Lori , Ryan


Ryan had just turned twenty-one a couple of months ago. He was home on leave from the Military Service, catching up with family. Earlier, he had done some yard work for his Mom, while she was at work, and had just finished a shower.

He lay on his bed, still nude, dreaming about finding a girl to be with while he was home. His thoughts took him to some of the girls he went to school with, a few years ago, but most of them were either married, or gone away to school.

Random thoughts of girls, in general, had brought firmness to his cock. Absently stroking himself, he worked it to the full eight inches of hard meat. He looked at the thick, swollen glans, the wrinkled foreskin almost stretched fully, and the heavy sac between his legs.

`Oh, what I would give to stick this up some hot little cunt, right now.’ He thought to himself. Deciding to let it go, he squeezed it a few times, the released it to fall to his belly. The swollen, purple crown rested well above his navel.

Standing five foot seven, weighing about a hundred forty pounds, Ryan was in good shape. Not a muscle freak, by any means, but not soft and flabby, either. He had strong sinewy arms, and a lean face, with sparkling eyes that change from green to blue, depending on his mood, sometimes steel gray.

He closed his eyes, and dozed off, to where he hadn’t heard his little sister come home. Nor, did he hear her enter his bedroom.

Lori is a perky nineteen-year-old, just starting college. At five foot two, maybe a hundred pounds, her body curved in all the right places. She had tiny feet that blended to soft ankles and smooth legs. Her thighs were tight, from running, her small but full butt had a nice roundness to it. Her breasts were B-Cup on her chest, and her tummy was flat and tight, a hint of a swell just above her mound made a hot picture in lots of boy’s minds.

She saw the grass cut, and the hedges trimmed, so she figured that Ryan was around, somewhere. She didn’t find him in the kitchen, his main hangout when he was younger, and went upstairs to see if he was there. The wet shower and crumpled towel told her she was close, and decided to look in his room.

Instead of bursting in, like little sisters do, something told her to go soft and slow. She pushed escort bayan şişli the door to, and had to put her hand over her mouth to stifle the loud gasp. They hadn’t seen each other naked since they were little, certainly not since they had grown to be `adults’. Her eyes went straight to the massive, pulsing cock on his belly. It was HUGE! She didn’t remember him being THAT big when she peeked in the shower years ago.

Suddenly, she felt wet between her legs, a warm flush coursed through her body, and her hand went to her mound. She pressed it hard, and felt the shiver in her belly, then caught herself. `No! I can’t think THAT! He’s my brother, for godssake!’ Her mind reeled with the thoughts.

Ryan stirred on the bed and Lori was ready to bolt from the room. She didn’t want him to catch her staring at his body. He didn’t wake, but Lori watched his lithe body move, the muscles rippling, the hard cock roll to one side, the heavy sac fall against his thigh.

Her kitty was flooding her panties, now. The wetness spreading, soaking through her shorts. She un-buttoned them and pulled them to her knees. Her small hand went inside her nectar soaked panties, and found the slippery slit. Lori pushed two fingers into her hot cunt, and started cumming immediately. Her hips bucked, and she gasped as the orgasm washed over her.

`My God, I can’t be doing this!’ she thought. `I’m standing in my brother’s room, frigging my pussy over his naked body!’ She kept staring at him, though. Curiosity and desire overcame her fear of being caught and the taboos of incest that filled her mind.

Lori pulled her shorts off, and knelt next to Ryan’s bed. She studied the throbbing penis that moved with every beat of his heart. Long and thick, she hadn’t seen any like it on the boys she dated. Mostly experiencing hand and mouth sex, she had lost her virginity when she was still in high school, but hadn’t done a lot of fucking since.

Fascinated by its length and girth, she reached out to touch it. It felt soft and hard at the same time. It was hot, and the crown was a deep purple. Lori’s cool fingers tried to circle it, but it was too wide for her small hand. She put her other hand around it and stroked its length.

Ryan sarıyer escort moved, and moaned softly, returning to flat on his back. Lori had to get up on her knees to retain her grip on the wondrous cock in her hands. A small drop of clear fluid formed at the tiny hole in the tip, and she took it with the tip of her tongue.

