Cool Down My Heat


A girl in distress

Chapter 1

It was the middle of July, a damn hot day that was making me sweat like crazy. Perfect day I choose not to wear a bra.

But how could I? It was like 107 degrees outside, and my body felt like it was melting. I decided a nice swim might help me cool down a bit so I went straight to the bus station.

I knew a nice public pool, at the Imperial Gardens Hotel.

The place was fantastic, nice view, several large swimming pools, spa, a nice black masseur by the name of Francis, mmhm, I could barely wait.

So, I took the 126 bus from downtown Miami, to the east side, where the reach folks live. The bus felt like a hot oven. My sort summer dress was soaking wet. I was really hopping it will be a fast ride, but just my luck, the traffic was horrific, the air condition couldn’t handle the heat, and boy was the bus crowded.

There was a couple of latino boys next to me, and a nice little old lady

who was talking on the phone, with her son because she was speaking so loud, that the bus driver could hear her from the front of the bus.

At the next station more people got on so I found myself crushed between the latino guys and some other men in the back.

That’s it, I said to myself, at the next station I’m getting off. I’ll just take a cab, it’s worth it.

Suddenly we hit a bump on the road and I was thrown like a leaf in the wind. One of the latino boys grabbed me from not falling, but by doing so his hands were on my breasts. I quickly recovered and smiled back to him, hopping he’ll let go. But instead his hand started rubbing one of my nipples, sending shocks of pleasure all over my body. It was like an electric shiver woke my body. I looked at him angry wanting to say something but then he just let me go.

I was a relieved thinking I should give him a slap on his face or something, but curiously I found myself a bit disappointed. His touch felt good.

What the hell was I thinking, he couldn’t be more than 18 or 19 years old. I wasn’t gonna let some kid have his way with me, was I?

But then I felt a hand on my ass, and at first I was outraged but he started groping my ass, feeling my ass cheeks and I must admit it felt really good.

I wanted to turn around and see who it was but I couldn’t because I was literally crushed between them. His hand started sliding down between my legs, caressing my pussy through my thongs.

Was I hot before? That was nothing compared to this. The first kid started playing with my tits again but I really didn’t cared anymore.

In fact I was enjoying myself, and the guy behind me started slipping my thongs aside, playing with my pussy, rubbing my clit, pinching and rubbing, making my whole body as tense as a spring before being set loose.

Then the kid in the front just placed his palms on my tits massaging them, playing with my nipples. I moaned slowly but I was covered by the old lady on the phone.

“You like this, chica, don’t you? I can smell your pussy’s perfume, puta!” said a voice behind me. Man, even his voice sounded hot, never mind he called me “puta”.

The kid in the front just slid his hand under my dress, and started undressing my tits. The other guys were around us like prison walls. Nobody could really see what was going on.

I wanted to stop him but just then the guy behind me pushed a finger in my pussy. I hated myself for that, but I let a moan slip my throat. This time I bet somebody heard it.

He started pushing his finger in and out slowly driving me insane. And the kid in the front was just finishing the torment. He began licking my left nipple, sucking it really hard, biting it slowly.

I thought like my legs were gonna melt away, and I began feeling an orgasm building in.

But then, somebody moved behind me, and after a few seconds I felt something poking my ass. Then it hit me.

The guy took his dick out and has gaziantep escortları playing with it between my ass cheeks. That was too much, I was a respectable woman, I couldn’t …

Oh, yes I could. The second I felt his dick on my pussy lips I just pushed my ass into him. I really wasn’t in control anymore.

“Eastside bus station will be on the left side in three minutes.” The bus driver yelled and the guy behind me removed his dick from my ass. I felt angry and disappointed and … used. And the kid in front of me, probably around 19 years old smiled and whispered to me:

“Too bad my brother and me we’re in a hurry, I would have liked fucking your cunt, puta!” said the kid in front of me.

I was speechless, and tried to the best I could to cover my tits and re-arrange my dress. The whole crowd started moving and soon I found myself back outside, in the heat of the sun. I saw the kid with his apparently older brother cross the street and disappear in an apartment building.

I started walking, thinking this was probably the craziest day of my life. I was going to Marcie’s, a clothing shop close to the hotel. I wanted to try a new bathing suit, mine was way too old, and needed to be replaced.

Macie’s was nice and inside the air condition cooled me down a bit, to the point where I could breathe better and I felt my body relaxing more.

I found a nice two piece swimsuit, light green with some black stripes on the side, but the material felt so thin and almost like it was nearly transparent. But it was the only one I liked.

