Love or Sex Ch. 07


This was an idea I got writing my last story but couldn’t figure how to incorporate it without it seeming forced. So I decided to make it into its own chapter. It’s rather short in comparison to the rest, but that’s the purpose. Also, if you don’t have a panty fetish that includes masturbation with them move on, this story isn’t for you.

As always, any questions, comments, ideas please feel free to email or leave a message below. Thanks for reading and enjoy.


Several weeks have passed since Eric and Sara returned from their vacation. They settled back into a life of secrecy, back into their routine. Something that now seemed odd and foreign to them, no longer able to be themselves in public. They had slipped up a few times, grabbing for each other, but they felt they played it off rather smoothly. Other than a few minor missteps they had resumed their traditional roles that society expected of them. In view of the public of course, when home they were free to be themselves, and free they were.

Sara was working just as hard as ever, she had long since been promoted. As with all promotions the amount of additional work is not equal to the bump in pay. So she found herself working earlier days and later nights just to keep up with the extra workload.

The new semester had started for Eric, and the classes were more difficult. He spent more and more time going over notes from his lectures, more attention to the chapters he read, and more time proofreading essays. Not to mention he was in college algebra II, and barely understood what was going on.

Both Sara and Eric had buckled down, dedicating nearly all their free time to their respective jobs or studies. This left precious little time for each other, they had managed to make the time on occasion, but in the back of their minds was work yet to be completed.

As if this all wasn’t enough, the Monday morning Sara walked into work her boss informed her that she has to head down to the Dallas office and interview new hires for the manager position. Her flight left the next day at six in the morning and she had interviews lined up for the whole day and half of the next.

She sat at her desk, kicked off her heels and plowed through the day. Answering phone calls and emails as they came, checking in on her team, and attending meetings. In no time it was ten past five, normally she would stay till almost seven, but seeing as she had an early flight she packed up her laptop and headed home.

Upon getting home she found her son lounging on the couch with a book in his hands. She cuddled up next to him and huffed as she kicked off her heels.

“Long day?” He asked, looking over his book at his mother’s head in his lap.

She pouted and spoke in a childlike voice. “I have to go to the Dallas office tomorrow till Wednesday afternoon.”

“That’s not too bad. Why do they need you there?”

“I have to interview potential managers!”

“I thought you got that all sorted out the last time you were down there?” He had now given up trying to finish reading.

“I did, but they need a new one.” She huffed.

“Oh.” He said while he stroked her hair and picked up where he left off in his book.

Sara laid there in her son’s lap for a sisli escort while, comforted by his hand going through her hair. Until she felt her stomach growl.

“Umm…” She started.

Before she could finish. “…There’s a roast in the oven and it’ll be done in twenty minutes or so.” He said without even looking away from his book.

“You’re the best!” She beamed, then trotted off to their bedroom and changed out of her work clothes and packed her bag for the following days.

Sara set the table while Eric plated the food, all the while she unloaded about the things that pissed her off about her job. Eric didn’t offer any advice, just agreeing with her when he got the chance to speak. He knew she didn’t want him to solve her problems, just to listen to her bitch.

At the table though, the conversation changed to more pleasant things, not anything specific but things other than general complaining about work/school.

After a lovely meal they washed the dishes together, afterwards Sara excused herself. Admitting defeat against a long day, and preparing for the next few that were to come.

Eric still had reading to catchup on so he spent the rest of the night doing just that, only retiring to the bedroom when he realized it was long past his bedtime.

As he got into bed he assumed his usual position. Pulling his lover closer to him and drifting off to sleep.

After what felt like minutes after falling asleep Sara found herself silencing her alarm and prying herself out of the warm cozy bed to get ready for the first of two long days.

She showered and moved her things to the living room and Eric didn’t budge. The taxi arrived and he was still peacefully asleep, she kissed him on the forehead and whispered her love in his ear.

She was already in a cab in Dallas on her way to the office when she received a text from her son.

“Eric: You should have woke me before you left 🙁


“Sara: You were sleeping so well I didn’t want to disturb you.


“Eric: Miss you already :*


“Sara: Aww, I miss you too baby. But I left you something in the hamper 😉


Eric was still in bed, so he hopped out and lifted the top to the hamper. Sitting on top was a pair of red lacy boy short panties, the very same ones she wore in Paris. He snapped a pic and sent it to her.

“Eric: These?



“Sara: Those’d be the ones, I had a little bit of fun in them this morning, can you tell?


Eric touched them and could feel a slight bit of dampness still on them.

“Eric: You must have had more than a bit of fun in them 😉


“Sara: Hmmmm, maybe. Wanna do me a naughty favor?


It was the morning, so he already had wood, it was made even harder by what he saw. His imagination was stoked even more for what she might be requesting.

“Eric: Sure!


“Sara: Wrap them around your dick for me? All day?


“Eric: Anything for you, mom 😉


Eric left them there at the top of the hamper, only to go and shower. After he dried off the first thing he grabbed were his mother’s panties, he rubbed escort istanbul them along his shaft and squeezed his dick with them. He adjusted them so that the head of his prick was in the gusset of her panties, he instantly leaked precum and it mixed with her wetness. The lace caressed his balls and felt heavenly. He snapped another pic and sent it off to her.

