Danny’s Butt Mom Ch. 12


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Warning: contains light scat scenes.


The next morning Danny crawled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom, which he found locked to his dismay. Half asleep, dying to piss, he heard several long farts and the sound of a good shit- logs plopping in the water after each explosive fart. He stood there, leaning his head against the door, making out the faint sound of his Aunt grunting while expelling her load from that massive rear end.

He held his morning wood in his hand and knocked on the door.

“Just a sec!” she let out. After a pause her farting resumed along with a gasping for air. The toilet bowl amplified the deep gurgling of her exhaling ass.

Another 15 seconds of silence, then a flush. Danny stepped back from the door, his morning wood pushing a big tent in his boxers, all that covered him.

The door opened and Aunt Margaret’s eyes met Danny’s immediately.

“Sorry, hun. You might want to wait a minute, it’s gonna stink in there.” she said with satisfaction.

He stood there with his arms crossed over his bare chest, still half asleep. “That’s okay, I’ll probably like it,” he said, making his way into the bathroom.

Aunt Margaret’s eyebrows raised as she smiled to him, “You would?”

“I like that sort of thing,” he said simply, holding onto the door looking at his Aunt before he closed it.

“Well, so do I.” she insinuated like she was telling a secret.

Danny shut the door and ran to the toilet for his emergency pee. There was a very powerful but pleasant smell of his Aunt’s bowels. He blasted his piss into the bowl, which seemed to last forever, and put the seat back down. He felt the seat when he was done to try and feel the warmth of his Aunt’s big ass. It was still warm, he noted with dirty satisfaction. He scratched himself, flushed and opened the door. Aunt Margaret Taksim Escort was nowhere to be seen.

Summer vacation was for sleeping in, so he headed back to bed. After a couple hours he woke up, but the house was empty. No jacking off with Mom this morning. Danny lounged around and eventually left to hang out with his friends.

He returned to the house at supper time, finding Mom in the kitchen busy preparing some food.

“Hey mom.”

“Hi sweetie! How’s your day?” she asked in a maternal, musical tone.

“It was fine. What did you girls do?”

“Oh we just went out to the park and to the mall. Aunt Margaret just had to go return something but she’ll be back by dinner time.”

Danny walked up behind his mother and grabbed a handful of fat ass.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t been around to give you any attention today sweetheart,” she said lovingly.

“That’s okay Mom, I’m just saving it up for a big one on your face.”

“Mmmm. Yes darling. I would love that. Did you masturbate today?” she switched to her sexy voice.

“No,” he said, a little snotty and pent up, groping her huge butt in his hand.

“I bet you just have a full sack of sperm for your mother, don’t you?”


“Good. You can shoot it all over my face, sweetheart.”

Danny got behind his mother and pressed his crotch into her plump juicy rear, and reached around to hold her heavy boobs. He felt her long thick nipples, and his cock grew bigger rubbing up against her squishy bottom.

He cupped her heavy breasts and grinded into her. Her teenage son was latched onto her mature, fuckable frame. She just continued to prepare dinner with her son humping her.

“You know, I’m not the only bug butt lady around the house now.”

“I noticed.”

“Do you like looking at your Aunt’s fat rear and those big tits?” Her voice sounded sexy and raunchy.

“Yeah. Taksim Escort Bayan I got to smell her farts after she got out of the bathroom this morning.”

“Mmmm, how was it?”

“It was really stinky. I listened at the door while she took a huge dump. She was unloading alot of gas out of that great big butt.”

“Runs in the family, doesn’t it? You know, she was telling me that she’s lonely and really catting for a fuck.”

“I could use a fuck,” he complained.

“You’re going to fuck me first. Then, later, I want you to fuck Aunt Margaret. Show her what a big cock you have.” She reached around and felt his big hard-on grinding her butt. “Pull my pants down. I want to feel your cock play with my bottom.”

He pulled her elastic sweat-pants past her waist and under her massive ass. He took a look at that juicy naked object of his love and whipped his erect pole out, then angled it into his mother’s deep, soft fleshy butt cheeks. She kept preparing dinner as he moved his dick up and down in her ass crack. She stuck out her butt a little for him, showing off her amazing, mature fertile curves.

“Shove that thing up my cunt. Let me ride your cock with my pussy. But don’t you dare cum unless its on my face.”

He rubbed it around until he felt the wetness from her pussy guide him to her fuck hole.

Dianne kept preparing the food stopping only intermittently when she felt her son’s cockhead push its way into her vagina. The girth of it was wonderful and fit snug into her dripping pussy.

Danny pinned his mom to the counter, slowly sinking his cock in her vagina, her large, soft ass pressing against his naked pelvis. He cupper her large, heavy breasts and fucked his mother with long slow strokes. They were fully clothed, except for their pants that were only part-way off, humping right in the kitchen, trying to get off on a quickie.

His mother stopped Escort Taksim preparing the food and put her hands on the counter, her head hanging down.

“Fuck your mother’s cunt baby. That’s it….nice, big, hard, thick cock in my pussy. Oh that’s good!”

She put a hand between her legs and jacked off her big clit with her son’s giant penis sliding in and out of her creamy twat. Danny knew his mother was getting off, so he fucked her deep with short, firm strokes, pushing up hard against her fleshy bottom.

Dianne’s body shook, “Oh, my baby! I’m cuming on your cock! Yessss! Make your mother cum!”

She shook and twitched for a long time. When she was still, he pulled his sausage out of her wet pussy. He looked down at his long cum stick, glistening with his mother’s cunt juice.

Dianne turned around and looked at her son’s beautiful meat. She knelt down on the floor and put her son’s fuck sausage in her mouth. Danny watched his mother’s big fat lips glide over his thick penis. God she could suck a cock!

She put both her hands underneath his balls and started milking his heavy sack. She pumped her mouth back and forth over his prick, getting him ready for a massive orgasm. Danny watched his mom work his package, his hands on his hips. She could feel him coming closer and worked his meat in slow, then medium noisy sucks.

Finally Danny couldn’t last any longer, and he grabbed his cock and aimed it at his mom’s wonderful face. Gobs and gobs of thick cock cream shot out all over his mom’s big features. After getting a load on her lips she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, licking the cum off her face as he continued to unload his wad all over her. After there was no more she stuck his spent cock back in her cum covered mouth, slurping it up.

Suddenly they heard the sound of the garage door open and they knew Margaret just got back. Without panicking, he withdrew his wet, semi-soft cock from his mother’s messy face. She stood up, all cum covered, and kissed her son deeply. They pulled up their pants and Danny wiped the small amounts of cum of his face while his mother stepped out of the room just in time. Aunt Margaret walked in. “Hi Danny!”

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