The others looked so like the 1960’s, and they were too expensive.

$39.99 for some granny panties and a big bra? Really?

So I went to the fitting room and started changing into the new swimsuit.

Didn’t felt really confortable because the bikini’s were really small, barely covering my pussy, and thank God I was shaved down there, otherwise my black bush would’ve shown in full glory.

The bra wasn’t too bad, apart from being so small half my tits were spread in full view. But I said to myself, whatta hell, I am only 22, I might enjoy myself while I’m young. The damn bikini’s were a problem, though, stretching my pussy to the max, showing a nice and lovely camel toe.

I checked myself in the mirror, yeah, I was alright. 32D tits, nice ass, pretty and with long straight black hair, even I would fuck myself if I was a man?

So, I bought the swimsuit, and headed to the hotel. There the door man smiled at me, welcomed me and showed me to reception.

The guy at the reception, had the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, a clear green like an emerald and a great smile, and the suit wasn’t covering his muscles too well, as you could see he was a gym enthusiast.

I paid the entrance fee, trying to talk to him as much as I could before a group of people came and I had to let him talk to them.

I was a bit disappointed, I was still horny after the bus encounter and we was really, like really hot.

Chapter 2

I changed at the locker rooms and headed straight to the swimming pool. I found a nice sunbed somewhere underneath a big tent and I was happy to enjoy a bit of shade.

I left my towel on the sunbed, and went to the bar. I wasn’t going to just jump in the water, I wanted to enjoy the nice day with a good cocktail.

The bartender making my cocktail was latino, really cute and when he spoke he had that nice accent latino people have.

“There you are, miss. A nice Sex on the Beach cocktail for you.” He said, giving me a multi colored cocktail with an umbrella and all.

A smiled at him and said,

“My name is Samira. I haven’t seen you before, and I come quite often.”

“I just started three days ago.” He said smiling, “I hope I will have the chance to make you some more cocktails in the future.”

“I hope so too” I said regretting to leave but it was crowded and he started serving other people.

I went to my sunbed and placed the cocktail on the little table next to me, and stepped in the pool. The water was nice and warm, but cold enough to cool me down really good. I took a long dive and when I resurfaced I bumped into a guy. As my eyes started clearing the water away, I saw my accidental victim.

“Oh hell no, not you again!” I said in shock, it was the older brother, the guy who has his dick between my ass in the bus. “Whatta hell are you doing here? Are you following me?” I said angry.

“Relax, chica, I didn’t come here for you. It’s too hot and I wanted to cool off before going home.” He said smiling like an idiot at me.

“You know what, just … fuck off, and leave me alone. I should call the police on you, pervert.” But my words were a lie. Since I saw him my mind started reliving the moments in the bus. And I was really getting horny again.

“Something tells me you liked it too, otherwise you would’ve screamed in the bus then.” He said calmly, and even if I wanted to say something or yell at him or just do something, I couldn’t. He was right, I did liked it. So I just turned away.

“Damn girl, I couldn’t see you in the bus, but baby, you look fucking hot. I’m glad I could taste your pussy, chica!” he said smirking like a prick he was. I felt my whole body arch and in a second I was back next to him, facing him and said really sweet, and sarcastic.

“Yeah, if you aren’t a man enough to get me in proper manner, you stole my pussy juice like a coward!”

I could see his eyes burning and his face changed from smiling to anger in a split of a second.

“Big words are coming out of your mouth puta, but I bet if the bus driver didn’t called my stop, you would’ve fucked my dick yourself like the horny bitch that you are, not the lady you wanna be. You think I am not man enough? Check this out, ’cause it’s all for you baby!” he said and then he took my hand and slid it into his swim trunks. I was shocked and speechless, part because of what he did, and part because his cock was huge. And thick, and tough like steel.

“Whatta … no, I don’t want to … stop, let me go.” I heard myself saying, but in the same time, I was feeling his cock better and I began playing with it.

“Aha, yeah. Stop, please, no. But you like it don’t you. Come on say it, say it!” he whispered in my ear.

“Yeah, it’s nice. But you shouldn’t just make me do that.” I said, but didn’t let go of his cock. Why? Because his hand was in my bikini’s now, playing with my pussy. God that felt good. People were swimming around us, but I didn’t care, I just wanted him to keep going.

“My cousin is working here, at the reception, Julio. Why don’t we go somewhere more private and … get to know each other better?” he said, kissing my neck gently. The truth was I was powerless, he owned me right now, and even if I wanted to say no, my words just refused to come out.

