4 Women Lose It on a Greek Holiday


Sunlight was streaking across the floor and its brightness forced my eyes open. It was another beautiful day of clear blue sky. I dragged myself up from the floor where I must have finally crashed out the night before.

My head was numb and I shook my-self out of the death-like grip sleep had imposed on me. I became aware of other bodies stirring. Soon we were all sitting, still naked or half-naked, hardly able to speak; everyone looked a mess, hair disheveled, mascara streaked, eyes puffed. Our silence was saying more than any of us was willing to.

Slowly we began to gather our things. I looked at Sam and saw her neck and one of her breasts covered in love bites. And I mean covered. Then Keiko staggered into the living room. “Hi” was all she said as her naked girlish frame drifted over to the kitchenette to put the kettle on.

Ten silent minutes passed. I sat huddled on the sofa with Keiko and Nicole, and we sipped at our coffee, while Sam sat on the sofa chair to our left. Still no-one said a word. What was there to say? We all knew what we were thinking about, the only thing on our collective minds. But nobody wanted to be the first to mention it. I think we were all in complete shock about last night.

The holiday had started so innocently.

Apart from Sam this was the first time any of us had been to a Greek Island and we’d whooped and screamed like true girlies around our holiday apartment, opening doors and cupboards, looking out beyond the pool below toward the beach and the blue sea, the excitement of our first day making us giggle like school girls we no longer were; I’m twenty six, Nicole twenty three. Sam is thirty eight. Only Keiko at nineteen is anything like being a school girl.

We did the usual holiday stuff, sunbathing on the beach, making picnics, talking gossip over bottles of wine on the balcony. We’d dined out at lovely restaurants and had been to bars, danced and smooched with boys. But it had all been innocent. Nicole had a boyfriend back home; I was single but wasn’t looking for a holiday romance; Keiko was just naïve, or so we’d all thought; and Sam was our mother figure, a married mother, there to take care of us and be the mature one.

And then last night happened.

“What time did those lads leave?” I heard Sam say, out of the blue. No-one seemed to know and we all went back to being quiet, each of us no doubt trying to come to terms with what we’d done.

I looked at Sam. She was looking into a vanity mirror, inspecting the love bites on her neck. An image flashed into my head, that bloke sucking on her neck with his hand stuffed in her shorts. I could even hear the sluicing sound of him finger fucking her on that very sofa chair, her with one leg draped over the arm of the chair, the other over his thighs, spread wide, her eyes closed and her mouth open.

Then Nicole spoke, quietly with a hint of embarrassment. “Who invited them up here anyway?” she asked, although no-one knew the answer, and I had a flash of memory about her too, on her knees in front of that ugly old one with the earring, wanking his thick hard cock, her eyes wild and laughing when he shouted “Look at her face. She fookin’ loves it”. So everyone quickly looked over at them, and then he shouted “You gaziantep escortlar fookin’ love it, don’t yer?” at her and she shouted back “yeah, I fucking love it” and everyone laughed and he shouted again “Suck my fookin’ cock then. Go on …”

Everyone had laughed. Everyone except me, I was horrified! I’d been crashed out after one glass too many. But I’d come-to, hearing all the noise from the living room and staggered in there and seen what was going on. Those were the first things I saw.

Then Nicole took him in her mouth and went for it. He grabbed her head and started sliding his prick in and almost out of her mouth. His cock was wet with her saliva. I just stood there with my mouth open in amazement.

Then I saw the guy with Sam had pulled her bikini top down and was sucking on her tits, first one then the other. She was even holding them for him, each one more than a handful, and gasping loudly.

I looked at Keiko. Such an innocent looking girl! She was on the sofa watching everything going on. A big bloke, about forty, was sitting next to her, saying stuff in her ear. The next thing I knew he stood up and picked her up and slung her over his broad shoulder and carried her into a bedroom. She didn’t care, just squealed a little and he slung her on the bed and pulled down his shorts, then climbed on the bed and lay on his back pulling his big cock hard.

Without hesitating Keiko pulled off her denim shorts and t-shirt and climbed on top, top to tail in a 69 position. I saw his hands reach to her cute little ass cheeks and pull her pussy wide open, then start to lick wildly at her glistening slit. I heard her muffled moans from twenty feet away and her head bobbed up and down, obviously sucking him with the same intensity as he was licking her.

Then the bathroom door opened and another bloke appeared from in there. He just walked past me as if I wasn’t there, knelt behind Nicole and reached around to massage her tits as she took more of the ugly bloke’s fat cock in her mouth.

I was shell shocked. In my inebriated state I couldn’t begin to think how all this had started and was confused. I just stood and watched my apparently not-so-innocent friends getting banged.

Then I felt an ache in my stomach. But not a painful one though. It was hunger. I didn’t want to admit it but I was getting wet between my legs.

I didn’t know why – these blokes were ugly, not hideously ugly but not handsome. Not fat but not thin either although quite muscular to be fair. And they were old. Not ancient but in their forties. But I felt excited by seeing them like they were; powerful, experienced – and definitely naked.

Moans and groans, gasps and grunts were becoming louder, like a growing storm. Everyone was losing inhibitions. And I wanted to, too. I suddenly wanted them, their hard fat cocks. I wanted them to treat me like they were treating my friends. Suddenly I wanted to be grabbed, have dirty words whispered in my ears, man handled. I wanted to feel dirty, act dirty, be spoken to like that, feel like a woman and not a girl.

