Head Nurse


Rachel was excited. It was the first day of her clinical training. The first two years of nursing school was all classroom instruction and no had direct patient care. Instruction on anatomy, chemistry, psychology and some medical treatments was all she was familiar. She was desperate to work directly with the patients.

She and her classmates were going to go onto the orthopedic floor to aid patients but did not know what their duties would be.

Rachel was hoping for a male patient. She felt that if she could get over the awkwardness of helping a male patient, that would give her more self confidence and valuable experience.

Ms.. Towns was her supervisor. She was a tough but fair instructor. All of the students went up to the floor together. Ms.. Towns had picked out the patients that her students would aid, based on how they were recovering.

Ms.. Towns said, “Rachel, I hope you don’t mind that I had to give you a male patient.” “Oh, no, I don’t mind at all,” Rachel replied. “Which room is my patient in?”

“You will have Mr.. Jones in room 450,” stated Ms.. Town.

All of the students went to the nurse’s station to read the chart of their patient. They were instructed to see why their patient was in the hospital.

Mr.. Jones was 26, and hospitalized because of two badly injured legs, one being broken as well two sore arms. He injured his legs in a skiing accident.

Rachel checked in with Mr.. Jones. “Come in,” she heard a deep voice say.

“Hi Mr.. Jones,” Rachel said as she walked in to the room. She walked around the curtain that was pulled to look at her patient.

“Hi,” Mr.. Jones replied. “You must be my student nurse.”

“Yes. I am. My name’s Rachel.” How can I help you? Is there anything you need?

Rachel was a proud, graceful and well brought up girl. She was pretty, had a gorgeous face, with high cheek bones and light brown eyes. She was about 5 ft 7 inches, with a dark tan, flat stomach, thin frame, and best of all had great legs. Most strikingly about her was her large chest, to a male anyway. But she was inexperienced.

“Wow,” Mr.. Jones said to himself.

Mr.. Jones, was about 5 ft 8 inches tall, had blue eyes, short brown hair with a large muscular frame.

“I’ve been told by my instructor to ask you if you needed anything, or I could help in any way” she said.

“Well, could you fluff my pillow?” he asks. “No problem,” Rachel says. She reached over his head and leaned over him, her chest is only inches above his head. I bet if I stick out my tongue I’d be able to lick her nipple, he says to himself. He also gets a flash of her cleavage through the top of her uniform.

“Man, she is lovely,” he says to himself.

Mr. Jones then tells her that he was scheduled for a bath, but didn’t knowif she could do it or if he should wait for his other nurse.

At first she refuses, never having done this before

She relents after thinking that’s what she is here for, to gain experience.

“OK, I’ll clean you up, but please be patient this is my first time doing this,” Rachel said hesitantly.

Mr. Jones thin cotton hospital gown was covering his stomach, but his rightleg was sticking out. His right leg was in a cast from his upper thigh to mid calf.

“Now for that bath, right?”

“Tell me if this water is hot enough” Rachel asked. As she let the water run, Rachel cleared off the bedside table so she would have room for the basin and towels. She put the soap on the table, along with a washcloth. Rachel then went to the bathroom and began filling the basin with hot water.

“Is this warm enough?” she asked.

Mr. Jones dipped his finger in the water and said, “Fine.” “Though before you start, how exactly are you going to do this?”

Rachel was a little nervous.

“OK,” Rachel said. “First I’ll use the washcloth to wash your face, and then take off your gown and cover your chest with a towel. I’ll first wash the left half of your chest, your arm and then rinse and dry that area, repeating this on your right side. I would then help you to roll over onto your left and right side so I can wash, rinse then dry your back.

“Is that O.K.,,” Rachel said

“That’s great, no problem,” Mr. Jones said

Rachel was still a little nervous, but did just what she told Mr. Jones. She wet the washcloth and gently washed Mr. Jones face, eyes, and then washed behind his ears. Once she finished with his face, she soaped up the cloth and cleaned his chest, arms, and back.

Rachel helped roll Mr. Jones onto his back and covered his chest with a dry towel. She poured out the dirty water and filled the basin with clean hot water. As she waited for the basin to fill, she told Mr. Jones that she would have to pull down the covers now to wash the his legs and feet. Then he could wash his own private area.

Rachel brought the basin of water over to bedside table and began soaping the washcloth again. She pushed the covers off his right leg, keeping his private area covered.

“God, she is pretty.” “I wonder what it would be like to be with her,” sakarya escort Mr. Jones said to himself. Being so young, pretty and eager to help out the less fortunate, set his mind racing.

