Geek Sex Ch. 08


We woke up at the crack of noon. All three of us were famished and had caffeine addictions to feed. We went for breakfast and sightseeing in the city. Montreal was very cool, lots of old architecture, great restaurants and boutiques. And there’s a whole network of tunnels and subways under the city with thousands of shops.

Nick bought us each a new outfit and a black suit for himself. We also bought a dress for Amy. A classic Renee comment: Nick asked her what size Amy was, Renee said, “Oh she’s about this big,” holding her hands in pantomime as if she were squeezing Amy’s ass.

It was twilight when we left the underground. Nick put his arm around both our waists, “So where to now?”

Renee leaned in closer to us, “There are some sights I’d like to see on Rue St. Catherine.”

“The hotel is on the way, why don’t we relax in the hot tub for a while first,” I suggested.

“Did you bring a bathing suit?” Renee asked.

I realized that I really didn’t. I hadn’t expected to go swimming in Montreal during the first week in October. “Uh, no I guess I didn’t.”

“Alright let’s go.”

We all went into the hot tub room and undressed. Nick was the first to get naked. It sounds weird but he had the perfect amount of body hair for a guy: legs, pubes, chest, and little on the stomach. Not too thick, and none on his back. I can’t even look at a really hairy guy. On the other hand, when a guy shaves and waxes that’s just creepy. Nick wasn’t all the way hard, yet. Renee started doing a little striptease, until she got down to her thong. I was sitting on the edge of the tub, in my bra and panties. Nick was already in the tub, when Renee sat on my knee and said, “Ya ever have a lap dance?”

“Not until last night,” I said.

Renee looked shocked, “Really, tell me more.”

“Alright, when we’re in the hot tub.”

Renee got of my lap and finished stripping, making “chica boom boom” sound effects while she stood facing me and pushed her thong down over her hips. God she looked good. Her long, wavy, golden blond hair was in a thick braid hanging down her back. Her pussy hair was darker than Amy’s, trimmed short and the labia were shaved bald (I wondered when she had done that, in the photo I had of her ass she had all her hair). Her pussy lips were more prominent than mine or Amy’s. Nick watched us utterly amused.

“Now your turn,” she said sitting down. I unclasped my bra and held it on my tits while I danced a little then I took it off and draped it on Renee’s head. She twirled it in the air and flung it on the heap of clothes. I danced closer to her, between her spread knees, then turn around. I bent over and arched my back a little and slowly pulled my panties down over my butt. “Is this what you want?” I asked Renee while I caressed my cheeks with both hands.

“God yes, but I think I’ll have to get in the hot tub to cool off my pussy,” we got into the hot tub on either side of Nick. “So, were you corrupting our innocent little co-ed last night?”

“This one? She was corrupting me.”

“Really, do tell,” Renee said looking at me.

I was feeling horny and kittenish. I got up and sat my naked ass on Nick’s lap. “Well, we started at this strip club…” I described the strip club, Renee knew which one I meant, and I told her about the strippers, Riana and Amelie, and about how they danced for us and about how me and Nick sat side by side while they rubbed their asses against us.

“Jesus, that’s hot,” Renee said, “Nick, we’ll have to take her to Pussy Brigade while we’re here.” Renee sat on Nick’s other thigh, her knee almost touching my pussy.

“Oh, we went there last night too, Kim says ‘hi’ by the way” I said. I told her about how Kim danced and how all three of us masturbated, and about how she fucked her ass with a vibrator.

“Did you like watching that?”

“Oh yeah, I had seen anal sex in pornos before, but watching it for real was hot.”

“Did you cum?”

“Yeah, it was a good one too, I was using a pocket rocket on my clit.”

“Just that, any other…stimulation?”

“Well,” I looked at Nick and giggled a little, “I had my finger up my ass too.”

“Wow, you’re not the innocent little thing that I met in July,” she stroked Nick’s bald head, “You know me and Nick have been hooking up for over a year know.”

“Yeah told me about your agreement, you two, Amy and Becky.”

She looked at Nick, “This one actually asked me out last week, we have a date for me to eat her pussy tonight. I think she might be turning into a femme lezzy.”

“Is that true?” Nick said, incredulously.

“No….I told you last night, I like guys too,” I rubbed his chest and stomach.

I guess I should have thought the three of us might have a threesome when Nick asked me to come on this trip. And I guess I should have assumed we’d all be fucking together when we all got naked in the hot tub. But these things were still new to me. The reality that I would have a threesome suddenly hit me. “So, are we going to keep our date?” I asked Renee as I circled her kneecap with my finger under the bubbling water.

