Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 04


When he woke early the next morning, Tom dashed down the hallway to Daisy’s room. He wanted to see her before she woke-if she had ever been able to sleep.

She lay on her back as he had left her. Her legs were spread to accommodate the plastic pump he had fitted over her pussy, which he was pleased to see had remained in place. The pump was currently activated, and to his delight, he could see through the clear plastic the swell of Daisy’s twat. The mass of flesh had expanded enough to fill up the receptacle, her inflated purple lips straining against the insides of the cup.

Over her tits he had fitted two enormous plastic bowls, each large enough to contain at least half a breast. They too were active, and he could see her reddened flesh expanding into the vacuum, swelling to another third of its usual size. Her nipples were pressed flat against the plastic, like a topless cheerleader at a fantasy carwash.

She looked a bit like a science experiment, this tiny girl hooked up to all these tubes. Even as Tom watched, the timed pumps released their pressure, and her flesh shrunk-but not by much. He lifted the bowl from her left jug and, with a hollow thwock, it released her flesh like dough from a bread pan. Daisy’s tit was much firmer, however, and obscenely swollen. Half of it was deep red and almost bulbous, rising nearly a foot off her rib cage. He removed the other, and the effect was like two bowls of jell-o sitting atop her chest, capped with stiff nipples like cherries.

Daisy was coming awake now, and she gasped at the sight. From her vantage point, all she could see were her own tits. Tom plucked at one of her nipples, and she grunted. “Ungh, no, it’s soooorrre,” she complained.

Tom found he was pleased with her response.

Pulling the cup off her pussy was harder. It was molded onto her flesh, and her lips had swollen so much that the cup stayed on without any pressure at all. He had to forceably pull it from her body, and when he did, her cunt popped out, again like jell-o from a mold.

Tom had only seen videos of this sort of thing, and none of them proved as sexy as what he saw there in front of him. Her cunt was not disfigured or deformed like many of the girls he had seen, but had retained all its natural folds and creases. The pump had merely inflated them, making them obscenely swollen and fat. She still had the same lovely shape, just expanded twice over.

He couldn’t help himself. He reached out and touched her pussy flesh with the tips of his fingers. It was stiff, almost rubbery. He looked closer and saw a stream of juice had worked its way somehow out of her impossibly swollen folds and was pooling down beneath her ass. He cupped her cunt in one hand, and found it was too big to fit.

“What’s going on?” Daisy asked sleepily, propping herself up so she could see over the mountains of her tits. “Oh my god, Dad, what…what happened?”

Tom smiled up at her, spreading his fingers wide to show the strands of juice that clung to them. “You began your training last night. If you want to flaunt your tits and pussy like a slut, I’ll Beşiktaş Escort give you something to flaunt.” He stood up, offering her a hand. “Your body will return to normal if I allow it. But every night, I will hook you up to the same pumps. Eventually they’ll simply get larger and stay larger.” He actually had other plans for her tits, but he wasn’t about to tip his whole hand.

“If you need to pee, you can squat down over the bucket.” She did, and Tom watched as pee exploded from her monstrous cunt. It sprayed everywhere, down her inner thighs and calves, over her feet, even splattering on the floor. Tom didn’t mind-she would clean it up later. He was fascinated by her flesh, so swollen it impeded the flow of urine. When she was finished, she stood, but her eyes remained on the floor. “Dad, I have to, um…”

“Take a shit?”

Daisy blushed furiously, but after a moment she nodded.

“Good girl,” he said. “You can always tell me about your bodily needs, although you should know that I won’t always acknowledge them the way you might want me to. Go to the bathroom, leave the door open, and squat down on the toilet. Spread your knees wide enough so that your titties hang between them. I won’t watch you go, but I want to see you sit like that first.”

Daisy was shaking as she climbed up onto the toilet, moving awkwardly-although whether it was because of her impending bowel movement or her swollen pussy, he didn’t know. Obediently, she crouched down over the bowl, spreading her knees to accommodate the thrust of her enormous tits. Her face was beat red and sweating. Tom observed with pleasure the grotesque mass of flesh hanging between her thighs, her twin nipples thrusting out stiffly from red flesh.

“Play with your nipples,” he commanded, and Daisy reached awkwardly around her knees and plucked the fat nubs. She rolled them between her fingers and pulled them away from her teats. Rather than excited, her demeanor was nervous, distracted. Tom frowned.

“Dad, I really have to go,” she moaned.

“Tug on them,” he insisted. “Hard.”

Daisy obeyed. She pulled her nipples hard enough to milk them. Then suddenly she shrieked, and he heard a large splash. “Good girl,” he said, stroking her hair. “Does that feel better?”

He had always suspected his daughter was one of those delightfully dirty girls who would get off on anal-any kind of anal. He had heard his daughter moan through the bathroom door when he was sure she was taking a shit. Only just a week ago, he had sworn he could hear her gasping in what sounded like an orgasm from all the way down the hall in his bedroom. Now she was shitting in front of him, and he wondered if she was getting off.

Daisy grunted, her hands clenching. “Dad, please-ungh-please go…out…”

Another splash. He peeked under her swollen cunt and saw a telltale drizzle of juice. “More?”

She ignored him, concentrating. Daisy was panting hard, though from arousal or embarrassment he didn’t know. On impulse, knowing she was trapped where she was and couldn’t move or pull away, he leaned forward Beşiktaş Escort Bayan and popped one of her fat nipples in his mouth.

