Libertine Adventures Ch. 15


All the people are over the age of 18.

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It was a couple of weeks later after what I considered the Barb fiasco when I saw Lisa after school. She said, after a quick kiss, “I talked to Barb, she said she wanted to apologise for Saturday night.”

I was shocked and figured she had to be saying that to be polite. I replied, “No worries, it doesn’t always work out.”

She smiled and rejoined, “No it didn’t. That’s because George is more her style than you are.”

She patted then caressed my cock, “You did well Dave, she really needs to relax and enjoy what you can do for her.”

I laughed lightly and replied, “Really not my place to tell her that. It does endanger this scheme the nine of you have cooked up.”

Lisa shrugged, “She’ll come around, one way or another.”

I bade Lisa a quick farewell and began jogging home at a slow trot, trying to figure out that whole situation. About halfway home I decided that it was beyond me and figuratively shook it off. That made the rest of the brief jog a lot more relaxing.

The work outs with Dick were beginning to pay off and the tone of my musculature was getting much better. I didn’t really see a noticeable change in size but I was becoming a lot more cut. Okay so most of it was in my mind, there was years of work left to go, but I felt better. Krystal seemed to notice as well.

I still hadn’t seen Samantha since that time in the steam room, and truthfully I had given up on seeing her again.

Sexually, life had settled down some in the past few weeks, I still had three of Lisa’s friends to go, Rubi, Catherine, and Tina. I doubted very much that Barb and I would ever hook up, so, the shared experience that they were aiming for was not likely to happen.

I wasn’t in much hurry to run through the list, and Lisa didn’t seem to be either. I hadn’t run into anyone else that I wanted to seduce really so it was mostly Krystal and I. Occasionally, Anne would join us, but not often enough that she had become a stable partner of ours. Something in the back of my mind made me think that Krystal and Anne had some sort of falling out, but so far no one said what happened.

Spring break was coming in a week and Chelly had every intention of visiting still. My basic nature didn’t allow me to deceive Krystal so I told her about visiting Aunt Gwen and Chelly. Krystal’s excitement was a palpable force and her eyes glimmered as she pulled every single detail of the time in Austin from me. After revealing all to my wife, Krystal blessed me with the best blow job she had ever given me. It was slow and loving, the only bad part was that her oral attention ended with my orgasm.

On the Thursday before spring break I saw Samantha at the gym. She was running the circuit upstairs, and I was pretty amazed at how she looked. It seemed like a good ten pounds had been shed since I last saw her. I quickened my place to catch up and said, “I have looked for you.”

She touched my hand briefly and smiled. “I have been coming in the middle of the afternoon lately. I wanted to lose some weight before I saw you again.”

I looked at her and teased, “So you have been avoiding me.”

Her face was crestfallen as she replied, “I am sorry; I just didn’t know how to let you know what I was doing.”

I touched her arm and said, “Hey, don’t worry, I was just teasing you.”

She looked at me and said, “I don’t know what to do, Dave.”

I looked at her and almost said something then she continued in a rush, “I want to be with you for at least a night.”

Her face blushed deeply, “And probably with your wife.”

I reached out and touched her elbow, and she kept going with, “See? That’s why! You have done nothing but be supportive of me, and you don’t even know me.”

I gave her a crooked smile and replied, “What can I say, dad is raising me correctly. More or less.”

She gave me a wane smile, “Much more than less.”

I pulled over at a station and asked, “So what is the problem? Why are you resisting what you so clearly need.”

The desperation rang through her voice as she cried out, “Because it is a sin to sleep with another bursa escort man!”

I looked at her a moment considering what to say. “Samantha, I won’t tell you what is or is not a sin. I will have to trust you on that topic.”

I stepped up to her until her tits pressed against my chest and I placed my hands on her hips to keep her from backing away. I looked her in the eyes and said, “What I do know is that if it truly is a sin to be with you, so I, we, can show you love and appreciation, then so be it. I will take that burden, and I am sure Krystal will as well.”

I stepped back and let her feel the space between us. Her voice was weak as she said, “Me too. More than anything I want to feel what you and your wife can offer.”

I stepped back up to her and asked, “Can you get away on Saturday?”

She nodded, “I think so. What time?”

I ran a finger from her elbow down to her wrist, “I will write down my address and phone number for you. Just come over the door will be open, it always is. If you can’t make it, call and I will make other arrangements.”

When Krystal and I left the gym I let her know the arrangement with Samantha and she looked at me, “Both of us?”

I shrugged, “That is what she said. I think she needs to be repaired on some level.”

Krystal asked, “Why do you say that?”

I looked out the window, “She seems unhappy and now that she has an opportunity for at least a day of happiness she is hiding behind the fact it is a sin.”

Krystal put her hand on my thigh and said, “Honey, it is a sin. The eighth commandment is pretty straight forward; “Thou shalt not commit adultery.”

I placed my hand on hers, “Yet, by that standard, you and I are going to hell.”

Krystal smiled at me, “Wherever you go, so do I, happily.”

