Dear Diary


Dear Diary,

You’ll never believe what happened to me last night! Something I’ve been waiting for since I was a little girl. Remember when I used to write about sneaking peeks at Daddy in the shower, and “accidentally” walking in when he and Mommy were making love? I’ve always been attracted to Daddy, ever since I can remember. It’s not that he’s a drop-dead-gorgeous man. He’s pretty average; middle-aged, greying hair, a little pot belly. But there’s something about him that’s sexy. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. Sort of.

So, I’m lying in bed last night, barely awake, when I hear my bedroom door creak. I decided to play asleep, but I opened my eyes just enough to see who had come in. I figured it’d been my mom coming in to bitch about something I forgot to do earlier that day. She’s always on my case now about something or other. But it wasn’t her. I could just make out the silhouette of Daddy standing in my doorway, the hall light dim behind him. I strained my eyes to focus in the dark. Daddy’s pants were undone, and his hand was inside his fly. He stood in his spot for a moment before slowly creeping to my bed. I guess he didn’t want to wake me. When he reached my bedside, he stopped, standing still. By this time, I could hear his labored breathing and see that his hand was slowly massaging his groin. It was all I could do to keep from gasping in surprise.

Even more surprising was when he used his free hand to cautiously pull my sheet down from the upper part of my body. It was a hot night, and I didn’t wear anything to bed, so this maneuver exposed my breasts to him. The thought of this made my nipples hard, and I was hoping Daddy didn’t know I was awake. I heard a soft groan from him as he drank me in.

Timidly, Daddy reached a hand bursa suriyeli escort escort forward, trailing his fingertips across my breast. His thumb and forefinger found my hard nipple, and he tweaked it gently. He had removed his other hand from inside his pants, and used it to brush my hair from my face. I had to close my eyes so he did not catch on that I was not asleep. Daddy nudged my shoulder with just enough force to roll me over onto my back. This caused the sheet to fall further away from me, showing him a bare thigh.

His hand cupped around my breast, kneading. I heard something drop to the floor, and I realized that it was his pants. He stepped closer to me. I could feel something glide across my cheek, leaving a little wet trail behind. He was breathing heavier at this time, and I knew that it was his cock against my face. My daddy’s cock, the one I had wanted for so long. I felt its hardness move to my lips to settle there, and it was all I could take. My tongue snuck out from between my lips and slid against his cock. Daddy gasped and pulled away, taking a step backwards.

I opened my eyes to look up at him. He looked startled and embarrassed. “It’s okay, Daddy,” I whispered to him. Using my elbows, I propped myself up, kicking the sheet off of me completely. He swallowed hard, his eyes wandering over me. I wondered if he could see how wet I was.

Daddy came back to the edge of my bed, but I couldn’t make eye contact with him. I had seen his cock before, but never like this. Not so close that I could see it throbbing with desire. Desire for me. Leaning over, I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick. I pushed myself forward, taking him into my mouth as he gasped in both surprise bursa ucuz escort and pleasure. My tongue worked along his cock as I suckled. I slid myself back and forth, up and down the length of his hard rod. Daddy put a hand on the back of my head and I thought he was going to push himself deeper into my throat, but instead he pulled me back from him, his cock leaving my lips with a wet plop.

I looked up at him and his eyes were wild. He put his hands on my shoulders, guiding me onto my back again. He didn’t say a word. Instead, he climbed onto the bed with me, straddling my legs. He brought his mouth down to my tits, kissing and nipping them, sucking my nipples. I leaned my head back, shivering softly beneath him.

Daddy’s kisses traveled further down my stomach. He got off of my legs and moved to the side, using his hands to gently part my knees. I didn’t resist. Daddy positioned himself between my legs. This time his kisses were on my thighs, working their way inward. When he reached my pussy, I was dripping with anticipation. His tongue worked its way into my slit, sliding up slowly until he reached my swollen clit. I groaned in ecstasy as Daddy’s tongue swirled around my magic little button. He was a pro.

As Daddy’s tongue lavished my clit, he slipped a finger into my cunt. It was a tight fit, and he hit an obstacle. Daddy looked up at me from between my thighs, mouth glistening. “You’re a virgin?” He inquired. I nodded. I had wanted him to be my first, and it looked like it was going to happen. A small grin worked its way onto his lips and he got onto his knees.

“This might hurt a bit, Sweetie,” Daddy was licking his lips as he spoke, his eyes fastened to my moist crotch.

“I know you bursa üniversiteli escort would never really hurt me, Daddy.” I answered him, though I knew he was being truthful. Daddy just grunted a little as his hands spread my legs further apart. He drew his cock closer to my pussy, hesitating. I didn’t know why he was waiting, so I scooted myself closer to him, leaving his dick against my swollen cunt lips. At that moment, he pushed himself inside of me, gently, yet forcefully enough to pop my cherry. I whimpered from the intrusion, but Daddy showed no signs of stopping. Once he had himself buried inside me, he lifted my legs unto his shoulders as he leaned forward.

“You okay, Baby?” his voice was concerned, but it was needy.

“I’m better than okay Daddy… fuck me.” I wanted it to be amazing, like my best friend had said sex was supposed to be. I guess my words encouraged Daddy, because he thrust deep into me again. The little discomfort that had been there at first started to disappear and it was starting to feel good. His cock was big, and it felt like it was going to tear me apart, but I loved it. Daddy pounded my pussy hard, and it was all I could do not to let out a cry of ecstasy.

I begged him for more, pleaded with him not to stop. I could hear the wet suction as he slammed my pussy, and I whimpered and writhed beneath him. One of his hands found its way to my cunt, and his thumb rubbed against my clit. This brought on an earth-shattering orgasm and I bucked my hips against him. I couldn’t help calling out, “Ooh, Daddy, yesss!” as the waves of pleasure flowed through me. I could feel my pussy contract against his cock, and with one last hard, deep thrust, I felt his cum burst inside of me, bringing on another orgasm of my own.

Daddy layed on top of me for a moment while our breathing gradually calmed down. I could feel him grow soft inside of me. He didn’t speak; he just gave me a kiss before he pulled out, the mixture of our juices flowing down my pussy. And he left the room.

So, Diary, what do you think of that? Not bad for a present on my eighteenth birthday, huh?

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