Kitchen Bang


Finally home, I think to myself as I reach the front steps of the apartment building. I walk up the stairs and enter inside. Just one more floor to go then I can finally relax after a long day at the office. Today I wore a purple button up blouse, a magenta skirt ending above my knees, thigh high fishnet nylon stockings, and a pair of brown four inch heels to finish it off. I get halfway up the stairs and quickly remember that the contractors are over today fixing a big leak in the kitchen. The landlord called me yesterday telling me something about them putting in a new sink and blah blah blah, I didn’t really listen to him just agreed with whatever. Do I really have a choice in the matter? Anyways, today was the day they were to do it. I hope they’re almost done. I was hoping to just get comfortable and relax, not entertain a group of dirty hardworking men.

I get to my apartment and open the door stepping inside. I hear noises coming from the kitchen as they don’t hear me walk in. I drop my purse on the couch and decide to go see how everything is coming along. I enter the kitchen and see five guys all hard at work. All of them sweaty, two of them even have their shirts off as they stop for a second and greet me.

“Hey guys, how’s everything going?” I ask.

The oldest of the men, probably the job manager turns to me and says, “Good, just putting the fasteners in. Had to wait for the adhesive to dry, but trying to get it done quickly.”

“Oh, please take your time” I say with a sexy grin. Since they’re here might as well try and get what I can from them. “I didn’t mention this to my landlord but this cupboard never stays shut, anyway you could maybe look at that?”

He pauses and gives me a questionable look. “Uhmm yea sure, I can look at it”, he stutters as he goes over and checks it out. He bends over while looking at it and I can’t help but check out his ass real quick. I’m young at 23 but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t give an older man a shot. Oh no, I think one of his workers saw me checking out the boss.

“I think my landlord was a little irritated with the sink request, didn’t want him to get too overwhelmed”, I stammer out looking away quickly.

“Why would he get overwhelmed?” the manager asks turning to me, a questionable look on his face.

“Well I wouldn’t want him to think I’m an expensive tenant”, I respond. They all of a sudden stop and turn to me setting their tools down.

“But your landlord gave me the impression you were paying for this job. We need to figure out who’s paying here. If no ones going to pay, we might have a problem. We don’t work for free”, says the boss in a puzzled tone.

“I really thought he was covering this. I have no money saved and no credit cards. If I knew I had to pay for this I wouldn’t have even had you guys come at all”. I say standing their awkwardly giving them a blank stare, at a loss for words. What am I gonna do about this? I think to myself.

“Well someone needs to pay us. We typically work for money, I’m not sure how else you would pay us.” The boss says sarcastically, him and his workers looking very irritated.

“Well we have to work something out, I can’t just have a half finished sink in my kitchen! You’re positive he’s not paying you?” I ask puzzled thinking how could there be a mix up here. Why should I, the tenant, have to pay for something that went bad with just normal wear and tear?

“Yes, positive!”, he says shaking his head looking very annoyed. “No more work is being done here” He adds as he and his crew start picking up there tools getting ready to leave.

“Please wait! I really need this sink to get finished, I can’t fix this! There’s got to be something we can work out!” I beg standing in front of the doorway. These guys can’t leave, there just has to be something we can work out. I can’t have a kitchen with no sink.

Suddenly he stops picking up and a slight grin forms on his face as he looks over at me, his eyes looking me up and down as his grin grows bigger. He nods his head to his crew.

Oh God, oh no I think to myself. He can’t really be thinking what I think he is. I know I was checking him out earlier but that would just be out of line, I think to myself. He takes a step forward towards me, looking me right in the eye and sternly asks. “You want this kitchen done or not?”

“Yes I do”, I say softly standing there returning his stare.

“What are you willing to do for this kitchen?” he asks as he unzips his fly taking another step towards me and winks to his workers.

I just stand their awkwardly staring at him, my mouth agape almost in shock. I knew it, I just had a feeling this would lead to sex. He can’t be serious, can he? Does he just want me or do they all want me? I can’t believe I’m in this predicament in the first place! But then again if I just saved my damn money I wouldn’t even need to be contemplating this.