I smiled at her and replied, “Well, thanks. I never want to be without you either.”

The next couple of days passed with nothing going on after making sure Lisa wasn’t going to drop anyone off Saturday.

On Saturday we went to the gym early and back home by 9:00AM. We showered together and before we could get carried away the doorbell sounded. I looked at Krystal and asked, “The doorbell works?”

She smiled while giving my cock a squeeze, “Apparently. Who uses it though?”

I shrugged, “No one?”

I pulled a pair of shorts on and headed to the door. Opening it, I saw Samantha standing looking over her shoulder. I quipped, “Did the coppers follow you?”

She turned and smiled, “No, and neither did my husband.”

I looked at her and asked, “Why would he?”

She shrugged, “I am just being paranoid.”

I pulled her into the house and shut the door. Pressing her against it I cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her against my hips. “Where are you supposed to be?”

“The gym for two hours.”

I shot my eyebrows up and said, “That is barely enough time. We better get started.”

Her shocked look was priceless as I pulled her down the hallway toward the bedroom. “Krystal, we are on a tight timeline. We only have two hours.”

We rounded the corner into the bedroom and Krystal was standing there naked her wet hair clinging to her shoulders.

Krystal took Samantha’s hands and looked at me. “Sit on the edge of the bed, I will let you know when she is ready for you.”

Krystal kissed Samantha and caressed her. For the next half hour was one of the greatest displays of affection I had the pleasure of seeing up to that point.

Krystal was loving and gentle. My senses were overwhelmed by what I watched as Krystal suckled Samantha’s nipples all the while sliding a finger into Samantha’s pussy. Krystal teased me, “Maybe I should blow you before you get that fabulous cock in her. She is so tight you might just blow on entry.”

I smiled and said, “I have a plan.”

Krystal replied, “Belay that. You are not to touch her, and I damn well don’t want her to touch you before you fuck her.”

I smiled, “Okay, plan B.”

I moved behind my wife and slammed my cock deep into her pussy eliciting a yelp and a moan from Krystal.

I never moved and let Krystal’s movement provide all of the contact and friction needed for me, at least. The sight of red hair between the fleshy pale legs of Samantha was incredible. Samantha’s heavy tits sluiced back and forth, left and right in response to her undulations under my wife’s finger and tongue escort bayan was erotic and made me wish I had filming equipment so I could capture the moment forever.

It didn’t take long for me to cum and fill Krystal’s pussy with my cum, and she sighed as my cock pumped my seed into her.

As I deflated and plopped out of my favorite pussy, Krystal started crawling up Samantha’s body. She looked down at Samantha and said, “I am going to sit on your face so you can eat me out honey. When Dave gets hard again, in about 30 seconds of watching you eat me, he is going to fuck you. And he is going to make you cum. And you will never again go to the gym for a Saturday workout. Instead you will come here and make love to one or both of us.”

Samantha nodded tentatively and replied, “Okay, I can do that. I think.”

Krystal whipped around and lowered her pussy to Samantha’s face and moaned as Samantha’s tongue first penetrated.

You know what the joyous thing about being eighteen is? I don’t think Samantha had quite gotten all of my cum out of Krystal’s pussy before I was hard. But it was a little more than 30 seconds.

I pressed the head of my hardness against Samantha’s opening and groaned out as I forced my way into her. Fuck, she was hot, wet, and tight. I had to shove in, pull out, and shove back in repeatedly to fully embed my cock into her pussy. I was well and truly happy that I had an orgasm recently otherwise I would have lost my shit before getting into her.

Once I was sheathed in Samantha, Krystal leaned forward and started toying with Samantha’s clit with one hand while pulling on her nipples with the other. I pulled out about halfway and slammed back home and heard Samantha gasp, despite her mouth being occupied.

Slowly I began sawing in and out of one of the tightest pussies as Krystal slid off Samantha and laid next to her.

Krystal made out with Samantha as I reamed Samantha’s pussy. The hand on Samantha’s clit continued its work as Samantha began bucking up against me as she cried out into my wife’s mouth.

I lost track of time and before I was ready, I heard Krystal say, “Finish now, hero. She has to clean up a little before she leaves, and that takes time.”

Plaintively I replied, “But I haven’t had a chance to play with her ass.”

Krystal sat up and kissed me saying, “If you give her everything you got today she may not come back next week.”

Logical, I had to admit. I didn’t like it, but I began fucking Samantha in earnest. My balls slapped her ass and my thighs as I hammered her, my speed and power picking up with every stroke. Krystal said, “Hurry so Samantha and I can clean you up with our mouths.”

The thought of that propelled me closer to the edge and I looked down at Samantha and she whispered, “Fill me, put a baby in me so I can nurse you in the future.”

It shocked me, turned me on more than I thought possible, and drove me over the edge. My cock exploded inside her. Samantha’s plump legs clamped around my waist and held me tight as my balls pumped all the cum they could muster into her.

