Harland Ch. 03


Disclaimer: This whole thing was made up and written by myself and no other. Any resemblance to any person or thing alive, dead, real or not, is completely coincidental. I do not make any money from this story on this website.


I woke up the next day feeling a little unsure how I should behave around Harland. I padded downstairs in my swimsuit, sure that I could skip some awkwardness if I could avoid him for a bit. I lay out on my towel and untied to back of my swimsuit to tan.

“Hey gorgeous.” I could see Harland from the shins down. I barely had ten minutes to myself.

“Hey yourself.” Gorgeous? Really?

“Sleep well?”

I struggled to hide the blush that crept up my face. “Best sleep I’ve had in a while. You?”

“Glad I could help… Just ask if you need help falling asleep again, mmm?”

I could hear the smile on his face. How should I respond to that? I remained silent, opting for a smile instead.

He dragged a lounge next to me and propped himself up, his feet by my face.

“So. Party still on for this weekend?”

“Mom gonna be gone that long?”

“Yeah. Probably gone for another week. She called this morning. Something about an injunction. So. Party?”

“Yeah, why not.”

He cleared his throat and grinned, “Gonna invite Sonia?”

“Jesus. What is it about her?”

“She’s hot.” He shrugged.

I folded my arms and pressed my face against them. “Fine. I’ll invite Sonia.”

“Oh… don’t worry. I found something hotter…” His hand found my ass. He smoothed his palm over the curve of it, fingertips brushing the sensitive skin between my legs. “Much, much hotter.” His fingers curved down, now pressing my swimsuit into my slit. He dragged his fingertips up till he pressed over my asshole. “And so tasty.”

I practically squirmed off my chair. I held onto the sides, my skin instantly breaking out in goosebumps. I exhaled sharply, finding I had really enjoyed the attention.

“Liked that, huh?” He moved his hand again, fingers slipping underneath my now damp swimsuit to slick up and down my slit. “I’d say you did…”

I shuddered and gripped the chair tightly. “Uhmm…” I bit down on my lower lip.

“Have fun last night, did you? Maybe we could repeat it.”

A finger found my clit and I gasped.

“Maybe we could even try something different.” His damp finger pressed over my asshole, sending visible tremors over my spine. My back arched, hips pressing into the chair. I never expected such a reaction from someone touching me there. I groaned.

Harland grinned and climbed to his feet. “Sounds like a plan.”

He glanced back at me, smirking before shutting the sliding glass door behind him.

I was completely disheveled. Sweat had beaded down my back and neck. My nipples ached and I could feel the dampness between my thighs. Not bothering to tie my top I just clutched it to my chest and made my way upstairs. I was pulling off my bottoms when I heard the shower come on in the master bedroom. I just couldn’t help myself.

I knelt down at the master bathroom door and watched Harland climb into the shower. I completely forgot that he knew I had been watching him! My mouth watered as I watched him soap up his body and rub over his stomach. He had a six pack without even flexing and the line of bursa escort muscles on his lower abdomen that curved over his hips. He looked god damned amazing.

He began to stroke over his cock and I suddenly remembered how excited I was. I squirmed. I nudged the door. I froze. I stared, my heart thudding.

Harland’s eyes locked with mine. He lifted a hand and curled a finger to beckon me. “Come here,” he mouthed, his finger now pointing down.

I hesitated for a moment.


This time I heard him over the shower. I moved. I crawled through the door and made my way to the shower stall. He opened the door and dragged me in. He led me through the water spray and pressed me against the shower wall. “Caught you red handed this time.” He leaned back, giving my body a full look. He brought his eyes back to mine and licked his lips. “Since I caught you, I get to decide what to do with you.”

His hands cupped my breasts, thumbs stroking my nipples. I groaned for him. His mouth lowered, tongue lapping away the drops of water from my skin. He gently bit my breast, his mouth moving up my body and along my neck. I was panting as his lips found my ear. “I want you on your knees, Kelly. Suck my cock. I love your hot mouth.”

I nodded and got to my knees, my mouth open and tongue trailing down his length.

