Lola and Joey Ch. 23


Catherine smiled. Her mom was snuggled against her again. It must have been an instinctual thing from sleeping with her dad for years. Almost every night, her mom’s body gravitated towards her like a magnet. There was something else that usually happened. She turned around and looked at her mom’s nipples. Yup! Hard like usual. Her mom was a very horny person!

It was amazing how much she had learned about her mom since they started sharing an apartment in El Paso. Her mom was sneaky and very sexual.

It all started on a bad day. The list of required school courses was out, and no matter how she juggled them, she had classes on four days and would need to sleep in El Paso for at least three nights. Rats!

She had just finished complaining to her mom when her mom suggested they share an apartment. Her mom only taught once a week and stayed at a hotel. Why not rent a one-bedroom apartment that they both could use. It would cost less money in total. Her mom sealed the deal when she said she would pay for the place given she was already paying for a hotel.

Her mom took care of getting the apartment. She was pleasantly surprised at the place her mom picked. It was nicely furnished, on a scenic street, and was close to the university. There was only one bedroom, though.

“Mom, there is only one bedroom.”

“I know. I didn’t want to spend the money on a two-bedroom when we’re only going to be here for three nights a week. Don’t worry, it has a queen bed, so there’s lots of room for both of us, plus I don’t bite. Is sleeping together a problem?”

“No, I guess not. I just assumed there would be two rooms.”

It was no big deal sleeping with her mom, but there were ‘catches’ to the free apartment that quickly came out.

Her mom was sitting in her car’s passenger seat the first day they went to El Paso.

“Mom, why are you in the passenger seat?”

“Because you’re going to drive.”

“But it’s your car. Why am I driving?”

“Because I hate driving.”

“But so do I!”

“That’s why you need to practice, honey. So you get better and feel more comfortable. I’ve been driving to El Paso. It’s your turn now.”

She whined again, but her mom gave her ‘the look’ that meant the conversation was over.

The second surprise was cooking. There was no supper waiting when she got home from a full day of classes even though her mom didn’t have any classes that day.”

“What are we having for supper, Catherine?”

“I thought you were going to make supper, mom.”

“Nope. You know your father does the cooking. What are you going to make?”

Seriously! She had to do all the cooking? Her mom didn’t mention that before! In the end, it didn’t turn out too bad. Her dad made them a care package which took care of the first night. Her mom liked to eat out at least one night, which meant that she only had to cook once a week.

Her mom was very social and preferred to stay at her office at the university, even when she didn’t have a class to teach. Her mom liked her office, enjoyed talking to her students and co-workers, and liked the school atmosphere in general.

She worked in her mom’s office on days when her courses were done, and her mom wasn’t ready to go. Her mom was frequently talking to someone when she arrived, especially Professor Gaitlen. He was a young faculty member and was quite a hunk, not that his looks turned her on, given that she was gay. Even she could appreciate his looks, though. He was tall, cute, and had an ass to die for.

Her mom seemed to have noticed as well. Her mom was quite animated when she talked to Professor Gaitlen, and she kept patting him on the arm. Her mom would never fool around on her dad, but she was very touchy-feely with people she liked. It was apparent there was a physical attraction on her mom’s side.

Her mom seemed to have a physical attraction to lots of guys. She checked out guys all the time. It wasn’t something she expected from her mom. One day she noticed her mom staring at a guy walking in front of them. He turned left, and her mom’s head turned left until he was out of sight. After that, she noticed her mom checking out lots of guys. Sometimes it was their face, or sometimes it was their ass, or sometimes she stared right at their crotches. She heard stories from her grandma on how her mom was quite active sexually when she was younger but didn’t realize her mom still checked guys out. After all, she was with her dad now, and they had an excellent relationship.

Her curiosity got the better of her one day after a blatant gawking session from her mom. “Mom, you sure check out a lot of guys!”

Her mom reluctantly stopped gazing at the tight male ass in front of her and smiled. “So?”

“But you’re with dad.”

“So? I may be older, but I still appreciate the sight of a nice-looking guy.”

“But what about dad?”

“I’ve never cheated on your father and never will, but a cute face or a tight ass or a big package is one of life’s little pleasures! Don’t escort şişli tell me just because you’re with Kate that you don’t notice other women.”