“Well….. Whatever it takes I guess, just as long as you fix bursa escort bayan the cupboard too.” I can’t believe I just said that, I think in disbelief as I swallow hard realizing to what I just agreed to. I can’t turn back now and there really isn’t any other way to pay for this job unfortunately. I guess I’m just gonna have to go through with this. Where ever it does go, even if it is with all of them. Who knows, maybe I could even get more from this. I think to myself as a naughty grin forms on my face. I’ve always fantasized about being gangbanged, now here’s my chance!

He notices my grin and with a snicker he unzips his fly and pulls out his hardening cock. My eyes widen, this is really going to happen. I’m going to give this my all, afterall I may never get a chance like this again. I think to myself as my grin grows wider, his crew members standing back anxiously watching on.

“Well you’re gonna have to earn it one way or another”, he says with a big grin as he steps forth, his cock rock hard bobbing in the air before him.

Taking a deep breathe I nervously step forth saying with my naughty grin as i stare at his hard cock “I’ll do whatever it takes to for this job paid for, just as long as you guys put forth a little extra effort in getting it done!”

“Oh, we will and you better do whatever it takes! And you’re gonna take care of me and my crew, because we’re all working on this! Now get that mouth on this cock!” he commands as he grabs the base of his rock hard cock.

Looking him straight in the eye I willingly submit and take another step forward getting on my knees before him. I reach up grabbing his cock at the base and guide it into my mouth, sucking slowly at first taking it deeper in my mouth with each suck. He thrusts his hips forward each time I bob my head forth. I start to gag a little bit as he grabs the back of my head with both hands guiding my head back and forth on his hard cock. Drool starts dripping from the sides of my mouth.

One of the crew members comes over and starts groping my tits through my blouse making me jump a little bit as I continue sucking the boss’s hard cock. Drool dripping down my chin onto my blouse as he skull fucks me faster, never releasing his gripon the back of my head. He starts moaning loud almost as if he’s about to cum. I can feel the eyes of all the other men upon us as the guy playing with my tits rubs his cock on my back. My head still bobbing back and forth over the bosses cock furiously as he suddenly stops and holds his cock down my throat balls deep suffocating me. Choking and gagging, drool dripping off my chin soaking my blouse.

He quickly pulls out releasing my head as i lean back gasping for air. He reaches down with both hands tearing my blouse open, the worker behind me tearing it off my arms tossing it aside. As I’m still gasping for air he lifts me up under my arms making me stand as the boss pulls my skirt down, yanks my panties off ripping them as the guy behind me tears off my bra leaving me naked except my thigh high nylon fishnets and brown high heels. I hear everyones voices of approval as I’m forced back down to my knees the bosses cock finding my mouth once more as the other three workers finally join pulling out their hard cocks as they form a circle around me. I reach up with both hands and begin stroking the two nearest cocks.

I hear them moaning as I stroke their hard cocks, I suddenly feel hands all over my tits pinching and pulling my nipples. I start moaning around the bosses cock as the hands playing with my nipples send shivers down my spine. I give the boss a few more good sucks and pull him from my mouth. I pivot on the floor to the next waiting cock, taking it deep into my mouth. Mmmm this one slightly bigger I think to myself as I suck him fast and hard.

Suddenly he rips his cock from my mouth and I feel hands pushing me forward placing me on my hands and knees. I willingly stick my ass out for them and look over my shoulder anticipating a cock. All of them standing behind me cocks in hand as they all start slapping their hard cocks on my ass. They must have done this before I think to myself as I watch them and give them a sexy grin as I wiggle my ass for them. They know how to get real kinky with it.

“Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhh yeeaaaaaa”, I moan watching as they continue slapping my asscheeks all over with their cocks, feeling precum drip all over my ass. Giving it a shiny coating as I shake my ass a little harder for them, really getting into how wild this is getting.