Nicole was being fingered roughly from behind, and yes, loving it by the look on her face and the motion of her body; the bloke standing in front of her was urging her to swallow more of his cock. Sam now had her bloke’s cock out and was stroking it up and down as he continued fingering her with what now looked like three fingers at least. And they were deep in her. He must have been churning them around because she was moaning loudly, her legs splayed, bucking her hips onto his hand.

I looked over to the bedroom and Keiko’s ass was moving in small circular motions, pushing down on his face at regular intervals. Then I saw him lick the pucker of her ass hole – just a flick of the tongue at first followed by a full on tonguing, and she wasn’t complaining, just moaned all the more.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was all so wanton. Each gasp or moan just encouraged the others to gasp and moan until no-one was holding back. It sounded like an orgy. It was an orgy! But I wasn’t brazen enough to just join in, even though I kind of wanted to. That dull ache in my pelvis belied my good girl reputation. Then, in my confusion, I started to feel frustrated – jealous I suppose – so grabbed a glass of wine and stomped out onto the balcony, to get some air, to escape the frustration that my sensible self didn’t want to acknowledge oozing between my legs.

I stood out in the warm night air, staggered a little, and spun around to look again at the scene playing out in the apartment. I stood there in nothing but my knickers and slugged back the glass of wine, down in one, and without even realizing it started masturbating, watching them all in there; Sam now fucking hard, sitting astride her man who was on his back on the floor, his cock buried to the hilt, her ass furiously grinding backward and forward, her back arching and her head thrown back, those marvelous heavy tits swaying with the motion, his hands gripping her waist tight, impaling her on to him as she came and came, garbling indecipherably while her body turned to rippling jelly; Keiko thrashing wildly half upright on her guy’s face, him lapping at her pussy and with a finger buried to its knuckle up her ass and her with a mess of cum over her mouth, begging him not to stop; Nicole on her back on the sofa, her feet pushed back over her head, being fucked hard and fast, the man’s heavy weight drilling her into the soft cushions, her hands gripping his white arse cheeks, pulling him into her, gasping obscenities as his big balls slapped her bum.

I was almost lost to the orgasm that was starting to overtake me when I realized someone was missing from the scene; the ugly one who’d had the blow job from Nicole. Then he suddenly appeared next to me, his eyes staring right into mine. His proximity sent a shudder through me, a mixture of my own arousal and the slight fear at the actual reality of what was about to happen.

His ugly face repulsed me but I was transfixed by the size of his erection. It looked about eight inches and sooooo thick. God knows how Nicole had managed to get that in her mouth. He just stood there saying nothing, with that wet slippery cock sticking out, hard and throbbing, watching my finger drawing circles around my clit.

The hunger inside gnawed my whole body. “Fuck me like a bitch” I heard a strange voice say from somewhere far away and in a foggy moment realized it was my own. I shocked myself, and wanted to retract what I’d just said but before I had the chance the man grabbed me forcefully and spun me round, then bent me over the empty space before me, yanking my knickers down ’til they dropped around my ankles.

I almost fell but managed to reach out and grasp the balcony railing just as he pushed his cock all the way in, bottoming out and keeping it there, sending me straight to heaven. I mewled like a cat on heat, a slight pain at first but then the after-waves of pleasure were so intense I was soon pushing back to meet his every deep thrust, the waves coming fast now like giant breakers crashing on the shore, my eyes somewhere in the top of their sockets, and he reached round to grab my swinging tits and mauled them hard which only increased my pleasure.

I’d never had sex like this. “Fuck me”, “just fuck me …” I kept demanding as he ground his hard meat into me, until I lost my senses. This guy had real stamina and staying power; I finally really let go and abandoned myself to the moment as he fucked me again and again with short and fast strokes, then pushed all the way to the hilt holding it there so I could feel the pulse of his cock-head, a ripple of pleasure tingling my cervix driving me absolutely crazy.

My legs felt weak, I could hardly stand anymore, all the time his huge thing slid in and out of me; slowly for a few strokes, then speeding up like a piston until I could hardly stand it anymore, turning my head around, reaching back, my neck straining, twisting, my mouth open so we could French kiss, sloppy and dirty.

And then I started to cum, really cum, mouth hanging open, groaning and feeling like my head was going to explode; his pounding cock the only thing that existed in the universe and I couldn’t get enough of it, squeezing it hard with the spasms of my sopping pussy until he too was gasping he was going to cum.

Oh, god I wanted to feel him cum. I pushed back onto him as I bent over further, my pussy muscles sucking on his prick, milking him. “Shoot it … cum in me … ” I blurted out, not caring who heard it, rolling my hips with a grinding motion, one hand squeezing my own breast while he furiously ground into me for another twenty seconds or so sending me wild once more until pushing hard all the way in one final time.

Buried to the max, with me looking back at him, encouraging him on with my squeals and little screams, he spread my ass cheeks wide, making me feel wonderfully exposed as he drove impossibly deeper and I felt his torso tense and his cockhead twitch as he grunted and his hot semen shot into me.

Just remembering it made me feel hot and hungry all over again but then I heard Sam’s voice declare that what happened in Greece should stay in Greece and we should tell no-one. One by one, we all agreed and Sam said ‘right, let’s get packing’.

“What about those love bites?” Keiko asked, “What are you going to tell your husband?”

“He’s off on a fishing holiday as soon as we get back. Probably be gone by the time I arrive home. They’ll have faded by next week when he gets back.” Sam said, hopefully – before adding “One more thing – as soon as we get back you lot get to a chemist and buy some morning after pills.”

Then we dropped the subject once and for all and set about the task of packing our suitcases. But all the while I kept thinking about last night …

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