“I wanna watch you play with yourself while you do it. Finger that hot cunt while you swallow my cock.” His hands laced through my hair as he urged me on.

I slipped a hand down my leg and began to tease my all ready twitching pussy. I groaned and dove down his hard cock, suckling eagerly. I bobbed my head rapidly, finding myself incredibly turned on by the whole situation. I swallowed harshly, shoving myself further down his shaft. I wanted every last bit of him buried in my throat.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he moaned. His hips flexed, hands tightening in my hair. “Love that sweet mouth. Swallow my cock, baby girl. All the way down.”

I slurped loudly, my eyes lifted up to his as I dove down even farther.

“So good… so good… Fuck yourself with your fingers.”

I shoved two fingers into my dripping snatch and pumped them in and out almost as fast as I swallowed down his cock. My thighs were trembling, my pussy aching. I groaned, my mouth full, and sucked down his length as hungrily as I could.

“Oh baby girl. I’m gonna cum soon. Lemme cum on those perfect tits.”

I pulled away, coughing and wiped my mouth. I squared my shoulders, giving him my perky breasts. My knees were spread wide, my pussy bared to him.

“Don’t stop fingering yourself. I wanna see.” One hand in my hair, one hand on his cock, he rubbed the head over my lips and along my jaw. I flicked my tongue out over the head as he rubbed it over my mouth. “Jesus,” he breathed, “You’re so fucking hot.”

His hand pumped up and down his shaft while my fingers plunged in and out of my pussy. I was so ready to cum, but I didn’t want to stop. My cunt was spasming around my fingers and I was beginning to crave something more than just my own hand.

The hand in my hair tightened as he pulled my head back. “Tell me you’re my cum slut.”

I didn’t even think about it. “I’m your cum slut.”

His eyes closed as he shuddered. “Again…”

“I’m çanakkale escort your cum slut. Cum on my tits.” My free hand squeezed one breast.

“That’s prefect…” he moaned, his hips jerking forward as he spattered his hot load down my chest and throat. “Fucking perfect.”

I kissed the head of his softening cock, making him shiver from head to toe. I grinned from ear to ear.

He tugged me to my feet and under the water. Gently, he rubbed away his sticky spunk. “Now, sit down. I want to eat your cunt till you cum on my face.” I bonelessly slid onto the shower bench. He knelt before me and pulled my legs apart wide. “Such the perfect pussy… Soft, puckered lips with a sweet and tangy center.” He gave me a heated smile before he buried his face between my legs and began to eat my pussy like a starved man.

My hands slapped the walls of the shower as I cried out. My hips jerked and he held me down. I wasn’t long before he brought me to my orgasm. I howled and shook and I swear I saw fucking stars I came so hard. Harland could eat pussy like a god damned champ.

He kissed up my thigh to my belly and over my breasts. He lapped playfully at a nipple while I caught my breath. He leaned up, hands on either side of me, forehead pressed to mine. I could feel his cock against me. He was hard again. I moved, just a bit, my groin sliding over his swollen shaft. “Oh… baby girl…” he said in a chiding tone.

My eyes were on his. His mouth was so near, I could feel his breath. His cock twitched, nudging it against my pussy. I gasped and his mouth claimed mine. He swallowed my groan, his tongue delving deep, sharing the flavor of my orgasm with me. My hands gripped his shoulders and wrapped around his body, drawing him tight against me.

We came up for air, gasping together. The water splashed our faces as it beat and bounced off his back. Wordlessly, Harland collected me in his arms, lifting me from the bench. My legs wrapped instinctively around him. He turned off the water and walked us to my room. There was something very pleasing about being carried to my bed.

He tossed me on the bed and stared, his eyes taking me in. I leaned back, giving him a good look at every inch of me. My skin was still damp, my hair clinging to my shoulders and throat.

“Tell me what you want.” He climbed above me on his hands and knees. He stared down at me, his eyes full of the same hunger I knew I felt.

“You know what I want,” I slanted coyly.

