Curiosity Filled The Cat


Angie sat sipping her wine as Rita coughed into hers at the last tweet Dr Pervv had posted.

“Oh god, he’s so dirty! Do you really let him do that to you, I’d never let any man do that to me?”

“So no bum fun for John then?”

“God, no!”

“Not even Oswald?” smiled Angie.

“Well, mmmm, maybe. If he asked me nicely and he wasn’t too rough.”

Angie laughed at the tipsy admission as Rita seemed to reflect on that particular scenario a little longer than she should.

“Does it hurt?”

“Christ yes but only at first then it gets very intense. You soon forget the pain when you’re turned on and it IS sooo dirty, makes me feel such a bad girl”

Angie and Rita looked at each other for a few seconds then burst out laughing as they both felt a slight tingling in their pussies at the thought of getting a good hard arse fuck.

“You’ll have to bring him to a Shag Group meeting and see how broad his shoulders are,”

Angie’s phone pinged, so she swiped the screen and was pleased to see it was from Brian. “Shit Rita, looks like you’re going to meet him sooner than you think, he’s passing by shortly and I miss him so much.”

“Lucky girl, I wish Oswald would drop by when John was out, I could do with a little of his magic touch.”

Again both women lost themselves in a second of fantasy, disrupted once more by the ping of Angie’s phone.

“He’s here!” grinned Angie.”Hang on, I’ll let him in.”

Angie pressed the button for the gate and opened the front door as Brian came quickly across the drive.

“Hey babe.”

“Hey lover.”

They kissed in the hall as Angie shut the door and he pulled her hard into him. His hands wandered round to her buttocks and back across her cunt, pressing firmly through her dress, on her clit as she let out a little moan.

“You’ll have to wait, I’ve got visitors.” Angie teased as she reluctantly pulled away from him.

She smiled at the look of alarm and confusion cross his face.

“WHAT, who?” he spluttered as he eyed the kitchen door.

“Just Rita, silly, she’s dying to meet you.” then Angie turned and led him through to the kitchen.

“Rita, this is Brian, Brian, this is Rita.” Brian smiled at Rita and she grinned back, admiring Angie’s taste in men.

“I’ve heard so much about you I feel I know you already.”

“Likewise.” Brian replied and sat on the bar stool next to Angie’s.

As the two women drank more, Rita turned to Brian and asked, “So does Angie really do everything you tell her to?”

“Christ, no, she always wears the pants in this relationship!” he grinned.

“That’s not what I heard……”

“Well, when it comes to kinky fuckery, we do have a certain change of roles going on.”

“So only when it comes to sex, Angie does what ever you want?”

“Pretty much, as long as l don’t leave her too marked.”

“Not true, don’t listen to him.” Angie protested.

“Er, it is so Miss Slave.” Brian looked at her and she felt her cunt give a twinge of desire.

“Ha, prove it.” Challenged Rita.

“No way.”

“Ok.” said Brian and he spun Angie’s stool till she faced him then, putting his hand behind her head, pulled her into him for a long lingering kiss.

“That’s nothing,” dismissed Rita, “even I let John do that!”

Brian continued the kiss but brought a hand round and onto Angie’s lap pushing once more against her throbbing pussy.

Angie tried to pull back but Brian broke the kiss and hissed, “NO.”

Brian’s hand pushed into her and cupped her sex; he could feel the heat and damp coming gaziantep escortları from her as he rubbed.

Brian stopped and stood up, looking at Rita as he led Angie over to the couch in front of the patio doors. He sat and pulled Angie down into his lap and kissed her again then pushed her away and down onto the floor.

“No, Brian, I’m not doing that.”

“Oh but you are.”


“Down on your knees or I’ll punish you here and now or even harder later.”

Without looking at Rita, Angie hung her head and knelt between Brian’s knees.

“Do it.” he said.


“DO IT!”

Angie turned to look at Rita but only saw blank fascination on her face so she turned back and reached for Brian’s zip.

Despite her embarrassment, Angie felt the heat inside her building and her pussy getting wetter as she fished Brian’s cock out of his trousers then bent forward to engulf the head fully between her lips.

Brian looked at Rita over Angie’s bobbing head but she never met his gaze, just stared at back of Angie’s head.

