Daughter , Her Friends Ch. 2


Things were going real good in my life. I had all the hot sex I could handle, with four sexy young ladies. My cock was buried in a different pussy each night.

As far as I knew they were all very happy with their lives. Molly, was not. She had been seeing a man she had met one day at her business.

He was married and four kids of his own and a wife that was dying from cancer. How could a man do something like fuck around when your woman is so sick?

Sex with Molly had always been great. She liked everything from sucking me off to letting me fuck her in the ass or tying her to the bed, I never knew what to expect from her.

It was a sad day when she broke the news to me. When she said she had been fucking him the last eight months the other girls and I had a fit.

“FUCK MOLLY,” Lisa screamed at her, ” How could you? You mite have given all of use some disease or germs.”

My Lisa was pissed off bad. I had never seen her like this. Suzy was also pretty ticked off but, Jennie on the other hand looked a little funny, come to find out she had also been doing it with another man.

They both moved out a few days later, taking my beautiful kids with them. The house was never the same after that. We did have Suzy’s and my four children but, we lost eight.

One other thing Molly and Jenny had forgot was, I owned the businesses. When they left they lost it all. They only got the money they had made over the last few years.

Things settled down soon after, Lisa and Suzy and I started having the best sex of our lives. We even started sleeping in Avrupa Yakası Escort the same bed.

Suzy had been working out at a gym the last year or so. She had turned her young body into a work of art. After having our four kids her breast grew to a very nice 36 DD. Her ass went to a size 38.

Her long slender legs were still her best enticement, the many hours at the gym made her legs strong like the sexy ice skaters you see on the tube.

Suzy could sit with my cock in her just like a ” Baseball Catcher” does and ride me for an hour or more before her legs would begin to tire out.

The first time Suzy showed me her new “trick”, Lisa had went out of town to a accounting seminar.

The kids were in bed, Suzy came out of her room wearing a black see-through floor length gown with bikini panties.

“WOW, baby girl,” I said as my eyes explored her body, “are you lookin’ for a good time tonight?”

Suzy moved to my lap, “Daddy, my pussy is on fire. Can you put it out for me?”

“Anything for you my love.” And we locked in deep kiss.

I had never seen my shy little Suzy like this before. I always had to make the first moves on her.

After about 30 minutes of kissing and licking each other, Suzy stood up, leaned over the sofa and said, ” Daddy, fuck me from behind, like I’m a bitch dog in heat.”

I moved to her, pulling the tight ass to my cock, ” What’s got into you tonight baby?”

“This is the first time we’ve ever made…,” Suzy moaned, ” love with nobody in the house, but us.”

My hard Avrupa Yakası Bayan 12 inch cock moved between her long slender legs, teasing her soaking wet pussy. I pulled Suzy’s panties down, leaving the gown to cover her flesh.

“Oh PLEASE… PLEASE…,” Suzy begged, ” TAKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!”

I put my cock to her love opening, with one gentle push my gown covered cock was buried deep inside her trembling body.

“Oh Daddy… Daddy…” Suzy moaned and was trusting her hips to me, ” do me… Yes, Daddy yes.”

This girl was on fire, in heat something. Slowly with full thrust my cock moved in and out of her body. It felt like our first time, when I had taken her by the pool.

“I need to tell you something Daddy…” I broke in.


Suzy just giggled and said, ” No… never… I… I… Stopped taking the pill. I need you to give me your hot seeds, Daddy… I want another baby of yours in my belly.”


I pulled my cock out of her body, picked Suzy up in my arms and just about ran to my room. Once there I pulled her gown off and laid her across my bed.

“Baby get on your hands and knees,” I moved behind her, ” I need more doggy sex.”

Suzy just giggled a little and said, ” I need your doggy cum, so I can have your puppies.”

When Suzy told me she was off the pill and wanted my baby in her, I felt like a young stud again.

I made love to her doggy style for a good hour before I came, ” OH BABY… Escort Avrupa Yakası HERE’S YOUR SEEDS…” I came hard.

“yes Daddy fill me up… give me your babies… yes yes.” Suzy moaned.

Squirt after squirt my cock pumped her belly full of my cum. I hadn’t came so hard in a very long time.

We rested a while before she climbed on top of me. Like I said, it was like a baseball catcher sits. Her pussy hugged my thick cock as her hips worked the length of my cock shaft.

She rode me hard and fast, ” OH BABY GIRL, I’M ABOUT TO CUM AGAIN… HOW DO YOU WANT IT?”

“YOU ON TOP,” Suzy jumped on the bed pulling her legs to her chest, ” FILL ME UP AGAN YOU STUD… GIVE ME BABIES… CUM IN ME DADDY…”

I drove my cock in her hard, I entered her womb and my cock exploded, harder than before. Filling her soul with more of my seeds.

We made love the rest of the night, each time I filled her body with cum, seeds what ever you call it, she was full.

Lisa came back a day later, ” Baby, Suzy and I have something to tell you.”

I went on, ” While you were gone, Miss Suzy stopped taking the pill, there’s a very… very good chance we’ll have a baby in the house next year.”

Lisa looked happy and excited but, I could see she was hurt inside, just like before when the girls had their babies. So, I planned a surprise for her.

A two week cruise to Mexico, just her and I. It would be great, we had not been alone in a long time.

Lisa was very happy, she shopped for days buying things to wear for me on the ship.

The morning we were leaving I walked in on Lisa and Suzy having a very heated conversation, “You better tell him Lisa..” Suzy was saying until I broke in.

“Tell him… what?” I ask.

“Nothing Daddy… I … I just forgot to buy sea sick pills.” Lisa said.

We left for the airport…

more to cum…

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