Beyond caring, she had to have it in her mouth. She closed her lips around it and pushed her head down. Her soft tongue circled the crown where it tapered in at the shaft.

Ryan’s eyes flashed open when he felt the warm wet mouth close over his cock. He thought he was dreaming a steamy sex session, but the long hair on his stomach told him it wasn’t a dream. It took a few moments for him to realize that it was his sister’s mouth on his cock! It felt good, and he didn’t want to frighten her, after all she had her teeth on his shaft. He moaned a little louder and moved one leg. Lori stopped her sucking and froze.

She felt his hand on her hair as he brushed it aside. Her eyes were wide and frightened as she pulled off of Ryan’s cock.

“What are you doing, Sis?” he asked quietly.

” I . um . welll?” She started to explain. It all came out in a rush, how she walked in and saw “it” and how horny she was and how she did herself and then she wanted to touch it and there it was.

“Whoa, Sis. Slow down!” He said calmly. ” It’s okay!.”

“You mean . you don’t .I mean . Oh, I don’t know what I mean!”

“Lori, listen to me. There isn’t anything wrong about it It feels good to me, and if it feels good for you, that’s cool.” He said.

“But, Ryan! You’re my BROTHER! We shouldn’t . we’re not supposed to .. you know ..feel like THAT!” She started to get upset, more at herself than anything.

“Look, Lori. I’ve had thoughts about you for a long time. I just didn’t want to start anything, or scare you, okay?”

“You have?” she exclaimed. “But, when .. why .. How come you never said anything?”

“I didn’t want you to freak out and run to Mom or anything like that.”

“Oh, Ryan. I’ve wanted to “do it” with you forever!” she gushed. “I thought YOU would go nuts and say something.”

Ryan took his sister’s hand and placed it back on his cock. He stroked her hair gently and çapa escort told her if she wanted to, she could “do it”.

His cock had softened some, and Lori’s mouth brought it back to life quickly. She moved up on the bed, and lay next to her big brother. They kissed, softly at first, then building to the hot kissing of lovers. Ryan’s hands grabbed her soft butt, and kneaded the flesh, Lori rubbed her mound on his thigh.

He put his fingers inside her wet panties, and thrust a finger into his sister’s hot cunt.

“OHMIGOD .. Ryannnn .. ohshit” She babbled. The penetration stirred her insides. Cumming as soon as he touched her, her hips jerked.

She startled him by pulling away. She peeled off the panties, and threw her leg over his body. Straddling his belly, she put her kitty on top of his cock.

“Are you sure, Sis? Do you want to do that?” he asked.

Lori answered as she lowered herself on to the massive organ. “OHH, Yessss! I’ve wanted to do this for a lonnng time!” she groaned as her body was split. Ryan watched his hard cock disappear into his sister’s tiny twat. She was so hot inside and so tight, he didn’t think he could last very long.

Lori grunted when she was fully impaled on her brother’s fuckstick. She never felt so full. She rocked her body, then started to fuck herself with him. Back and forth, up and down, she rode her brother’s body.

“Careful, Lori. I’m getting close!” he hissed through clenched teeth.

“AH. YES! Do it Ryan! ..Cum inside me .I’m okay . OH, please fuck it into meeee!” she cried out.

Needing no further reassurances, Ryan let go. His cock swelled up and his balls tightened. His liquid fire exploded into Lori. He shot wads of his hot, thick seed deep into his sister’s tiny body. He filled her belly with cum, and she went rigid, then quivery on top of him. Bucking and rolling, her orgasm wracked her whole body, until she was spent.

She fell limp on his chest, breathing hard and sweating.

“Ohmigod, Ryan! . We . ohshit ..migod we did it! .Ohhh Ryan!” She plastered her mouth on his and kissed him hot, rolling her hips on his still hard cock. They lay locked together for a long while before they spoke again.

“That was wonderful, Ryan. Thank you. Oh God, I love you so much!” she whispered softly. She squeezed her cunt and found him still firm inside her. “Oh! It’s still big! Can you?.. Again?” she asked.

“Sure, Sis. For my little sister, Anything! Anytime!” he smiled up at her as they began the lover’s dance for the second time, that day.

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