Lucky Me


I don’t know if I consider myself lucky, or unlucky. Like most, perhaps a bit of both. But looking back now, I’d have to say the day I broke my arm, along with my opposite wrist and a broken leg as well, turned out to be one of the luckiest moments of my entire life.

We had just graduated from high school and a bunch of us seniors had planned on a senior camping trip. (The girls were all supposed to come up the following day and at least spend the day with us). After setting up camp my friends and I decided to go for a hike, climb a few hills (looking for make-out spots where there would be some privacy) and generally fooling around. Well…I wasn’t watching what I was doing as well as I should have. The next thing I knew, I’d lost my footing and fell about fifteen feet over the side of a small ledge. Luckily? I landed in a bunch of tall bushes. Unluckily, I broke my arm and wrist in the fall and though I didn’t know it at the time, until I’d actually reached the hospital, I found I had a small fracture in my leg along with both of those.

Needless to say I was pissed, disappointed in myself and frustrated as hell winding up in the hospital instead of camping with my friends over the next few days. Not to mention not getting to spend any hopefully intimate time with my new girlfriend, especially as she’d hinted at the possibility of that. So much for my plans.

A day later I was laying in bed at home. Mom had taken a week off to look out after me as I was having a hell of a time doing things for myself. Once again luckily, I had just enough movement and use of one hand to take care of more personal intimate problems. But that was about the extent of it. Getting in and out of bed was bad enough, so for the first two days I just laid there watching TV, growing more and more bored by the minute. Not to mention horny as hell. It had now been at least a week since I’d even jerked off. By now…I was crawling the walls so to speak, and unable to do much of anything about it. I had made the attempt in fact one night late after my parents had gone to bed. The reality was, the only hand I had in order to accomplish that was my left hand. And for those who don’t understand, or know…when you get used to jerking off a certain way with one particular hand, it’s actually more difficult and awkward to switch off and do it with the other one. Added to that, that left hand being the one with the broken wrist, so I also had limited movement with it as it was. Eventually I gave up trying to get myself off, which left me even more frustrated and angry than I had ever been.

And mom of course noticed the change in my normally good natured mood. Even after the accident I’d managed to laugh about it. But three days later I wasn’t laughing any more. Getting a hard on I couldn’t do anything about was becoming annoying for one. Mom’s coming into give me a sponge bath was another. In the first place, it was a bit embarrassing, not to mention even though she was my mom, and not half bad looking either. She was still my mom. In the second place, the fact I’d even gotten aroused when she’d given me that first sponge bath was totally unexpected…for both of us.

When she got to the part where it was time to wash the part…she’d told me she’d do that beneath the sheet, so I wouldn’t see her looking at it, and she wouldn’t be looking at it while she did it. It wasn’t much, but it was the best plan I could agree to accept at the time. So, there I was laying back, embarrassed to tears as mom rung out the wash cloth, and then lifted the sheet slipping her hand down between my legs where she proceeded to give me a thorough washing.

Almost immediately several things happened with that.

The first thing that happened was I started to grow a little. Not rock-hard horny, but enough that I was now embarrassed about that. Mom’s hand on my dick (though she was actually washing it) and it growing…some anyway. And then to make matters worse, her telling me that she needed to wash under and around the foreskin a bit, so that I didn’t get stinky down there. Ok…can you imagine anything worse than having your own mother tell you that she didn’t want you to have stinky dick? So now she’s playing blind man’s bluff with my cock, feeling around, looking for cooties or some such with her fingers. And all that’s doing…is pleasuring the head of my dick, and yeah…so it’s suddenly growing again, a bit bigger now. And the way she’s holding it in one hand, washing the tip, and pulling up the foreskin to wash that, well…its feeling good, and I’m more embarrassed than ever. And her hand is now securely wrapped around the quickly thickening shaft. And then of course she announces that we also need to “gingerly” wash my balls too.

Fuck. I wanted to die. Actually, I wanted to find a way to come first…and then die. Neither one of which happened of course.

And then things went downhill from there. Though a short time later, they suddenly got a whole lot better too!


