Gina’s Weakness Ch. 01


Part I –Total and complete fascination

NOTE: This story contains, among other things, male on male sex. If you find that offensive, please move to another story.

The club was located in a very trendy part of town littered with BMW’s driven by yuppies fresh from the gym wearing the latest fashions. They were in that prime of life, after college before kids. And they knew this stage of life was rapidly being replaced with more responsibility, more pressure, less fun; all the more reason to party.

Being married five years, it was not that long ago when Gina would have been right there with them. Her task tonight was to blend in as if that were not true. It shouldn’t be that difficult, she thought, she was only twenty eight. She could remember her fair share of wild nights that turned into wild mornings and at times, into wild afternoons. She might not have any recent stories to share, but that wouldn’t keep her from listening to others, living through them vicariously for the evening. She could easily do that.

The drinks tasted good and were plentiful. There was a pang of jealousy listening to the escapades of her younger peers, but she really didn’t miss the scene…not really. Robert made a good husband and she never regretted getting married. Things had slowed down a bit between them, but she considered that normal.

She bid everyone goodbye and walked across the street to the parking lot where she parked her car. She scanned each row of the parking lot not really remembering where she parked, only that it is was in this lot. She made it to the back row where finally she saw her car tucked in the last spot. There was a light on the building beside the car shining down lighting the way.

She made the quiet walk to her car and began digging in her purse for the keys. That was when she heard the sound. It was not an unfamiliar sound. She had heard it, or something like it, on many occasions. If the truth were known, she was guilty of making something like that herself more times than she cared to think about. It was the fact that she was hearing it now, in a parking lot, which threw her.

Having found her keys, she pulled them from her purse. She was about to put them in the door when curiosity got the better of her. She glanced to her right and saw nothing. She glanced to her left and immediately found the source of the sound.

She saw a man dressed in a business suit leaning against a Jaguar. He was a nice looking man from what she could see. The look upon his face could be mistaken for duress, but it wasn’t. With head tilted back, eyes closed, and he was oblivious to the world around him. He couldn’t care less who might hear his moans. She resisted putting the key in her door and instead decided to peer around the car next to her so that she might get a better look.

And she was glad she did. For what she saw hit her with such force that she nearly fell over. She saw a second man. This man was on his knees; his mouth was full of the other man’s cock.

She was drawn to this unlike anything she had ever seen before. Her breath quickened her palms sweaty. She focused in on the action trying to confirm this unexpected treat. The man on his knees did indeed have a mouthful of cock. And from what she could see, and she could see plenty, he was administering a world class blowjob.

She had never seen two men actually have sex. The affect upon her was strong and immediate. She could feel the dampness between her legs. She knew she should look away. She should afford these two their privacy. But she was not about to turn away from gaziantep bayan escort this surprising treat. She was intoxicated by the primitive, primal display before her. The raw sexual intensity captivated her.

Those lips stretched tightly over a rather thick shaft, she could imagine the feel of soft, warm flesh filling his mouth. He moved his lips along its length in a slow, measured way twisting his head from side to side as if he was trying to tear himself away. Or maybe he was establishing the fact that he had total control over that cock, it was his to play with.

Up and down he went, his lips pursed so as to marvel at every inch. With the greatest of ease, he went straight down to the root. And he stayed there a beat longer than one would have expected. A long slow moan, baritone in nature, filled the air. The man’s groans seemed to trig a primitive, testosterone-driven, competitive response from the one on his knees, the one sucking on his cock. He slowly began releasing the length, that thick saliva coated shaft into the night air working his way to the tip.

Her panties completely soaked could no longer hold back the tides. Her juices ran freely down the inside of her thighs. Her arousal consumed her, held her, and captivated her senses as she realized just how sexy it was to see one man submit to another.

Slowly, inch after inch came into view until the ridge that formed the mushroom shaped head appeared. What a sight it was. Those lips, those masculine lips pursed gently around the soft warm flesh. She could only imagine what his tongue was doing at that particular moment. She knew what she would be doing. More moans, low and animalistic. And more juice down the inside of her thighs.

Suddenly it came into view. Those lips released their hold; the head popped out and lay excitedly against them. Now she could see most of it, from its beautifully shaped head, down along the thick shaft until it disappeared inside the zipper. What a marvelous specimen, she thought.

Seeing it perched against those lips was generating a tremendous amount of heat between her legs. Her panties were ruined. The sight of that cock, upon those male lips, the very thought of it. She traced back to see his face, the stubble of his beard beginning to show. He was a nice looking man, very masculine. There was not a hint he was gay, that he enjoyed having a cock between his lips. He sported nice bushy eyebrows just below a tussle of hair slinging down from above and …

She froze. Her heart stopped beating. Her breath solidified in her lungs. The adrenaline shot through her body in an instant. For a long slender finger had come into view. The finger wore a ring, most definitely feminine, and twirled a tuft of that hair around its length. The fingernail was handsomely polished to perfection. Scared to continue, more scared not too, her eyes extended up, up until the woman came into view.

Long dark hair cascaded down to her shoulders past her breasts with a stylish curl. Rather large earrings, with a retro look from the sixties, hung from her ears. A beautiful face, high cheek bones, with bee stung lips covered in lip gloss. And those eyes…a beautiful sensuous brown. They were staring right at her.

There was not the slightest hint of discomfort in them. Nor was there any embarrassment from being discovered. Nor was there any attempt to stop what was happening or in any way hide it from view. There was the glow of arousal, but not the slightest hint of alarm.

As interesting as this new revelation was, she could not resist darting back down to witness the hot male to male action. Those masculine lips were now working their way along the outside of the shaft accompanied by a sensuous tongue softly painting the length with saliva. Gina’s senses danced with pleasure. Who could have known this would be so stimulating, so captivating, so intense. She forced her eyes from that thick shaft receiving such loving attention, forced them up to the woman’s.