He took his cock and with two finger slipped my bikini’s just enough to put his cock in them. The head was resting nicely between my pussy lips, and he kissed me slowly sucking my tongue, and he began moving, pushing his cock along my pussy, driving me insane.

“Ready to go?” he asked.

“Oh, I shouldn’t, aah, wait .. I, need to …” but I couldn’t speak. His mouth kept covering mine, and his lips were sucking on my tongue so good.

He basically dragged me out of the water, and when we got in the lobby he said to wait next to the elevator. He came back after a few minutes with a key and said, “Let’s go, we have the room all day, the hotel isn’t too booked so we have time to play all day long.”

“Look, I don’t even know your name …” I tried to say. Who was I kidding? When the elevator doors opened I almost pushed him in.

“My name is Fernando Luis de la Huerra. I am 31 years old, I am a Sagittarius, I have a 9 ½ inches cock, hard, and ready to fuck you all day.” He said as the elevator stopped at the 6th floor.

I gulped said, “Nice to meet you, Fernando. I am Samira Nazir, I am 22 years old, I have a wet pussy and big sensitive tits, and I can’t wait to be fucked.”

We found the room, kissing, and laughing, and we almost kit a man passing next to us. We found the room 1178 and after opening the door we just stopped talking and just glared at the room. It was huge, an apartment actually, but we didn’t admired it too long, we went straight for the bedroom.

He threw me on the bed, stripped naked and said, “I’m gonna fuck your brains out, girl. I know you want me too.”

I didn’t had time to answer because he began his assault, kissing me, and with a hand removing my bra. His other hand was in my bikini’s gently slipping a finger between my pussy lips. I moaned, this time as loud as I wanted, and he began sucking my nipples, telling me how much he loves making me wet, and how bad he wants to fuck me.

I was in heaven, I had sex before, but this guy … this guy was a pro.

He had me cuming in a matter of minutes, and I was rocking my body, begging him not to stop. Wave after wave, the pleasure hit me, and rendered me powerless to speak or move.

He gave me a second to catch my breath after he said, “I want you to suck me, hard, like you never did before!”

I took his cock in my mouth, or tried anyway. His pre-cum tasted great, and as I began swallowing his huge cock he took my bikini’s off.

I had just a little thin line of pubic hair, trimmed nicely and he seemed to like that. He turned me over so he could eat my pussy as I was sucking him. And I felt I couldn’t breathe. His tongue was like a fan in pussy, swirling and licking, and pushing into my vagina, and …

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!!” I came really hard right there, with his cock in my mouth, almost bit him in the process. I was shivering, and trembling and I could feel tears in my eyes.

“Wow, when you cum, you’re like a fucking hurricane baby!” he said.

He pushed me over and climbed on top of me. He began kissing me, sucking my ear and telling me how beautiful I was. I felt horny again, this guy was incredible. He could fire me up with two words and a few kisses.

I felt him moving and his cock has moving between my pussy lips.

And then he started pushing, gently his cock’s head began parting my lips, and suddenly I could beef how big he was, stretching my pussy walls to the limit, he began moving in and out slowly until his balls hit my ass whole. He was all the way in, stretching me like I was never before. And he began fucking me, slowly at first, making sure I was ok with his size, then he started increasing the pace, going deeper, harder, faster, breathing hardly on my neck, as his thrusts became faster and harder. I thought we’re gonna dismantle the bed, he was now fucking me like an animal.

“Your pussy feels so good baby, aahh, shit. I never fucked a girl so tight before.” He said breathing hard in my ear.

I was pinned down under this beast, who was splitting my pussy in a million parts with his cock, and my God, this was the best fuck I ever got.

I could feel the storm clouds gathering over me and soon the tsunami hit me, hard and fearsome, dismantling my every bit of will, power and thought I had.

Waves of pleasure came hitting me one of the other, my heart was beating like crazy, my breath was chaotic and I was shivering like I was in a freezer naked. But it felt good, so good I felt tears in my eyes.

Still shaking after that orgasm, Fernando kept fucking me hard until I felt him harden on top of me and with a growl of a gorilla he came hard and fast deep in to my cunt.

It was like a flood that hit me, warm, filling every corner of my pussy until it splashed out poring on my ass cheeks.

He then collapsed on top of me, and we just stood like that for a few good minutes until I heard the door lock and his brother came in the lounge room.

But that’s a story for another day 😉

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