The boss takes the lead once again as he positions his cock not at my pussy but my asshole! Okay this may be going too far too quickly. I agreed to fuck them, not give them my ass. Or not right away anyways, it has been a little while since I’ve had a cock in there. I’m not an anal virgin but I’m not a pro either. I move forward slightly but the boss has none of it as he grabs my shoulders and holds me still. I tense myself trying to get myself bursa merkez escort ready as I feel him spit onto my asshole. Then I feel as he pushes his cockhead forth. Slowly pushing forward as I try to relax my tight hole. Biting my bottom lip looking down as his hard cock slowly slides into my ass. Getting me used to his size as he begins to slide it back and forth slowly, going a little bit deeper with each inward thrust as he starts to pick up the pace. I start moaning slightly as my ass gets used to his hard cock, he builds up his speed and suddenly out of no where he shoves three fingers into my already wet pussy. Finger fucking me as he fucks my asshole, making me moan louder in pleasure as I quickly forget about the pain in my asshole.

Then two of his crew members come around before me and present me with their large hard cocks as I willingly take one in my mouth, moaning around his cock as I suck him fast and hard. The bosses fucking of my ass harder and faster while continuing to finger fuck my pussy.

I jump as I suddenly feel a tongue on my pussy. The boss pulls his fingers from my drenched pussy as one of the other crew members starts eating me out. I can’t believe how raunchy these men are, they are insatiable. They’re going all out with this! He starts tonguefucking me as the boss rams his cock in and out of my asshole hard. I take the other cock in my mouth bobbing my head back and forth at a rapid pace. I begin moaning louder unable to contain myself as I pull the cock from my mouth and look over my shoulder moaning “Ohhhhhhhhh yeeeaaaaaa fuck my ass!”.

The guy eating my pussy repositions himself underneath me and aims his cock for my wet pussy and pulls me down onto him. Having a cock in my ass and pussy they start building a rhythm and doublefuck me hard as I suck and stroke the 2 cocks before me. The odd man out finally comes over and stands next to the two men before me presenting me with his cock as I take it in my mouth sucking him good. I alternate between the three cocks in front of me, sucking and stroking the ones not in my mouth as the two men doublefucking me continue faster and harder.

Two of the men before me start to shove their hard cocks in my mouth at the same time as I willingly take them. Opening my mouth wider taking them in, moaning and gurgling around there hard cocks as I get doublefucked. The boss really getting into it now as he starts spanking my ass and pulling my hair with his other hand guiding my head back and forth on the two cocks in my mouth.

Suddenly as all of this is going on I hear footsteps. I freeze in shock but the men keep going, am I the only one hearing that? I think to myself as I pull the cocks from my mouth and look to the side of me. I stare in horror as I look up to see my sister Lynn standing there with a very surprised look on her face.

How stupid can I be to forget about her, she lives here too! If I wasn’t so worried about getting this job paid for I would have remembered that she’d be home soon. This is going to be hard to explain, I couldn’t be any more of an awkward position. Here I am pretty much naked, surrounded by 5 naked men who have finally stopped but the cocks in my ass and pussy are still in deep. They all look at her, but they don’t seem to be embarassed at all.

“What the fuck is going on here?” she finally blurts out with a stern look on her face.

All the men just stare at her with stupid looks on their faces, they turn to me waiting for me to respond. My heart pounding as I don’t know what to say, might as well just go with the truth.

“Our landlord wasn’t going to pay for the sink repair” I say looking down, too embarassed to look at her.

She just stands their not saying anything at first, as she tries to get to the bottom of this. “So how does that explain this?” She asks, pointing her hand out towards all of us. Then suddenly she realizes what’s going on. “Oh, I get it. So this is how you’re paying them because you have no money.” She says with a sly grin.

“We have no money! You outta be thanking me!” I blurt out, finally gaining the courage to look up at her, annoyed as she know just as well as I do that this payment would of been half hers.

The boss finally having enough of our bickering pulls his still hard cock from my asshole and turns towards Lynn , his cock rock hard with my assjuice all over it.

“So you live here too?” he asks her as if he’s confused, then adds with a big grin “Because if thats the case, I believe you should have to pay us too.” He says to her surprise.

“Uhmm I think she has it covered. That should be plenty payment what she’s already doing for all of you” She says pointing towards me.

He continues staring at her and points towards me also and says, “Thats just a consolation! We would rather have money, we do have bills to pay”, his crew members smirking nodding their heads in agreement. “Thats why it would be fair for you to bursa sınırsız escort jump in on this”, he says stating his point.