As Angie sucked and licked his cock she began to pump her hand up and down his shaft, turning her head sideways and affording Rita a glimpse of Brian’s hard and angry cock, wetly sliding in and out of her lips.

Rita absently sipped at her wine as she stared. Brian bent forward over Angie’s back to grasp the hem of her skirt and began pulling it upwards revealing black tights and white cotton knickers. His hand slid down the inside and a finger traced the line of her arse, past her tight puckered hole and into the wetness of her cunt.

Angie felt Brian’s finger push inside her and she gasped as it curled back up towards her arse, hitting the sensitive wall between. She licked and sucked as Brian pulled his fingers out to reach further and push her tights and panties down around her thighs.

Rita sat mesmerized at the sight as Brian placed both his hands on Angie’s buttocks and pulled, spreading her arse and her pussy for her to see. The pinkness of Angie’s inner cunt glistening wet as he pushed then pulled at her, sending a teasing sensation through her.

Angie groaned and gripped Brian’s cock tightly as he started to pump two fingers into her soaking hole. In and out, curling up and back rubbing hard against her pussy walls, she moaned loudly, her knees aching and her thighs like jelly.

As Brian fingered Angie’s cunt he spread her juice up her slit, coating her arse hole with her slickness. She knew what was coming, knew the penetration would hurt but welcomed it all the same. She let out a low growl as Brian’s thumb pushed past her puckered entrance and slid into her arse, her muscles clenching, pulling it in.

Rita had forgotten her wine by now and was stunned by the sluttish display in front of her, part of her was repulsed by how easily her friend changed into a wanton, submissive whore and yet she couldn’t deny the heat between her own legs and the certainty that she wanted to see more.

Brian glanced up at Rita and saw her sat with her hands balled in her lap trying to disguise the subtle motions she was making over her cunt. Her eyes were still locked to his hands with his fingers and thumb pushing in and out of Angie.

Brian lifted Angie’s head with his other hand and pulled her by the hair up off of her knees whilst keeping his fingers in her. “Ride me,” he said as she crawled once more onto his lap but this time she straddled him.

Brian couldn’t keep his fingers in place like this so he pulled them out and brought them to his mouth and began to suck Angie’s juices from them, cleaning each finger in turn.

“Put me in” he commanded as she reached down and aimed his cock at her engorged hole. He glided into her cunt on a cushion of her juices, the sensation of his thick cock pushing into her as she took his whole length in one burning fall till their bodies met.

“Up.” he ordered and she rose, his length sliding out, pulling against her lips until she could feel his tip at the entrance. She began to drop down again but Brian stopped her.

“Wait, slut.”

She hovered there, her muscles clamping around the bare couple of inches that she had managed to steal before he’d stopped her. Brian could see over Angie’s shoulder that Rita had abandoned any discretion and now was openly rubbing herself with her hand inside her jeans. She was transfixed by the sight of Brian’s thick and hard cock standing up from his groin only to disappear into Angie’s swollen looking cunt.

“Down.” Angie dropped like a stone, desperate to get Brian fully back inside her. “Now fuck me.”





“Yes master.”

“Good girl.”

Angie started to build up a rhythm, rising and falling on that perfect tool, absently marveling at how well it fitted her cunt. Brian opened his legs beneath Angie and Rita could now see his swollen shaven balls pulled tight against his groin as Angie juices ran down his cock and onto his sack. She could clearly see his arse hole too and absently wondered if he’d ever had his arse fucked.

Rita’s fingers began to dip into her hole in time to the rise and fall of Angie’s cunt on Brian’s shiny cock. Angie now had her head on Brian’s shoulder, her arms holding onto the back of the couch as he whispered into her ear.

“You’re such a dirty slut aren’t you?”


“Such a dirty whore fucking my cock in front of your friend just because you can’t get enough of it.”


“You like me using your gaping cunt as I want, don’t you?”

“You like fucking me in your own home where you’ll be reminded of what a whore you are every time you look at this couch. DON’T YOU!”


“Louder, tell Rita.”

“Rita, I love it when Brian fucks my tight, wet, slutty cunt in my own house so I can never avoid what a slut I am.”

Rita was frigging her own cunt with her jeans and panties around her thighs, Brian could see her smooth shaven lips, red and swollen like he new Angie’s were. As Brian looked at Rita, she glanced up and they locked eyes. Rita’s cheeks reddened slightly but she kept her fingers moving in her cunt.