“Eric: How’s this?



“Sara: Mmmm, you naughty boy. That’s where mommas pussy goes.


“Eric: It feels so good, but it’s gonna be torture having this around my dick all day and not being able to do anything about it.


“Sara: We can Skype tonight and I’ll make the torture worth it 😉


“Eric: You better 😛


Eric pulled on a baggy pair of jeans, a long t shirt and a big coat to try and cover the surprise hardons he was certain he would get throughout the day. He went through his day, sitting in classes distracted by his mother’s panties wrapped around his prick. He felt the lace material caress the skin of his dick as he walked around campus, he was keenly aware of when he had an erection and would do his best to hide it. The end of the day seemed like it would never come, but he felt like he would at any second.

In between classes he would send his mother pics of how soaked the gusset of her panties were with his precum. Short videos of him stroking off in the bathroom, his teeth were clenched to keep himself from exploding in them.

He had a short shift working at the bookstore, and all he could think of was bending his mother over a stack of boxes in the back room and fucking her till he shot his load in her. When he was certain no one was looking he would give his dick a squeeze and shudder in a taboo ecstasy.

Eric had a few minutes before his next class so he went to the campus center to grab a snack, spotting a few people he knew he sat down with them. They all remarked that he looked preoccupied, if they only knew he thought. They all walked to their next classes together, while his friends chatted about typical stuff, his mind was on only one thing. And that one thing was in his mind all through class, obviously he found it difficult to concentrate on the lecture. He did his best to take notes, but every once and a while he would squeeze his legs together to feel his mother’s panties.

After the class was over he rushed home, he wasn’t exactly sure why, it’s not like he was going to get relief once he got there.

Sara’s phone beeped, announcing she had a text message.

“Eric: I need help with this



Sara licked her lips at the sight of her delicate panties wrapped around her son’s hard dick.

“Sara: Just wait a bit longer and I promise you the wait will be worth it.


Eric, fighting every urge to relieve himself, plopped down on the couch and watched tv. For what seemed like hours he sat there mindlessly staring at the tv, in reality it was only forty five minutes. His phone rang and it was his mother!

“Hello!” He excitedly shouted into the phone.

“Hey babe, you sound eager!” She toyed with him.

“Very eager mom, I need you.” The sound of şişli escort desperation was clear in his voice.

“Why don’t you jump on skype.” She hung up the phone and readied her laptop.

Eric bolted to his old room, flinging articles of his clothing along the way, by the time he got to his chair all that he had on were his briefs. He impatiently waited as his computer booted up, as soon as he was logged in he started skype and was already calling his mother.

She greeted him with a motherly smile mixed with a lover’s desire. “Let me see.” Was all she said.

He pulled his shorts down and his dick sprang free, almost flinging her panties off of it. He adjusted them back so that the head of his dick was resting in the soft gusset. “I’m not going to last long.” He said as he very slowly stroked his dick.

“Thats okay baby.” She said as she laid back in bed, pulled her panties to the side and quickly found her clit. “Talk to me baby, tell me what it was like to have mommas panties around your dick all day.”

“It was torture, all I could think about was fucking you.” He bit his lip and bunched his toes up to keep from cumming right away.

“I’ll be home tomorrow baby and you can pound my pussy all you like.”

“I need you now mom! I need to be inside you!” He begged.

“You look so hot jerking off with your mother’s panties. Tell me how they feel.” By this point Sara had worked herself up and was on the verge of climax.

“They’re so soft, and I’ve been thinking about you in them all day.” His breathing picked up even though he had a slow pace stroking his cock. “Oh my god I’m so close.”

“Cum for me baby, Cum in mommas panties.” She had sunk two fingers into herself and used two others to flick her clit back and forth rapidly.

“Oh shit yes!” He shouted. Gripping the shaft of his dick tightly, but still loose enough that he could feel the friction of the material pass over it. His eyes were shut tight as the first jet of cum flooded the gusset that covered his head. It shot out so strong and with such volume that it spurted out of the sides. He bucked his hips up in the air and grunted with each pulse.

Sara watched as her panties were drowned in her son’s jizz. She felt overcome with lust and allowed herself to be taken by her orgasm. As soon as she saw the second stream of cum flow from from her son’s cock she stiffened up while waves of pleasure coursed through her body. By the time she finished Eric was panting, and the lower half of his body was covered in his cum.

“Wanna go get cleaned up?” She said to him.

“Not really.” He said, slightly out of breath, sitting in the chair completely limp. “Shit mom, that was so good.”

“Anything for my man.” She blew a kiss to him then excused herself to change.

Eric saw this as a great opportunity to get cleaned up.

When they both returned to the computer they talked about their day for a bit then chatted about whatever came up for most of the night. After they said good night Eric made his way to the bedroom, putting the soiled panties back into the hamper, and went to sleep.

Eric woke the following day eager for his mother to return. She still had a half day in Dallas and a flight, and he still had three classes to get through.

When Sara finally got home she tackled Eric in their bed and they proceeded to fuck all night long.


That’s it for this chapter. Please tell me what you liked, didn’t like in the comments below or by email.

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