. I can feel that young man’s lust again. Strong and powerful. Ashley spreads her pussy lips, running the length of the vibrator up and down her cunning. She begins rubbing her cilt with one hand while slowly inserting the tip of the vibrator into her wet pussy hole. Her subdued moans and increased heavy breathing are just audible enough to hear through the small crack in the opening of the door.

My erection is full blown at this point, and all I can think of are impure acts I’d like to do to my daughter. The feeling of lust is intense. My balls are tight and ready to explode. I whisper, “That’s my good girl.” And just then Ashley looks right at me for a quick moment. And it hits me deep inside like seeing your life in an instant flash right in front of you. I dodge the crack in the door, hoping not to be seen or get caught. Emotion swells inside me, washing over my entire being. I can’t tell if it’s fear, or excitement – or both. Did our eyes make contact? Does my babygirl know I’ve been watching her? I slowly peek through the opening again. Her eyes are closed, and she appears completely self absorbed in her moment. I slowly and quietly back away from the door, taking a moment to process what I’ve just witnessed.

Back upstairs Sharon looks as though she has had no trouble falling asleep. I quietly make my way into our bathroom to rub out this raging hardon, and use the toilet before climbing back into bed. Sharon rolls over and throws her arm over my chest snuggling up next to me.

“What was the noise?” she asks, yawning.

“It was nothing, dear.” I pull the covers up and squeeze Sharon close to me. I feel the palm Escort İstanbul of her hand resting on my chest over my heart. God, I love this woman. I feel myself getting aroused again as I lay there staring up at the ceiling with the thoughts of my babygirl masturbating in my den. And I again find my hand slowly massaging my cock. I try not to disturb Sharon’s sleep as I stroke my enlarging bulge. Sharon moans and stretches as she slowly runs her hand down my chest and over my belly stopping at my pelvis just above the base of my cock. She kisses my ear.

“I’m sorry, honey. I didn’t mean to keep you awake.”

“Don’t be, Silly…” she replied as she slipped her hand inside my boxers, wrapping her fingers around my rock hard cock.

I kiss her on the mouth, and our tongues intertwine as she strokes my cock up and down. My breathing gets deeper and more intense, as she begins to kiss me on my chin, then on my neck, and all the way down to my belly. She slips my boxers down as I arch my back, and then she proceeds to press her lips up to the tip of my cock, kissing it ever so gently. She takes her tongue and runs it up the side of my shaft from the balls all the way to the tip. I inhale deeply as she wraps her mouth around the head of my swollen cock swirling her tongue all around. Fuck. She slowly tugs at the shaft with her hand while bobbing up and down on my cock with her mouth. I feel her saliva running down my cock onto my balls. She uses both hands making long strokes up and down on my cock while licking and sucking my balls. I can feel my balls tightening. I am so fucking hard right now. She deep throats my entire cock. Her lips wrapped around the base of my cock, and her tongue exploring every inch more that it can. I can feel the back of her throat with the tip of my dick. Again, bobbing up and down. Deep throating every inch. And I violently explode into her mouth as she slurps up every last drop of my cum. I lay there in bed incoherent for the moment as my body regains itself. Occasionally convulsing from aftershocks of the orgasm I just had until I become so relaxed that I drift off to sleep.

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