Daisy shrieked. He sucked on her swollen nub, teasing it with his tongue and teeth. He heard her grunt, straining, heard that subtle slick sound that indicated yet another bowel movement, and sucked rhythmically. Suddenly she screamed, and he heard a splash followed by the spatter of piss in the bowl. He pulled away from her nipple to see it.

No, it wasn’t piss. Daisy was squirting again.

Beneath her, hanging over the bowl, her pussy was a squirting, quivering mess. She was orgasming wildly, shrieking and gasping. Daisy collapsed down onto the bowl, her legs falling out to either side. Her cunt continued to squirt helplessly, some of it even splashing Tom as he bent to watch. He reached out to touch the spasming flesh, then reached further to feel her asshole. It was spasming too, clenching wildly in time with her pussy.

At last her orgasm subsided. Daisy was panting, leaning on the cold marble countertop beside the toilet, spent with exhaustion. Tom pulled his hand out from beneath her. Luckily, her shit had been one of the clean sort that left nothing behind, so he could put his fingertip in her slack mouth.

When Daisy could stand, he ordered her to shower, eat breakfast, and join him in the shed behind the house. She was to wear running shoes, clean cotton shorts and a workout top of her choosing.

By 10:00, Daisy was already exhausted. She had come very hard on the toilet in front of her father. Her bowel movement had been bigger, and had stretched her wider, than any she could remember. The sheer force of it, along with the abject humiliation of her father’s mouth on her breast, had sent her into a violent orgasm. She still couldn’t believe it. Squirting? She didn’t squirt. She wouldn’t even have known what squirting was, if it hadn’t been for that magazine. The very next page after the centerfold had featured the same sex-pot model, on her back with her legs spread and her fingers on her vagina, with so much liquid shooting out of her that the camera lens had droplets on it. There had been a brief column about squirting-what it was, which porn stars were doing it, how to get your girl to squirt. Daisy had been fascinated, and had followed the instructions, wanting to see if she could do it herself. But every time, she had only ended up peeing herself, soaking the towel she had put down underneath her, just in case. At least she hadn’t peed the bed in front of her father-that would have been really embarrassing, as it had been in front of Shawna that one time. But this hadn’t been pee. This, and the night before, had been the real deal. She had properly squirted, which would have pleased her if only it hadn’t been in front of her dad.

As it was, Daisy felt kind of sexy, until she remembered her swollen vagina. It didn’t even feel like a vagina anymore, it was so thick and stiff. She didn’t even want to call it a vagina-it felt more like a pussy, as much as she hated that word. A fat, Escort Beşiktaş swollen pussy, big and clumsy and unattractive. Her breasts-no, her tits-she supposed those were okay. They were only swollen a little bit, and they were so large already that she barely even noticed the increase in size. But her pussy-ugh. Who would want her now?

In the shower, she had tried to soap it up, but the flesh was so stiff that her lips kept popping out between her fingers, and she couldn’t get in between them properly. Her anus was sore, but she soaped it up anyway. She even imagined slipping a finger inside, before she realized that she would probably just make the pain worse.

When Daisy had showered and dried off her strange new body, she put on a pair of cotton shorts. They had been small before, but now they strained to contain the bulk of her pussy. It was ten times worse than hers or even Shawna’s cameltoe had ever been. Even her workout top, just an ordinary t-shirt, strained across her swollen breasts-well, more than it usually did, anyway.

When she was dressed, and her hair dried and pulled back into a ponytail, she slipped her feet into some matching white running shoes and went downstairs to have breakfast. She ate a bowl of cereal hurriedly, and then rushed out the back door to the shed. She wasn’t particularly curious to see what her father had planned, but she didn’t want to make him angry by dawdling.

She found him standing beside a wooden contraption. It looked a little like a sawhorse, with a horizontal beam spanning several feet between two downward facing Vs constructed of two shorter beams. There were some straps attached at various places that made her heart pound.

Her father beckoned her closer. “You look lovely, Daisy, but let me fix your top.” He pulled out a pair of scissors and carefully cut out a hole in the front of her shirt. Then he reached through the hole and pulled her breasts through it, one by one. It felt odd for her father to handle her tits, but as he carefully explained to her, “It’s good for you to feel humiliated. That will teach you not to flaunt your body unless you truly want it to be on display.”

Daisy was instructed to lie belly-down on the sawhorse, although she realized as she did that it was padded, and wider than just a 2×4. The only narrow part was the beam that went between her breasts, turned sideways so that it forced them to hang down on either side. The sawhorse stopped just under her collarbone, with a headrest shaped almost like a toilet seat, so that she could rest her head without obstructing her face.

Her legs extended out along either side of the Vs, which were fitted with knee-rests so that she needn’t struggle to extend her legs. These were padded as well, so that when she was settled, Daisy actually felt quite comfortable, if a tad exposed. She was wearing clothes, but her breasts were exposed rather rudely, and she knew her swollen vagina was bulging out against the crotch of her tight shorts.

Suddenly she felt a tug at her crotch, and then cool air wafted against her girly bits-no. Girly bits were small and dainty. Hers was big, a big fat nasty pussy. She tried to look over her shoulder, but she couldn’t see anything except her father standing behind her, examining her.

“There’s a good girl,” he said, smiling. “You’re almost ready for your day. Just a few more adjustments.”

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