It was true. She did notice other women but hadn’t realized her mom still did. After all, it was her mom!

Then there was the nudity. Her mom seemed totally comfortable being naked in front of her. She didn’t bother to cover up when she walked from her shower to dress in the bedroom. She dressed right in front of her. It was not a big shock because her mom and dad had always been relaxed about their bodies. It just seemed more noticeable because they didn’t have separate rooms to dress in.

Finally, there was sleeping together.

The issue of sleepwear concerned her. She slept in the nude by herself and with Kate and Amanda. Clothes were so constricting and hot, whereas soft flesh on flesh felt delicious! How would that work with her mom, though? It ended up being a moot point. Her mom went to bed early on the first night. When she went to bed later and pulled back the covers, her mom was nude, so she chucked the t-shirt that she had reluctantly donned and crawled in. The question of sleeping in the nude with her mom never came up.

Her mom was right about the bed. The queen bed was big enough for both of them. Usually, they never went to bed at the same time. One would already be sleeping, and the other would join later. It was a rare night when her mom’s body heat didn’t wake her up, though. Somehow, every night their bodies seemed to gravitate together, and she’d wake up feeling toasty warm beside her mom.

Her mom’s curvy behind frequently nestled into her groin, and her mom’s nipples often seemed hard. One night she ever so delicately reached her finger between her mom’s legs and immediately felt the hot, warm slickness of female arousal. She savored the familiar scent of lust on her finger until a pleasurable warmth developed between her legs. Images of writhing bodies with Kate and her sister quickly ramped up her arousal. She pulled herself away from her mother enough to slip two fingers between her legs and frigged herself to a silent orgasm then drifted off to sleep.

She and her mom shared a large dresser. She had the top four shelves, and her mom had the bottom four. They both did laundry, and it didn’t take long to discover her mom’s pocket vibrator and dildo when putting her mom’s clean clothes in the dresser. The dildo was as large as Brutus! When was her mom doing herself, though? She always went home with her mom, and her mom always went to bed before she did. Was her mom doing it early in the morning before she woke up or sneaking home in the day?

One day she found out by accident. Her class was canceled, and she walked home early. Sure enough, her mom’s car was in the parking lot. She quietly entered the apartment and immediately heard the buzz of a vibrator. Her mom still had her blouse on, but her legs were splayed wide open as she ran the vibrator over her clit, and stuffed the dildo deep into her pussy. It was quite a sight and immediately made her horny! Damn! It wasn’t fair! If her mom was taking care of herself, then she was going to as well! Her mom wasn’t the only one that missed sex!

That night she had a conversation with her mom. “Mom?”


“I noticed your vibrator and dildo the other day.”

“Yes?” Her mom said unfazed.

“Can I borrow them?”

“Of course. Just make sure you rinse them in hot soapy water when you’re done and don’t leave me with dead batteries, or I won’t be pleased.”

And that was it! It was so easy. Her mom was so relaxed about sex. Her mom continued to take care of herself in the day, and she took care of herself on the couch after her mom went to sleep.

It was a good arrangement!


“Dave, I don’t think Eddie is eating properly.”

He rolled his eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Well, his cupboards and fridge are always half empty, and there are fast food containers in his garbage.”

He shook his head. “Susan, how do you know these things?”

She looked at him as if he was slow. “Because I water his plants every few days.”

“You’re not supposed to be snooping in his cupboards and fridge and garbage AND underwear drawers.”

She looked indignant. “You can see his garbage on the curb, and I use the fridge water dispenser to get myself a cold drink.”

He raised his eyebrows. “And the cupboards?”

She ignored him.

“Susan, he’s a big boy. He can feed himself.”

“It’s his first time from home, Dave, and lots of young guys don’t eat well. They don’t know how to cook. You didn’t! He works hard. He’ll get sick if he doesn’t eat better!”

“What would you suggest?” He said with a resigned look.

“I think we should ask Eddie if he’d like to eat breakfast with us. He’s just across the hall. That way, we’ll know he’s getting at least one good meal a day. What do you think? I can ask him.”

He wasn’t the least bit worried about nişantaşı escort Eddie’s eating habits, but it was pointless to argue with Susan when she was in her maternal mode. He shrugged his shoulders. “Fine. Ask him.”