She just stands their thinking about it, almost as if she’ll consider doing what he asked. I just look away in disbelief. Its bad enough she walked in on the middle of this but now she’s even considering participating in a sexual act involving me, her sister? I never thought we’d ever be in a situation like this, but why should I have to be the only one going through with this? She lives here too, it would be the fair thing to do. Fuck it, why not? She’s already seen me at my worst, might as well take part in it with me. What shame do we have to lose, we’re already losers who can’t pay for a simple sink repair.

“Hmmmmm I don’t know…. What do you think sis?” she asks me, her grin growing wider. I can tell just by looking at her she wants me to be cool with this and let her join.

“Well I’d hate for them to do a half ass job because they now know you live here too. I would hate to have done all this for nothing.” I explain, looking up at her losing any sense of shame, actually hoping she’ll join us. But don’t get me wrong, I’ve never had sexual feelings for my sister before this. I’ve seen her naked a few times but never have I fantasized about anything like this ever happening, or ever fantasized about her in any sexual way at all. Right now I think we need to do this, and just get it over with. It may be different to some of you out their, but we just need to get through this.

The boss starts stroking his cock slowly before her, a nasty grin on his face. “Come on girl…. Follow your sisters example down their and get on some of these cocks.” He says with a sly laugh.

What happens next I still can’t believe. She returns her grin back towards the boss, looks him straight in the eye and steps towards him. Then suddenly two of the men I was sucking off go over to her as one pulls her tank top off revealing her big tits as she’s not wearing a bra and the other quickly pulls her pants down her legs with her panties. They then grab her and position her bending over the counter as she steps out of her pants kicking them aside. They pull her ass out spreading her asscheeks for all to see as they proceed to spit all over her asshole and pussy, rubbing their spit on her holes lubricating them. They get her holes prepared nice and lubed with their spit as one of them lays down right next to the man I’m on top of. The other guy grabs her under her arms and brings her over, placing her on top of him as she guides his hard cock into her wet pussy, sliding right down on it. I watch as my sister right next to me starts riding this mans cock, my mouth agape in slight shock as I still can’t believe this is happening. She really looks like she’s enjoying it too, must have been making her horny the whole time I think to myself. The other guy then pushes her forward and lines his hard cock up with her asshole and begins to slowly push forth. He eases his cock in and out of her tight asshole as the other man starts sliding his cock in and out of her pussy as they begin to doublefuck her, making her moans louder and louder with each of their thrusts.

As that goes on the boss comes back over to me and starts where he left off, sliding his hard cock back in my asshole with ease as he and the guy beneath me start doublefucking me again. My sister and I getting the same treatment, getting double penetrated right next to each other. The odd guy out sick of stroking his cock watching us all walks over to Lynn and decides to see how her cock sucking skills are. He grabs a hand full of her hair and forces her to look up at him as he aims his cock into her open mouth. I watch as she takes his hard cock right in her mouth, sucking him off as she gets doublefucked hard, moaning around his cock. He then grabs my panties off the floor and pulls her head back of his cock by her hair. As she gasps for air he quickly puts my panties around his cock before forcing her mouth back around his cock. He guides her head up and down a few times before pulling out releasing his grip on her head. He then grabs her panties off the floor and does the same wrapping them around his cock along with mine. Comes over to me, and grabs a handfull of my hair and forces his cock into my mouth. I moan as he guides my head back and forth along his panty covered cock sucking him hard. This dirty situation making me hornier than I ever thought it would.

Suddenly they all stop and hold their cocks in our holes balls deep. I pull the cock from my mouth and look over my shoulder as the boss looks at me a sly grin on his face and says, “I want you to lick her pussy while she sucks my cock, and…” pauses in a thought then adds, “While one of my workers fucks her ass!”, his grin growing wider with his sick idea.

I just look up at him in slight shock; this sleezy bastard just can’t get enough. I know I said this was making me very horny but I just thought we were going to get fucked together, not actually doing sexual acts with each other. This isn’t good enough what we’re doing already? I then look over at Lynn as she stares up at him, giving him the same look as I. “Uhmm I didn’t go into this thinking we’d have to do stuff together…”, she says puzzled.

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