“Oh yeah,” Renee replied.

Both of gaziantep bayan escort us were stroking Nick’s smooth bald head. He moved his hand from around my waist and began stroking my ass cheek, I knew that he was doing the same to Renee. I looked at Nick and back to Renee. “So what do we do with this guy?” I asked her.

Renee and Nick locked eyes, “Oh, we’ll think of something,” she said. Renee put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me in. Our faces were almost touching Nick’s when we kissed. More tenderly than I expected at first, but soon I had her tongue in my mouth, I toyed with it then bit her lip. Then I kissed Nick, his lips were strong and insistent. It was a strange contrast with Renee’s softer lips. Renee nibbled his ear then mine while we kissed. We broke our kiss and Renee’s lips replaced mine. I watched while they kissed deeply. It was strange, in the past when I had heard about threesomes I thought that I would feel jealous watching a man I was with kiss another woman. But that never crossed my mind, maybe because I wanted her as much as I wanted him.

Renee’s hand was no longer on my ass, I couldn’t see her hand beneath the water, I knew from the way her arm was moving that she was stroking Nick’s dick. With one hand I began caressing Renee’s inner thigh, closer and closer to her pussy, I put my other hand over her hand on Nick’s penis. Nick began stoking my pussy lips lightly. They broke their kiss and the three of us had our foreheads pressed together, we were panting in lust and anticipation.

“Let’s go into the living room, I can’t see this girl’s pussy with all these bubbles.” Renee said. She got up and took our hands. We dried off and practically ran to the couch. Nick got there first and turned around as we pushed him back into the cushions and fell on top of him. We rubbed our bodies together, kissing and exploring each other with our hands. I loved the contrast between their bodies: Renee’s soft, womanly, but somewhat toned build, Nick’s thicker arms and slightly hairy chest. I sucked and bit his right nipple, then her left breast rubbed against my face, and I kissed it. Her breasts were slightly larger than mine with larger, lighter skinned nipples.

Renee moved down his body and took his dick in her hand, holding it in front of her face. She watched his face as she kissed the head, then closed her eyes and mouthed the end of his dick. Nick closed his eyes and grunted, when he opened them he was looking directly at me. I kissed my way down his body as Renee picked up the pace. Her cheeks were sucked in as her head bobbed up and down on his penis. I nuzzled in next to Renee, she stopped sucking his dick and smiled as she held it toward me. I licked the length of it along one side, and Renee did the same on the other. Our tongues met at his head. The textures of the wet muscle of her tongue and the satiny skin of his head so close together was strange. I put my mouth over the thick tip and circled it with my tongue inside my mouth. I could taste Renee’s saliva and the slightly sweaty taste of his dick, combined. I stopped and passed it back to Renee. We did this several times and Nick’s hips began to buck.

“No, no, not yet,” he said, “We have so much to do before I cum.” All three of us kissed. Then Nick said, “Hmmm, who first?”

I felt like being a voyeur so I said, “Her, eat her.” Renee fell back into the couch with her legs spread. She reminded me of a kid jumping on a roller coaster. I lay down next to her and kissed her neck and ears. Nick started at her breasts and worked his way down. He wasted little time, he kissed her bush and each thigh once before licking her pussy lips. He flicked her lips quickly, then put his tongue as far inside her as it would go, withdrew it, then began fucking her with it. He put his lips on her clit and teased it. Her legs bucked and he held her knees above his shoulders. She put both hands on his bald head and gasped. She was panting as she kissed me, then looked at Nick. “Don’t stop, Don’t st… aaaah,” she panted a few times, “that was a good little climax,” Nick smiled and lapped at her pussy.

“I think its Jan’s turn,” she said. Nick agreed and kissed my knee. I was wet and needed stimulation. I lay back and placed my cunt at the edge of the cushion. I was in heaven as one lover kissed my neck, ears, then bit lightly at my nipples, and my other lover kissed my inner thigh, moving toward my pussy. I had had boyfriends who had licked me before, but none had ever made me cum, I usually just stopped them when I got bored. Amy was the first person to eat me to orgasm. Nick’s technique was as good as hers, but different. He nibbled on my lips, pulling on each of them and holding them between his teeth. Renee kissed my face and bit the lips of my mouth in the same way. He put his tongue all the way inside me and his teeth brushed against my clit.