He thought about what Lola said about Amanda. “Don’t worry. Enjoy the attention while it lasts. She’ll be gone soon enough.”

Lola was right. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. Amanda was flirting with him. It wasn’t his fault he got aroused. Any man would react to a gorgeous half-naked woman pressing her bare leg against you oozing sex.

If Amanda flirted with him at breakfast again, he was going to enjoy it! And if he got hard, so be it! He wasn’t going to be embarrassed.

“Hi, dad!”

He looked up at Amanda approaching. She had on her pink baby doll and shuffled next to him until their legs were joined and then flashed her Lolita smile.

Today though, he was mentally prepared and relaxed. Amanda’s blatant sexual attire didn’t make him anxious. He was guilt-free. Cool as a cucumber! In fact, he was looking forward to their encounter. “Hi, sweety. Have a good sleep?”

She mischievously stretched her arms over her head and yawned while arching her back, which thrust her breasts out. “Yup! I had a great sleep. Thanks, dad!”

Hmmm! Something felt different about her dad today. What was it? He was happy, but then he usually was. What was different? He felt excited. It felt like he was looking forward to something.

He smiled at her after she stretched and was looking at her boobs. That was different. Usually, he peeked but tried to hide it — not today. His staring was very blatant.

She started to eat but was distracted because he kept looking at her breasts, and he hadn’t made any attempt to shift his leg away from hers like he usually did. She felt him get aroused, and he wasn’t fighting it and trying to focus on his food like he usually did. It was like he was enjoying looking at her. Was he? Her nipples hardened at the thought. She needed to know what was going on!

“You never said if you liked my new nighty. I got it with mom. She said it looked nice. It’s very comfortable. I think it looks good on me. Catherine likes it. Do you?”

“I do like it.”

“You don’t think it’s too revealing?”

“Nope. Everything is covered. Besides, it’s just you and me. Right? It’s not like you’re out in public.”

She paused, building up her courage. “Do you think it’s sexy?”

“I do.” He looked directly into her eyes and slowly and deliberately said, “It’s very sexy. It highlights your breasts and reveals your bare tummy. My daughter has become a beautiful woman.”

Her whole body blushed at her dad’s unexpected compliment. Her sheer panties were sticky, and her nipples were bursting with blood and were so hard they were aching. She hesitated but couldn’t resist. The lure of their sexual attraction drew her in, and she shifted closer and put her hand on his knee. A lustful shiver rippled through her body, and she involuntarily squeezed her thighs together in excitement. She wasn’t sure what to say. He’d caught her off guard. Usually, she was the aggressor, but he wasn’t shy at all today. He was flirting with her! Her brain was getting all mushy as the little brain between her legs took over.

She crossed her thighs again in excitement and built up her courage. “Do you like it when I flirt with you?”

He smiled innocently. “You flirt with me?”

Her mind’s rational part was screaming at her to shut up, but her pussy brain was firmly in control.

“I do. Do you like it when I do?” She said breathlessly, gazing directly at him with smoldering eyes, holding his knee.

He smiled. “I do.”

She was shocked but thrilled by his blatant answer. Her pussy throbbed, and her face felt flushed. “Why?”

“Because you’re a gorgeous woman, and I enjoy the view.”

Her pussy was throbbing now, and she could barely sit still. She could barely speak but mentioned to croak, “So it’s okay to keep flirting with you?”

He smiled at her with lust in his eyes. “Yes. I enjoy it.”

Holy crap! His piercing gaze and seductive smile unnerved her. He’d never looked at her like that before! The bulge in his shorts looked enormous, and arousal was gushing out of him into her. Her heart was pounding, and she started to feel breathless. She needed to leave before things spiraled out of control!

“I need to go to work, dad.” She said abruptly and stood up.

“But you haven’t even touched your food,” He said with an innocent look.

“I’ll eat at the hotel. Bye,” she said and hurried away.

He stretched and gloated with a self-satisfied smile. It felt great not being on the defensive! His bold directness had visible unnerved Amanda. Knowing her, he might regret it later, but it felt sweet now!


What a fantastic shopping day! She saw the coolest leggings on sale for next to nothing and then got fatih escort a matching yellow cotton crop top and yellow platform heels that were comfortable to walk in. The leggings were super hot looking, skintight, but stretchy and comfortable with a colorful mishmash of pastel colors. She had no doubt, Kate and Catherine would like them. She couldn’t wait to show her mom and tease her dad! It didn’t take long to regain her sexual confidence after her dad caught her off guard. The lid was blown wide off the flirting pot now! There were endless ways she could tease him!