He smirked. “Oh, I know what your tight pussy wants…” He leaned over my body, allowing me to feel his length as he pressed it into my groin. “Wants my fat cock buried deep inside. It wants me to fuck you till you can’t see straight. Your hot little snatch wants a deep fucking that you know I can give you.” He withdrew, my skin trembling from where he had touched me. “So tell me what you want.”

I shivered in anticipation. Was I really about to admit to Harland that I wanted him to fuck me silly? Oh yes, I was. My hips lifted as I attempted to bring him back against me. He withdrew further. I gave him a pout. “Please?”

He pressed a hand to my groin and stuffed a finger into my cunt. “Tell me you want more.”

I groaned and nodded for him, “Yesss, I want more.”

He gently pumped rize escort his finger in and out of me. “Tell me what you want.”

My pussy wasn’t going to be satisfied with just his fingers anymore. I squirmed and gave in, “I want your cock!” I admitted.

“Tell me more,” he breathed, his lips curving over the shell of my ear, tongue flicking my earlobe. “Come on, where’s that cum slut who was practically begging me to coat her tits with my jizz earlier? Tell me.”

I flushed, my skin tingling. I closed my eyes and licked my lips. “I want you to fuck me till I can’t walk straight.”

“Good, good. Now, say please.”

“Please? Please fuck my tight little pussy? I want you. Please?”

Harland’s hands gripped my sheets as he shivered, “I love that fucking mouth of yours. Now, baby girl, I want you on all fours.” He gripped my hips and practically tossed me onto my stomach.

I climbed onto my hands and knees, my ass toward the edge of the bed. His hands gripped those fleshy globes and he dropped kisses on each of them. “Sweet, sweet ass. Where do you keep all your toys?”


He was rummaging through my dresser. “Yeah. Your vibrators and lube and stuff. Where?”

“I only have that one…”

“Only one? Oh, we’ll have to fix that.”

He arranged himself behind me and spread my ass. He paused, “Fuck you’re beautiful,” he mumbled before he licked me. His tongue started at my cunt and went all the way to my asshole. Again, I didn’t think I would have liked it, but I suddenly was squirming and loving it. He pressed a hand on my lower back, rocking my hips forward a bit. His face buried in my cunt, the tip of his tongue flicking over my clit. I squealed and bucked.

Again, he swiped his tongue from soaked hole to soaked hole. I twitched and hissed for air. I could feel his weight as he climbed back on the bed, kneeling behind me. “Baby girl… have you ever tried anal?” I could feel him applying pressure on my back entrance and thrills shot up my spine.

“No,” my head shook just like the rest of me.

“Oooo, interesting… Something tells me you might like it.” He pressed harder and I cried out. I panted, suddenly nervous. He patted me reassuringly, “Oh, not tonight. But if you’ll let me… I’d love to show you. Not to mention I’d love to fuck that hot ass.” I felt something slide just inside and I squealed, the sensation surprising, but not unpleasant. “You gotta! I think you’ll fucking love it. Look at you!”

He was right. I was panting, my heart was thudding in my ears, my pussy was drenched and I was squirming with him barely touching me. “Yes,” I moaned, “Yes!” I’m sure a grin was plastered to his face.

“But for tonight…” A hand curled into my hair and gently tugged my head back. “Tonight I’m gonna fuck this delicious cunt. I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t see straight. When was the last time you fucked, Kelly?” His cock bumped my pussy and I writhed with just that.

I shook my head, “I dunno! Weeks? Couple months?” The head of his cock slipped along my slit, dipping into my eager cunt.

“Your ex-boyfriend know how to make you cum on his cock?” I shook my head. No, I never came during sex with my ex.

“Your ex-boyfriend have a cock as big as mine?” Again, I shook my head. Harland had a bigger cock than anyone I’d been with.

He urged my face down into the bed, my hips rocking forward again. “How rough do you like it, baby girl? ‘Cause I’ll give it to you as hard as you want it.”

I whimpered, not sure how to answer.

“Oh, baby. I’m gonna make sure you never forget me.”

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