Because of the cast, she could only wash the lower part of his leg and feet. She rinsed and dried both legs, leaving the towel on them for warmth.

Rachel covered, then pulled the covers back from his groin and stopped.

“I’ll give you your privacy to wash your private area, and step behind the curtain,” Rachel told him.

He knew this was too good a situation to pass up and innocently asks, “Well, um, uh, I’m sorry but I think your going to have to wash this area for me,” Mr. Jones said, “My arms are also very sore and hard to move.”

Mr. Jones also complained to Rachel of itching, burning and irritation from materials used to make his cast, that are broken off around his groin and attached to his “member.”

Rachel felt very awkward when told this and muttered, “Excuse me?” She felt a little flushed at the thought of cleaning a grown man’s private area. She had studied male and female anatomy and was instructed to approach the care of the medical condition dispassionately. This did not mean a nurse should be neglectful to the patients needs or feelings, but that a nurse should not get too emotionally involved with their care. She just had a hard time separating what she has learned academically and her personal feelings.

She paused. But then agreed to wash him. After all, he was injured and she was a nurse and needed the experience. “Be a professional,” she told herself.

“OK, ready, I’m going to wash you”

“When ever your ready Rachel,” Mr. Jones replied.

As she pulled the gown away from his groin, it seemed to get a little caught on his manhood. She lifted his gown a little exposing his groin. Mr. Jones was well endowed. Rachel gasped at the size of his penis.

She began with the area around his penis, picking pieces of plaster out from around his groin.

Rachel asks, “Mr. Jones, isn’t it hot in here, god I’m sweating.”

She raises her hands above, then behind her head. Leaning her head back and stretching. Her flat, deeply tanned stomach was revealed as well as the contours of her large chest. God, to be able to see those tits up close, Mr. Jones wondered.

Mr. Jones stared intently at her face, chest and delicate fingers as she manipulates him. After a few minutes, Rachel’s gestures caused the arousal of Mr. Jones penis. He becomes semi-erect.

“I’m sorry, I he can’t help it. Please understand,” Mr. Jones pleads.

Rachel stops, says “No more.”

“I’m sorry, but you can’t stop, it still hurts.” “Your a professional and should understand why this can happen,” he explains.

“Yes but, it’s just that, it’s very uncomfortable,” Rachel says.

She pauses, collects herself, and continues trying to wash him and remove plaster. As her rubbing and massaging continues, he gets more and more aroused. As he becomes harder and the length of his cock increases, she is forced to lean back and stand straighter. His swollen cock becomes harder, stiffer and erect until he is fully engorged.

Her face is inches away from his large pulsing cock. Rachel says, “I can’t work like this.” “I’m trying to help you but look, your dick is right in my face, look at it, look how hard you are”

He did look at his cock and enjoyed her attention to it.

“I can’t help it, your rubbing in an awkward area Rachel.” “I’m as uncomfortable as you are,” Mr. Jones says innocently.

Under his breath, he is enjoying every minute she rubbed his cock.Mischievously, he suggests working quicker or maybe using both hands might speed the process and end the work sooner.

Rachel looks at him thinking, he seems truthful and tried to put herself in his place. That yes, the material from the cast would bother, itch, and irritate her and that when she rubs her boyfriend in the same place he responds the same way, except that this erection is much larger.

Rachel turns to him, and says she will continue, “Reluctantly.”

“I will do the best I can Mr. Jones,” and agrees to start using two hands.

Mr. Jones thinks to himself what a great bullshit job he has done getting this beautiful nurse to agree to do this, and even doing it enthusiastically!

He is only semi-erect now.

Mr. Jones, now fully relaxed, folds his arms behind his head. No longer will he have to hide his emotions. He is excited in anticipation, with a slight grin on his face looking down watching Rachel intently work on his cock..

She is leaning so far over the bed her breast touches his leg and stomach. She starts to rub his groin noticing flecks of plaster everywhere – his penis, pubic hair, scrotum etc.

His eyes roll back watching this performance thinking, I bet she didn’t only get A’s in school.

Now with two gloved hands caressing his balls, he becomes more and more erect. She continues petting, and caressing his balls to ensure there clean.

It didn’t take long samsun escort for him to again become fully erect. His penis stretching the limits of it’s length.

He is aching from pleasure. He tries not to make any noises but it is almost impossible.

Rachel looks up, smiles and asks, “are you OK?”

Mr. Jones answers with a barely audible, “Yes”

She can’t help but notice the length and girth of his penis. Looking up she sees the veins pulsing in his penis and becomes a little aroused herself. She can barely see the area to work on anymore because of his size. She gently moves the erect penis down but it is so hard it won’t move.