“Come here.” Brian motioned to her and she slid from the stool and moved over towards the couch.

“Kneel down.”

Rita hesitates.

“Kneel, now.”

She paused for just one second more then knelt behind Angie’s moving arse.

Brian reached round to Angie’s cheeks as before and spread them for Rita to see. She watched fascinated as Angie’s cunt seemed to suck Brian’s cock in and out, pumping their juices down his shaft dripping past his balls and onto the floor. Rita’s right hand was thrusting into her own cunt as she steadied herself with her left.

“Lick us, Rita.” Brian ordered.

“I, I shouldn’t.”

“Yes you should, lick us.”

Rita bent forward and delicately put her tongue to the underside of Brian’s cock tasting the new flavour of his and Angie’s juices. Though she had tasted her own juices many times, both John and recently Oswald’s too, the taste was new and different, the situation was exciting, the feeling of being at Brian’s mercy was exciting. It didn’t matter that she never intended to do this, that she hadn’t understood why Angie was so enthralled by this man, she’d thought it sounded like being bullied but she now understood the liberation that came with being under someone else’s control just for those few moments.

Rita pushed her tongue hard against Brian’s cock and hungrily lapped at it, drinking in, sucking, cleaning him and when Angie’s pussy pushed her mouth out of the way on each thrust she began to lick and suck at her cunt too. As Angie rose up, Rita licked Brian’s cock and balls until Angie’s cunt was once more in range then she would greedily lick across Angie’s lips, still spread by Brian’s hands.

“OH FUCKKKKKKKKK,” Panted Angie as Rita’s tongue darted across her anus whilst she also pulled down on Brian’s sack.

“No, please Rita, that’s dirty, no, ah, ahhhh.” Rita now pushed her tongue deep into Angie’s arse and her hand brushed across Brian’s arse hole too, so slick with juices that it seemed silly not to so she pushed her little finger against it and slid into him.

“FUCK, you dirty bitch.” Brian cried as he felt Rita’s finger push into his arse and he felt his balls tighten even more as the wave of ecstasy started to wash over him.

Angie was close too, Rita’s tongue up her arse and her chin pushed against her cunt was driving her wild, she could feel her first real orgasm from penetration coming on. The whole situation was as dirty as fuck, her friend and neighbour was tonguing her arse as she rode her lover, as dirty as she’d ever had.

When she felt Brian stiffen and call out then begin to spurt inside her, she couldn’t stop and with barely two more strokes she came. Her cunt clamped and milked Brian’s cock as she rode him and she felt Rita’s tongue give one last push into her arse as she came down onto Brian, still and exhausted.

Angie leaned forward to kiss Brian allowing his softening cock to drop out with a plop. Rita leaned in and took it in her mouth before Brian even had the thought to tell her to do so. She sucked the last drops of cum from his still swollen head and cleaned the shaft of Angie’s juices too but as she did that, a drop fell from Angie’s cunt above her head and landed on her cheek.

“Clean everything and I mean everything.” Commanded Brian and Angie smiled and looked him in the eye as Rita twisted her head so she could look up into Angie’s cunt as it settled on her mouth.

Rita’s hands were now free to drop into her own bare cunt and she slid her fingers between her lips and over her clit, building up the feeling as Angie’s cunt quivered and spasmed when she licked and sucked at it. Big ribbons of spunk mixed with Angie’s juices were sucked out by Rita’s eager tongue as it pushed and probed Angie’s ragged hole. Angie felt her clit begin to burn once more and she cried into Brian’s mouth as his tongue filled hers and Rita licked at her, sucked her even whilst bringing herself to the brink. Both women came, an extra flood of juices dropped into Rita’s eager mouth as she sucked her friend dry. Her own cunt spasming too.

After a minute, punctuated only by heavy breathing, Brian pushed Angie up and off of his lap, her skirt fell back around her legs covering her depravity. As he rose Brian scooped his flaccid cock back into his trousers then looked at Rita on the floor, propped against the couch still with her jeans around her thighs, her wet puffy cunt still on display. Brian bent and ran his finger between her folds then stood and licked his finger, “Hmmmmm, bad girl, Rita, bad girl.”

He turned and faced Angie, stooped to kiss her.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” Angie replied.

Then Brian turned and headed out the door.

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