Renee whispered in my ear, “I have to taste you.” She crawled between my legs next to Nick, kissed my thigh and his ear. Nick yielded to Renee. He kissed her and moved aside. Renee was only the second girl ever to go down on me and she was very different from Amy. It was as if Amy coaxed my orgasm out of me, where Renee demanded it. She sucked my lips into her mouth and licked them with her tongue. She bit my labia, just hard enough to reach the border between pleasure and pain. Then she flicked her tongue at my clit while she rubbed lightly but quickly at my hood. She put two fingers inside me and fucked me slowly. I felt my orgasm starting to approach, and pressed my hips upward. “Not yet,” she said.

She moved aside and both she and Nick got on top of me, I felt almost smothered by the both of them. I could feel Nick’s prick pressing against the right side of my stomach, and the wetness of Renee’s cunt against my left thigh, Nick’s thick chest and Renee’s soft breasts. Renee moved to my side and Nick got between my thighs. He kissed me gently and looked into my eyes. I nodded yes to his unasked question. I felt his erection between us, the bottom of his shaft against my bush. Renee whispered in his ear, “Let me put it in.” Nick moved back and made space between us. Renee took his dick in her hand, she rubbed the head against my clit, then around the outside of my cunt, teasing us. She was driving us both crazy and she knew it.

Finally I felt Nick’s head against my slick opening. We both moved, pressing our bodies together. We both gasped, making the same sound in different keys. My body seemed to suck his penis into me, he pressed all the way in and held his dick there. I hadn’t had a guy inside me in over two months, and Nick was the largest guy I had ever had. But I was wet and ready. I had had toys inside me recently, but hot, living flesh was so much better. I could feel the blood pulse of his dick. The three of us kissed, then Nick began to pump his cock, slow and shallow at first, then deeper, pounding me.

Renee put her hand between us on my stomach, and Nick knew what she wanted to do. He kissed me hard and moved his torso back so that he was kneeling, but never breaking his rhythm. Renee moved her hand through my pubes until she found my hood. She rubbed it lightly at first, gauging my response, then harder. I was getting close. Renee kissed my tit and held my nipple between her teeth. That did it. It was a sudden crashing orgasm. I gasped and yelled. My body thrashed but being trapped under the two of them only heightened my pleasure. Time seemed to stop, then start again faster than before. My orgasm ended as quickly and dramatically as it started, but I still couldn’t catch my breath.

Nick pulled out suddenly, for a second I thought he was going to cum on us. But he laughed a little. “No, no, don’t touch it, I don’t want to cum yet.” His dick was actually pulsing, the muscles contracting, but he held off. We started laughing, I’m not sure why, and rolled around together.

Soon I was on top of Renee, straddling her hips, “You want Nick now.” It wasn’t a question.

“Let me turn over,” she said. I got off of her and she got on her hands and knees. Nick and I kissed her shoulders and neck.

“Tell me what you want,” Nick demanded.

“I want you to fuck me.”


“My pussy, fuck my pussy.” Nick positioned himself behind her and rubbed his cock against her cunt.

“Wait, wait,” I said, “I want to see all of this.” I lay on my back and scooted under Renee until my face was under her pussy. I kissed her clit lovingly as I watched Nick rub his head against her lips. Renee put her elbows behind my knees and began kissing the backs of my thighs. Nick put the tip of his cock into her, held it there and withdrew. Renee gave a frustrated moan and wiggled her hips. Nick put it back in, slowly, deliberately, until his balls met my tongue. His scrotum was actually a dark purple color. I had heard of “blue balls” before, but I never thought I’d actually see it, poor guy.

It didn’t take him long to start seriously pounding Renee. Renee was loving it too, slamming her ass back into him. Renee was so wet that they made a juicy, squishy sound as they fucked. They were moving so fast that I couldn’t lick Renee’s cunt, I just held out my tongue and her clit and his balls would slap against it. Renee put her whole mouth against my cunt as she screamed and grunted in orgasm. Her juices practically splashed out of her onto Nick’s pubes. As her body was convulsing Nick thrust in, and held there. His body practically vibrated as he came. The smell and taste of her cunt changed subtly with the addition of his semen. They moved slower, and I could hear them kiss. His spent dick flopped out and I kissed it, then her pussy lips. We all three collapse together.

We rested there until our breathing returned to normal. Nick spoke first, “Hot tub?” We got up together and scampered into the hot tub room. Nick and I got in, but Renee said, “I’ll be back in a minute,” and went into the bathroom. Me and Nick sat in the hot tub and cuddled. Renee seemed to take her time, I was starting to wonder if I should go check on her when she came back smiling.

“Hello, y’all right?” Nick asked.

“Ready for anything,” Renee replied and Nick raised an eyebrow.

“What was that about?” I thought.

Renee got in the tub and kissed both of us. Her hand went under the water to Nick’s dick. “So how’s our guy?” she asked.

