Haitian Female Domination

Big Tits

I am having so much fun these days, it ought to be illegal. My name is Francesca Magloire Beau. I’m a six-foot-tall, dark-skinned, big-bottomed and delightfully curvy black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. By day, I am a police officer. By night, I am a BDSM fanatic. I like to dominate other people. I rent an apartment in the city where I do just that. This is my tale of having raunchy fun in the city of champions.

Presently, I’m dominating my favorite submissive, a big and tall Haitian-American man named Jeremy LaRoche. He’s a dark-skinned and ruggedly handsome corrections officer working for the county. We’re both into some serious kinky stuff and we have lots of fun together. Jeremy is on all fours, face down and ass up. I’ve spanked his ass and flogged it with my whip, and now I’m about to sodomize him with my strap-on dildo. I have lubricated both the dildo and his ass, and now I ask him if he’s ready. He nods. I part his cheeks and insert the sleek black dildo. It’s in his ass now.

It amazes me how many black men secretly have a female domination and strap-on dildo fetish. Jeremy is married to a black female schoolteacher named Meredith Jackson LaRoche. They have two sons together. He has a nice house in the suburbs. He’s a pretty normal guy. An ordinary African-American male head of household, recent homeowner and working professional. Yet he gets off on being sodomized by dominant black chicks with strap-on dildos. Like many men with secret desires, he leads a double life.

Leading gaziantep bayan escort a double life isn’t an exclusively male dilemma either. I myself am in that same situation. I’m married to a wonderful man. His name is Antoine Beau. He’s half Haitian-American and half Mexican. He kind of looks like that famous Hollywood actor Denzel Washington, but with superstar Chris Brown’s golden brown skin tone. Yeah, my man is hot. He’s a defense attorney with one of the big firms in downtown Boston. Our life is pretty good. We’re both hard-working professionals. We own a nice house. We have two sons and one daughter together. Life is good. Yet I have desires that my husband doesn’t know about. I have urges which he simply wouldn’t understand. I need to dominate, humiliate and abase other men and women. It’s a core part of my sexuality. I can’t do without it. Seriously. I have no other way to fulfill my unique needs. Need I say more?

I grab hold of Jeremy’s hips and thrust the dildo deep into his ass. The big black man screams as I sodomized him with my special tool. I love making black men scream while fucking them in the ass. I don’t know why but it’s something which I immensely enjoy. I’ve dominated white men and white women. They’re okay but dominating black men brings me more pleasure, psychologically and sexually. I don’t know why. Maybe a shrink would have the answers for me.

Jeremy is huffing and puffing while I stretch his asshole with my strap-on dildo. When he first came to me, I asked him why he came to me and no other. Jeremy told me that he longed to be dominated by a strong black woman but his meek wife wasn’t up to the task. He described her as a kind-hearted, loving and very generous black woman who put her husband and family’s needs first. He told me that he was always dominant in bed with her. He initiated sex most of the time.

I listened to him as he went on and on about her. Clearly the man loved his wife. He told me how she reacted the first time he asked her for anal sex. Meredith Jackson LaRoche was a little hesitant, but she was eager to please her man. In the end, she assumed the position. Face down, ass up and plump ass cheeks spread. Jeremy LaRoche positioned himself behind her, and applied lube all over her asshole. Then he eased his long and thick, uncircumcised black cock into her shit hole. Without further ado, he held his wife’s hips as he pumped his cock into her asshole. He just fucked her up the ass like it was nothing. He thought anal sex would be a deal breaker for her. Possibly her final frontier. He was wrong.

I stared at Jeremy LaRoche as he ranted on. Most men, especially black men, would be thrilled to have a wife who gave up the booty in that special way. I’ve been butt fucked by my husband quite a few times, but I’d be lying if I said we did it very often. I just don’t get off on it the way some other women do. To me, anal sex is okay. On a scale of one to ten, it’s a six. I don’t hate anal sex. But it’s not really something that makes me jump for joy. sodomizing men and women with my strap-on dildo, now that’s another story. My pussy gets wet just thinking about it. Word up. Jeremy told me that he wanted a take-charge woman, and they don’t get any more assertive than me. We were destined to have fun together.

I resume whipping Jeremy’s back and ass cheeks with my flogger while thrusting the dildo deep into his ass. He is screaming in pain as I fuck him. I squeeze his cock and balls hard while sodomizing him. I want him to feel completely powerless. He is a big and tall black man getting sodomized by a big and tall black woman wearing a strap-on dildo. The fantasy of countless black men. This black man’s reality. I shoved the dildo so far up the black man’s ass, I’m surprised it didn’t come out of his mouth. I fucked his ass hard, and whipped his back, buttocks, arms, legs and face mercilessly. I completely tyrannized him. Until he cried out and begged for mercy. That’s when I pressed a special button on my mechanized dildo and unleashed a load of hot artificial cum deep inside his ass. My way of completing his abasement. Am I good or what?

When our session ended, Jeremy LaRoche thanked me for my hard work, showered and left the apartment. I showered as well, and returned to my regular life. The life of a black policewoman, devoted wife and mother. Also, the life of a churchgoer and community activist. Lots of ordinary-looking black men and black women are into BDSM. We are your fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters. We are your pastors, ministers, social workers, police officers, firefighters, teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses, college students and executives. People you see everyday. Don’t call us freaks. We are part of you.

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