She was not sure how to interrupt the woman’s look, but after some time, recognized it as pride. The man on his knees, the one sucking so masterfully, was her husband. That confused Gina to some degree, but then again, not really. It appeared the woman was perfectly content to share this scene, this little taboo of theirs, with her.

Another baritone moan filled the air pulling Gina’s eyes back down to the action. That tongue was teasing the underside of the thick shaft, making it dance. The jolt of orgasm rang up through Gina’s loins. She bit her lip attempting to remain quiet as the sweet pleasure coursed through her veins. Gina looked back at the woman. Had her gratification been detected?

The woman’s look said it all. ‘Welcome to the club. It’s a very enjoyable club, now isn’t it? This club has very special perks as you can see. Yes, I know you are surprised. But please, enjoy your visit’.

Gina lowered her eyes again enveloped in a sexual fog that was most pleasing. It was just in time to see that tongue gently caress the slit coaxing a dollop of pearly white liquid from its grasp. She expended the greatest effort to stifle her own moan as she watched the liquid being consumed.

Slim feminine fingers appeared around the base of the shaft and tightly pulled forward along the shaft. Those male lips puckered, waiting. This part had obviously been experienced before. More pearly white liquid appeared, much more. Those slim fingers moved the head along those masculine lips painting them with that pearly white liquid.

Gina was hypnotized by what she saw. There was no way she could have known. She could not have guessed how sensual, how sexy, how purely erotic watching a man sucking cock could be. Her body responded at every level. Her fascination was absolute.

She watched the liquid gather on his lips as he descended that glorious shaft trying to imagine the sense of taste, the sense of pure maleness he must be experiencing. His loving caress, his uninhibited approach to gratification, his unadulterated devotion to that fat beautiful cock was bringing her close to another orgasm.

And there was the added benefit from his knowing wife, only a few years younger than Gina, feeding that thick shaft to those loving lips. She could only imagine the sights that wife had seen, had helped with in the past, would help with in the future.

Gina’s orgasm was stronger this time, ripping up her groin and spreading throughout her mid section culminating in a severe flush to the face. She tried to gain control over her breathing, tried to still the shaking in her arms and legs.

Back and forth along the length he went, slowly gaining speed. Beads of sweat appeared across the forehead of the man being pleasured. He was delirious now, totally beyond reason and hopelessly controlled by those loving lips wrapped around his cock. His body swayed in minute moves. Everything centered on those lips.

Now moans emanated from the husband. His animal instincts taking over, he was a prisoner of that cock too. Moving as if guide by some magical spell, he praised that hard flesh with his lips and tongue.

Gina found the hem of her skirt and yanked it up. Her finger found her button behind the soaked silk of her panties. The feel of physical contact so late in the game was not at all diminished. Her clit danced in joy at the light teasing, the gentle tapping from her fingertips. She would time this orgasm with them.

Male moans filled the air. Both were locked into a most predictable course of action mere moments away. She locked onto them blocking everything else from her world. As the moans grew more intense, all eyes were drawn to that shaft, those lips. She wanted to see this.

In what appeared to be slow motion, that shaft pulsed, the air filled with a long pleasurable moan and that mouth suddenly overflowed with thick rivers of cum. Her finger pressed hard against her clit causing her third orgasm to flood over her as she committed the sight to that most permanent part of her brain.

Now encapsulated within a tunnel of time, she witnessed the action repeat over and over again. The shaft pulsed, thick rivers of cum flooded his mouth, his Adams apple danced as he swallowed, the excess dripping from his lips and chin. She watched as that man injected one stream of hot thick cum after another straight down that husband’s throat. It was the hottest, most arousing, most incredible sight she had ever seen.

Having unloaded gallons of cum, the man withdrew his fat cock from the other’s mouth. The woman helped her husband to his feet, her eyes still fixed on Gina. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled the husband to her. Their lips met, a passionate kiss ensued. She stared at Gina as she took great pride in sharing the prize with her husband.

The husband broke the kiss. Both of their lips were glazed with the prize. He looked into his wife’s eyes. But she was looking else where. He turned following her gaze and discovered they were not alone. The husband locked eyes with Gina.

Her flush face hid the guilt she was feeling. But she could see, much like his wife, he was not disturbed. Nor was he the slightest bit embarrassed. He exuded self-confidence in a typical masculine manner. He knew he sucked that cock better than any woman could hope to match and he was damn proud of it.

The business suit got in the Jaguar and the couple got in the Porsche. Within an instant, it was over.

Weak kneed and shaking, she fumbled with her keys as she tried to open her door. Once securely inside her car, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She was instantly flooded with just one image; rivers of thick cum pouring down that man’s lips and chin.

Her hand went straight to her super slick sex. Seconds later she came again. Cocooned within the safety of her car, screams of ecstasy flew freely. Her practiced finger prolonged her pleasure to the fullest extent. All she could think about was that cock exploding in that man’s mouth, cum rolling down his chin. She was hooked.

She gathered herself the best she could, started the car and pulled out onto the street. The car was filled with the smell of sex. She drove home with those images dancing in her head. She had to see that again. Had too. She wasn’t sure how, but she decided right there and then that she was going to watch her husband suck cock.

She thought about that woman. Gina wanted to be that woman.

It would be no small task. Her husband was a man’s man. She was sure such things never entered his mind. She suddenly imposed her husband on his knees, rivers of cum dripping down his chin. The juices rolled down her legs.

Yes, that’s exactly what she would do. She would find a way, she must.

To be continued…

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