She entered the dining room, where her parents were eating. Her dad was facing her, but her mom was on the other side of the table and didn’t see her.

The minute she entered the room, her dad noticed her. Right away! He was trying to be discreet so that her mom wouldn’t notice, but his eyes kept darting. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her and scanned her from head to toe. He was checking her out big-time. Apparently, he liked her new outfit! Eventually, his eyes made it back to her face where she was grinning at him—busted, dad! Checking your daughter out! Bad daddy! She loved it!

She slowed down. Her dad continued to ogle her while attempting poorly, in her female opinion, to pay attention to her mom, who was talking about her latest physics grant proposal. Her mom’s approval rate for grant proposals was quite high, but her recitation of the details always caused her dad’s eyes to glaze over. He pretended to listen.

It was amazing her mom didn’t notice her dad’s rubbernecking. It was quite blatant! Granted, her mom was sitting across from her dad and didn’t see her enter, but you would think she would have noticed his wandering eyes. But then, her dad was so devoted to her mom that she would never think of him checking out other women, so she had no reason to question his attention. Plus, when she got wound up about her latest work projects, her mom was oblivious to everything else.

She wasn’t thinking about her mom now, though. She was lapping up the attention her dad was directing at her. His appreciation needed to be acknowledged and rewarded. She stopped and waved to her dad with a mischievous grin. He made eye contact and gave her a small grin back. He didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed by being caught. Good! She liked his new forwardness!

She winked at him and pushed her beautifully covered derrière out and arched her back, which thrust her breasts out and up. Within seconds, she felt the feeling of lust stirring in his loins. Amazing! Such a wonderful feeling! It used to be that she could parade by him half-naked without a stir in his groin but no longer. His ‘father’ filter was gone. Her dad was aroused over her! She loved it! It was so much fun being a flirty little slut around him!

He had totally stopped paying attention to her mom, although her mom still hadn’t noticed. She grinned at him seductively, running her hand up her leg and over the curve of her ass. A tiny smile flickered across his face. Then she wound up and smacked her ass so hard that her mom jumped and turned around to see the source of the noise.

Her brazen sexual gaze instantly flipped to an innocent smile.

“Hi, Mom!”

“What was that noise?”

“Oh, a fly landed on my butt, so I tried to smack him.”

“Oh, okay.” Her mom noticed her new outfit. “I love your new outfit! Let me see it!”

She and her mom proceeded to discuss the details of her purchase, where, how much, and so on. Lola ran her hand over the material of Amanda’s pants. “It feels so soft! Are they stretchy?”

“Yup,” Amanda said. “They grip your body like a second skin.”

“Are there any left in my size? I wouldn’t mind getting a pair. What do you think, Joey? Do you think they would look good on me? Amanda, show your dad. Let him feel how soft they are.”

Amanda went over to her dad. She looked down at him with a sultry grin and took his hand and ran it across her ass.

“Feel how soft and smooth the material is, dad. Do you like all the different colors?” She grinned at him wickedly.

“The pants are very nice, honey. Very soft, and the colors are nice.”

He couldn’t believe how hot Amanda looked! The pants looked painted on! They hugged Amanda’s body like a second skin, and the material was super soft to the touch. His little minx of a daughter was still slowly gliding his hand over her ass, and he wasn’t going to stop her. And the colors! It was a mishmash of pastel colors that reminded him of bubblegum. She was wearing skintight bubblegum pants! The pale yellow crop top matched the yellow in the pants and wholly exposed her midriff. Fuck! She was hot, and the little tart knew it and was staring down at him with her patented Lolita smile. Nipple points had formed under her top. She was aroused!

“Joey? What do you think? Do you think I should get a pair?”

He definitely thought Lola should get a pair! Hell yes! The thought of Lola’s luscious ass showcased in the wild-looking skintight pants made his dick get rock hard. He couldn’t wait to sink his cock into his sister!

“I think they’re very nice, Lola. Go for it!”

Lola grabbed Amanda by the hand with an excited look. “Show me where you got them! I want to get a pair before they’re gone.”

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