Mom’s Journal


*Disclaimer: The follow story is a work of fiction from the author’s imagination and does not depict any real life person, events, or situations. It is intended for mature audiences and for entertainment purposes only. It in no way is meant to advocate for the activities contained herein. All characters depicted are of legal age over the age of 18. Always obey local, state, and federal laws regarding sexual activity.*

I was home for a college break and mom was hosting a get together for the church Bible study group that she belonged to but with the long hours she had to work this week at her job, she asked me to clean up a bit and organize the books that she had been collecting. Mom was an avid reader and semi-professional writer. She loved to go to yard sales and library sales to see what treasures she could find and was always writing down ideas in various journals for her next literary work. I always thought mom was a very good writer and never got the credit she deserved.

As I was thumbing through the shelf to try to make room I came across a book that looked like one of mom’s journals. I’ve never been shy about reading mom’s notes. I’m not sure if she knows that I read them but they are sometimes funny and interesting and gives me a preview of her next book. I opened the journal and was caught a bit by surprise from what I say. She had written on the first page, “Erotic Ideas” and it looked like she had written out a few ideas of erotic fiction that she was contemplating. Usually I’m all about erotic stories, but this was my mom. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to dive into that area of her thinking, but of course, curiosity got the best of me.

It was mostly just a few ideas here and there. A wife who was torn between a sexless marriage at home and her boss who was clearly coming onto her. A woman who was submissive to strangers at a club once a month and her secret she was keeping from her family. A teen girl’s first exploration with another girl on a bus ride to a softball game. Mom definitely had a good mind and some of the details were fairly explicit. Well done mom, I didn’t know you had it in you! As I turned to page 29 and began reading, this one caught me totally by surprise.

It began, I had a dream the other night. I don’t know whether to bury it or to write it down but I’m afraid the details were so vivid that I will never be able to bury it, and thus, I must write it down. God help me…

I was walking through the hall in my light bathrobe, it seemed late at night but really there was no reference. Tyler’s door was partially open and I could see him standing next to his bed. He was naked. Standing over his girlfriend, Victoria. She was naked, hands behind her back, on her knees with a collar around her neck. She mouth was open with my son’s cock in it. She was moaning as he was holding her face moving his cock in and out…fucking her mouth.

She would pull off and breathe hard and moan, “Yes Master I love your cock…fuck my mouth please.” He smile and slid it back into her mouth moaning as her naked breasts were outlined by the moonlight coming into his window. Her nipples very hard. I thought to myself, why are you watching? But I didn’t look away. She was beautiful. Long hair, dark complexion, beautiful lips, and, lord help me, it was turning me on watching her do this to Tyler. My own nipples matched hers.

As I watched, Tyler looked over at me and made eye contact. He then said something to Victoria and she also looked at me with his cock still at her lips. She smiled at me and then looked back at my son saying, “As you wish Master.”

In slow motion, Tyler lifted his hand, turned it palm up, and his fingers beckoned me in. I didn’t rokettube consciously move forward but I was moving into his bedroom standing next to Victoria. He simply nodded and Victoria stood up and undid my bathrobe sliding it down to the floor and I was completely naked. Victoria took my face in her hands and leaned in kissing me with passion I hadn’t had in a long time. I tasted my son on her lips and tongue and I was instantly aroused. Victoria broke the kiss smiling and looked at Tyler as he simply said, “Knees.”

I obeyed and so did Victoria as we both wen to our knees in front of him. Victoria reached out and took his cock stroking it hard again and then offered it to my lips. I cloths my eyes and opened my mouth feeling a hand on the back of my head moving me forward. I offered no resistance. Suddenly, I had my son’s penis in my mouth with his girlfriend’s hand on the back of my head. I felt her hands sliding over my naked body running over my breasts my corves as she took my hands and moved them behind my bad. She held them together as if bound. There was nothing physically holding them but I was unable to break free of these invisible chains.

