Go Green with Jenson Elf

Ball Gag

Hi my name is Jenson Elf and I am from the Hollyberry planet located about 2 million light years from earth. We celebrate Christmas every day. The only other difference is when we visit earth our bodies turn completely green if we do not have an orgasm every 6 hours.

On my first visit to earth it was on Halloween so I decided to dress up as an elf so I could stay green without any questions asked. When I arrived I found myself on the Subway squished against a bunch of hard bodies.

I had to try so hard not to cum on that ride. It would have been awkward if I changed from green to human flesh color in front of people. It was tough not to cum especially since the man squished behind me had a raging hard on that kept pressing up against my back door every time the train lurched forward. If someone was close enough they would have seen my pussy dripping through my elf tights.

To top things off, I noticed a man finger fucking his girlfriend in the seats below me. The expression on her face and the visual of his slick fingers made my pussy pulsate. It was so hard not to put my hand down my panties.

After the train ride, I walked to the apartment we have rented for our visits. With each step I took, I could feel my hot hole swollen with arousal. Since I had about 8 hours before I had to be in public again I decided it was time to cum.

My first earthly orgasm was fucking fantastic. I went to the sex room in the apartment. I found the disposable dildos and strapped it on the fucking machine. With in seconds that machine pounded my green pussy. I was so wet I could hear the dildo as it slurped in and out of my cunt. I came so hard and fast that I squirted all over the floor. I would have loved for the neighbors to hear me but unfortunately the room is sound proof.

My first visit on earth was just a test of my strength and my ability to fit in. I returned to my planet the day after Halloween, which is Christmas for us. I was my normal human flesh color. I may have forgotten to mention the other difference between earthlings and us is that we are a naked gaziantep bayan escort colony. It appears that travel in the universe makes one very insatiably horny.

In the back of my taxi I slipped off all my clothes. I had Goosebumps all over my body from the cold leather seats. I did notice the cab driver’s cock was at full stance. I began to rub my ass on the seats to create some heat. As I did this I began rubbing my pleasure mound. The cab driver stroked his cock as he watched me in the rearview mirror. I could see the pre-cum glisten on his erect cock. I spread my legs further apart and began inserting 3 fingers into my pussy. He let out a groan as I did this. I couldn’t resist any further.

We exchanged a few words and then fucked each other.

“I just got back from earth and am fucking horny. Can you pull over and help me out?’ Jenson

“Yes, the way a pussy feels after it has been to earth is like a fucking vacuum.” cab driver.

At this point my pussy has splashed its wetness all over the back seat. As he pulls over and gets into the back seat, I slide on my pussy juices to get into position. He thrusts his thick cock into my wanting cunt and I squeeze it with every pussy muscle.

To our enjoyment, we slip and slide on the backseat as he fucks me hard. His thumb is rubbing my clit as his hard rod pounds my pussy hole. I can’t take it anymore and cum on his rock hard cock. As I cum, my pussy contracts squeezing his dick even more and I drain him of his cum.

After enjoying a couple months of normal life on our planet which involves naked Christmas caroling, naked Christmas shopping, naked egg nog wrestling and sitting on Santa’s fat jolly cock I receive my assignment to return back to earth.

I am now assigned to Operation Fuck an Earthling couple. Even though we are a naked colony we only fuck one person at a time and it is always of the opposite sex. This assignment would allow me to venture in new sexual arenas and report my findings to the elders. When Santa is not getting his cock sat on or sucked, he serves as an elder.

I returned to earth and made a quick stop at the apartment. I let the fucking machine pound my pussy to orgasm again. I cleaned up my pussy juices off the floor and got ready. I had exactly 6 hours to find a couple to watch them fuck and hopefully get invited to join them. I started at a local bar known for swingers.

I found this quiet and shy couple. We conversed for several hours. I realized I was going to go green very soon. So as quietly as possible I slipped my hands down my panties and played with my twat until I came. I let out a low quiet moan that was noticed by a burly man across the bar. I noticed he was jacking off under the table and watched his jiz squirt all over his hand. I was tempted to leave my shy couple and lick it off his hands but decided I had work to do.

The husband started massaging his wife’s shoulders and continued talking to me. I needed to fuck them or move on to another couple. So I asked them if they were into playing and they immediately invited me back to their place. As I walked into their house I noticed the gorgeous Christmas tree. I sat on the plush white couches looking for a spot to put up my hidden video camera. The husband lit the fire and the wife changed into something more comfortable.

When she returned she had 3 spiked glasses of egg nog. I personally love egg nog and was not so sure about licking another woman’s pussy. Therefore, I suggested to lick my egg nog off her pussy. She laid down on the floor and spread her legs. I drizzled egg nog on her clean shaven pussy and began my first experience of going down on a woman.

As I licked her I realized her salty taste with the egg nog drippings was a flavorful combination. I noticed her cunt start to swell as my tongue played with her clit. I nibbled on her fat juicy pussy lips and put my finger inside her hole. I must have been doing a good job because she came right on my face almost suffocating me.

Her husband had undressed by now and was sitting naked on the glass top coffee table. He was stroking his hard cock while his wife began to play with his ball sack. I wanted his wife to lick me to orgasm too but first I needed egg nog on my pussy too.

I asked her to rub her pussy against mine so I could soak up the egg nog and her wetness. Immediately after doing this she buried her face in my crotch. She told me this was the best pussy she ever tested and the best pussy fragrance ever. She licked and finger fucked me to my 1st orgasm of the evening.

She then proceeded to switch places with her husband on the glass coffee table and told me to lay underneath of the table. Through the glass I watched husband and wife fuck. I laid under the table masturbating to their fucking.

Every sense on my body was heightened to the most passionate arousal level ever. I came again all over my hands and squirted all over their rug. As I came the husband pulled out his cock of his wife’s beautiful pink pussy and came all over the glass coffee table while I laid underneath it.

I couldn’t stand it. I needed to be fucked. The wife pulled out a two headed dildo from a stocking hanging on the fireplace mantle and jabbed one end into my wet pussy forcefully. She backed up into the other end and we fucked the double headed dildo ass to ass.

She screamed at me not to come because she wanted to watch me fuck her husband’s dick. But I couldn’t help it, I came all over that double headed dildo and so did she. Her husband took the dildo slick from our juices and made us each lick it clean. Her tongue and slippery dildo tasted so good in my mouth.

Finally the husband placed me on top of the glass top coffee table still sticky from his cum and rammed his rod into my tight pussy. His wife sat on my face and I licked, sucked, and fingered her twat and ass while she dripped excitement in my mouth. Her husband fucked me hard and waited to cum until both his wife and I were ready to orgasm. I cam having my 4th orgasm of the evening, his wife came on my face next and then he filled my cunt with his spunk. I couldn’t wait to report my findings to the elders.

I returned home to planet Hollyberry and reported my findings. That evening, Santa invited me to do a hands on demonstration with him and Mrs. Claus. Happy Holidays!

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