“He’ll be back in a minute, he may need some visual stimulation,” he said looking at me then back at Renee, “In the mean time, the tongue still works.” We made out for a while, then Renee got out of the tub. The hot tub was sunken into the floor and there was a wood deck around the hot tub about a foot off the floor. There were some rubber mats on the deck, like yoga mats, so you could lie around the tub comfortably. Renee got on all fours with her ass facing us.

She looked at Nick and said with a laugh, “Get thee behind me Satan.”

Nick got out of the tub and crawled on his hands and knees across to Renee, until his lips met her ass cheek. He kissed both her cheeks tenderly. I got out of the tub to get a better view. I walked around them taking in the scene. Nick began tonguing her clit from behind, Renee had the happiest look on her face. I stopped in front of Renee, she was at the edge of the platform and I was on the floor, so her head was right at the level of my crotch. I spread my feet apart a little and began fingering my clit, my pussy was just out of range of Renee tongue. Renee looked up at me. “See something you want,” I said.

“God yes.”

“That’s goddess to you,” I quipped. “Tell me what you want.”

“Please, let me taste your pussy.”

“Well, since you asked so nicely.” I moved a little closer and Renee’s vibrating tongue touched my clit. I bucked my hips into her. I loved this. I grabbed her head and held it in place while I ground into her mouth. I felt like a guy getting a blowjob. When the sensation got too intense I was afraid I’d lose my balance and I sat down on the platform. The two of them adjusted so that Renee could keep eating me. Now Renee really started, she was breathing hard from what Nick was doing to her, and she sucked on my clit. My pussy had received a lot of attention recently and it was constantly tingling. I looked back at Nick and almost laughed. Renee had her back arched and her ass up. Nick’s bald head was pressed into her from behind. It looked like she had three ass cheeks.

Then I saw Nick’s head move slightly and Renee stopped eating me. She had a look of rapture on her face. Eyes closed, mouth gaping, unable to speak. She breathed again, then whimpered. I had to find out what Nick was doing to her. I got on my knees and saw Nick licking Renee, but not her pussy. His tongue was circling her cute anus, it was flesh colored and a little pink near the hole. It was hairless and the skin around it was as smooth as her recently waxed pussy. He looked into my eyes and smiled as he made a point of his tongue and inserted it. Renee was covered in goose bumps. When he withdrew his tongue her asshole winked. Renee had her arm around my knee and she was holding on to it like it was the last life preserver in the middle of the ocean. Nick diddled her clit with his finger and she let out a soundless scream, then fell on her side convulsing. “Damn, Damn, Damn,” was all she could say.

She finally opened her eyes and her smile was beaming. She gathered us to her and kissed us, “This guy gives the best rim jobs in the world,” she said. Nick just laughed. “You should try it,” she added.

“Me?…I…nobody’s ever…well, do you want to lick my ass Nick?” this was a real question, I wasn’t being coy.

He nodded and said, “Oh yeah.”

This was new territory for me. I thought about it and decided: Yes I am ready to have Nick lick my ass.

“How…what position…” I said as Renee hugged me.

There was a sort of antique couch against the wall, the sort of thing you sit in, with arm rests, but it was long so you could put your feet up. There were some throw pillows also. Renee led me over to it and Nick followed. She kissed my face. “Kneel here, on your hands and knees.” I got on the couch with my head between the arms of it. “Here, put a pillow under your head so you’ll be comfortable…Now arch your back and get your ass in the air, I’m going to spread your cheeks so Nick can lick your anus.” I trusted her and did what she said. It was a strange position, with the pillows and the arm of the couch I felt distant from them, but I felt like my ass was on display, presented for Nick’s eyes.

He started at my clit, flicking it, then toyed with my pussy lips. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. He licked up and down, it felt like a disembodied tongue. Then I could feel him breathing on my asshole, I felt a little embarrassed knowing a guy was looking at me there. His tongue circled slowly beginning at the outermost edge of my brown hole, down to my taint, up the other side, and across my crack. Then again closer in. Soon I could feel his tongue tip against the crinkled skin, and the wetness of his saliva. My legs were quivering with the new sensation. His tongue flicked at the center of my asshole, then lapped at it, wetting the whole thing. It was lubricated now and I felt the tip of his tongue against the hole. Just the slightest bit at first, then again deeper. The warm wetness of his tongue was so different then a hard toy, and so much better. I pressed back, accepting the intruder. I felt Renee spread my cheeks even further. I felt the cheeks of his face in the crack of my ass, and his hair brushed against my butt.

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