With my hands behind my back I felt Tyler’s hands over my face, “Just like that mom,” he moaned and I felt his thrusts just as he had been doing to Victoria just moments ago. I felt him hit the back of my throat and I gagged and choked up some spit which drooled down my chin and onto my breasts as he pulled off to let me breath. He then guided Victoria’s mouth back to his cock as she took him in instantly deep throating forcing her nose to his pelvis balls against her chin as she moaned and pulled off to the same effect. He started going back and forth using our mouths for his pleasure. God help me, I was dripping wet. I’ve never been treated like this. It was so dirty and wrong and being used and controlled but that’s what turned me on the most. It was my son and I knew it was wrong but I felt like I wanted him to be my master as he was with Victoria; at least for tonight.

We shared his cock going back and forth enjoying him each of us taking him deep and then the other. A few times Victoria leaned over and kissed me knowing this was turning Tyler on each time and I shared her kiss; deep and passionate.

Victoria then looked at Tyler and said, “May I have your permission, Master?”

“Of course, Love” he replied as she pushed me back on the floor and forcefully shoved my knees apart. I felt a sudden tingle as she did this. I’d never had anybody treat me this way, much less a woman. But it was so arousing. I was completely theirs and the idea of being taken and pleasured and giving pleasure by my son and his girlfriend was making me out of my mind. Victoria dipped her head down spreading my pussy and sliding her tongue inside me. I nearly came instantly. This was the first time I’d ever felt the touch of a woman and it was electric. I moaned as she started eating me out like nobody every had.

My hands went to the back of her head but she grabbed them and jumped on top of me throwing my hands above my head pinning them down, “You touch when we say you can touch.” She smiled and kissed me letting me taste my own juices as she slid back down.

“That’s my girl,” Tyler said. His complete control was so erotic. “Get her ready for me Victoria,” he said commandingly as he looked into my eyes.

“Yes, Daddy,” She replied slipping two fingers into me hitting my gspot. Was he…was he really going to cross THAT line I asked myself? The thought of him back inside me and I instantly hit my orgasm thrusting my hips up into Victoria and cumming; gushing, even squirting. It felt like every bit of fluid in my body rushed out of me and asyalı porno she never skipped a beat. She pulled her fingers out of me and stood up bringing them to Tyler’s mouth as he opened his mouth and sucked her fingers in. Then they kissed a long lingering kiss of lovers.

“She tastes good, Daddy. Your mommy is ready for you,” Victoria smiled as she knelt down beside me giving my breasts a good slap making my nipple hard as they bounces from the force. She then grabbed my knees and pushed the apart as Tyler got between them holding his cock and in one strong dominant thrust, shoved his cock inside me. Oh my god…I’m fucking my son and it’s amazing. The thought of how taboo this was I came for a second time. Not as powerful as the first but it was an orgasm none-the-less. I couldn’t help but grab Victoria to kiss her hard as she forcefully shoved my hands back down.

“What did I say?” Victoria said.

“Yes ma’am,” instinctively came out.

“She’s learning,” Tyler said as he starts to work his cock in and out of me with long deep thrusts. He was fucking me and it felt amazing. He reached down with his thumb to rub my clit at the same time…oh god it felt amazing. “Time to return the favor, mom.” He said and then with a head nod to Victoria she straddled my face keeping my hands above my head and lowered her pussy to my mouth.

I had never tasted a woman before. She was sweet as I did as I was told and pushed my tongue to her slit licking her clit back and forth and pushing inside her as she moaned. She leaned forward and I assume her and my son were kissing as she rode my face and Tyler fucked me deep. I heard her moan, “Fuck your mom is so good,” I heard her say to him. “Make her cum, mom” he commanded and I knew what I had to do. I licked and sucked her clit hitting the spots that I love to hit.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!” Victoria moaned and her body tensed shaking hard as I could tell she was cumming. Her pussy flooded my mouth and I kept sucking and licking as she was grinding against my face. I could tell Tyler was getting close and my hips thrust back up into him. His manhood swelled as he grunted and started shooting his load into me. Between the intensity of Victoria cumming on my face, Tyler cumming inside me, and his rubbing my clit I squealed into her pussy and came hard yet again.

Then I woke up. I am ashamed to admit that my panties were soaked but they were and I am intrigued to explore this part of myself. Maybe there will be another dream. Until then…

I couldn’t believe what I had just read and even more I couldn’t believe that the idea actually turned me on like crazy. I hadn’t really thought of that before but the taboo of it was so arousing. I had to finish organizing the books so I put the journal aside for now and finished putting the books away on the shelves. Once the job was done, I smiled at my work. An hour early too! But one book still remained out…mom’s journal.