Thankfully…I sisli escort was saved by the bell, or rather the phone as it began ringing downstairs. Mom immediately stood dropping the cloth into the now luke warm pan of water she’d been using and took it with her.

“I’ll fix you some lunch and bring it up in a bit,” she told me quickly disappearing through the door heading downstairs to catch the phone. I lifted the sheet. Ok, so it wasn’t one hundred percent erect…but was still bad enough. I mean it stood by itself without any help. Maybe it wasn’t all angry and swollen looking, but she wouldn’t have seen that under the sheet anyway. The fact was however…it was standing tall, and that she had held in her hand as she washed it.

My next immediate problem was…I needed to pee. BIG TIME. I refused to use a bed pan. So that meant getting out of bed, which even then wasn’t easy. I’d been given a wheel chair to use at least in order to move about the second floor of the house. Crutches weren’t an option, not with a broken arm, and a wrist that couldn’t support much weight either, let alone anything else. So I was at least grateful for the chair. I slid out of bed, into the chair and then managed (slowly) to work my way over to the door, and then down the hall towards the bathroom. As I slowly made my way, I could hear mom down in the living room below talking to my aunt on the phone. Now I knew at least who’d called. No real surprise there either. With mom being home taking care of me, my Aunt Kathy had called at least three times a day ever since checking up to see how I was doing. I really did like my Aunt, five years younger than mom was, we’d always seemed to share a more personal, almost intimate closeness with one another. I’d even shared, and confided in her shortly after I’d lost my virginity. So we did have that shared kind of a connection with one another, whereby I felt like I could tell her just about anything. Unfortunately as I was about to find out…so did mom.

I was just about to wheel myself into the bathroom when I heard mom suddenly lower her voice. A sure sign when she did that she was about to share something with her sister she didn’t want overheard. The problem was, since I’d rolled out into the hallway, I did.

“God Kath, you should have seen it…I mean I’ve admittedly wondered, you know…I guess parents sometimes do wonder about things like that, but I never expected…” She paused listening.

“No, no…I didn’t actually look, look…I was washing it under the sheet, but he was growing, getting thicker and stiffer every second. Yes, yes…he was a little embarrassed I suppose, but not enough to keep himself from getting erect.”

She was listening again, just as I was, rolling a bit further down the hallway towards the stairs.

“Yes, admittedly…I was getting that way too,” she giggled, “And then you called, so thank god for that, I was honestly tempted to keep washing and holding it. As silly as this may sound Kath, I am sure the poor boy is going crazy in a way. You know how men are…I’m sure he hasn’t had an orgasm since the accident, he can’t exactly do much of anything about that, so I’m not surprised he was getting a stiffy when I was cleaning him up some.”

“Fuck…getting a stiffy, she’s telling my Aunt!” I sat telling myself. “And what did she mean by getting that way too?”

“I’m sure he’ll be excited to see you sis,” mom stated. “Yes, yes…I’m going to fix him a bite to eat now, and then I’ll tell him you’re coming over this evening, am sure he’ll be excited to hear that.” She giggled again. “I didn’t mean that kind of excited,” she laughed even harder though quickly lowering her voice once again. “Ok sis…I’ll do that, yes, yes…we’ll see you later on this evening then.”

And with that she hung up. I spun in my chair heading immediately into the bathroom where I sat on the toilet trying desperately to pee. The problem was…I was as hard as a rock again.


A short time later mom brought up some lunch for me, and then informed me of course that my Aunt Kathy would be coming over later to see me. I acted as though I was just hearing this for the first time of course, though being excited about seeing my Aunt wasn’t really acting as I was. It had been a couple of weeks since I’d seen her last, so was looking forward to her visit.

When she arrived, she immediately came up to my room after spending a brief few minutes with mom downstairs, once again talking in hushed tones, and from where I now was, totally unable to hear anything being said. Minutes later, she and mom entered my room where she immediately proceeded to come over to my bed, kissing and giving me a hug. After that she of course had to immediately inspect my injuries, going so far as to lift the sheet in order to have a look at the cast on my leg, though by now of course I was wearing boxers, and thankfully didn’t have an erection. Mom made some excuse to şişli esc head back downstairs and do something, leaving my Aunt and I alone for a moment.


“So…” I responded back.