As I collapsed on top of her Krystal pushed me off Samantha and said, “Go watch TV or something, we girls need to talk.”

I groaned, “I thought you were going to clean me up together.”

Krystal’s voice was firm as she said, “The situation has changed. Get.”

I looked at her a moment and then down at Samantha. I nodded and trundled out of the room.

A little less than a half hour later they came out and Krystal showed Samantha to the door.

I looked at my wife. I saw her eyes were red and brimming with tears, and asked, “Okay, what’s up?”

She sat on my lap and replied, “I think we need to make a couple of decisions before our next play date.”

I glanced at her, “You mean before Chelly arrives? Which should be some time toda”

Krystal shook her head emphatically, “No, I think she will be safe enough. I doubt your cousin wants to bear your ba-baby,” as her voice cracked slightly.

I looked up at Krystal and could see tears starting to flow from the corners of her eyes.

“Hey, talk to me,” I encouraged.

She kissed me and said, “I don’t want children until after I leave the military, but that will put me in my forties. Which is too late to start a family, I think.”

I shrugged and said, “Okay, then I will get a vasectomy, if you altıparmak escort want me to.”

She slumped into me and said, “But I want you to have children with other women, I think. I just want to choose who it is and not some random encounter.”

I looked up at her and said, “Are you advocating expanding our family to include fertile women?”

She shrugged and replied, “I think so?”

I smoothed my hand up and down her back, “Do you want to tell me why all the sudden you brought this up?”

She turned and kissed my forehead, “When Samantha whispered that she wanted you to give her a baby, I saw the excitement in your eyes; saw the joy at the prospect of impregnating her.”

I sat there a moment trying to find the right words. “Baby, you need to know that the fact we won’t have kids doesn’t bother me. When I said I would never interfere with your career I meant it. If babies will get in the way, then no babies. What excited me as much as anything was that animal in me that would know that I claimed another man’s woman and put my baby in their life.”

I kissed her shoulder and continued, “If you want babies around the house from other women, okay. I won’t fight you on that. I know grandma would love great grandchildren from me, I suspect your momma would love to be a grandma. Once she got used to me having a baby with a different woman, that is. We would have to figure out how to make sure you and I got to raise the baby.”

Slipping off my lap, she knelt between my feet. “I think one or two, maybe three women at most. Kind of a harem for us to enjoy. If they are our wives then there are no custody issues, or lesser ones at least.”

I sat in shock and asked, “How does that work? I can follow you anywhere in the world as your husband, but I am thinking extra wives will be frowned upon.”

She smiled up at me and said, “Who said I was going to have you follow me? You have to stay here and build wealth enough to support us when I retire. And by us, I mean all of us to come.”

I laughed and said, “Okay fine, let’s say that works and I stay home with our burgeoning family. How the hell are you going to sell that shit to your folks? And more importantly, what makes you think I want to live with other women without you?”

Krystal gave me a smile that damn near made her face look happy, “Oh, you know you are right, you best have a place for every two women to live and one for yourself, easiest way to make sure we are all happy.”

“As far as momma and daddy go, we will figure it out as we go. Maybe just blame it on your philandering ways and good nature. Can’t keep it in your pants, and can’t abandon them either.”

I laughed, leaned over then kissed her forehead, “Okay Lieutenant Cockrum, in this I follow your lead.”

He head shot up, “Oh shit! I forgot to tell you. I am adding a bar on Wednesday, do you want to pin it on me?”

I smiled and said, “Captain Cockrum, is it?”

Krystal nodded and smiled, “Yes it is. No Colonel, but I am happy for the promotion.”

I kissed her and said, “I would be happy to pin the bars on you. However, how about calling your daddy and see if he wants the honor. If he, and your mom, says no then I will.”

Krystal kissed me back and said, “I already asked him and he said he would be happy to if you didn’t mind.”

I leaned back and groused, “On second thought…”

Krystal climbed up into my lap and kissed me while grinding her pussy down onto my flaccid cock, “Whatever you want Dave, I just want you to be happy.”

I slapped her ass and replied, “Of course he can. I got the girl, why should I care who pins on her new rank?”

She sat back a little, “You know I will get orders for a new assignment by the end of the year, and it won’t be in Texas?”

I nodded, “Worst case scenario is they send you to Korea for eighteen months, right?”

Her normally sad face saddened even more, “That would be hell.”

I shrugged, “It is a long distance booty call, but I would happily make the flight for you.”

She jabbed me in the ribs and quipped, “You would be looking for some Korean pussy.”

I smiled and said, “Don’t forget, Hawaiian, Japanese, and maybe Australian, if I play my cards right. I mean we might as well be international about the harem.”

The phone rang, jarring us a moment and Krystal went to answer it. My eyes on

her delicious ass the entire time. “Cockrum’s,” she said.

“Yeah sure, hang on let me fetch him for you.”

Krystal pointed the receiver at me, “It’s for you, Hero.”

“Jesus, woman, please.”

Krystal smiled and said, “Don’t complain to me, that is who she asked for.”

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