I picked up the journal and reread the entry about me and Victoria. Was there more? I flipped through a few pages of some ideas she had for other erotic novels and stories. A 50 Shades of Gray type scenario showed she was really thinking about this whole master/sub thing. There was a loving wife letting her husband experience a young high end escort for their 30th anniversary in Vegas. Then I flipped the page and it started, I had another dream again…

As if I had never woken up, we were all three of us laying together completely spent from the powerful orgasms we had had. Our bodies so sweaty. The scent of sex filling the room. It was intoxicating. Seeing Victoria and Tyler kiss and caress each other and then turn to me smiling azeri porno and each of them kissing me and their hands roaming on my body.

I looked at my son and asked, “Can I touch you, Master?”

He smirked and looked at Victoria and said, “Don’t call me Master. That is reserved for Victoria. But always ask for permission.” I nodded and understood. “Then yes, you may touch,” he said giving me permission. I reached out and touched his semi-erect cock still covered in my cum and dripping his.

“Can I taste?” I asked meekly.

“Yes mom, you can,” he said as I leaned up and took it into my mouth. The mixture was so intoxicating I was wet again as if I’d never cum in the first place. I moan around his cock as I swirled my tongue tasting my juices…his juices…Victoria’s taste still lingering in my mouth. I sucked him back to life after a few minutes and he looked at Victoria and said, “All fours.” She understood and climbed up on the bed on all fours with her head down and ass in the air.

“I think my sweet sub needs some attention,” he said in both a commanding but loving tone as well. *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK* he spanked her and she responded with a moan. He grabbed her hair pulling her face up kissing her hard and deep his grip on her scalp was intense and she was moaning into him as he kissed her with so much tongue they were practically licking each other. It was so fucking hot. My hand moved down to my own pussy and I started rubbing my clit as I watched him take her from behind.

Tyler pushes his cock into her pussy and shoved her head down into the pillow as she moaned, “Fuck yes Daddy, take your lil girl’s pussy!” *SMACK* he spanked her again and slammed into her hard and deep. I could see her pussy flexing as she took him her tits bouncing under her as he rammed her and she’s screaming, “Yes daddy fuck me daddy!”

As if it couldn’t get any more intense, he flipped her over and slammed into her but reached into the drawer and took a small razorblade and cut her breast. “FUCK YES!” She screamed and came as he did. He leaned down licking her wound as it bled and sliced her other breast with a small cut the same length. She seemed to double orgasm. This was a level of intimacy I had never seen before and it turned me on as my finger furiously fucked myself feeling my own orgasm once again hit me.

“Give me your cum, Daddy,” she begged looking directly into his eyes humping back against him. She wanted it in the worst way and he could tell. He grabbed her by the back of the head and kissed her hard as I could tell he was unloading inside her. She moaned into his mouth with each thrust as he was cumming inside her.

He pulled out and looked at me, “Clean her…make her cum again.”

I crawled up on the bed and like a complete cumslut I pulled her pussy lips apart and pushed my tongue into Victoria’s pussy wanting every drop of my son’s cum. Licking and sucking her tasting the mix of his cum inside her and her orgasm rubbing her clit with my fingers as my tongue darted in and out of her he was playing with her breasts squeezing them her blood from the cuts dripping as the mix of pleasure and pain was intensifying and her body tightened and shuttered and with a loud grunt she came once again before relaxing and breathing hard.

I woke up again wondering what has come over me. These dreams are so intense and so wrong yet so arousing. Can I even write this? Would it be published? Or am I writing it down for my own pleasure to reread later? I don’t know. I…don’t…know.

I heard a car door shut. I looked out the window and mom was grabbing her purse. I quickly slid the journal onto the book shelf almost sweating from what I just read. I’ve got to tell Victoria but do I say anything to mom, I wondered. There was still a lot written in the journal. Could more of it be about me and Victoria? I couldn’t answer it now, but you better believe the next time mom goes out, I’ve got some reading to catch up on.

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