“Not exactly the way you planned on starting off your graduation was it?”

“You might could say that,” I said letting her hear the frustration in my voice.

“I imagine it’s pretty frustrating in other ways too isn’t it?” She then asked smiling, though I knew full well what she was talking about. Like I said, one thing about my Aunt that I did appreciate was her way of speaking with me candidly about a number of things, and not too surprisingly…this one.

“You might could say that too,” I added again.

“So can’t you…ah, you know,” she asked raising her eyebrows just a little sort of looking towards my crotch for a moment, and then back to my face.

“I tried,” I said simply not feeling too awkward or embarrassed by the admission. “All that did was…well, ah…give me a stiffy,” I said using the same word I’d heard mom using earlier. “And aggravate my wrist enough that it began aching, so I had to ah…you know, give up.”

“And that left something else aching too didn’t it?” She then added.

“Yes…it did.”

She stood then looking down at me once again. “What about…ah, your girlfriend?” She asked. “Any possibility she might drop by…say hello, see how you’re doing? I’m sure your mom would be cordial and candid enough to allow the two of you a bit of privacy for a while,” she openly suggested.

“We ah…don’t have that kind of a relationship yet. We just started dating a few weeks ago, so no…not exactly something I could ask her, or expect her to do Kath,” I said using the less formal, more intimate address of my aunt that I very often did whenever we started speaking this way with one another.

“I see,” she said looking worried and concerned. Once again she just stood there looking at me without saying anything, a bit of a flush suddenly coming into her face. “Well, I should probably go down and help your mother, but…wanted you to know, I’m planning on spending the night here this evening, thought we might as well try and enjoy an evening together. Even brought a few movies along to watch later up here in your room.”

“Looking forward to that,” I said. Which I was, though I now had…once again the beginnings of another unwanted erection, simply from the semi-intimate discussion we’d just been having. Which unfortunately hadn’t resolved my problem…if anything, making it even worse as I now sat looking at my rather attractive aunt, once again getting a “stiffy”.

I was glad when she finally left, though once again feeling frustrated and angry with myself in having gotten myself into this situation in the first place. I did enjoy our dinner together later, mom of course joining us, and then staying long enough to watch a movie together. And though it wasn’t exactly a chick-flick, more of a suspense action adventure, there were one or two fairly steamy scenes in it, which once again didn’t help me out much at all. Even Kathy commented on that briefly, joking around about it a little, stating that she didn’t realize there were such sexy scenes in the movie, and hoped that hadn’t “bothered” me in a bad way…watching them with her and mom both there. Though she had in fact placed her hand on my upper thigh when saying that, squeezing my leg, almost apologetically with that knowing little look in her eye. We both knew what it was she was actually referring to.

When it finally came time to say goodnight, I was once again actually glad. Though I had indeed enjoyed the company, I was surly, aggravated, and once again very frustrated, laying there on my back, bending my leg just a little in order to better hide and disguise the erection I was once again sporting. Giving me a quick brief kiss on the lips, mom of course kissing me on the forehead, they then said goodnight and left, closing my door leaving me to lay there in the darkness cursing my stupidity.

I know that nearly a full hour had passed. I’d glanced over at the digital clock on my night stand often enough to watch the time slowly tick by with sleep eluding me as I lay there. When I heard the sound of my door quietly opening, I actually feigned being asleep, still a bit cross, I wasn’t in any sort of mood to be asked if I needed anything. What I needed was to be left alone. No…what I needed was a nice hard orgasm. And at the moment as I heard the silent approach of footsteps crossing over towards my bed, I didn’t think I was going to be allowed either one.

I thought at first it was mom coming in to check on me, but when I heard the soft almost whispered sound of my Aunt’s voice, I finally opened my eyes.

“Jim? You asleep?”

“Wish I was,” I answered in response. Once again I’m sure my aunt heard the edge to my tone of voice as she sat down beside me there on the bed.

“Can I get you…do anything escort sisli for you to help you sleep?” she now asked.

Mom had gotten some sleeping pills for me, but I didn’t like taking them, always feeling too groggy in the morning the two times that I had. “No…thanks, I’ll eventually fall asleep,” I assured her. She continued to sit, her hand once again coming up to rest comfortably on my thigh. I could tell by her silence she was thinking, waiting for her to tell me whatever it was she was thinking about.