“Wow,” she says to herself, this guy is a steel pole.

She tries moving it to the side but it barely moves. His face is becoming redder. She wipes around the base of the shaft. Her long brown hair falls from her shoulder onto him blocking his view.

“OOPS!,” Rachel says, “sorry.”

He could only imagine her going done on him. She brushes her hair back behind her ear exposing her beautiful face. She straightens up, licks her lips, takes a deep breath, thereby causing her chest to heave out, constricting her already snug uniform.

Rachel says smiling, “how are you holding up? “I’m almost done,” she said. “You are pretty dirty down there.” “I’m doing a good job, aren’t I?”

When she says job, only “blow job” registers. Softly, Mr. Jones says, “It still aches, but I’m OK.”

“I don’t know how long I can hold on,” Mr. Jones moans.

Rachel looking at him with a beautiful smile, gripping his penis says, “Hold on?, What do you mean?”

Awkwardly he repeats, “Yes, hold on.”

Puzzled, Rachel continues to more aggressively massage his groin, cupping his balls with her hands and rubbing him with a washcloth. He feels a stirring in his groin, his arms now at his sides, fists clenched.

Rachel’s face is now right above the tip of his erect cock.

Mr. Jones grunts softly, “Rachel, watch out.” She says, “excuse me? Watch out?”

Rachel now straitens up and comes towards the head of bed smiling, “What’s wrong, what did you say?”

His penis, now fully engorged and erect, is pointing up towards his stomach. Mr. Jones repeatedly ejaculates in the air and on his stomach. Grunting louder and louder, his cock flickers until he is finished.

“Oh my god”!, Rachel yells, “I had no idea”

Out of breath Mr. Jones says, “What?”

Rachel yells, “How could you”!

“What? I’m sorry, I could not help it,” Mr. Jones complains.

“I’m not a prostitute! I’m leaving,” Rachel says.

“You can’t, I’ve got all that stuff still on my penis, am dirty and it still burns.” “Too bad,” Rachel says.

Rachel covers Mr. Jones and starts to head out the door. As she opens the door, she is met by her instructor Ms. Towns.

“Hi Rachel, hi Mr. Jones,” Ms Town says. “Your leaving?. “Are you finished Rachel?.” “Yes I am,” Rachel replies. “Are you sure, he still has some soap on him.” “Don’t forget, clinical is thirty percent of your grade, and I will be asking for opinions from Mr. Jones on your performance.

“Mr. Jones, how is Rachel doing?” Ms Town asks.

Glancing first at Rachel, then to Ms. Town, Mr. Jones says, “Great, so far”

“Rachel, it’s hot in here, why don’t you take your uniform top off,” Ms Town said.

As she did, her breasts and body became more sharply defined. When she removed the top, the size and beauty of her breasts came into full view. She wore a T-shirt so thin you could see the outlines of her bra. The drooping neckline also gave a view of some cleavage.

As Mr. Jones looked up and saw her breasts, he thought he would blow a load right then.

“Are there any problems?” Ms Town asks.

Again glancing first at Rachel, “Well, um, I don’t think I’m all clean yet,” Mr. Jones said innocently.

“Rachel, you were going to leave without finishing with Mr. Jones?” Ms.Town exclaimed.

“Well, no, but um, you don’t understand Ms Towns.” “Mr. Jones is a little,well, it like, I never washed a male patient before and he reacted, well, it’s awkward, I don’t know,” Rachel stammered.

“Your a nurse and whether you care for a male or female should make no difference in the kind of care you provide,” Ms Towns said. “I understand you might feel awkward but you must finish.”

“But you don’t understand,” Rachel complained

“Other patients on the floor have complained that material from their casts are irritating, please be sure to clean those areas vigorously” Ms. Towns said.

“Mr. Jones are you also irritated by that material?” “Yes” Mr. Jones replied. “Where?”

Acting very coy, Mr. Jones said, “Um, well, down there,” pointing to his groin.

Ms. Towns removed the sheet, his boner now normal size, and said “Yes, I see, especially there,” pointing to his penis.

“Rachel do you see this,” Ms. Towns said

Rachel stared, noticing the considerable difference in size from five minutes ago, and agreed, “Yes.”

Rachel is a little aroused thinking şanlıurfa escort all that she did to get his penis to its previous girth – Wow.

“Rachel,” Ms Town asks, “did soap get that stuff off?” “Yes. A little,”Rachel replied.

“Is your skin sensitive Mr. Jones?” Ms. Town asks. “Yes, um, kind of” Mr.Jones replied

“Is the soap or washcloth too rough?” “Yes, kind of,” he replies.

