Daughter Oversexed/ the Period


Most of you have read about me and my 21 year old daughter Trisha and how we got started fucking after she started college. She has a huge appetite and I have developed a taste for the forbidden. Since we have been fucking; my dick has gotten bigger and stronger, my loads are thicker and shoot about 2ft out, plus I can cum twice now. I cum everyday and my wife has notice and eats it up when she is home from traveling.

Even after all the incestuous fucking my daughter and me do, we still play a little game of cat and mouse before we get started. We know we are breaking the rules but we just can’t resist. Usually my daughter will come downstairs in her short short pajamas with a semi-transparent top(I can see her nipples) and her fuzzy slippers. Trisha will walk around the kitchen table very slowly while I am drinking my coffee and her mother is taking a shower. My wife usually leaves for a week at a time and the sexual tension between me and my daughter since yesterday is sky high. Trisha will find a reason to bend over and her short pajamas will slide up her ass and she will turn to me to make sure I am watching.

Then she usually says something like, ” Daddy are you looking at your daughter’s ass?” She then smiles and asks, “Are we going to play today?” I always nod and she runs back to her room and waits for mommy to leave. My wife comes down and gives me a kiss, tells me I was fun and will see me in week and of course take care of our little girl.

This particular time Trisha came back down with a little pout on her face. I asked what was wrong and she let me know she was on her period.

I was about to tell her that it was ok when she says, ” I still want to get off.” I knew she was going to ask me to fuck her while on her period and I was just about to reply when she said, ” I want to jack you off with my ass!” She told me to stay put and she would be right back.

She came back and led me into the living room where the two walls of mirrors come together. Trisha had put two stools against one wall, some wood planks on Mecidiyeköy Escort the floor and a can of something was on one of the stools.

She took everything off,got up on the planks and faced the mirrors with her hands on the stools. Looking at me was her ass, I could see her pussy with a string coming out,her tight asshole and I could see the entire length of her body in the side mirror.

I took my clothes off, my dick was straight out and I walked up behind her. Trisha put her hand into the can and came out with cooking grease and wiped it in her ass crack.

Then Trisha says, ” Don’t ass fuck me, it hurts too much, just slide your dick up and down on my ass and cum on me, yea daddy cum on your slutty daughter.” She then puts more grease on her ass crack and I put my dick there. I move up and down on her slippery ass and she tightens her ass cheeks to grab my dick. Trisha looks at me in the mirror and says, ” Jack off on me, cum on your daughter ass, make me your whore daddy, I want to watch the cum come out of my daddy’s dick.”

It feels so good to jack off on my daughter while looking at her hot body in the mirror. I love fucking around with my daughter, who loves being my slut.

She repositions herself and straightens up for a moment and I can see the string from her tampon coming out her pussy. She looks at me, “You want to see it? Do you want to see my period daddy?” she said looking me straight in the eyes. I didn’t know what to do, should I or shouldn’t I. My dick was getting harder. Trisha tells me I will have to tell her that I want to see it.

” Let me see it,” I told Trisha. She slowly pulls on the string while I am furiously rubbing up and down on her ass.

At first I see a little red and then some clear and red juice running down her legs. She stops, lifts her finger and there is red blotch on her index finger. She brings it close to my face. “Taste my period daddy,” she purrs at me. “Please daddy,it will really make me hot, knowing that you love my pussy so much that Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan you will even taste my period, Pleeeeese daddy,” Trisha begged.

I licked the red blotch, it tasted like Trisha pussy and a nose bleed. “Oh daddy! You licked my period!” Trisha moaned. I was rubbing so hard now and she pulled the tampon completely out . More red and clear juice starting running down her legs. She took the tampon and painted her nipples with it, my dick was going to explode, she then painted both of her ass cheeks with it and dropped it. ” Rub more grease on me and spank my bloody slut ass,” she whimpered.

I took a handful of grease and rub her down, she was all shiny and had blood smeared all over.

“Cum on me, Cum on your bloody, greasy slutty daughter!” she yelled out. I was rubbing hard on her and slapping the shit out of her bloody greasy ass when I shot; the first shot landed on the mirror next to her face, the second shot landed on the top of her head and the mirror; the third shot landed on her back.

“Fuck yes daddy, look at all that cum!” she said. She put her face into the cum on the mirror and started licking, she took her other hand starting wiping the other cum load and putting it in her mouth. I rubbed the cum on her back until her back was all shiny.

Trisha turned around and sat on one of the stools and said, ” I want to get off now, watch me play with my bloody pussy and jack off with me daddy, I know you can shoot another load,” she begged again. She started fingering her pussy and I greased up my dick some more and started pumping. She asked me to put the head of my dick right up to her hole. ” Shoot in my bloody hole daddy,” she urged. Trisha was fingering her clit fast and she would put her fingers inside and rub so more bloody juices on her clit. She was moving so fast I thought she was going to rip her clit off. I was jerking hard; ” Shoot in my hole daddy!” Trisha yelled. ” I am going to cum!” she said looking me in the eyes. I put my dick head up against her Escort Mecidiyeköy hole and shot another massive load. “OH FUCK YES!” she screamed. She put her fingers in her hole and pulled out a bloody load of cum and begged me to watch her cum. She rub it hard all over her clit. She came so hard she started crying and kept saying, “FUCK YES, FUCK YES ,OH FUCK YES.”

Then the next move was so fast and I was caught off guard because I was starting to wind down. Trisha took her hand off of her messy pussy and then reach around my ass and pulled me into her hole. She held me there and just looked into my eyes. She put her mouth to mine and gave me a long wet kiss with all of her tongue.

She pulled away, “Daddy you’re in my period.” She gave me another wet kiss. ” I love you daddy, this is the nastiest fuck I have ever had,” she smiled. Trisha started sliding up and down on my dick, it was so wet and messy. Big globs of cum and period were splattering on the floor. My little girl looked so hot and nasty, covered in grease, blood and cum. She was really happy too, she jammed her tongue down my throat again and started to cum. She was really banging my dick now and it was so wet and messy. She put her head on my shoulder and grabbed me really tight around the ass and pulled me into her hard and all the way. She was cumming so hard all of the her period and cum squirted out onto my nuts. Finally she went limped. So did I.

I picked her up and carried her to her bed. She open her dreamy eyes and pointed to the tampons on her dresser. I brought one over and she spread her legs and motioned me to put it in. I worked it in the best I knew how, she moaned a little, and said thank you in a quiet voice. She fell asleep.

I had the task off cleaning up which I did and made me and Trisha some sandwiches. I dozed off in my chair waiting for her to wake up. Finally, she came downstairs and woke me up. She was all dressed up and wearing some real tight jeans. She told me she had forgotten about a lunch date she had and she needed to get going. I told her that it was not a problem and to have fun.

“I will,” she said. ” But my date won’t because he is going to want to fuck and I can’t because I am on my period,” she giggled. She got real close to my face and said, “Only my daddy can do that.” I dozed back off to sleep.


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