“You know Jim…I may very well be your aunt and all, but…you and I have always had a very close relationship, which I’ve really appreciated having and sharing with you over the years. And as such, I’m always concerned and worried about your welfare…and well, just because I happen to be your aunt, that doesn’t mean I don’t understand certain needs…even in my own nephew.”

She moved her hand some, sliding it up my thigh, though still on top of the sheet, though she now held it mere inches away from my once again growing erection. I was beginning to think it would never go down when it finally did…and now, here it was raising up quite rapidly just because she’d semi grazed my thigh a little, causing it to do so. The fact was…I was still trying to digest her words, had she just said…just intimated what I thought she had?

“I’m ah…not sure I’m following you,” I said simply.

She chuckled softly. “Yes I guess I should probably be a bit more specific as to my meaning,” she said. And by way of doing that…simply slid her hand beneath the sheet. I then felt her fumbling about for a moment, suddenly reaching up locating my awakened prick, now holding it in her hand.


“Shh…just relax, lay back and let me do this for you,” she whispered quietly. I didn’t know what to say, what to do…if anything but do as she’d asked me to do. Even in the semi darkness of my bedroom, which wasn’t totally dark as the moon outside gave off just enough light to sort of see by, I looked down, seeing the movement there beneath the sheet as she slowly, pleasurably, began fondling and working my cock. “That feel good?” she now asked, a small catch to her voice, a nervous, excited trembling perhaps. The fact she was as nervous as I was, was interesting. But the most obvious, nervous, exciting thing was…my wonderfully attractive, sexy aunt…was beating me off!

“Yes…yes, oh fuck…yes. Oh god! Sorry…I didn’t mean,”

“Shh,” she said again still manipulating my cock, though she did so softly, slowly…not as though she was clinically pumping it up and down just in order to give me release. My aunt was actually enjoying herself while she did this. “It’s ok…I understand, and not like I haven’t heard the word before,” she giggled softly. “Just relax, enjoy it…and if you want to say fuck again…say it. I know where you’re coming from.”


She giggled.

“Oh fuck!”

This time she sighed…pleasurably.

“Oh fuck Kath…I’m…I’m…oh fuck. I’m going to come!”

“Yes baby…yes, come for your aunt Kathy, do it baby, do it…let me feel your hard strong prick squirting out all that hot naughty juice,” she then said letting her own desires surface, though I’m not sure at the time she even then realized how much she really had.

“The sheet! The sheet!” I said suddenly, though why I was suddenly worried and concerned about that was a strange thought to be having at the time, especially when the sensation of my balls tightening was alerting me that I was milliseconds away from splurging what I knew was going to be one mother-fucking eruption here in a moment was beyond me. To my surprise however, my aunt must have agreed, or used that as an excuse to suddenly do what she now did. Yanking the sheet off and away from me, she now looked down, her hand more forcefully jacking my cock up and down, her mouth half open, her eyes wide. Even in the darkness I could see that, now looking down, watching her hand move up and down my shaft, the first beginnings of my orgasm even then starting to race up my shaft. “Oh yeah…yeah…yeah!” I cried out, jerking upwards somehow lifting my ass off the bed, though it might very well have been that very first skyrocketing torrent of cum leaping from my prick which caused that.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kathy cried out happily, still stroking, now pumping and simultaneously squeezing my cock as jet after intense precious jet flew from my prick tip. I hadn’t meant to, though afterwards as we both thought about it, neither one of us had expected the rather copious amount of cream I had actually spurted. It was everywhere, all over me…all over my aunt’s robe…the sheets, the floor, the wall. Fuck…it was everywhere, and I fucking loved every single moment of it. Hands down…it was the best damn hand-job I’d ever been given, not to mention…the most needed one too.

Kathy once again kissed me on the lips before leaving, though this time I was almost one hundred percent sure her lips lingered there a bit longer than they usually did. “Now perhaps you’ll be able to sleep,” she told me. And then with that, she stood up and as quietly as she’d entered my room, she left it.

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