“How about the gloves?” She asks. “Those, yes, kind of, he replies.”

“OK. don’t worry, we’ll get you clean,” Ms Towns says.

“Thanks” Mr. Jones replied.

“Rachel,” “Yes Ms Town,” “Don’t use a wash cloth on Mr. Jones and please take your gloves off then finish with Mr. Jones”

“But you don’t understand Ms Towns,” Rachel pleaded. “He, well, he got excited and um, well, I don’t know, it’s, I don’t think I can do it.”

“Rachel, your a nurse, your an adult and this won’t be the only bed bath you give to a male patient, just finish, I’ll won’t except any excuses,” Ms Towns said.

Frustrated, Rachel asks, “What should I use to clean him?” “Your hands, he has no infections, your bare hands will be fine, if not, try something else,I don’t know,” Ms Towns replied.

“My god, Ms Town, are you serious?” Rachel says. “Yes, do it,” and she leaves.

Mr. Jones was in heaven.

“Bye Ms town,” he said. “Bye dear.” “I’ll check back on you later”

Rachel took the used towels, sheets, gown and wash cloth down the hall and put them into a soiled linen hamper. She couldn’t find clean linens but was told maid service would have some later.

She came back in the room and said, “OK, I don’t have gown for you now,please understand. I get some later so you can cover yourself.”

Mr. Jones is now laying back on he bed completely naked.

“Now you better behave Mr. Jones,” Rachel says. “I’ll try.” He thinks to himself, man o-man. You bet I’ll try.

“Good” she says.

Rachel leans over, stops and says, “You’ll try to behave, right?.” “I’ll do my best if you do yours, OK.”

“Excuse me Rachel, I got some on your shirt.” “What?” she says. “You know, stuff.” She looks down and sees semen droplets on the front and side of her T-shirt.

“Oh my god”!, she yells. “Your terrible.” She desperately looks for some surgical scrubs, but finds none.

“Don’t even say a word,” she says in a sharp tone.

Rachel takes her soaked T-shirt her shirt off. Her breasts looked so confined and tight in her bra I thought they would just pop out right then, he says to himself.

“Rachel, you’ve got a great body.”

“I know,” she said, “Be quiet.” “You’ll behave, right”

“I’ll do the best I can.” I’ll do the best I can all right to exploit this situation, Mr. Jones says to himself.

Rachel again leans over the bed, her cleavage and breasts in full view. What a beautiful sight, he says to himself. He was again soft.

Rachel says, “Now stay like this.”

She started by wiping the cum he sprayed on his stomach. It dried quickly and stuck, especially to his hair. He again put his hands behind his head and took in the view now accentuated by the view of her breasts and cleavage.

When she began cleaning the semen and material from his cast and pubic hair,she couldn’t help but brush up against his cock causing it to stir. She noticed this but continued. God, she said this stuff is harder to get off than the plaster.

The sunshine shined on her and he now could see her nipples ripping through the fabric of her bra. He quickly became more erect, forcing her to stand up a little.

“Oooh, Oooh,” he groaned.

The vision of this beautiful women, with breasts and nipples in full sight against the backdrop of my window was extremely arousing.

Standing in the sunshine she began to perspire, droplets dripping from her chin and down her chest then between her cleavage. One more accidental brush of her hand against his penis was all it took for Mr. Jones to become rigid. Again, she was forced to stand up a little more.

He had a grin on his face, loving the situation he found himself. His arms now folded across hiss chest as he stared down at her while Rachel caressed his balls to clean them.

She then stood up looked at him with a frown and said, “I’d bet your just enjoying this.” He couldn’t help himself saying “I can’t complain.” But took it back, “I’m sorry, but your a beautiful girl and I’d think you would be insulted if a man couldn’t get aroused by you.”

“Thanks,” she said, “But you know what I mean.”

“Okay, I’m finished down there,” pointing to his groin.

“Let’s finish this,” she said. She used her thumbs at first to hold and clean his cock but her hands were no match, he was too big. She tried again but the resin wouldn’t come off.

“I don’t know what to do,” she said puzzled, wiping her forehead. As she stretched, arms above her head, her breasts heaved in his direction.

“Your pretty,” Mr. Jones said. “Thanks,” she said grumbling.

“Any ideas,” she asked.

After a moment, Mr. Jones suggested using the palm of her hand. “What?” she said. “Then, I don’t know,” he said.

She thought of any other options, but there was none.

She started stroking his cock with one hand. He groaned, causing her to look at his face. But her hands were too small to grip the shaft. So she used both hands and began to stroke him in an even methodical rhythm.

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